How do I solve Summoning science?

  1. Ive gone throught 4 playthroughs now and this quest is the only one. io not know how to finish...right now i just got out of Arl Howe's estate and came back to the circle to do this my quest long it says it would be unsafe to engage in the am i suppost to wait until after a certian point in the game to do this quest?and if so how do i finish it?

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    ChuckMansonJr - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. No, you do not have to wait until you save the Mage Tower. You can complete this quest during your run through to save the Tower.

    In your Codex, look under "Quest Related" and check the note labeled "Summoning Sciences", at the very end of the note, it tell you the order to activate the spot to be able to touch the portals.

    For the fourth portal in the area next to where this quest is done, all you have to do is go in order from Portal 1 - Portal 3 to activate the 4th portal.

    If you don't wanna read through the log, do it in this order:

    Portal 1: Touch the Summoning Font > Spirit Personages > Portal 1.

    Portal 2: Touch the Summoning Font > Rodercoms Uncommon Calling > Magus Gorvish statue > Portal 2.

    Portal 3: Touch the Summoning Font > Elvorn's Grande Bestiary > carving on the table > Spiritorum Etherialis > Magus Gorvish statue > Novice Phylactery > Portal 3.

    Once you do these 3, to active the 4th portal, do it in this order (note: there's no need to touch the summoning font more than once this time): Summoning Font > Spirit Personages > Rodercoms Uncommon Calling > Magus Gorvish > Elvorn's Grande Beastiary > carving on the table > Spiritorum Etherialis > Magus Gorvish > Novice Phylactery > 4th Portal.

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