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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ratchetrules

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    Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty

    PS3 FAQ/Walkthrough V.1.00 by ratchetrules (Matthew Carolan)

    Version History:

    V 0.1

    Pre-release version, only had the first level done.

    V 0.4

    Pre-release version, Morrow Caverns and Gadgets done, weapons started.

    V 0.5

    Pre-release version, Hoolefar Second visit done, Weapons list almost finished.

    V 0.7

    Pre-release version, On last level, Weapons finished, Mods almost finished.

    V 1.0 23/08/2008

    Everything finished as far as I know. First version sent in.

    V 1.70 26/08/2008

    Field Items, Easter Eggs and FAQ sections added.

    V 1.71 26/08/2008

    Added new hosts, fixed some spelling and grammatical errors

    V 1.72 01/10/2008

    Added Game Information, slight edits to the FAQ and introduction section.

    V 1.8 27/11/2013

    Formatted the guide in GameFAQs new HTML format.

    The Preamble

    Whilst all my guides are written for free, they really do take a fair amount of time and effort to construct. To that extent I'm following in the footsteps of many other FAQ writters and allowing donations through paypal. If you've found my guide helpful please consider donating through paypal to shadowmarick@hotmail.com


    Hello and welcome to my guide for Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, or Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty as it is known in America. This game was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is available everywhere via download from the PSN Store, and is available on disc anywhere in Europe apart from the UK.

    This game picks up from where Tools of Destruction left off. Clank has been 'kidnapped' by the Zoni and Ratchet has set off to get him back. Using the IRIS Supercomputer Ratchet has learned that Captain Angstrom Darkwater may have a clue to the Zoni's whereabouts.

    So Ratchet sets a course for Merdegraw with his friend Talwyn in the Drogol Sector, where the two meet another bunch of pirates attempting to find Captain Darkwater. This is where the game starts...

    I wrote this FAQ while playing through a majority of the game for the first time, but it shouldn't make it too bad. Also, [] means Square, / means triangle, O means circle and X obviously means X.

    PSN Store:
    21/08/2008 USA
    21/08/2008 EU
    22/08/2008 Jp
    26/08/2008 Au
    Blu-Ray Disc:
    12/09/2008 EU (Minus the UK)
    Never Other Regions


    Action Adventure > Fantasy


    Insomniac Games


    E10+ ESRB
    7+ PEGI

    Default Third Person View:

    Left Stick: Move
    Right Stick: Rotate Camera
    X Button: Jump/Pull up from ledge/Swim upwards
    R1 or O Button: Fire Weapon
    R1(hold) or O Button(hold): Use Swingshot when jumping
    [] Button: Swing Wrench/Swim downwards/Use Bolt Crank
    / Button(tap): Switch between two most recently used weapons/Talk to Character
    / Button(hold) + Left Stick: Weapon Select
    R2 Button(tap): Drop from ledge
    R2 Button(Hold): Crouch
    X Button + X Button: Double Jump/Wall Jump
    X Button + [] Button: Hyper Strike
    [] Button + [] Button + [] Button: Multi-strike combo
    R2 Button + [] Button: Comet Strike
    L2 Button(Hold) + Left Stick: Strafe
    START Button: Pause
    SELECT Button: Map Screen (then press L1 and R1 to cycle through maps)

    Special moves:

    Ledge Climbing: Press X and move towards a ledge to grab on, press X again to jump up.

    Hyper Strike: A more powerful wrench attack performed in mid air by pressing X and then [].

    Wrench Grab: Press [] to pick up a small object, and then O to throw.

    Strafe: An essential technique that makes taking out enemies and avoiding attacks easier. Hold L2 and then move with the Left Stick, while using R1 or O to fire.


    Click new game, select your difficulty and brightness, then watch the opening scene.

