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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HellViper69

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/25/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Ratchet & Clank Future:
                                    Quest For Booty
                                     PlayStation 3
                                    By Darren Kuzela
                                      Final Version
                            E-mail: hellviper69@hotmail.com
    Legal Information:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
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    me of any such sites by E-mail.
    Contact Information:
    I can be contacted by E-mail at hellviper69@hotmail.com. Check all the way 
    through my walkthrough for the information you need before writing me with 
    a query.
    Although as I am a bit anal retentive and yet lazy, typos tick me off but I
    don't really feel like running spell checker every planet so if you happen 
    to notice one (or more) typos, do me a favor and e-mail me.
    Copyright (c) 2008 by Darren Kuzela
    Version History
    Ver 1.0--4:00 AM 8/25/08: Downloaded game ($15.93 plus tax)
    	 12:00 PM 8/25/08: Finished game
    	 Developed walkthru as I played including all weapon mods
    Table of Contents:
       I. Game Controls..........................................(GCS12)
      II. Devices, Gadgets, Items and Weapons in the game........(DGW12)
     III. Walkthrough	
    	A-Polaris Galaxy, Drogol Sector / Azorean Sea........(PGD12)
    	B-Hoolefar Island (First Visit)	.....................(HF112)
    	C-Morrow Caverns.....................................(MWC12)
    	D-Hoolefar Island (Second Visit).....................(HI212)
    	E-Darkwater Cove.....................................(DWC12)
    	F-Azorean Sea (Part Two).............................(AS212)
      IV. Acknowledgments
    I. Game Controls						(GCS12)
    START button: Pauses during gameplay and brings up menu
    SELECT button: Access the map of the level
    L1 button: Focuses camera on first person aiming
    X button: Jump/Twice-double jump
    R1 button/CIRCLE button: Fires selected weapon/Uses Swingshot/Hydropack
    L2 button: Locks camera in Strafe Mode
    R2 button: Crouch/Drop down
    Left Analog Stick: Walk/Run/Strafe (with L2)
    Right Analog Stick: Rotate the camera 
    TRIANGLE button: Access Quick Select page (navigate w/ left stick)
    SQUARE button: Attack with wrench/Turn Bolt Crank/Dive underwater
    II. Devices, Gadgets, Items and Weapons in the game		(DGW12)
    Grind Boots
    	When Ratchet approaches a grind rail, these boots allow him to grind 
    	without the fear of falling. Make sure to watch out for obstacles 
    	like fire and missiles and trains.
    Gravity Boots
    	When Ratchet steps onto a Gravity Ramp, these boots allow him to walk 
    	up walls or even across ceilings. Ratchet is limited to movement. No 
    	charging allowed and only a single jump is allowed. 
    Omniwrench Millennium 12
    	The one weapon of Ratchet's that has never ever changed. Well...unless
    	you count the whole upgrading thing from previous games. But anyway,
    	it's always been there for Ratchet and has always been dependable. And
    	you never have to worry about ammunition for it. Not upgradeable. The
    	Q4B game has expanded its uses and it is now able, with a magnetic
    	capability, interact with the environment by moving different things
    	and is now able to pick up items. Experiment and have fun with it.
    Darkwater's Treasure Map
    	Captain Darkwater's map. Decipher the code and collect the booty.
    	Returning from every single R&C game. Used to latch onto the familiar
    	looking swing points and either swinging across ravines or pulling
    	Ratchet towards them.
    *Note with weapons: They begin upgraded to Level 3 and will max out at Level 5
    	The "pistol" of the game. Upgrades to: Magma Combuster.
    Fusion Grenade
    	Bomb lobber. If there's a big group of enemies, lob one into the 
    	middle of them. Upgrades to: Fusion Bomb.
    Shock Ravager
    	"Whip" weapon. I was a fan of the previous R&C whip. This one seems
    	to have better reach. Upgrades to: Lightning Ravager.
    Tornado Launcher
    	Nice use of the PS3's Sixaxis feature. We're not in Kansas anymore.
    	OK that was lame but I got nothing. Upgrades to: Tempest Launcher.
    Predator Launcher
    	"Lock-On" missile launcher. Decent but won't get used as often as some
    	weapons except to obtain LX. Upgrades to: Raptor Launcher.
    	I love this weapon. Swarm of attacking insects for killing multiple
    	enemies and a laser sight to direct the insects which upgrades to an ice
    	beam to freeze enemies from doing anything. Upgrades to: Toxic Swarmers.
