Ostagar Level Up Glitch... not working... why ?

  1. When I return the three vials of blood without picking up the treaties, I don't get the option to repeat the sentence "I have the vials but not the treaties" I know I'm not suppose to have patched my game and I haven't, but do downloadable content count as patch or are they just items and quests added ? Thanks for helping. I'd be amazing if I could level up my mage and thief real fast for the trophies.

    User Info: GameRima

    GameRima - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The level up glitch only works on the pc and xbox 360 just like the max stats glitch only works on pc, however the ps3 still has the 2 inf gold and the skip spell/talent/skill glitches, one glitch for money involves the shale dlc and getting the tavern owner to join the battle in Redcliff (threaten him) when he joins, the woman (bella) runs the shop and gives items for free, but supposed to be limited, however the dlc makes her always have crystals, take them to the smithy and sell them, rinse and repeat. the other money glitch is faster put an item in the junk list (the more expencive the better if you have the blood dragon plate use that until you get enough to buy something better) go to a shop and highlight the item and hit in this order really fast the sell all and then the sell item buttons if done right the you will have sold it twice which means twice the money buy it back and try again as long as you don't leave where the store it will be the same price you sold one for rinse, repeat. the spell/talent/skill glitch works about the same as the 2nd money glitch (as in hitting two buttons really fast) you need two or more points in a one of those spots as in you need to save level up till you have enough points when you do go to the lev up screen and chose a telent/spell/skill tree you want to go up and put one point in it then highlight the block it opened and really fast hit circle and then x and if done right the first should be skipped and the second should have been filled in keep going as high as you want (or can). you should be able to find videos on those last two on youtube thats where i found them.

    User Info: dewidsam

    dewidsam - 7 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Also the only way on ps3 to lev up faster is with an item you can equip that can be bought at the "wonders of thedas" at the back of denerim's market district its called "archivist's sash" and it makes you get 75 exp from every codex entry you find instead of the usual 50 exp

    User Info: dewidsam

    dewidsam - 7 years ago 1 0

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