How do I activate Tank/Controller/Healer mode?

  1. I just turned ten and should be able to use it now (as the Calculator had mentioned) However I have no idea where it is that I go to switch to it. I have a PS3? How do I activate this mode?

    User Info: mannbearpig

    mannbearpig - 6 years ago

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  1. You hit up and can access a menu which allows you to change stance. The stance that you can select is your primary stance... Tank/defense for fire and ice, healing for nature and sorcery, and control for gadgets and mental. Damage stance is a secondary stance that all classes have.

    Tanking depends on your power set for the bonus. Fire increases your hps and your healing taken, and Ice increases your defenses considerably. Both have the same basic effect of making you more survivable and making healing more efficient on you.

    Healing stance increases healing done, and as well many plant and sorcery powers have a secondary effect that is only activated in healing stance.

    Contolling stance also activates secondary effects on your powers, but it does two other very important things: It increases your vitalization stat, which is used with your powers to regenerate power.

    As well, each stance has a PvP effect used to counter another stance in a Rock/Paper/Scissors way. Tanks beat Controllers, who beat Healers, who beat Tanks.

    When doing alerts, you should spend more time in your primary stance than in your damage stance. The only time you should be in damage stance is if you're in a redundant role... if there are two tanks, one tank could switch stance. A team of bad players will stay in Damage stance... those groups will always be low on health and energy, wiping often, and generally not surviving content that they should be able to defeat.

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  1. While playing, press up on the D-Pad. This will display a small side-bar menu. The topmost option listed is 'Switch Role'. With this option highlighted, press the X button to select. This will switch your character from the Damage role to either Tank, Healer, or Controller, depending on which power your character has. Do this again to switch back to the Damage role. Note that you cannot change roles whilst in combat.

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  2. I must say. that you must reach lvl 10 before you have access to those loadouts i had a hard time figuring that out before i was lvl 10.

    What i would like to know is what do you archive by changing the loadout beside changing the powers. do you get more defense as a tank for example?

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  3. Tank mode is supposed to give you much more defense than damage role, and I confirmed that already in the Area 51 Alert but the damaged is reduced a lot as well, I will guess healing role heals more and control role stag you more time, also there are some skills that have bonuses depending on the role you have

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  4. As Balthasarproxy mentioned, you have to press up on the D-Pad and select "Cycle Stance" to switch between roles. I don`t blame you for asking though, as the game failed to mention that important function (as many others).

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  5. Can some one pleezz give me a templat for a fire tank with dual pistol mentor superman

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