    Alpha Disruptor
    	Charge it up and let it go. Strong weapon. Upgraded it can take out
    	multiple enemies with a single blast. Upgrades to: Alpha Cannon.
    O2 Mask (not shown)
    	Used to submerge Ratchet underwater without depleting his Oxygen 
    	level. Basically allows him to breathe underwater.
    III. Walkthrough
    	After choosing the difficulty, you are ready to begin the game:
        EASY: Our pirates be grogged up and slow with a blade
        MEDIUM: A far greater challenge. We'll leave the locker open, matey!
        HARD: Ye must have a death wish, me hearty!
    	Typically, if you are just starting out, you may want to start playing
            on the easiest setting to get a feel for the basics. However, once you
            learn the moves and techniques, you can try the harder versions. I do
    	not think there's much difference in the playthrough regardless of the
     	difficulty other than the battles themselves, so I will create the 
    	guide using the hard setting so there may be a few changes depending
    	on what difficulty you select.
    	The number of bolts you will need in the game:
    		10,000 Versabolt
    		12,500 Smuggler guide
    	       +50,000 Alpha Disruptor
    		72,500 BOLTS
    A-Polaris Galaxy, Drogol Sector	/ Azorean Sea			(PGD12)
    -Fight the Pirates
    	OK, let's begin this thing off. Starting off, smash the crates in front
    of you and then deal with the pirates however you feel most comfortable with.
    Also if you ever are low on life, locate the crates with the blue spheres in 
    them. These are Nanotech crates and will replenish life when you smash them.
    I was able to upgrade the Combuster to Level 4 myself. Turn the bolt crank by
    tapping SQUARE then just push up on the analog stick to rotate it. Take out a
    few gun wielding pirates here then go out the back door. Smash the crates and 
    a ship will pass by. I use the Predator Launcher to aim and take out those
    pirates. Locate the ladder (blue rungs) against the wall and climb up. Take out
    the Pirate Rouge and step onto the catapult. Press X to launch Ratchet to the
    next ship. Fire a couple shots into the unsuspecting pirate and destroy the red
    explosive barrels.
    Once you make your way through the next group of pirates and turret pirate, go 
    ahead and man the turret. You can shoot the pirates shooting back at you or 
    just shoot the door to the right once and proceed through. Be careful of the
    turret gunner in here. Try to get Talwyn to distract him and hit him from be-
    hind. Outside, smash the crates and any pirates you encounter then proceed up
    the blue ladder to the top again. More pirates, then catapult again. End level
    B-Hoolefar Island (First Visit)					(HF112)
    -Explore Hoolefar Island
    	You should notice that you have no weapons whatsoever anymore except 
    for the wrench. Make your way up the beach and jump onto the ledge in front of 
    you. Jump across the gaps. Walk onto the white/blue gravity ramp and walk along
    it. Defeat the Anthropods that pop out of the ground. Take the next ramp up and
    around to the next area. Make sure to wait for the steam to stop before going 
    by the vents. You should notice the spinning orb suspended in midair which
    veterans of the game will recognize as a Swingshot target. Simply jump towards
    it and press CIRCLE to swing safely across. Enter the cave and walk up to the 
    gap. This is a new feature of the wrench and that is the grapple. Press R2 and
    a white wrench icon will appear on any nearby grapple points. Press SQUARE to
    send a white beam out to the grapple point and then use the RIGHT ANALOG to 
    maneuver the item around. In this case, move the stick down to extend the 
    bridge. Repeat the same thing with the spring only this time move the right 
    stick down to lower the spring. Stand on it and push X to reach the ledge. Jump
    up towards the zipline to grab it with the wrench and cross over to the island.
    -Repair the Wind Turbines
    	Here you will meet Mayor Worley. Go ahead and answer him however you 
    want. Then reassure him you'll help him with his problem. You can speak with
    the Mayor to ask him a few questions but you have to wait until he walks over
    to the large brown door. When you're done, or if you didn't bother talking to
    him, turn right at the beach and you should see the gravity ramp in the dis-
    tance. Head that way and you will come across the Smuggler. (Red pimp hat and
    parrot). You can talk to him but he won't be of any help yet. Anyway, head back
    and make your way up the steps directly north of the dock. Speak to the Wind
    Turbine Operator and ask him what you can. Tell him you'll help out.
