Where can I find The best 1 handed sword and shield?

  1. Ive seen very expensive weapons at certain merchants that have better than average stats. Im just wondering where i can find the best main hand sword and shield in the game? Also, if possible, the best heavy armor? id like my character to look something like the guy on the front of the box ;)

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    Grimbobthebob1 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Do the unbound quest-for one of the best one-handed sword/shield combo.
    1.Find the adventurers corpse in the ruined temple on the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest-somewhere in a southwest corridor.
    2.Find the adventurers corpse in the Brecilian Ruins lower ruins-south fire trap room.
    3.In orzammar,hed to Tapsters Tavern and speak to the adventurer there.
    4.Travel to Denerim and head to the "Dirty Back Alley",open the house door on your left and kill Gaxkang,your reward-one of the best one handed sword/shield combos in the game.

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Other Answers

  1. Well, as far as I know, to look the the guy on the front box you'll probably need the Warden's Keep DLC, since you can get a full set of Warden Commander Armor, and I think a sword or shield from it as well.. If you get just the shield you can have a merchant craft you the Wolfstar or w/e its called from Meteor Ore. The best sword that I know of without DLC is the sword you get from Gexrand or something like that... You fight him in Denerim if you initated the Unbound quest I believe.. its insane stats, really good. As for the shield, I honestly have no idea, I'm normally using 2h weapons, or Dual Wielding. Really.. most shields have the same defense just different enchantments and missile deflection so any square shield will do if you want straight up defense.

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  2. You have to have the Solders Peak download, and give Levis brother ( he is the best weapon smith in the game) the star ore to get form a random encounter on the road, he will ask you what type of sword you want him to make, though the regular long sword he sells is pretty close if not the same. For the most part you are looking for slots for runes (three slots are the most I have found) so you can enhance the swords damage. I use two long swords for my character so I have done a lot of work with my swords. The best I have found is two grandmaster elemental runes that add 10 damage and either a grand master slow rune or grandmaster paralyze. That is the best combo I have found. Shields I have no clue though.

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  3. The best shield I found was actually Howe's shield in Howe's Armory

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  4. Well, i have went through the game a couple of times now, and the best 1handed swords i have came across are Starfang and Keening Blade.
    You get the materials for Starfang from a traveling random, after you get the materials, you take them to the guy at soldiers peak and he will make you Starfang, which can either be made into a longsword or a 2h sword.
    You get the Keening blade from the unbound quest. Which you have to find 3 books to get to the demon you must kill. The books are spread out trough the levels.
    The best shield, im not sure on that one...not much of a sword and shield guy. I have only dual and 2h spec'd.

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  5. The best 1 handed sword is Starfang (Soldier's Peak DLC), or the Keening Blade from "Unbound" quest. The best shield so far for me is The Fade Wall from the Unbound quest.

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  6. This post is prior to the release of the Return of Ostagar DLC - Answers may be different as time goes on.

    The Fade Wall from the Unbound Quest is probably the best overall shield in the game at this point in time. It doesn't drop 100% of the time from the final enemy from the quest line, so you'll want to Save the game just before entering the Quaint Hovel in Denerim to fight him. If he doesn't drop the shield, simply reload and repeat until he does.

    Regarding Swords, it's really very dependent on the job/specialization you've chosen. Starfang and Keening Blade are often considered the best overall swords, but then there's more specific situations like the Spellweaver for the Arcane Warrior specialization.

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