    Pirate Ships, Planet Merdegraw:

    After watching the opening scene you start off on a pirate ship with Talwyn. There are a few boxes behind you, which you can smash for bolts, and a lot more in front of you. Take out the pirates using one of your weapons (The Combustor is a good choice), and then collect up all the bolts, smashing any crates you find.

    As you move forward towards the door, more pirates will drop down. Take out these guys in the same way, and collect all the bolts. Once you've killed all the pirates and no more drop down, activate the bolt crank to open the door. Walk inside and shoot the pirates. The tables in here can be smashed for bolts.

    Walk outside through the open door and smash the boxes in front of you. A smaller pirate ship will fly by, take care of the pirates on it by jumping and shooting. Then walk over to the 'ladder' by the door and jump up it. Shoot the electrified pirate that jumps out of the box, and walk forward onto the catapult. Press X to launch onto another ship. Shoot the pirate in front of you, and then the explosive barrels. Shoot the pirates behind them and your nanotech health level should increase. Shoot the pirate on the turret that is shooting off in the distance and then jump onto it.

    Shoot the enemies on the pirate ship opposite, and then turn and shoot the door to your right. Walk forward and shoot the pirates coming out of it. One of the pirates is on another fusion turret, just strafe round him shooting. If one of the doors is not already destroyed, hop on the turret and shoot it open. Walk outside and shoot the pirates in front of you and the ones round the sides on ships. Then jump up the 'ladder', which is in the same place as the first one.

    Shoot the two pirates, smash the crates and then use the catapult. You'll get launched to the last ship, and then another cut scene will start.

    Hoolefar Island, Planet Merdegraw:

    First thing you should notice is that you've lost everything but your gadgets and omniwrench. Jump up the ledges too your left, then jump across the gaps. Don't worry if you fall, you won't die. Walk up the metallic surface using your Gravity Boots. As you walk off it take out the two bugs with your wrench, and then continue up the metallic path. Watch out for the bits that shoot smoke out, as they hurt you.

    Swingshot over the gap and enter the cave. Use the kinetic tether to extend the bridge and walk along it. Use the kinetic tether again to lower the spring, then jump to get launched up. Stand under the zip line and jump to go down it. Then watch a small cut scene. Talk through all of the speech to get your new goal, to repair the supply beacon.

    Five wind turbines are now marked on your map. To the right is the Smuggler, who tells you to come back if you need something. For now, jump up the ledges in front of Wind Turbine Alpha. You'll reach a Turbine Operator, who you can talk too. Jump from platform to platform and then use the tether on the spring. Stand on it and jump again to get to the next platform. From here on watch out for steam, jump when its not shooting out. Then climb up the 'ladder', still looking out for steam, until you get to the next platform. Use the tether on the spring, and then use it to get to the top of the turbine. Activate it and a couple of doors will open around the island.

    Behind turbine Alpha, there is a lava pool that shoots out rocks. Press [] to pick one up, and then walk over to the door to the right and press O to throw it and destroy the door. Continue upwards to reach some crates. Go back to where the two doors opened in the scene a bit earlier, and go through the left one.

    As you get to a open bit all these bugs will pop out, so kill them with the wrench. Smash the door with another of the rocks, and go through it. Swing over to the island, pick up a rock and jump and throw it to smash the gate. Swing again to start a grind rail section. Jump the obstacles and then jump to the rail to your left, and then to the rail on your right. Jump onto the rail to your right again and as you pass the rocks swing your wrench to pick one up. Jump back onto the previous rail and throw it as you approach the gate. Then jump between the rails to avoid more obstacles and dead ends. Shortly after you have to jump and swing over to another piece of rail.

    You'll then have to jump over a series of rails to get another rock, and then back to smash the next gate. Then swingshot over to the next piece of rail, which you'll grind on for a bit before getting catapulted up to Turbine Epsilon. Turn the bolt crank to restore a bit more power to the island. Jump onto another grind rail, which will take you to the bottom of Turbine Delta.

