Is it better to buy a 1 month legendary membership for DLC's?

  1. I heard that the 2nd DLC with the Flash is coming out, and I wondered: If I want to buy the 1st and the 2nd DLC, I would have to pay around 20 dollars. Isn't it better to just pay 15 dollar for a one month legendary membership and then get the 2 DLC's?

    User Info: one1shinobi

    one1shinobi - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Not really considering that you dont PERMANATLY unlock the dlc by buying see you dont download the dlc when you get it...everyone that plays the game has already DOWNLOADED the dlc, its just that legendary players and ppl who spend the 10 dollars on it have it actaully unlocked it for use...if you go legendary and later drop legendary to pruiem the dlc locks again UNLESS you have bought that speicfic dlc with 10 dollars. then it is permanalty unlocked. the only CURRENT exception to this rules is with light powers...if you create a character with light powers while you are legendary and then later goto preuiem, you DO NOT lose this character. he still keeps light powers and everything. its just you wont be able to create anymore light powered characters until you either buy the fight for the light dlc or go legendary again...something i should also prolly note is that they intend to give all new powers released thru dlc the same loophole...oh and one more thing i almost forgot you also keep armor, weapons and styles you get from fight for the light but stuff like alerts and duos are locked.

    User Info: BigBadDogIV

    BigBadDogIV - 5 years ago 1 0

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