Blight Queller trophy?

  1. Does awakening count towards the 1k needed or does it have to be in the base game?

    User Info: rclapp

    rclapp - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I believe it does, yeah, but I do know that it's sorta glitched. First off, there aren't even 1000 darkspawn to defeat in the normal game. Plus, since the patch 1.02, it means your main character needs to kill 1000 darkspawn, rather than all your party's kills counting towards it.
    There's a trick though. Here's what you do. May contain spoilers, by the way. Just play through the game, until you get to the Blight itself. When you reach the Alienage, the game will auto-save at the huge tree. Set the game on Casual, and alter all your party member's tactics to this one: Enemy > Any > Wait. That way you'll get all the kills. Once you've got them all, reload the savegame from the tree, and repeat. The count in your Codex will be reset, but it will still count towards the trophy. You can either kill all of them, or die trying. Either way, each kill will count. If you die, you can reload the last save too, which is still the one at the tree. Each time you clear them all out, you'll have 74 kills extra. That way you can keep track in your mind of where you are at, vaguely.
    You could also try doing this with the Tower of Ishal (the one at Ostagar), if you don't have a save from before the Blight. Though that will take you longer.

    User Info: Sir_Demii

    Sir_Demii - 6 years ago 0 0

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