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    DCUO General Guide & Faqs(PS3) V0.94
    This is the final version of this guide.
    I will accept update suggestions via email.
    ======================T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S==========================
    Update Info-------------------[00A0]
     PS3 Six Axis Controller------[03B0]
     USB Keyboard-----------------[03C0]
    Keyboard Commands-------------[04A0]
     Emotes ----------------------[04C0]
    Character Creation------------[05A0]
     Power Trees------------------[06B0]
     Iconic Powers----------------[06C0]
    Know Your Role----------------[08A0]
     Secondary Weapon Picks-------[10C0]
    Solo Content------------------[SOLO]
     Strykers Island--------------[STRY}
     Challenge Modes--------------[CHMD)
    Groups & Raids----------------[15A0]
    Villain Iconic Battles Suits--[17A0]
     Mark of Legend---------------[19C0]
     Mark of Victory--------------[19D0]
     Mark of Triumph--------------[19E0]
    Points of Interest------------[21A0]
    Unique Items------------------[22A0]
    Voice Chat--------------------[24A0]
    Bugs/Bug Work Arounds---------[25A0]
    Planned Guide Updates --------[26A0]
    ============================U P D A T E    I N F O=============================
    VERSION 0.95 (12/18/11)
    -Added player submitted info to the Unique Items Section
    -Changed minor grammar errors and comprehension issues
    VERSION 0.94 (06/21/11)
    -Added sites to permissions
    VERSION 0.93 (04/04/11)
    -Added more information regarding Marks of Distinction
    -Added more mic info to Voice section
    -Added mic info to bug section
    -Changed the Duo and Alerts section to reflect Mark of Distinction information
    -Changed the planned updates section to reflect appropriate information
    -Filled in Solo Content Section
    -Filled in more information in the Currency section
    -Fixed many typos and spelling errors
    VERSION 0.92(02/01/11)
    -Added open forum location to the content information section
    -Added Renown section
    -Added more to Mark of Allegience section
    -Added minor information to the feats section
    -Added Solo Content header for future use
    -Changed minor information in the Marks section
    -Changed the planned updates section to reflect appropriate information
    -Changed the Raids section to Groups And Raids section
    -Filled in Groups section
    -Filled in the Character Creation Section
    -Fixed minor caps, spacing, title error
    -Reread guide and fixed minor grammar and comprehension errors
    VERSION 0.91 (01/27/11)
    -Added Update Info section
    -Changed distribution information to reflect new websites permissions.
    -Fixed some of the bug/work around information.
    -Added more information on allegiance marks.
    -Changed planned updates section to reflect my plans.
    -Added some FaQ questions
    ==========================I N T R O D U C T I O N==============================
    My intent was/is to create a guide that has as much generic and specific data
    as possible for PS3 users. The only thing I will not include in this guide are 
    item names and locations, pvp specifics, race specifics or mission guides. 
    My reasoning for this is because I am working on seperate guides for those 
    topics, as they are comprehensive enough to necesitate their own guides.
    For all intensive purposes I attempted to keep the language version generic
    however a few sections are PS3 specific, such as the controls and voice chat.
    You have read the controls section or understand the controls 99%, that you
    will use the terms section if you do not understand a word.
    You want to play the game, and have already bought and have it in your
    system ready to go.
    ===========================T E R M I N O L O G Y===============================
    The following is a list of mmo specific and game specific terms you are likely
    to hear. For the purposes of this guide I will avoid using any terms that are
    not both mmo specific and game specific. If you find a term you are unfamiliar
    with in this guide then please consult this section.
    NOTE: This does not cover EVERY word in mmo or game terminology. Just important
    or applicable ones.
    This term is used to gauge the likelyhood of an enemy computer character to
    attack you, and is short for aggresion. Your level of aggro is determined
    by the amount of damage/heals you do(how much of a threat you are to the NPC).
    Uses in sentences:
    "I have aggro." means the/an enemy is attacking you. 
    "Lower your aggro."Attempt to avoid having many enemies attack you.
    For more details check out the Aggro/Hate/Threat section.
     Area Of Effect-Used to describe any power that effects its targets in a 
    circle/sphere pattern. Two forms of AoE's exist, ones that generate around 
    the user, and ones that generate around a target.
     Damage Over Time-This is an ability that once used continues to do damage to
    the target(s), like a poison or fire.
    A small 2-4 person temporary joining of people to accomplish a goal or set 
    of goals.
    See Aggro
    Heal over Time-Also known as a regen. This is a healing ability that once used
    continues to heal for a time period then stops.
    A large long term group of people who share similar goals or interests. Linked
    by a chat channel and League name under each members name.
    Looking For Group-Means the person who typed it would like to join a group.
    Line of Sight-This is important for healing, if you are behind a box or crate
    big enough you will not recieve heals.
    Massive Multiplayer Online(game)-A game where 100's of people potentially 
    interact in the same area at the same time.
    Non-Player Character- A character controlled by an AI. Vendors, Enemies etc.
    Player Versus Environment-This means your character versus NPC's. For more
    information on PvE servers see the character creation section.
    Player Versus Player-This mean your character versus other character controlled
    by human players.
    A 5-8 person group formed to achieve tasks normally unobtainable by fewer
    Also known as stance.
    What your job in the group is. Will also change your stats depending which kind
    you are. See the Roles section for more information.
    This is where your character is free from all kinds of attack. You can get
    missions here, check your mail, and teleport to your factions main base.
    As an action this is when you are brought back to life, also know as respawn.
    As a place it is where you are brought back to life, known as 'the spawn'.
    See role.
    See aggro.
