How do I get back into the center of the forest to find Whitefang?

  1. The game wont let me get into the center of the forest . The game keeps telling me the something wants to keep me out of the middle of the forest.

    User Info: allura007

    allura007 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Two options. both involving the Elder Tree & the Hermit. If you speak to the Elder Tree, he'll ask you to get his acorn back from the Hermit. You can get the acorn by trading one of three unique items for it (consult a walktrhough for full details on these items) or you can kill him. Bring the Acron back to the Elder Tree, and it will give you one of its branches (it can be equiped as a mage's staff, and is a fairly decent one at that.) Once you have it, you can dispell the barrier protecting the inner forrest by walking through it. The staff does not have to be equiped to work, but it MUST at least be in your inventory.

    Alternatively, you can kill the Elder Tree for the hermit, and he will tell you how to trick the Forest. (I've neveer taken him up on this, so I don't know what that is.)

    User Info: Genesplicer38

    Genesplicer38 - 5 years ago 0 0

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