    Wind Turbine Alpha
    	Walk behind the Operator to locate Alpha. Climb left up the ledges and
    then double jump your way over any gaps to the spring platform. Lower it with
    the wrench and use it to jump up to the next area. Avoid the steam vents and 
    make your way along until you reach the blue ledges. Carefully avoiding the 
    steam again, shimmy along them and jump or drop whenever necessary to reach
    the next ledge (R2 to drop down). Another spring platform and you're done with
    one turbine. Four to go. Turn the bolt crank with SQUARE to fix it. Find the 
    mayor but notice the one rounded doorway behind and to his right is open. 
    Proceed through to locate the Supply Beacon. Talk to the Beacon Operator about
    anything. Then locate the path to the right of him and take it. 
    Wind Turbine Beta
    	Go up the blue ladder and use the wrench to extend the bridge. You 
    should notice a small volcano. Use your wrench on it and you should be able to 
    pick up a magma rock. Now face the round gate and you should see crosshairs. 
    Press R1 to throw the rock and smash the gate. Go through and you will see 3 
    floating platforms. Jump to the one on the right, then maneuver the leftmost 
    one right in between yours and the far one at the other side. Don't cross 
    just yet. Grab another magma rock and quickly cross the platforms and smash 
    the gate at the other side. At the turbine, walk up the gravity ramp jumping 
    gaps and avoiding the steam vents. You will reach an area with a long steam 
    path. As soon as the steam starts rising near you, take off being careful not 
    to fall or else you will have to start again. Repeat with the square steam path
    then carefully pass the last one to reach the top and turn the bolt crank to 
    fix the turbine.
    Wind Turbine Gamma
     	In front of you should be a long bridge with rotating fan blades. 
    Carefully cross between each one (5 total) to reach the other side and the 
    third turbine. Since it's a gravity ramp, if you keep Ratchet closer to the 
    camera, you can get a better angle on when to pass through each set of blades.
    Make your way up the gravity ramp and jump the spinning saw blades. Wrench 
    grapple the platform and push left to lower it. Keep avoiding the saws and 
    lowering each platform as you reach it until you make it to the top. If there 
    are multiple saws, watch their pattern and go when you feel safe. Turn the 
    bolt crank and you're done with three. 
    Wind Turbine Delta
    	Drop off the ledge here. (There are two ledges so make sure the one you 
    drop off has crates and the gravity ramp on it). Cross the ramp back to the 
    main area of the island. Take the leftmost set of stairs from the beach and 
    make your way up and around. Lower the catapult with your wrench and use it to
    reach the fourth turbine. Lower the spring platform and time your jump after
    the blue steam stops. Press up in the air to make sure you grab the ledge. Then
    go right and drop down below the blue steam vent. Here we will be using the 
    wrench to turn the ledges to a horizontal position so you can cross them. Make
    sure to press X again to let go or you may risk falling off. You eventually 
    will come to two vertical walls real close together. Get in between them and
    jump towards one. Repeatedly pressing jump as you reach the next one so that
    Ratchet will climb them to the top. Pass a few more vents and hit the spring to
    reach the top of the turbine. 
    Wind Turbine Epsilon
    	Straight ahead you will see rotating fan towers. Go towards them and 
    jump on the platforms attached to them to reach the other side. Take a right 
    at the Beacon in between Talwyn and the operator. After two steps down, you 
    should see the path to the right. (The one not taking you through the round 
    gateway). Take it and follow it back to where you catapulted yourself to 
    Delta. Only don't use the catapult. Continue past it to the left and use the 
    magma rock to smash the gate after killing the arthropods. Grapple across and 
    to smash the next gate, use a jump/R1 combo to jump, then release the rock into
    the gate. Grapple across to the grind rail. Jump and obstacles in your way and
    before you reach the end of the first rail, lean left and jump to the circular
    track. Halfway around, lean right and jump again to the next track. You will 
    see another gate to smash. Before you run into it, jump right to the circular 
    track and press SQUARE as you pass the volcano to grab the rock. Then jump 
    back onto the other rail and press R1 to smash the gate. Jump to the right 
    before you reach the obstacles and repeat to the right to make it to the next 
    rail. Then jump left and avoid the multiple obstacles. At the end of the rail,
    be careful. There's a swingshot target you have to be quick about getting or 
    you will fall. On the next grind rail, jump to the circular tracks to avoid the
    gate, grabbing the magma rock and then proceed back to the gate to smash it. 