    ===============================C O N T R O L S=================================
    ----------------------------PS3 SIX AXIS CONTROLLER----------------------------
    Controller configuration for combat
    L1(tap)             Face Camera Forward
    L1(hold)            Target
    R1                  Block/Break Free
    R1+Right Analog     Roll
    L2+R2               Loot(Draw items towards you)
    L2                  Activate Left half of powers bar
     Square+L2          Hot bar Power 1
     Triangle+L2        Hot bar Power 2
     Circle+L2          Hot bar Power 3
     X(cross)+L2        Hot bar Power 4
    R2                  Activate Right half of powers bar
     Square+R2          Hot bar power 5
     Triangle+R2        Hot bar Power 6
     Circle+R2          Use Equipped Item(sodas=healing)
     X(cross)+R2        Use Trinket Effect
     Up                 Actions Menu
     Right              Current Effects Menu
     Down               Canned Chat Menu
     Left               Emotes Menu
    Select		    Activate text chat
    Select(then)Circle  This closes the PSN text prompt but leave the chat window
     Triangle           Open Social
     L1/R1              Switch Chat Tabs
     Right Analog Stick Scrol through chat window
    Start               Bring up start bar(main menu)
    Left Analog Stick   Movement
    Right Analog Stick  Camera
    L3 (press)          Toggle Movement Power
    L3(hold)            Toggle Autorun/Movement Power bonus power
    Square              Melee Attack(costs no power)
    Triangle            Ranged Attack(costs no power)
    Circle(hold)        Interaction(action button)
    X(cross)(press)     Jump
    X(cross)(hold)      Immediate flight while grounded/Ascend while flying
    ---------------------------------USB KEYBOARD----------------------------------
    J = Journal
    K = Power, Skill, Loadout
    N = Renown
    H = Headlines
    I = Inventory
    M = Map
    O = Social
    P = Loadouts
    T = Switch roles (after level 10)
    Y = On Duty Menu (Arenas, Legends, Duo, Etc)
    C = Collection Sets
    / = Renown (again)
    Enter =Quick Chat
    ======================K E Y B O A R D   C O M M A N D S=======================
    Keyboard commands must begin with a /
    The following is a list of commands you may use from your keyboard.
    /tell <charater name> sends a private message to the player
    /group [message] - Group chat
    /invite <character name> will send an invite to another player
    /kick [name] - Kicks person from group/raid
    /leave - Quit a group
    /league <text> communicates to your league channel (if your in one)
    /shout <text> shouts the text to zone
    ====================C H A R A C T E R   C R E A T I O N========================
    This section handles general aspects of character creation.
    This is the first most important step in your character creation. There are two
    main types of servers, PvP and PvE. The differences are:
    ~Pvp Server~
    You may be attacked by a human player of the opposing side(hero/villain) at any
    time while outside.
    ~PvE Server~
    To attack or be attacked by a human player of the opposing side(hero/villain)
    you must first flag yourself for combat(up on the directional pad, then toggle
    Some equipment in the game is gender specific, not much. This will choose man
    or woman.
    Build will choose your over all size. This is some what important if you are
    considering playing PvP combat, on either server type. A larger player is more
    easy to see and a smaller player less easy to see.
    Should you wish to have your character inspired by one of DC's main iconic 
    heroes, then you may choose the 'Inspired by' option to do so, or choose the 
    'custom' option to make your costume from scratch.
    Note: This will automatically pick:
    While still allowing you to change your costume. At the end you are given a
    summary where you CAN change the above listed options that were automatically
    picked for you.
    This is wether you are a hero or villain. This will choose whos side you battle
    on when doing missions.
    This will pick your 'social behaviour' which means your body stance(how you
    look when standing still), how you look when you walk/run, and which dance you
    Note: Press lightly forwards on the left analog stick to walk and not run, this
    will trigger your walking animation, completely unique from running one.
    This will decide who your mentor is. There are three different mentors for each
    side(hero/villain) and each one is for a different origin.
    ~Origin~        ~Hero~            ~Villain~
     Tech            Batman            The Joker
     Meta            Superman          Lex Luthor
     Magic           Wonder Woman      Circe
    Your origin/mentor will ultimately pick which Iconic Battle suits you are able
    to wear.
    This will determine which role/stance you have available to you besides damage.
    There are 4 Roles including Damage, 3 of which are unique. 2 of each power
    type fits into 1 of each of the unique types, they are:
    Each power has two different trees you make choose from or mix with. For more
    information on powers visit the powers section.
    This will pick what style of movement you are able to use when you click L3.
    Each type also has abilites and powers you are able to choose from with skill
    This will decide what kind of weapon fighter you are. This is also very
    important to match with your style of play and power choices. However
    you will eventually be able to pick more then one and change your current
    so there is room for error. For more information visit the Skills section.
    This can be by far the most important aspect when considering the social part
    of the game. No one wants to play with anyone who looks utterly rediculous, and
    no one will take them seriously. This and your name can potentially cripple
    your ability to socially interact in game. The good news is you can change this
    after your character is created.
    Almost every piece of gear you wear in the game will have a style attached to
    it for you to choose to wear or not. If you do choose to leave a slot empty,
    such as belt, head, face, then you may want to put something there anyway, and
    remove it the second you get in game, this will unlock an extra style for you.
    Unfortunately you are restricted to 3 main color choices for your costume. You
    can select this in the palette option. Once you have selected your palette you
    can then choose from different sections of your different gear pieces to apply
    This is by far the most important part of your character if you wish to
    socially interact with others, which you will be forced to if you wish to see
    all the content.
    DO NOT NAME YOUR CHARACTER(if you want to be taken seriously)
    -any variation of a real DC hero or villain ie: 'Sup3r Mannn'
    -any variaton of any other comic series ie: 'Wolv3rin3 SHHHHHLINK'
    -after a real or fictional person already named ie: 'Jack Bowyer'
    -an offensive theme or group ie: 'Natzi Lover69butt'
    -based on your internet or gamer handle
    -based on a theme tied into your powers and weapon
    -using a thesaurus/dictionary/language changer
    -with consideration that others are forced to see it when you walk by
    Note: With that said, I fully condone any form of homage leagues/legions. There
    are many reasons for this, Role Play is the first. The second is general fun.
    However there is a different between an homage character and a character you 
    plan to play seriously.
