How do I solve dragon scale armor?

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    don't know where the armor maker is i got the scales from a drake on a random encounter to flemas house

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    Croy10067 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well.. there is a difference, Drake scale and Dragon scale. I assume you know this, but easier to be a little safe on it. To get Dragon Scale Armor, you must get 6 Drake scales... all of which you can actually get if you take your time in the Wyrmlings lair during the Ashes of Andraste quest and kill all of the Drakes Located there, (pretty sure there is 6 there.). Wade will first make a regular set of Drake Scale Armor.. its light armor and gives a moderate resistance to fire. He, however, thinks its a disaster and offers to make another set, after this, you get a Superior Drake Scale Armor.. its Light and better then the last set, if you have a Dragon Scale on you (Only need one, since you only get one from a Fully grown dragon to begin with) He offers to make you Dragon Scale Armor, and you can choose whether it is Light, Medium (Chain Mail) or Heavy (Plate). He makes it in an instant and voila! Dragon Scale Armor. This can be done very early in the game.. if you can manage to slay the High Dragon as well at lvl 8-9. There is a rather large amount of Drakes in this game.. So I don't know if you can make a Third set which would be better.. or if they just like throwing a random Scale at you to sell.. cause I had an extra one for the Circle.. and yet to have the Drake random encounter. I'll find out and let y'all know too.. since it would mean better Dragon Scale Armor.

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Other Answers

  1. You need to go to Denerim and look for Wade's Armor shop and go inside. In there Wade will offer to make you a set of armor but only in you have 3 dragon scales. Once you have three you have to option of paying for the armor. If you pay there is a chance that he will make a better quality armor for you. Once you give hime the scales and money simply leave Denerim and come back, the armor will be done but he will not like the way it turned out and you will have to bring him three more scales and you can once again decide to pay for a better quality armor.

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