    IMMEDIATELY get ready to hit CIRCLE to swingshot across the gap. All done. 
    Turn the bolt crank and you're repaired all five turbines.
    -Find the Beacon
    	Jump on the grind rail. The only obstacles are to make sure you jump to
    the next rail before yours ends. You can take the catapult but the rotating 
    platforms put you closer to the beacon. Walk up the beacon and Talwyn will tell
    you to check the beach so go to the beach.
    -Find the Guy with the Beacon Part
    -Buy the Beacon Part
    -Return the Beacon Part
    -Repair the Beacon
    	As if it was a surprise, the Smuggler has the part. Buy it for 10,000 
    bolts. Which you should have. Return to the Beacon Operator and talk to him to
    have him fix the Versabolt. Turn the crank to connect the two ends. You will be
    raised up to another puzzle. Extend the bridge and cross. When you first go up 
    the gravity ramp, you will see in between a yellow square and a purple square a 
    sort of blueish square with a dark center. It can be maneuvered with the 
    wrench. Basically hold R2 and you should notice the wrench icon appear on it's
    lower side. Push it straight up 3 blocks, then carefully jump over the yellow 
    laser beam. Jump to the movable platform then to the two blue squares. Maneuver
    the platform again somewhere above you or just double jump and risk a very 
    small amount of damage to reach the top of the beacon. Turn the bolt crank 
    and you're all done.
    -Find the Mayor & Meet Rusty Pete at the beach
    	If you watched the cutscene, you'll know where to go If not, just head 
    towards the beach and you will see the door behind where the Mayor was standing
    is now open. Head inside. Rusty Pete appears with a ship. You can ask the Mayor
    some more questions, then after, head to the beach and talk with Talwyn and
    Rusty Pete. Then board the ship.
    C-Morrow Caverns						(MWC12)
    -Find the body of Captain Darkwater
    	You can smash the spiky mushrooms around the cavern walls for a couple
    bolts. However, eventually you will need to proceed through the corridor by 
    the swinging torch to reach Pete and Talwyn. Turn the bolt crank and You will
    get separated from Talwyn for now. Walk by her for a cutscene and promise you 
    will come back for her. Now go find Rusty Pete for another scene. Follow Pete
    and you'll come to a rail you can shimmy across. Jump on and shimmy to the
    right. You should locate off to the right a small pool with green glowing 
    creatures. Pick one up with your wrench. These are heliogrubs and will illu-
    minate the way for you. They also scare off bats who prefer darkness. Once you
    have a grub in your wrench, proceed along the path. You will see a lot of red
    eyes soon, the closer you get with the grub, they will eventually shriek and
    fly off. To set the grub down, press SQUARE. Turn the bolt crank, and pick the 
    grub back up. Cross the bridge to the other side. Turn to the right of the 
    blue ledge and you will see another area where the bats have gone. Walk as 
    close to the edge as you can and press CIRCLE to throw the grub across, scaring
    the bats and allowing you safe passage across. Jump up the ladder then take the
    grind rail. Make sure you jump the gap. Turn the bolt crank to extend the 
    bridge for Pete. Follow him onto the elevator. 
    Take a right to the end of the walkway and grab a grub. On the way back, you 
    should see a cutscene of a large leviathan-looking creature emerging from the
    darkness. This is a Pythor, and must be avoided for now. Cross back past him,
    dodging the fireballs he spews. Pass the elevator and you will come into a 
    room with more bats. The grub should scare them off. Set him down and turn the
    bolt crank. 
    Darkwater's Tomb
    	Head left on the path and another Pythor will emerge. Dodge his attacks
    while you rotate the platform with your wrench. He'll disappear for now. At the
    next two wrench grapple platforms, move the left one towards you and leave the 
    right one where it is. Quickly jump across and avoid the Pythor again. Jump the
    gap and continue. Watch the red barrels and destroy everything before proceeding
    on. Grab a grub and carefully walk to the edge of the ledge. You'll notice a
    very, very narrow bridge. Carefully walk along it to the other side. Be care-
    ful to avoid the explosive crate that could knock you off. Once you reach the
    grind rail, make sure you jump once to switch rails. After going through the 
    ship's hull, jump again to the left rail and the Pythor will emerge again. We
    still will need to avoid him so jump the gaps and his fireballs if they come
    near you. 