    Naming using any of my 'DO NOT' methods simply shows a lack of creativity. You
    are here to play WITH DC heroes/villains, NOT BE THEM. And this is the DC game
    not Lost, or 24, or Doctor Who.
    Although I like the idea of playing with Doctor Who in the DC universe, or even
    shredder, however I think you as a player have no right to take on that role
    officially. Be creative and it will be way more fun.
    ================================P O W E R S====================================
    Powers are what make your character. Do you shoot ice or fire? Maybe you use
    Mental? What kind of hero/villain are you?
    --------------------------------POWER TREES------------------------------------
    FIRE(Defense): "Command the power of flame, directing gusts of heat and 
    protecting allies with targeted blasts."
    GADGETS(Control): "Dictate the course of battle with ingenious mechanical 
    weapons and tools."
    ICE(Defense): "Command the power of ice, shaping it into mighty weapons and
    protecting allies with frigid winds."
    MENTAL(Control): "Assault and control others, either by psychic power or the 
    sheer force of your will."
    NATURE(Healing): "Unleash elemental forces to change form; direct nature's 
    hidden secrets to cure and revitalize your allies."
    SORCERY(Healing): "Revive your allies with a whispered incantation or summon 
    occult pets to do your bidding."
    -------------------------------ICONIC POWERS-----------------------------------
    Iconic powers are all based on DC's original heroes and/or villains. They can
    be broken down into two groups. Active(level 10+) and Inate(level 22+)
    ~Active Iconic Powers~
    Each of the following become available at level 10 and need to be added to a 
    loadout to be used.
    Amazonium Deflection
    Batarang Triple Shot
    Sonic Cry
    Heat Vision
    Mesmerizing Lasso
    Hard-Light shield
    Robot Sidekick
    Freezing Breath
    Neo Venom Boost
    Word of PowerPheromone Bloom
    Sonic shout
    ~Inate Iconic Powers~
    Each of the following become available at level 22 and work passively.
    X-Ray Vision
    Nanoweave Armour
    Intimidating Gaze
    Moracle Worker
    Weapons Expert
    Powerful REsistance
    Widsom of Solomon
    Empathic Healing
    Tactical Genius
    ===================================R O L E S===================================
    Roles may also be refered to as stances. To change your roll(stance) you press
    up on the direction pad then choose 'cycle stance'. All players get 2 stances.
    All players get this role no matter what. It is the role you start the game in.
    At level 10 you are given the ability to switch to your new role.
    If you choose to remain damage roll during a group mission then your objective
    is always to kill the enemy with the lowest hitpoints or as many enemies at
    a time as possible. You should also watch the healers hitpoints and kill
    anything attacking him/her if they get low.
    Gadjets and Mental gain the ability to go into controller role.
    As a Controller role your main goal is to control as many enemies as you can.
    The more enemies that arent attacking the less damage your group is taling. You
    should also make sure to do as much damage as possibl.e
    Specifically for PvP you should make sure to find out who the enemy healer is
    and attack them. By attack the healer you will lower their ability to heal,
    effectively crippling the other team.
    You are the head of the team. If you die they die. You should have more Defense
    then everyone on the time by a large portion. This is your main goal is to
    meet those requirements. 
    During battle you should attack anything that is
    attacking the healer untill it attacks you. Secondly you should do the same
    if any other group member gets low health, it is your job to kill or stop their
    enemies from attacking them. Healing in DCUO always heals everyone near, so
    ideally you wont need everyone attacking you in normal circumstances. Its ok
    to spread the damage around a bit.
    Gauge how strong each team member is by playing with them and allow the correct
    amount of enemies to attack them. 
    You should also make sure to try and be the unofficial lead of the team, know
    where you are going, what part of the mission you are on, which team member is
    low health or lagging behind etc.
    Your job can be complicated at times, but simplistically its to multi task.
    Your top priority is to make sure that all team member are with in eye sight
    and range of your healing abilities at all times during combat. 
    You second priority is to make sure that your team stays healed.
    If you are full power then use a regen ability(HoT) on your group, that way
    if anyone takes damage shortly afterwards they will already be regening 
    hitpoints, you will also now be regening power rather then capped out at max.
    You must make sure to be building your attack combo at all times, the higher
    and more attack you do the more power you get back. The best way to do this is
    from range. I suggest flying for anyone serious about healing.
    If you are low on power and about to run out let your team know over voice,
    that way they can use a soda if needed untill you get more power back.
    These are unofficial roles that you may need to fill.
    Crowd Control-If you have a power/skill that allows you to push, pull, knock 
    up/down, stun or hold a large number of enemies then you are a CC'er(Crowd 
    In the event a large number of enemies arrive it is your job to reserve power
    to use the appropriate ability to hold/stun etc the large group.
    The theory behind this is while you are hold/stunning etc your other team mates
    are damaging while not being damaged.
    If you have 1 or more abilities that once you use it, it does DoT damage to
    a group of enemies, you are a drainer. You should try to use this ability as
    much as possible, as it will make sure that all enemies die asap.
    ~Back up Healer~
    If you are able to heal the group but choose not to be a healer that is fine.
    However if you think your team may need more help then it may be wise to bring
    at least one group healing power. Since other members can not bring it, it only
    makes sense you do it if you can and its needed.
    In this event always reserve some of your power meter to use incase the healer
    needs healing.
    In any event most boss fights do have healing barrels, so if your healing is
    having a tough time try locating one and breaking it near some team mates.
    If someone is not constantly making sure everyone is atleast half on task then
    people will eventually lose interest and leave the group after a few missions.
    Its best to make sure that after each mission you immediately say 
    "ok whats next?".
    If someone on your team is not at the current objective, say something, maybe
    they are lost, or confused and dont know it.
    Communicate, communicate, communicate, you have to always let everyone know
    whats going on, no need to over do it, but it will become apparent after 
    awhile of play.
    =========================K N O W    Y O U R    R O L E=========================
    The following are tips to help make a succesfull team or team leader.