    Use the tether spring to get over the blue smoke and hold onto the ledge. Shimmy over and drop when the blue smoke is gone. Use the tether to make the platform flat, and the jump onto it to reach the other side. Again use the tether to make the platform flat, then jump up to the higher ledge. Jump over the blue smoke to the two walls. Wall jump up them by jumping towards one and the pressing X every time ratchet lands on a wall. Make the two tether platforms flat and then jump on them when the blue smoke goes away. Time your run passed the next two blue smokes and then use the tether spring to reach the top. Again turn the bolt crank to restore some more power.

    Behind you there should be some rotating platforms, jump off these to reach the supply beacon. Go up the ladder behind it. Use the tether to extend the bridge and pick up a rock. Before smashing the gate in front of you, run back and behind some steel boxes to the left is another gate that needs to be broken by rock. Use the swingshot to reach another island with more boxes on it. Now go back and smash the gate. You can use the tether to move the hovering platforms into position so that you can jump across them.

    Jump back, pick up a rock and then jump over the platforms again and smash the gate. You'll now be at the base of Turbine Beta. Smash all the boxes around the base and then climb the metallic panels to reach the top, dodging smoke and jumping gaps when you need to. Again turn the bolt crank to restore more power.

    Now go across the metal path with the rotating blades to reach Turbine Gamma. Kill the bugs and destroy the boxes before climbing up the metal path. Dodge the first set of spinning wheels, and then use the tether to pull down the next section of path. Keep dodging spinning wheels and pull down two more pieces of path with the tether to reach the top. Turn the last bolt crank and restore the island back to full power!

    Make your way back to the Supply Beacon (although there are some boxes to smash down on a small ledge to near the beach if you wish.) Talwyn then tells you to search the beach for a VersaBolt. Go back to the beach and talk to the Smuggler. He has one, but won't part with it for less than 10,000 bolts. Pay up and return to the Supply Beacon. Talk to the Supply Beacon Operator to install it. Turn the bolt crank and your platform will rise. Use the tether to extend the bridge and then walk over it. Now use the tether again to move the platform into position so you can jump to the other side. Watch out for the electric lines. Move the platform into position again, jump over and finish walking to the top of the beacon.

    Turn the bolt crank and then the island has power at last! Go back to where the two doors opened before, and you'll see that the last door is now open. Go through it. Now go back to the beach, Rusty Pete has come to get you out of here.

    Morrow Caverns, Planet Merdegraw

    At the start, follow Pete and Talwyn into the next room, smash the boxes and then turn the bolt crank. Talwyn will go through the door you just opened and get trapped, so now you have to rescue her. Follow Pete towards the other door, and Slag will open it.

    Follow Pete to the chasm, and then go left, killing the flying bat like enemies. These are slightly stronger than the bugs, but still not much of a problem. Jump onto the ledge and shimmy all the way right, and drop off at the other side. Behind you theres a ledge with some boxes and some heliogrubs (the things that look like green slimes) that you can pickup with your wrench. These light up the area around you. The enemies in this area are afraid of the light, so take it along to make the level a bit easier. Turn the bolt crank to lower the bridge, and then pick up the heliogrub and cross over it.

    Before jumping up the ledges throw your heliogrub over to the other side to scare away the monsters. After you drop off the ledge again move over to the ladder and climb it. Jump onto the grind rail, jump the hole and you'll land across from Pete. Turn the bolt crank to lower the bridge. Pete will walk over to the next door and open it. Follow him into the elevator, which will go down.

    As Pete gets out the lift a giant monster will attack, and you have to run from it. Run to the right to pick up a heliogrub, then back to the left. Scare away the monsters and turn the bolt crank to open the door. A cut scene will follow and you'll find yourself in Darkwater's Tomb.