    In the next area, make sure you still have a grub and make your way to the bolt
    crank. Dodge the Pythor's attacks and lower the catapult. Use it to reach
    Captain Darkwater's ship. Turn the bolt crank and allow Rusty Pete to come
    aboard. After the scene, you will have your COMBUSTER and FUSION GRENADE back.
    -Escape Morrow Caverns!
    -Talwyn Rescued!
    	A bunch of ghost pirates will emerge. Take them out to make it easier
    or avoid them and extend the bridge and lower the catapult. Continue along the
    path, killing pirates make your way back to the elevator. Now, with 1-2 shots
    of the Fusion Grenade, the Pythors are taken care of. You can also use it to
    destroy the gate here. Another large group of pirates will appear but more
    Fusion Grenades will work. Destroy the gate in this next room as well and make
    your way to where Talwyn is trapped. 
    *****************************UPGRADE MOD***************************************
    	Smash her gate and IMMEDIATELY turn to the left to locate a large wall
    of tough crates. You can't wrench smash these. So toss a Fusion Grenade in and
    walk forward to obtain the PYROCIDIC PRECIPITATION upgrade for the Combuster.
    	Another Fusion Grenade for the Pythor and you have freed Talwyn. Head
    back to the beginning, board the ship and press TRIANGLE to return to Hoolefar
    D-Hoolefar Island (Second Visit)				(HI212)
    -Warn Mayor Worley
    -Battle the Undead Pirates
    	Run to the Mayor for a cutscene. Be prepared for a long fight but the
    good thing is the Mayor will give you your TORNADO LAUNCHER and SHOCK RAVAGER
    so the fight should be a bit easier. There should be 3 waves of enemies at
    which point, once you defeat them, the ship's cannons will begin firing at you
    but just remember if a white circle appears below you, move and you're safe.
    Once enough pirates are bested, the dock cannon will appear. Run to it and
    press TRIANGLE to take control. Just hold R1 and aim for one of the 3 cannons
    and eventually they will open to fire on you. Also you should see green colored
    projectiles flying towards you. If you fire on those, they won't reach you and
    there's less of a chance of losing health. Take them out, and you will begin
    another fight on land. Run towards the Obsidian Eye chamber and take out those
    pirates. After a couple waves, a large robotic walker will emerge. Do your best
    to avoid it's firepower and destroy it. A second volley of slightly tougher 
    enemies and another couple walkers. Eventually the dock cannon will popup again
    so take control and destroy the 3 cannons which will end the battle. 
    -Find a Translator
    -Pay the Smuggler to Decode the Map
    	After, talk to Talwyn a bit. Then talk with the Mayor, and then the 
    Smuggler. Ask him if he can translate the map and pay him 12,500 bolts for it.
    Don't leave just yet as you won't be able to return. Ask him about weaponry and
    he'll mention the Alpha Disruptor to you. If you have the 50.000 bolts, go for
    it. If not, you can always get it later.
    *****************************UPGRADE MODS**************************************
    	Jump into the water and press SQUARE to submerge. Hold R1 for a nice
    boost (without the Hydropack apparently). Aside from the Qwark statue in the
    water, there is a cave off to the left. Swim around the 4 mines and you should
    come up to a cave. Destroy the gate and anything else you want, grab a grub, 
    then enter the doorway. You will find the CONCUSSION DETONATORS for the Nano
    Swarmers. Smash the next gate with another grenade and go inside. The easter
    egg Dan statue is in here as well as the VOLTAGE MULTIPLIER for the Shock
    Ravager. Head back out and swim to shore.
    	We're all done, go talk to the Smuggler again to leave for
    E-Darkwater Cove						(DWC12)
    -Search for Clues
    	The Smuggler will immediately give you your PREDATOR LAUNCHER and your
    NANO-SWARMERS to you...for free. You now have everything that you had before 
    you lost your weapons. All except for the Alpha Disruptor unless you've pur-
    chased it. Anyway, walk to the island and talk to the Pirate Door. Tell him you
    are Captain Angstrom Darkwater. Your test is a few arthropods to defeat. The
    Shock Ravager works well.
    -Solve the Riddles of Darkwater
    	Once inside, there will be technically 3 paths. The right one, the
    middle one with Talwyn, and the left one with a few arthropods. Take the left
    one and you should notice a lot of platforms in the water/slime. Take those to
    the catapult. Now you need to be quick. Latch the wrench onto the sliding door
    And move it to the right as you hop between platforms. Then jump through the
    other side to more platforms.