    Ally 1:Closest to enemy at start of scenario
    Ally 2: Tank, and second to attack the enemy
    1.An enemy that has not been attacked will attack the closest of your allies
    2.If your ally does not attack the enemy back, the enemy will attack the next
    of your allies to attack it.
    3.If your ally first attacks the enemy then a second ally attacks it but
    does less damage then your first ally the enemy will not change targets
    4.If your second ally continues to attack and eventually does more total damage
    then your first ally the enemy will change targets to your second ally.
    5.If you begin to heal both you and your allies for more hitpoints then the
    enemy is dealing in damage+the damage your second ally is doing, the enemy will
    change to you(rough estimate, not exact math).
    7.Locking down an enemy(continual holds/knockdowns/stuns etc) can also make you
    gain aggro.
    ~Designate a Lead~
    Designate someone who everyone should follow, generally a good idea to do this
    to the tank. This way you avoid aggroing two groups of enemies. You also wont
    lose a team member as easily this way or miss out on any holo points to
    ~Protect the heals~
    Always be aware of where your healer is at all times. If they cant see you(los)
    they cant heal you. If your healer dies then everyone might die. 
    Block can be very important. Some abilities enemies use will go on for extended
    periods of time doing massive damage. If no one interupts this with an interupt
    ability the best thing to do is block. 
    Breaks can be deadly when used and over used. A break costs power to use, so
    if you are held and not being attacked and nothing major is happening it may
    be wiser to not break then to break. Breaking does however make you immune for
    a few seconds against the same effect.
    Rolls can be preformed only when you are blocking but can be an excellent way
    to reposition yourself before you get pinned. Since the enemies take up real
    space if you get cornered you can not move.
    ~Countering Roll~
    If a PvP enemy is constantly rolling, all you need do is hold square. If you
    did not pick this power in your weapon tree, I suggest picking it if you want
    to seriously consider PvP'ing.
    ~Movement Power~
    Use this to your advantage, but dont let it hinder you. If you are not using
    your movement power then turn it off, because some abilities that ground you
    also knock you down stopping your attacks.
    Not all enemies have ranged:
    As a flier if you are getting attacked too frequently close up, try flying 
    above them.
    If you are low on hitpoints then try to climb on a wall as a acrobatics and
    wait for your heal. 
    ~Barrel Role~
    Almost every boss fight has barrels nearby. They can do massive amounts of
    damage compared to normal abilites, they can stun/hold enemies and they can
    heal team mates.
    Its crucial that you keep an eye out for Barrels and use them to your 
    ================================B A R R E L S =================================
    Orange Barrel(Cross)
    Red Barrel(Flame)
    Blue Barrel(Ice)
    Purple Barrel(Lexcorp)
    Green(Grey Lid)
    Grey Barrel(Star Labs)
    Black Barrel(Red top, hive barrels)
    ================================L O A D O U T S================================
    Located inside your Traits window of your main menu. Your loadouts is where
    you set what powers you will use when you are using each role.
    This is also where you will setup any unique loadouts, such as, Illusions,
    Stealth and Ape form.
    Your loadout will always change automatically based on your current role or 
    =================================S K I L L S===================================
    Skills can be bought with skill points which are earned as you level. But they 
    can also be earned as you gain feat points. For every 100 feat points you gain
    you get 1 skill point.
    A slower, precise long-range style using a bow weapon.
    A slow, brutal style using fist to inflict maximum damage.
    Dual Pistol
    A very fast range style utilizing a pair of projectile weapons.
    Dual Wield
    A fast, dexterous style using paired melee weapons.
    Hand Blast
    A fast, melle/ranged style that directs power through bare hands.
    Martial Arts
    A fluid, medium-speed melee style focusing on feet and hand strikes
    A fast melee style using a combat weapon held in one hand.
    A medium-speed ranged style using a long-barreled rifle.
    A fast, decterous style utilizing a long melee weapon.
    a slow, powerful style using a massive melee weapon.
    ----------------------------SECONDARY WEAPON PICK------------------------------
    Once you hit level 15 you will be able to put points into a secondary weapon
    of your choice. However you may only use the skills from one weapon set at a
    time. If you wish to use your second weapons skills then you must equip a
    weapon of that type. So if you picked staffs as your secondary weapon then you
    must find and equip a staff to use those new skills.
    However, when it says 'permanently gain: X stat' on a weapon skill you DO get
    to keep those point bonuses even when not equipping that weapon. In other 
    words if you picked staff as your secondary and dual wield as your primary,
    you would still get the permanent stat bonuses applied to the skills in the
    staff skill pool even when wearing your dual wield weapon.
