What will happen after my month of Legendary Access is up if i don't renew it?

  1. I recently got this game with the disc for PS3, and since it's now free to play, instead my free month trial is now a free month of Legendary Access. I've made a Lantern character, who is lvl 24 with $26,000 & well over 20 items in my inventory. What will happen to this when my free month is up? Will i still be able to use this character? Will i lose all my items & money or will they just become locked? What about the other characters I've created, since Free members can only make 2 characters & Legendary members can make 16? I have 4 so far and plan to make a fifth when Lightning Strikes comes out today. Will I have to choose which two to keep unlocked or will it allow me to keep my characters and still play on them? Any and all info on this topic will be much appreciated. Thanks! :]

    User Info: jeriwin

    jeriwin - 5 years ago
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    Also, I forgot to mention this - I did not purchase the Green Lantern DLC pack, I just have access to it for as long as my account is Legendary status. Which is why I would like to know if I could still use my Lantern character after my free month of Legendary Access is up.

    User Info: jeriwin

    jeriwin - 5 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    OK GUYS IM LEGENDARY AND IMA KEEP MAKING CHARACTERS MY CR GETS STUCK AT 63 then when I make a new character I get him to level 30 and dnt feel like getting him to t2 so I make another character its fruastrating (I think I spelled that right) please help and also i get caught up with auras begging for auras like a homeless person and its awful please answer my question

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    chickenduckreg - 3 years ago

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  1. When the legendary is up you become premium how ever since you didnt buy green lantern you cant make anymore but you can still use the one you arleady made. You keep everything you had before playing for free. Remember you become premium not free so you have 6 chars slots.

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  1. First of all, you will not lose the Lantern character you have, also, when you make the Lighting character, you won't lose him either. However, if you don't purchase either DLC, you won't be able to make anymore characters from those series. Also, from what I understand, you must make a purchase of at least $5.00 to get premium, from what I understand, only thing you bought was the disc. Now, I am not sure if that counts when you purchase the disc or not since I got my DCUO as the free download.

    If you want to make more characters and have access to all the content of the Lantern DLC and Lightning Strikes, I would suggest in purchasing both of them. Not only will you get more space, you will be gauranteed premium access, inventory space, 6 total character slots, among other things. Also, you can purchase more character slots and inventory space if you need it through the market place.

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    Jokiro - 5 years ago 0 0

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