    *****************************UPGRADE MOD***************************************
    	Lower the spring platform but DON'T JUMP yet. Rotate the camera as you
    are standing on it. See the small fence structure between you and the grind 
    rail? Spring jump to it. Then hop across the platforms to locate the GYRO-
    TURBINE for the Tornado Launcher. Take the spring platform here up.
    Angstrom's Tune
    	Approach the Pirate Skull left of the "organ" and it will explain how
    to solve this puzzle. Pay attention. From left to right naturally: 1-2-3-4.
    Hop on the green telepad and jump across each key in the correct order. Then
    find your way back down to Talwyn.
    	The first puzzle: 1-2-3-4-1.
    	The second puzzle: 1-2-4-1-2-3.
    	The last puzzle: 1-4-3-2-1-4.
    Angstrom's Brew
    	Take the right path of the three this time and you will notice there 
    are 3 platforms that raise and lower quite quickly. Memorize their order and
    hop across quickly then IMMEDIATELY swingshot across. Grab a grub and hop onto
    one of the platforms. Set the grub down and alternate between each platform
    until you are safely across. Hop across each platform being careful not to miss
    any. Defeat the arthropods and once you are safely at the top, zipline down.
    Here there are 4 canisters. Speak to the Bartender. Tell him to give you the
    first drink.
    The canisters are: Blue-cold, Yellow-Bubbly, Green-Twister, Red-Fire. Walk 
    over the button next to each canister in order then talk to the bartender.
    	The first puzzle: Yellow-Blue-Green
    	The second puzzle: Green-Red-Yellow
    	The last puzzle: Green-Blue-Yellow
    Angstrom's Shadow
    	Hop down to the 3 way intersection and take the middle path this time
    up the platforms. You will see a large white surface and a few structures in 
    front of it casting shadows. Speak to the Pirate Skull and now it's time to
    solve the last puzzle. There should be a piece with the top right part of a
    circle. Move it to the right side nearest the pirate skull. Locate the top
    left portion of a circle and bring it to the left side nearest the talking
    pirate skull. Now, with your wrench still on the left side of the circle, man-
    euver it so that it's eye slit allows light to fall directly on the black eye-
    slit on the wall in the back. It will glow blue if you have it correct. Repeat
    with the right eye slit, which should end up resting behind the left piece. 
    Then wrench grapple the small piece that can only slide left to right and 
    drag it to the middle. 
    -Fight like a Pirate!
    -Enter the Treasure Room
    	Wave after wave of pirate enemies. Then there are a couple who sit up
    on the ledges so you can't get to them and conjure up floating heads that 
    attack you. Eventually, another robotic walker will appear. Defeating it will
    allow you access into the treasure room. Grab a grub and continue through. 
    **NOTE: It was at this point I reached 50,000 for the Alpha Disruptor..........
    Make your way out of the cave and another Pythor will appear. Take it down and
    turn left instead of right.
    *****************************UPGRADE MOD***************************************
    	Smash through the crates here and take your grub with you around the
    cliff ledge to locate the ZERO-KELVIN LASER DIODE upgrade for the Nano-Swarmers
    weapon. Make your way back to the right where the Pythor was and continue past.
    -Escape the Deadly Caves
    	Extend the bridge and wall jump while avoiding the steam. Continue on
    the shimmy ledges while dodging the steam vents. In the next area, defeat the
    floating heads and grab a grub. Locate the ledge far off in the distance with
    the bats and press CIRCLE to toss the grub over. Swingshot across and grab the 
    grub again. Anyone looking to level up their weapons, this is a good place to
    try as the floating heads don't seem to end unless you kill the pirates that
    are creating them. Make your way to the other side, take care of the remaining
    floating heads and then cross the bridge across to the next area.
    Take out the Pythor and turn the blot crank to spin the bridge. Take out the
    pirates here and proceed to the area with the bats. Narrow bridge again. Care-
    fully make your way along it, then when it splits left and right, the left has
    lots of crates, some weapon crates, and nanotech crates if you need them. If 
    not, go right. Set the grub down and wrench grapple the platform in the wall
    and pull to the right to lower it. Carefully repeat with the other platforms
    then once at the top, destroy the gate and walk through. 
    *****************************UPGRADE MOD***************************************
    	In here, destroy the crates and once the tough crates are destroyed,
    you should see the spring platform. Step on it and it will toss you up so
    immediately press right and you should land on the upper ledge which should 
    contain the DUAL TARGET DETECTORS for the Predator Launcher.