    Note Worthy Bonus stats are
    -Stealth(stealth characters only)
    -Toughness(PvP stat)
    -Dominance(anti Control stat/raid stat)
    Bonus Stat Breakdown
    (In order of avalability)
    +2% Critical Attack Damage
    +4 Vitalization
    +3 Restoration
    +1 Stealth per(x3)
    +1% Critical Attack Chance
    +10 Defense & Toughness per(x3)
    +20 Might per(x3)
    +4% Critical Healing Effect(x3)
    +2% Critical Healing Magnitude
    +25 Health
    +3 Restoration
    +6 Dominance per(x3)
    +1% Critical Attack Chance
    +15 Health per(x3)
    +4% Critical Attack Damage per(x3)
    +1% Critical Healing Chance per(x3)
    ~Dual Pistol~
    +2% Critical Attack Damage
    +1% Critical Healing Chance
    +10 Might
    +15 Restoration per(x3)
    +10 might
    +20 Might per(x3)
    +4% Critical Attack Damage per(x3)
    +5 Vitalization per(x3)
    ~Dual Wield~
    +2% Critical Attack Damage
    +4 Vitalization
    +3 Restoration
    +15 Restoration per(x3)
    +1% Critical Attack Chance
    +6 Dominance per(x3)
    +20 Might per(x3)
    +4% Critical Attack Damage per(x3)
    ~Hand Blast~
    +2% Critical Attack Damage
    +25 Health
    +1% Critical
    +3 Restoration
    +20 Might per(x3)
    +4% Critical Healing Effect per(x3)
    +15 Health(x3)
    +6 Dominance per(x3)
    ~Martial Arts~
    +2% Critical Attack Damage
    +2% Critical Healing Magnitude
    +25 Health
    +20 Might per(x3)
    +10 Might
    +1 Stealth per(x3)
    +4% Critical Attack Damage per(x3)
    +15 Restoration per(x3)
    +2% Critical Healing Magnitude
    +3 Restoration
    +10 Might
    +1% Critical Attack Chance
    +1% critical Attack Chance
    +20 Might per(x3)
    +15 Health per(x3)
    +4% Critical Health per(x3)
    +5 Vitalization per(x3)
    +2% Critical Healing Magnitude
    +25 Health
    +4 Vitalization
    +10 might
    +1% Critical Attack Chance per(x3)
    +15 Heath per(x3)
    +1% Critical Healing Chance per(x3)
    +5 Vitalization per(x3)
    +2% Critical Healing Magnitude
    +25 Health
    +4 Vitalization
    +6 Dominance per(x3)
    +10 might
    +10 Defense and Toughness per(x3)
    +1% Critical Attack Chance per(x3)
    +4% Critical Healing Effect per(x3)
    +2% Critical Attack Damage
    +2% Critical Healing Magnitude
    +25 Health
    +15 Health per(x3)
    +1% Critical Healing Chance
    +5  Vitalization per(x3)
    +1% Critical Attack Chance per(x3)
    +1% Critical Healing Chance per(x3)
    "Movement mode affects your speed, style, and maneuvers in combat."
    "Streak through the skies and dwoop down on opponents."
    -Hit L3 to activate flight
    -Hold then release L3 while flying to activate super sonic(must purchase first)
    -Hold X(cross) to initiate flight
    "Grip onto and climb ay surface, leaping down to destroy opponents."
    -Hold X to glid
    -Catch drafts up the sides of buildings
    -Hold X to use grapple hook(must purchase first)
    "Race up and over any surface, dashing into the midst of combat"
    ==================================R A C E S====================================
    Races are located all around the world. There are two main types, challenges,
    and multiplayer. Both types have 4 compeltion starting times to beat. in order
    of worst to best they are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. 
    These are specific to your movement type. The first two difficulties can be
    located outside your starting safehouse. Winning any medal earns a one time
    experience bonus.
    These can be complete alone, and are not movement power specific.Once activated
    by anyone other potential racers have 10 seconds to also activate the race.
    Once the race commences everyone races together with the same movement power
    bestowed to them. Each one also changes you into an ape.
    ==================================P V P========================================
    PvP is the other of two main types of play available in most mmos, the first
    being PvE. These two types are also what define the different servers. For more
    information on choosing a server please visit the character creation section.
    Killing a player in PvP combat rewards Influence.
    To flag your character for PvP on a PvE server hit up on the directional pad
    and choose the 'Toggle PvP' option. To unflag your character for PvP repeat
    the process, however it will take 5 minutes of non PvP combat to take effect.
    It is important to note that Defense does nothing for you during PvP combat
    and Toughness is what you will require to build in order to defend yourself
    properly in PvP combat.
    You may join a que for Arena matches by going into your 'On Duty' window(fist
    icon) located in your main menu.
    At level 30 arena matches reward
    -Marks of Victory
    -Marks of Legend
    This type of PvP match is fought using your own hero/villain. The different
    match types are:
    -Australia(8vs8)(Capture and hold)
    -STAR Labs(4vs4)(King of the Hill)
    -The moon(5vs5)(Capture the Flag)
    You may join a que for Legends matches by going into your 'On Duty' window
    (fist icon) located in your main menu.
    At level 30 Legends matches reward
    -Marks of Victory
    -Marks of Legend
    This type of PvP match is fought using legendary heroes from DC. The different
    match types are:
    -Arkham Asylum(4vs4)(Capture and Hold)
    -Ace Chemicals(4vs4)(King of the Hill)
    -The Batcave(2vs2)(King of the Hill)
    The current Legends Characters are:
    Batman-Special Edition bonus
    The Joker
    Arkham Asylum Joker
    Harley Quinn-Aquired as you level
    World PvP is defined by pvp battles that take place on the world map. This is
    most commonly seen on PvP servers, however is not limited to them. On a PvE
    server you may take part in world PvP at any time by flagging yourself for
    PvP combat. To do so read the paragraph sstarting this section(PvP).
    On a PvE server you will notice player characters with RED names, these people
    are enemies and are flagged for PvP combat. If you wish to fight them you too
    must be flagged. To know if you are flagged simply check for a skull icon
    to the far right of your hit points bar.
    World PvP is also encourage through at least one missions involving the green
    lanterns. During this event, called 'Ring War', you are automatically flagged
    for PvP while in the appropriate area.
    ~Ring War~
    The Ring War event will be prompted on your screen when it is close to starting
    and will also tell you where to go(Near Lexcorp Tower in Metropolis).
    The objective is to find the lantern of your color(green=hero, yellow=villain)
    and grab and carry it to your objective. The objective is shown by an arrow 
    above your head when you are carrying the lantern. Once you carry your lantern
    to the correct location it will drop and become interactable again. Interact
    with it again to make it pop into one of the spots along side the downed 
    Should you find lanterns of your opposing teams color then you may interact
    with them to make them dissapear. As time passes they will spawn again. 
    During this you will also have to battle anyone from the opposing faction.
    Once completed the winning team is able to revive their ally. If your team
    won then your ally will be revived and you will gain access to a store that
    sells high quality end game gear.
    NOTE: On PvE servers you will be automatically flagged for PvP combat.
    ================================A L E R T S====================================
    Alerts can be joined through your 'on duty' window, located in your main menu.
    Your first Alert will unlock for you at level 9. As you continue to level more
    Alerts will unlock. Alerts are intended to be done with 4 people.
