Is there any Servers for both PC and Playstation 3???

  1. the question say all...i buy it to PC and my friend on Play 3 and we seen the name of servers isnt the same...if someone know!! tell me... thk for ur answer and see ya in the game:P

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    IcESw3eT - 6 years ago
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    Sorry but that's not an answer, its sound more like u where lazzy when someone speak about that...u tell its suposed to be balanced...but computer played play with a controller and playstation player play with a controller...there nothing to complain about the difference of gameplay between these console.... very bad answer...

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    IcESw3eT - 6 years ago

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  1. Q : Is the game playable across both platforms?

    A : We want DC Universe Online to be an experience that's fun, rewarding and balanced for both console and PC gamers, so we've decided to keep the platforms separate.

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  1. As Bahamut Gray Fox already stated, from the official FAQ on the game's website no less, no, there will not be any cross-platform servers.

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  2. The main reason there is not parity between the two paltforms has nothing to with controllers. The speed of a PS3 is consistent across the board while performance on a PC can vary tremendously depending on the hardware configuration of each individual PC. Performance on PC's depending on hardware can vary anywhere from so slow you really should not play and need to shoot your PC or yourself for being so far behind the times to high end custom gaming rigs that are so fast the Flash would be impressed. Servers for the PC players have to be designed to compensate for the difference between the minimum requirements and the ultra-fast gaming rigs. That means that people on a PS3 would have a distinct advantage over the low end PC users. Now before you criticize someones answer perhaps you should at least make an attempt at reasonable grammar and spelling, perhaps do some research yourself on the official game site where most technical issues are explained.

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