Having trouble with Leliana romance..anyone know how to make her love me?

  1. Ok heres the thing i am playing as a female character and am trying to get romantic with Leliana...her approval of me is at 100%,ive given her the flower and have fully completed her companion quest but when i try to talk to her at camp all i get is the option to ask her about stories..i also havent been romantic with any other character durring this playthrough..Is there something i am missing?or is this just a glitch???

    User Info: ChuckMansonJr

    ChuckMansonJr - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Mkay, I had a lot of problems with this myself. First thing is very common, she's not bump and grinding with you even after all that.. It's simple. It depends A LOT on what you say.. You don't need 100 favor to sleep with her.. but you need to be pretty forward. After her Quest is where people mess up a lot, cause you need to say specific things. I don't remember what it is exactly.. but you need to convince her she doesn't need the Maker to be good or w/e and she will say stuff about being a good friend or something blah blah, you need to be very active about hitting on her.. even one point you have an option that say's you're a valuable friend, or something a little more vulgar.. you need to go with the vulgar one.. its not bad really, but its forward about your feelings.. You need to do this as much as possible (AGAIN, I can't stress enough that this MUST be done in the convo's after killing or letting her mentor go.) Or she will see you as a friend and never sleep with you. I'd give me details but the only file close is my Dwarf Noble and she's not far enough in the story to get Leliana's quest yet. Sorry =/ But this should help you at least since I noticed no matter what I do with her quest, being forward about you liking her more then a friend get her to love you. You may have to lose 10-11 hours of gameplay like I had too =/

    User Info: Peavy_FTW

    Peavy_FTW (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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