    At level 30 Hard Mode Alerts reward:
    -Marks of Triumph
    -Mark of Distinction*
    The Alerts available are:
    -Area 51          Lvl 10
    -Gorilla Island   Lvl 14
    -Hive Moon base   Lvl 16
    -Oolong Island    Lvl 20
    -Bludhaven        Lvl 24
    *Alerts will reward a Mark of Distinction if it has a star beside it labling it
    as the daily. It will also be the one on the top of the list.
    ============================S O L O    C O N T E N T===========================
    The following entails content that you may/have to partake solo at level 30.
    ------------------------------STRYKERS ISLAND----------------------------------
    There are three missions you are able to do outdoors at strykers island.
    They all involve Toyman's toys in some way.
    Villains can find these missions in the center ring of the hall of doom.
    Heroes can find these missions in the watchtower.
    Each of these missions rewards 1 Mark of Allegience.
    Mission Names:
    -Once More With Rockets!
    -Fun for Girls and Boys
    ------------------------------CHALLENGE MODES----------------------------------
    These are repeats of missions you may or may not have done as you leveled up.
    They can each be done once a day.
    Villains can find these missions 2 in each wing of the hall of doom.
    Heroes can find these missions in the watchtower.
    I believe you must have the original mission complete for the level 30 one
    to show up in the watchtower/hall of doom.
    Each of these missions can only be entered alone, and reward 2 Marks of 
    Allegiance per mission.
    Each mission grants renown for 1 of the 3 starting factions.
    Mission Names:
    -The Last Laugh
    -The Demon Inside
    -Reign of Blood
    -Shipping and Handling
    -Storming the Ivory Tower
    -Under the Red Sun Lamp
    =================================D U O S=======================================
    Duos can be joined through your 'on duty' window, located in your main menu.
    Duos will not become available untill level 30. They can only be done with 2
    Duos reward:
    -Marks of Triumph
    -Mark of Distinction*
    The Duos Available are:
    -Hive Base
    -Gotham Mercy Hospital
    -Gotham University
    -OMAC Base
    *Duos will reward a Mark of Distinction if it has a star beside it labling it
    as the daily. It will also be the one on the top of the list.
    ========================G R O U P S   &   R A I D S============================
    The main differences between a group and a raid are:
    Groups have 2-4 members. 
    Raids have 5-8 members.
    Groups can complete all non solo and raid content.
    Raids can complete all outdoor missions, raid content, and 8v8 arena PvP.
    Groups will be required to complete 50% or so of the level 30 content. To
    invite someone to your group you may type /invite (their name) where you can
    exclude the brackets. Or you may find their name in the social panel and select
    it, then invite to group.
    Some missions at level 30 will not allow groups to enter.
    To turn your group into a raid, once in a group open your social panel and
    look at the top for a group button. Clicking this will bring down a drop
    down option where it says 'Form Raid' select this. You and your whole group
    should get a prompt that they are now in a raid group.
    Raids can be joined through your 'on duty' window, located in your main menu.
    Raids are the most end game thing there is. You must be level 30 to participate
    and the game has a built in suggested Dominance score and gear Teir required to 
    Raids Reward:
    -Marks of Distinction
    Raids Available:
    -Batcave: Outer Caverns
    In the event you attempt to enter a location intended for 4 players only, the
    first four who enter will stay, and the next four will enter a seperate
    instance of the same mission.
    ===============================V A U L T S=====================================
    Vaults can be joined through your 'on duty' window, located in your main menu.
    The first and only current vault opens when you reach level 6. Enter the vault
    once each day and destroy the presents inside. They will reward you with cash
    and the possibilty for unique and rare items.
    Vaults Available:
    -The Vault
    ==============================R E N O W N======================================
    Each of the two side(hero/villain) have different Renown you may earn by
    completing missions. 
    Each renown faction has 5 stages.
    As you complete missions that add renown for the different factions, you
    traverse the stages n the above mentioned order.
    Vendors insde the Hall of Doom or Watchtower will sell gear with renown stage
    The Rogues
    Cult of Trigon
    ===========V I L L I A N    I C O N I C    B A T T L E    S U I T S============
    Iconic Battle Suits consist of 8 pieces.
    Depending on what your origin is(mentor) you will need to visit a specific wing
    of the Hall of Doom to purchase your Iconic Battle Suit.
    Joker     =Tech(wing)
    Lex Luthor=Meta(wing)
    Circe     =Magic(wing)
    Each wing has three vendors, 1 PvP vendor, a teir 1 PvE vendor and a teir 2
    PvE vendor. 
    Each vendor sells 4 suits, a Healer, Tank, Controller, and Damage suit.
    Each vendor has only one graphic for all suits, but a different graphic then
    the other vendors. 
    However each vendors 4 suits has different stats, they can also only be worn 
    by the person who has the role specific to the suit.
    All characters can wear the Damage suits.
    You will see read writting describing why you can not wear a specific suit in
    the information box on the left when shopping for gear.
    Additional to normal currency($) each vendor sells their gear for a
    different type of mark. More information on marks can be found in the marks
    section and PvP section of this guide.
    PvP-    Mark of Victory
    PvE(T1)-Mark of Triumph
    PvE(T2)-Nark of Distinction
    The difference between PvP and PvE gear is Toughness and Defense. Defense is
    only for PvE combat(fighting NPCs) and Toughness is only for PvP combat(other
    player characters).
    ~PvP Gear~
    ~Teir 1 PvE~
    Mister Freeze
    ~Teir 2 PvE~
    Harely Quinn
    ~PvP Gear~
    ~Teir 1 PvE~
    ~Teir 2 PvE~
    ~PvP Gear~
    Felix Faust
    ~Teir 1 PvE~
    Brother blood
    ~Teir 2 PvE~
    ================================F E A T S======================================
    Feats can be achieved for doing pretty much everything. To view your current
    and potential feats check the Deeds window(trophy Icon).
    For every 100 feat points you earn you will be awarded 1 skill point to spend.