    As you go left the giant monster will come back, so its time to run again! Quickly use the tether to make the platform straight, and jump over. The monster will disappear for a second and then reappear as you move towards the set of tether platforms. Move one towards you quickly and then jump over them. Destroy all of the explosives in this room and then pick up a heliogrub. Jump on the small planks and follow them around. The heliogrub will scare off the small monsters. There are also explosive crates to be careful of.

    At the end of the planks is a grind rail. Get on it still holding your heliogrub so that you can see when to jump left onto the next rail. The rail will take you inside one of the ships, and then you'll have to jump left again onto another rail. The giant monster will come back again and proceed to shoot fireballs at you, but they shouldn't hit you because you'll be going too fast. Just make sure you manage to jump the holes in the rail. Several more of these monsters will fly past while your grinding.

    Eventually you land inside the ship. Smash your way through the explosive crates and scare away the bats using the heliogrub. Then turn the bolt crank to rise up the ship. Two monsters will appear at the end of the ship, and will shoot fireballs at you. You have to use the tether to pull down the catapult, and then use it to get to the next ship. Turn the bolt crank to move the bridge down so Pete can join you.

    After the cut scene you'll be in some caverns, but the good news is that you have your Combustor and Fusion Grenade back. A lot of ghost pirates will appear in front of you, but they'll go down easily to your weapons. After you've killed them all, walk forward and use the tether to bring the bridge down. Then walk across it and use the tether to bring down the catapult. Use the catapult to get you back up top. Walk forward and another pirate will appear. Kill him and move onwards.

    Now walk back to the elevator and take it up. When you exit you'll find out that the giants monster's name is Pythor, and you can take it down with weapons. Destroy the door with one of your weapons and head through it. After you drop off the ledge a lot of ghosts pirates will attack you, just take them out. Head back towards the start and smash the door with a rock or one of your weapons. Go through and then smash the door Talwyn was behind with a gun. As you go through look left. Behind a wall of steel crates is the upgrade for the Combustor. Destroy, jump past or knock them over to get it.

    Continue down the path to encounter another Pythor. Take this one down in the same way as the last one to find Talwyn. Now head back towards the ship you came on. On the way you'll encounter another easily killed ghost pirate. When your at your ship, press / to be on your way!

    Hoolefar Island, Second Visit, Planet Merdegraw

    When you land, dive into the water and swim to the bottom left, where a door opened on your first visit. Swim through the tunnel avoiding the mines, and then destroy the door with your weapons. Inside is the Concussion Detonator upgrade for the Fusion Grenade. There is another room just past it, which you also have to destroy a gate to get into. By bringing a Heliogrub from the first room, you can illuminate one of the corners, which has a Dan action figure.

    Swim back through the tunnel, to the beach and get out of the water. Go forward towards the Mayor. After speaking to him and obtaining more weapons, kill the ghost pirates that appear on the beach. As you kill them, more will appear. After a little while, the pirate ship will start to fire at you, indicated by circles on the ground. Keep dodging and firing until a cut scene pops up.

    Move towards the turret, located next to your ship. Get on it and shoot the ships turrets. While you are doing this green ghost missiles will be launched at you, shoot them to destroy them and avoid taking damage. After this you are told to fall back to the door. Keep killing wave upon wave after enemies, and then the pirates will bring in a giant mech. It isn't too hard and will probably be too busy shooting at the defenders to attack you.

    After this you will push back forward to the beach. Keep shooting the waves of enemies. The pirates will start sending really weak little robots after you, kill them with the wrench to save ammo, or just use whatever weapon you want to upgrade. They will also send out shielded pirates. Use the Shock Ravager to kill them easily. Eventually they'll send out another mech (called a Walker). Use similar tactics to the last one to kill it. Kill another wave of enemies and the turret will pop back up. Shoot the ship's turrets again, and watch out for those projectiles(which he now throws in pairs)!

    When you talk to Talwyn, tell her about the map. Then head back to the beach and talk to the Smuggler. Of course, he wants to be paid 12,500 bolts for his services.

