Why does the game freeze my ps3 every time it tries to load?

  1. downloaded off the ps store. took about an hour, then said installation complete. when I try to play the game it never loads. Nothing but a black screen, that I am stuck in. Is the game actually loading? Or is some thing wrong?
    I have deleted and re-downloaded with the same result.

    User Info: visitorKiU

    visitorKiU - 5 years ago


  1. Yea.. many peoples has this problem.
    Like me.. sometimes i have to start a game 5-6 times, until it load.
    If black screen.. just reset your console and try again, and again.
    Im sure its all about this game + hard drive compilation.
    Maybe buying this game on the blueray disk will help.
    It's all you can do at the moment.

    User Info: SlyHero

    SlyHero - 5 years ago 0 0

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