    This becomes crucial at level 30 as you can gain more stat increase. Read the
    secondary weapon skills section.
    The feats have a 3 star teiring system.
    1 star=10 feat points
    2 star=25 feat points
    3 star=50 feat points
    =============================C U R R E N C Y=================================== 
    The following are special forms of currency other then the standard($).
    -Purchase Teir 1 PvP Gear
    Villains Vendor Location:
    -Hall of Doom
    Hero Vendor Location:
    Rewarded by:
    -PvP kills
    ----------------------------MARK OF ALLEGIENCE---------------------------------
    -Purchase some Renown gear
    -Trade 10 in for a Mark of Triumph at renown vendors.
    -Purchase sodas
    Villains Vendor Location:
    -Hall of Doom
    Hero Vendor Location:
    Rewarded by:
    -Level 30 missions.
    ------------------------------MARK OF LEGEND-----------------------------------
    -These are used to buy PvP Legend Characters
    Villains Vendor Location:
    -Hall of Doom
    Hero Vendor Location:
    Rewarded by:
    -PvP Legend Matches
    -PvP Arena Matches
    -----------------------------MARK OF VICTORY-----------------------------------
    -Purchase Teir 2 PvP gear
    Villain Vendor Location:
    -Hall of doom
    Hero Vendor Location:
    Rewarded by:
    -PvP Legends Matches
    -PvP Arena Matches
    -Ring War Mission
    -----------------------------MARK OF TRIUMPH-----------------------------------
    -These are used to buy the Teir 1 PvE gear sets
    Villains Vendor Location:
    -Hall of Doom
    Hero Vendor Location
    Rewarded by:
    -Hardmore Alerts
    -Some level 30 missions
    ---------------------------MARK OF DISTINCTION---------------------------------
    -These are used to buy the Teir 2 PvE gear sets
    Villains Vendor Location
    -Hall of Doom
    Hero Vendor Location
    Rewarded by:
    -The daily Duo/Alert(marked by a large star on the left side of its name, also
      always on the top of the list)
    =================================L E A G U E S=================================
    The benefits of creating a league are the same as joining one, portable
    community. If you ever need help with a mission then a league is a good thing
    to join.
    This is a group of people who share the same goals as yourself. You will most
    likely require league membership to enter a raid, as finding 7 friends geared
    may prove difficult if not in a league.
    ====================P O I N T S    O F    I N T E R E S T======================
    PvP Vendors
    -Each wing of hall of doom
    -Power Core(hall of doom back of meta wing)
    -Ringwar Event(winners get a vendor, look for a yellow=villain, green=hero npc)
    Legends Avatar Vendor
    -Power Core(hall of doom back of meta wing)
    Ring War Event
    -Metropolis, Between Lexcorp tower and The Daily Planet
    -Hall of Doom(each junction between each wing, 2 banks)
    Style Vendors
    -Around center area in main wing hall of doom(vendor stall/booth not NPC)
    BoosterGold Kiosks
    -Mission givers located inside all safehouses(Police HQ/Clubs)
    ===========================U N I Q U E    I T E M S============================
    These are unique items I and friends have found. If you want to contribute then
    you may email me with all the information listed below about the item.
    -Clown Nose
    Slot:     Trinket
    Function: Changes shape to "very scary clown"
    Location: Golden question mark Hall of Doom Main Wing(random spawn/chance)
    -Sinister  Clockwork Key
    Slot:     Trinket
    Function: Changes your shape to :Sinister Toy Robot:
    Location: I believe it was also from the vault
    (Credit goes to 'mrgreen1213(AtleyS)')
    -Gloves of Clinging
    Style:    Bat Gauntlet
    Slot:     Hands
    Function: Changes your movement skill to Acrobat
    Location: The Vault(random chance)
    -Monitor Propolution Pack
    Style:    Joke Jetpack
    Slot:     Back
    Function: Changes your movement skill to flight
    Location: The Vault
    (Credit goes to 'mrgreen1213(AtleyS)')
    ===================================F A Q S=====================================
    Q. Does the game have a monthly fee?
    A. Yes, prices vary based on location, roughly $15 a month.
    Q. Do I get 1 month free?
    A. Yes, with purchase of the game you get one month free.
    Q. Is there a trial version
    A. No, however anyone who bought the collectors edition does get a Buddy code.
    Q. How do I add someone to my friends list
    A. In the social panel(chat bubble icon in start menu, hotkey O on keyboard)
    Q. How do I invite someone to a group
    A. In the social panel(chat bubble icon in start menu, hotkey O on keyboard)
    Q. How do I remove someone from a group
    A. In the social panel(chat bubble icon in start menu, hotkey O on keyboard)
    Q. How do I leave a group?
    A. In the social panel(chat bubble icon in start menu, hotkey O on keyboard)
       Select your own name
    Q. How do I form a raid
    A. In the social panel(chat bubble icon in start menu, hotkey O on keyboard)
       You must located the Group button and click it for a drop down box
    Q. How do I form a league?
    A. In the social panel(chat bubble icon in start menu, hotkey O on keyboard)
       Hit Sqaure once in the social panel.
    Q. How many people are required to form a league?
    A. You require three people in a group to form a league.
    Q. How do I leave a league
    A. In the social panel(chat bubble icon in start menu, hotkey O on keyboard)
       Click your own name.
    Q. What are the colored icons under my minimap?
    A. Green=Mail
       Blue=Gear Damaged
       Red=Gear Broken
    Q. What is a trinket and how do I use it?
    A. Equip the trinket from your inventory screen, and then use its effects by
       hitting R2+X. It is displayed as the last slot on your powers bar.
    ===========================V O I C E    C H A T================================
    The following is a section on how to comport yourself in voice chat scenarios
    aswell as how to set your mic to work for DCUO.
