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"DC Universe Online Review"

I'm not a huge MMORPG person myself I played World Of Warcraft all the way to the endgame and didn't enjoy but I can see their appeal and when I saw media for DCUO I was very intrigued by it. But you're here for a review not my life story so here it is.

The game starts like most MMO games, creating your character you can choose to crate a character from new or use a template for example if you want to look and have the same abilities as batman you can choose his template but the great thing is you can tweak the look and the powers that your character uses so you can look like batman and have superman's powers if you like.

But most people will be going for a brand new custom character and the game does not disappoint in the customization options available you can make any superhero/villain you like also when creating your character you pick a mentor this effects where you starting area is and who your primary quest giver Is.

So if you choose batman you will start in Gotham city where batman will give you quests you will also fight all of Gotham's villains but you can still go to other areas don't worry your free to go where you like some quests tell you to go to metropolis an other areas to help another hero/villain.

I could talk forever about the character creator but its very in depth and easy to use.
Once you've created your character you are put into a tutorial dungeon which teaches you most of the combat mechanics but that's about it talent trees , equipment and stats are not explained but if you're an MMO player then you probably know how to do it, however it is easy to get to grips with the talent tress etc.

After the tutorial you are transported to one of many safe houses where you are shown where the vendors are and all the other typical MMO services like mailboxes also all safehouses transport you to the hall of doom if your villain or the justice league watchtower where you can respec your character, practice you combat skills and also buy more gear.

And finally you get your first quest and once your outside flying, running, or running across buildings you realize how big the world is also all the dc landmarks are present, in Gotham Arkham asylum is present as well as ace chemicals but again I could write a huge list on what landmarks there are.

The combat system is the main chunk of the game and thankfully it works great the targeting can screw you over sometimes but not much abilities are assigned to the face buttons you hold L2 you look at your first four abilities and then press one the face buttons to use the assigned ability to use your other 4 you hold R2 and do the same thing.

Your normal attacks are assigned to the Triangle and square button when you get higher in level you can unlock more combos the moves you can do look impressive and there is a a lot of them for just two attack buttons.

Quests are nice and varied some quests become abit tedious like killing so many enemies and looting them for a certain item but most of the time these are not repeated. Once you have hit level 10 you can take on your first alert (instance) these are ideal for a four man group consisting of tank, healer, damage, and controller who's role it is to stun enemies.

But most of the instances I have done everyone has been the damage role which all classes have and we have had no problem getting through but when everyone has a different role its a lot more enjoyable and efficient its just a shame the game doesn't encourage groups with diverse roles.

There is a nice amount of PVP content as well one that is a nice addition is PVP legends mode were you can play legendary heroes or villains depending on what side you are and fight it out in teams this shows you what its like to play other roles and is a good way to practice your combat skills. Also there is standard PVP so you don't have to play as legends.

The level cap in the game is 30 you might think that's abit small but with the amount of characters you can make there's tones of gameplay you can consume, when you hit 30 though you can do raids and duos. Duos are high-level instances that you take on with one other person and are a nice addition as they take a lot of teamwork and communication.

Presentation wise I have had a lot of problems with the audio such as guns don't make sound, quest givers don't talk, and on some occasions all audio cuts out apart from the music, graphics wise however it's a good looking game it has a nice comic book style which obviously fits well with DC.

But it is early days for this MMO so there is some hiccups in the graphics there is a lot of texture pop in and when you are looking at people from a distance they move in a very weird way its hard to explain but you will see also the frame rate does dip a lot when the action gets on the heavy side but its definitely not on the unplayable level.

Overall DC universe is a great game its got me hooked and like I said I am not a massive MMO person the more action combo based combat is great and something other MMO's should do it isn't perfect but then no MMO is so short after release no doubt the problems I have addressed will be fixed in time and when they are this game will be a force to be reckoned with.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/20/11

Game Release: DC Universe Online (EU, 01/14/11)

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