    Darkwater Cove, Planet Merdegraw:

    At the start, by going back onto your ship, you can buy the Alpha Disruptor from the Smuggler for 50,000 bolts. After that head forward with Talwyn to the door. Tell it that you are Captain Angstrom Darkwater, and it will let you past, after you fight a couple of bugs that is. Destroy two waves and the door will open. Walk down the path, and then go left. Kill the bugs and jump over to the platform with skulls on them. Use the tether to pull down the catapult, and then use it. You'll land on 3 platforms that sink when your on them. Use the tether and pull the door to the right, and then jump in.

    Go left along some platforms. When you get to the tether spring, pull it down and get on it. Now look left and you'll see a small fence. Jump over that and theres a Gyro-Turbine Mod. Use another spring to get to Angstrom's Tune, where you were meant to go. Talk to the Pirate Skull to learn the first part of Darkwater Concerto, then use them jump pad and land on the pads in order. Do this three times to pass. If you fail you will have to fight some bugs.

    After you succeed, two steps will pop up. Go back to the center using the grind rail. This time take the path on the right. Quickly jump across the platforms before they sink, and then swingshot over to the island. Jump into the cave and grab a heliogrub, then use the tether to position the platforms for perfect jumping. Scare away the bats with the heliogrub.

    Continue down the path and soon you will encounter some bugs. Put down the heliogrub and fight in the light it provides so that the bats don't attack you. Jump up the platforms that act as steps until you reach the zip line at the top. Use it to reach Angstrom's Brew. Talk to the Bartender to receive the instructions of how to play.

    He will then give you cryptic clues that relate to the tubes around you. Step on the switches in the proper order to advance. Don't read on if you want to work it out yourself.

    Puzzle Solution
    First Drink: Yellow (Bubbles) Blue (Ice) Green (Twister)
    Second Drink: Green (Twister) Red (Fire) Yellow (Bubbles)
    Third Drink: Green (Greed) Blue (Winter) Yellow (Sun)

    Now take the steps back to the center, and from there take the steps across the lagoon, where the final puzzle waits for you: Angstrom's Shadow. Talk to the Skull, and then set about making Captain Darkwater's Shadow appear on the wall. If you get the pieces with the eyes right, the eyes will start to glow on the wall. After you've got them in position set the last piece in the middle. If you have it right the skull will automatically start talking, but not in a cut scene.

    Now you have to fight some more waves of enemies. At one point there will be enemies on the cliffs next to the shadow, these guys throw out lots of little robots to attack you, so take them out quick. After they're dead a Walker will appear. Use the usual tactics to get rid of him.

    Lythoin Caverns, Darkwater Cove, Planet Merdegraw:

    Start off by picking up a heliogrub and searching the room your in for boxes. When your done start going down the path, still holding the heliogrub. In the next area theres a Pythor, just finish him quickly. Go left with the heliogrub to illuminate the path to the Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode mod. You'll have to jump once up a very small ledge. After you have that go back to the right, as far as you can and use the tether to extend a bridge. Now wall jump up, but be careful of the blue smoke that comes out of the wall. Jump across the gap to the left, after smashing the boxes, and again watch out for the blue smoke.

    Now grab and hold onto ledge and, dodging the blue smoke, shimmy around. Then jump up back onto the ground. Walk forward, kill the little enemies, and grab a heliogrub. Double jump and throw it over the gap, and then use the swingshot to the left. As you move forward, more enemies will appear, including two of the enemies that fire out the small robots, so kill them quick.

    Up on the ledge where the cannon enemies were are a few boxes, so smash them if you want. Otherwise turn right, and kill the small robots. Take another right turn and walk across the bridge. Another Pythor will appear for you to kill. Turn the bolt crank to move the bridge around. As you cross it more ghost pirates will appear, so take them out. If you need another heliogrub use the tether to move the platforms so you can jump over to them. Get on the bridge and walk carefully across it, with the heliogrub scaring the enemies.

