Why does my game skip?

  1. so i downloaded a new update on March 22 for DC Universe. and ever since I got the update my game has been skipping. My character either freezes or I find myself just fighting alone, 10 to 30 seconds later it moves so fast showing what happened like someone pushed the fast forward button. Game goes back to normal (only for a few minutes) and then it happens again. I tried cleaning my lens, shutting down my ps3 for 24 hours and its still doing it. Also, my mic is sometimes distorted. I cant hear anyone or it gets fuzzy then its ok again. I asked my friends who are also playing the game, no one seems to be having this problem but me. anyone out there having this issue too? Please help!!

    User Info: xanderodell

    xanderodell - 6 years ago


  1. hi

    you should ask SOE directly, may be they could help you.

    User Info: luppo31057

    luppo31057 - 6 years ago 0 0

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