How do I get Marks of Distinction?

  1. Was wondering how to get these cause I'm almost level 30 and i want to get the Batman Armour from Bat Girl at the Watchtower.

    User Info: Ampersand_355

    Ampersand_355 - 6 years ago

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  1. Like everyone else said through doing dailies or raids, however they left one thing out to even be considered for a raid you must be geared. alot of parties won't take you into a raid unless you're wearing full t1.

    User Info: Ph0en1xFlam3

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  1. High Level Raids, like Outer Caverns, Batcave and Gotham Invasion

    User Info: DylanX570

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  2. There are 2 ways Raids which are the fastest way but it's also the hardest way. Also you can do duos,pvps,and other things that have a gold star next to it's title which gives 1 marks of distinction and 2 for alert ones

    User Info: DCU_Helper

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  3. 3 daily marks through your daily "all star duo" (1 mark) and daily alert (2 marks). Then you can do raids once a week each, there are three of them. They are worth 10 marks of D, except khandaq which gives you 12 or 13 (I forgot which).

    User Info: squiggy9996999

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  4. You can also get Marks of Distinction from the new tier 2 hard alerts. League of Assasins gives you 4 of them and can be done daily!

    User Info: Bullseye123000

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  5. The easiest way to gain MoD's is to run a T2 Duo alert (if you got the DLC's) or the hard alerts which would be faster like League of Assassins, Oolong and Outer Caverns (the last two I don't recommend until you get a full set of T1. Also if you join a league that does regular raids in Kahndaq and the Batcave Series, they can probably rush you through it because mose League members are already geared in T2.5 and now T3 Gear. Look into UnitedEnforcers if your interested, they are a night group but are always willing to help get people geared.

    Hope this helped

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  6. New Update there is no more MOD Just MoT and MOW you can get that in all alerts and raids from t1 t2 and t3.....same with gear.

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  7. He ^ ment its only marks of triumph now haha

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