    At the first split take the right path, then at the second take the left. You'll find some solid ground with some crates. Take the path back right and at the split go left. Pull down the panels with the tether but watch out for the pirate at the top. When you get up there destroy the door to the left. Behind the steel crates there is a spring. Use it to launch up onto a ledge on the back wall. There is the Dual-Target Detectors Mod.

    Leave the room and jump over towards the bolt crank. Cross the bridge to where the cannon enemies are, kill them and the little robots. Then destroy the boxes and go back and turn the bolt crank.

    After you cross the bridge a giant robot attacks you. You can select one of 3 options to tell him, however I do not think any of them avoid the battle (please can someone correct me if I'm wrong?).

    Boss: Giant Robot

    Attacks: Firing giant balls at you, Sending an unjumpable shockwave straight at you, and also letting those little robots attack you.

    Strategy: Just continuously strafe round him, jumping and firing (Watch out for patches of floor with steam coming out). If you have the Alpha Disruptor, use that, otherwise set down a Nano Swarmer and blast him with the Combustor, then the Fusion Grenade, and even the Predator Launcher. I wouldn't use the Tornado Launcher here because of its bad handling, or the Shock Ravager because of its range.

    After you beat him the door behind him opens, so walk through that. You'll exit in Darkwater Cove. Take the grind rail, which leads you all the way back to the beach. Go back to your ship and talk to the Smuggler. Now would be a good time to buy the Alpha Disruptor if you can afford it. Then ride your ship after the pirates.

    Pirate Ships, Azorean Sea, Planet Merdegraw:

    When your ship gets level with the pirate ship, walk forward on to it. The boss fight will start.

    Boss: Captain Slag/Darkwater

    Attacks: Sword Swipe, Double Swipe

    Strategy: Shoot him with the Alpha Cannon, or use Nano Swarmers in combination with the Combustor. You can pretty much use the same strategy as the last fight. After a short while he will fly off.

    Some pirates will then come from the right, kill them and go through the door they came through. Walk up to Talwyn, to find out what you need to open the force field. Go back outside and you'll find a floating green skull. Pick it up and go back to Talwyn, then throw it at the force field. Follow her through the door. Although you need to climb the ladder, there are some crates to the side, along with a couple of pirates.

    After you've climbed the ladder, kill the pirates and jump on the boxes at the front. Then jump up and you'll hook onto the wire. Then to the right is the Anti-Matter Transfluxor Mod, to the right are some crates. Jump over the boxes and head back to the ladder. This time use the tether to activate the catapult.

    Boss: Captain Slag/Darkwater cont.

    Attacks: Energy walls, Sword Swipe, Double Swipe

    Strategy: Strafe left to right and jump the green energy walls until he sends pirates after you. Kill them, pick up their heads and throw them at him to make him fly around again. This is the only time hes vulnerable. Then just continue to fight like last time until he flies away.

    After he's gone a smaller ship will fly in front of you, jump onto it. It will take you level with another ship, so jump onto and go through the door. An electric pirate will jump out of the crate, so kill him using anything but the shock ravager. Then go left into a room with a bolt crank and two pirates behind steel boxes. Turn the bolt crank to get to the top floor, where you'll meet Captain Slag again.

    Boss: Captain Slag/Darkwater

    Attacks: Sword Swipe, Double Swipe, Sword Slam Shockwave

    Strategy: Same as the previous fights, but now jump over his shockwaves and take advantage of the time hes stuck.

    After he flies away again, pirates will come from the left. Kill them and go through the door. Kill some more pirates, and then throw a skull at the force field concealing an electrified pirate and the exit. Use the tether to pull down the catapult and then use it. You'll arrive on a smaller ship. Kill the pirate and then the pirates on the next ship. Jump down onto the next ship, and then swing to the next one.

    Kill the pirates and then swing and hold onto the next ship as it flies, then you'll finally fight Slag for the last time.