    	Back outside, jump across the gap to the platform with the two pirates
    lobbing the floating heads. Here's another weapon level up area if you need it.
    Turn the bolt crank and then follow the bridge.
    	LARGE PIRATE BOSS: Watch his left arm when you're close to him. If he 
    raises it and slams it down, a large red wave of energy will come towards you. 
    Jump to avoid it. His right arm has a cannon that he can fire large cannonballs
    from. Watch out as they can explode after a while. Stay to the side to avoid 
    those. Also avoid the steam vents all over the area as they will harm you as
    well. After half his life is gone, the witch doctor summoning pirates will
    appear on the ledges and start lobbing floating heads into the fight. They are
    more annoying so try to end the battle quickly to avoid the extra disturbance.
    Fusion Grenades as well as the Nano-Swarmers are my favorite combination.
    	You can also restock your ammo after the fight with the infinite supply
    of ammo crates. Get on the elevator once you're ready. At the top, ride the 
    grind rail down and go back to your ship. If you haven't, you can still pur-
    chase the Alpha Disruptor by not choosing "Quick let's follow them" from the 
    options. The good thing is it is already at Level 5 since there's not enough 
    time for you to level it. When you're all set, take off on your ship.
    F-Azorean Sea (Part Two)					(AS212)
    -Recover the Fulcrum Star
    	CAPTAIN SLAG PART 1: Simply run away from him dodging his attack and 
    fire on him when you can. I toss a Nano-Swarmer and let them take care of the
    majority of the attacks. If you get too close, watch his sword.
    	After, a group of pirates emerges. Take them out and run inside to see
    Talwyn. Go back outside and locate one of the green pirate skulls. Pick it up
    with the wrench and throw it at the green barrier around Talwyn. Then make your
    way up to the roof and take out the pirates here.
    *****************************UPGRADE MOD***************************************
    	Instead of taking the catapult, locate the zipline towards the front 
    and ride that down. You should see the ANTI-MATTER TRANSFLUXOR mod for the 
    Alpha Disruptor. You should now have every weapon and their mods.
    	Make your way back to the catapult and ride it to the next ship. 
    	CAPTAIN SLAG PART 2: This one is slightly tougher but not too bad. Try
    to dodge the large green sword attacks and the waves that emanate from them.
    Eventually he will summon ghost pirates. Kill them until one leaves a green
    head. Take it and throw it right at Slag to transform him back into the little
    version of himself you fought the first round. Watch out if he stabs the ship 
    with his sword as a red ring of energy will come outward from it. Just jump 
    over it and repeat the same thing until he runs off again.
    	Walk across the plank to the transport ship. A rouge pirate should be 
    here but he shouldn't be that tough. Smash the crates. and make your way to the
    bolt crank after taking out the pirates here. 
    	CAPTAIN SLAG PART 3: Similar to the first round. Dodge his attacks and
    energy ring while tearing into him with your weapon of choice. *(If you've been
    diligent in using weapons over the wrench, you should have most of your leveled
    up to 5 by this point-I'm all 5 except the Swarmers are at Level 4)*.
    	Take out the pirates that appear and then enter the next room. You will
    see a rouge pirate behind an energy field and more pirates come in from the 
    side to attack you. Toss the skull at the field and if you have a swarmer al-
    ready down, he shouldn't touch you. Operate the catapult and take out the ob-
    livious pirates on the next couple ships. Swingshot across the 3 ships to the
    next ship with more pirates. Grab the next swingshot and hold on while you are
    transported to the fourth and final confrontation with Slag.
    	CAPTAIN SLAG PART 4: He's big Slag again. Dodge the swords and the 
    green waves that come from them until he summons more ghost pirates. In which 
    case, grab their green skulls and throw them at Slag again until he trans-
    forms into little Slag. Keep hacking away until you defeat him while avoiding
    his sword and evergy waves again. (Just managed to get the Swarmers to Level 5
    before the end of the battle).
    	Congratulations, you've beaten Ratchet & Clank Future Part 1.5: Quest
    For Booty. Hopefully it was enjoyable and left you wanting more. Which will
    just have to wait until next year when R&CF Part 2 comes out.
    IV. Acknowledgments
    Insomniac -- For creating this awesome series
    http://www.gamefaqs.com -- The ultimate gaming website and the only 
    			   one I ever go to for my game information
    ** All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders. **

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