    -Ensure that you are not too loud the first time you use voice
    -Change your settings accordingly so you are not loud or distorted
    -Politely let others know they are loud and distorted and how to fix it
    -Use voice to help coordinate your group efforts
    Do Not
    -Have your mic and speakers on open. Meaning if you have an eye camera to speak
     and use your TV to hear, if your TV is too loud others will hear everything 
     you hear too. Which is considered rude. Adjust your setting accordingly to 
     have as little feedback and audio loop as possible.
    -Use voice modifier. This makes it hard to understand you and is not practical.
    -Forget your mic is on, and continue long private conversations in person or
     on the phone. This is especially important in league chat, because it can be
     difficult for others to continue a conversation if they must talk over you.
    -Abuse voice chat, anything excessive is most likely not wanted by anyone
    Your mic must be on and working perfectly BEFORE you boot up the game. The best
    way to ensure this is to follow this step by step procedure:
    ~Before you boot the disc up~
    1. Turn on your mic
    2. Using the PSN bar go to Settings->Accessory Setting->Audio Device Settings
    3. Speak into your mic, if you hear yourself proceed to step 9
    4. Make sure the correct device(your mic) is set as the Input Device
    5. If you do not hear yourself make sure your speakers on the TV are up
    6. If you still do not hear yourself then attempt to register your headset
       Google your headset for more info
    7. IF you are using the Eye Camera/Toy then make sure it is set as Input Device
    8. If you still do not hear yourself then you will need to devise a way to test
       wether or not the device you are using is working correctly.
    9. Hearing your own voice now, boot up the game(DCUO)
    10.You should now be able to voice chat in group and league, if you do not hear
       your voice in game but heard it during the Audio Device Settings then you
       may need to change your in game settings. If so proceed to the next set of 
    ~After you boot the disc up~
    1. Navigate to the Options window in your main menu(gear icon)
    2. Select Settings
    3. Use R1(L1 if pass) to navigate through the tabs at the top to Voice Options
    4. Make sure the button beside Enable Voice Chat says On, if not highlight it
       and hit X to make it say On.
    5. Speaker Volume is how loud other people are heard set it to mid to mid high
    6. Microphone Volume is how easily your mic picks up audio set it to
       mid to mid high for now, if you notice feedback or people complain lower
       this and speak louder if needed.
    7. Chat override Game Volume Control, this is how quiet your in game music and
       sound effects gets when voice is happening. Keep this low to mid and adjust
       your other Audio accordingly.
    8. Make sure to hit sqaure and watch for the clock icon at the top left of 
       the screen, once gone you may hit circle.
    9. If you are in a group or a league with someone else who has working voice 
       chat then you each should now hear one another.
    10.In the event you do not hear each other try logging your character off by
       going into the options section of the start menu and chosing switch
       characters. Then Log back in to reopen your mic channels.
    11.Reform your group if needed and test your mic again.
    =================B U G S  /  B U G    W O R K    A R O U N D S=================
    This section will become pointless as patches come out, however I believe it is
    in the best interest of everyone to keep it in for the time being. Atleast
    untill each one is fixed. I will remove the ones that do become fixed as it
    -No team mate icons on minimap
    Work around 1: Enter your map via the start menu and select a navigation point
                   Then remove the point then close the menu to reveal them
    -Directional Pad menu Stays Visible and wont work with analog stick
    Work around 1: Open start chat menu(select button) then close it(circle)
    -Voice stops working
    Work around 1: Logging out by switching characters then logging back in
    -Triangle button stops working
    Work around 1: unequip your weapon then re-equip it
    -All 4 face buttons stop working(triangle, square, circle, cross)
    Work around 1: Attempt to block then roll
    Work around 2: Open then close your chat bar
    Work around 3: Die and get revived(either manually or automatically revived)
    -Can not walk or move, but can block and roll, then still cant walk or move.
    Work around 1: Open chat bar then close
    -Objects/Enemies not appearing
    Work around 1: go atleast 3 blocks away and come back
    Work around 2: Change areas and come back
    -Game Freezes
    Work around 1: Avoid opening menues after loading in from somewhere
    Work around 2: Avoid opening start menu in laggy areas
    Work around 3: Avoid using PSN menu unless standing still and low population
    Work around 4: Avoid playing at peak server times(when theres wait time)
    Work around 5: Always try to combine work arounds 1-4
    -Stuck in place
    Work around 1: Block, then try block and roll
    Work around 2: Jump in place, then block then roll
    work around 3: Open then close start menu
    -Voice stops working correctly after it was already working
    Work around 1: Log out & back in with 'switch character' in the options section
    =================P L A N N E D    G U I D E    U P D A T E S===================
    There are no more planned up dates for this guide.
    ==========================D I S T R I B U T I O N==============================
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    If you wish to use this guide then please contact me via the contact
    information at the bottom of the guide.
    Permitted Sites
    -Any Bon Ink Creations Affiliate
    -Jamey Tisdale(1 agreed site, yet unnamed)
    Although the above mentioned sites do have my permission to post my guide, not
    all of them have promised to keep it updated. I assume they all will but can
    not make any promises. To ensure you are using the most up to date copy of my
    guide you can see it first on GameFaQs.com where I choose to upload. The above
    mentioned sites asked permission to use my guide and I allowed them.
    =============================C O P Y R I G H T=================================
    Copyright 2011 Jonathon Bon
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    ======================C O N T A C T    I N F O R M A T I O N===================
    Guide Composed By: Jonathon Stuart Bon
    If you have something important to add to this guide them please feel free to
    contact me using the information below.
    I will flat out ignor any questions regarding the game, if it is not in this
    guide then chances are very good I do not know. I will also ignor grammar
    corrections, however I encourage comprehension suggestions, and will change
    any part of the guide that may be considered confusing.
    ================================C R E D I T S==================================
    The entirety of this guide was originally compiled by me(Jon Bon), however 
    others from the community have sent in additional information, which I feel 
    obligated to add. Each piece of information that I am not directly responsible
    for has the person by whom I was contacted listed after said information. If
    something is incorrect please inform me as soon as possible using the contact
    information directly above.Below is a list of all who have contributed to this
    guide, special thanks goes out to them.

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