    Boss: Captain Slag/Darkwater

    Attacks: Sword Swipe, Double Swipe, Sword Slam Shockwave, Green Energy Walls.

    Strategy: All the previous fights combined for the final fight. Wait for him to send in the pirates, kill them and then throw a skull at him. Although this time it takes two heads. When he's flying around hit him with everything you've got. If he goes back to being invincible, hit him again with the pirate heads, but it will take three this time.

    After you beat him, sit back and watch the credits role. You just beat Quest for Booty!


    Note: You start off with most of the weapons, gadgets and items available, and then lose them after the Pirate Ships.

    Note: All weapons start at level 3, apart from the Alpha Disruptor which is already level

    Omniwrench Millennium 12:

    Your standard melee weapon, which is used by pressing []. It can perform combo's, mid air strikes, and can also be thrown. Unlike other weapons, this does not upgrade with use.


    Power at level 3: 30
    Power at level 4: 37
    Power at level 5: 41
    Name at level 5: Magma Combustor
    Upgrade name: Pyrocidic Precipitator
    Where reobtained: Morrow Caverns, after getting to Darkwater's Ship.
    Description: Fires high velocity plasma balls in a constant stream if O is held down. Sort of like a machine pistol. When it upgrades to level 5 it turns into a machine gun with 3 barrels, so it fires 3 shots at a time. The upgrade leaves molten goo on the ground, which hurts enemies.

    Fusion Grenade:

    Ammo: 8
    Power at level 3: 150
    Power at level 4: 180
    Power at level 5: 216
    Name at level 5: Fusion Bomb
    Where reobtained: Morrow Caverns, after getting to Darkwater's Ship.
    Description: A glove that fires thermonuclear hand grenades at enemies. The mod makes enemies fall over when hit. At level 5 the fusion grenade burns better making it even more deadly.

    Shock Ravager:

    Power at level 3: 50
    Power at level 4: 60
    Power at level 5: 72
    Name at level 5: Lightning Ravager
    Where reobtained: Hoolefar Island, Second Visit.
    Description: A lighting whip with a decent range. It will perform a vertical swing in mid air, and a horizontal swing on the ground. It has a three hit combo while on the ground. When its level 5 hitting an enemy causes lighting to fly out of him that can hit other enemies. The mod increases it's range.

    Tornado Launcher:

    Ammo: 5
    Power at level 3: 210
    Power at level 4: 240
    Power at level 5: 288
    Name at level 5: Tempest Launcher
    Where reobtained: Hoolefar Island, Second Visit.
    Description: A gun that fires mini tornado discs out. You can control these discs by tilting the SIXAXIS controller. It is quite hard to use but can seem very rewarding if you kill tons of enemies with it. With the mod the tornado lasts longer. At level 5 lightning bolts streak out of each tornado.

    Predator Launcher:

    Ammo: 25
    Power at level 3: 90
    Power at level 4: 108
    Power at level 5: 130
    Name at level 5: Raptor Launcher
    Where reobtained: Darkwater Cove
    Description: A gun that can fire several rockets at one or many foes. By holding circle the gun auto locks on, and fires on release. It can fire more rockets at one time depending on its level. At level 5 the rockets drop incendiary goo. The mod allows it to lock onto multiple targets.

    Nano Swarmers:

    Ammo: 4
    Power at level 3: 15
    Power at level 4: 18
    Power at level 5: 22
    Name at level 5: Toxic Swarmers
    Where reobtained: Darkwater Cove
    Description: A glove that throws Nano Hives. These act like AI controlled turrets and target the nearest enemy. Dozens of nanosects will then come out and attack the enemy with pyrocidic stingers. The mod freezes enemies when the laser hits them. At level 5 the nanosects are given an injection of venom to make their sting even more deadly.

    Alpha Disruptor:

    Ammo: 4
    Power at level 5: 796
    Name at level 5: Alpha Cannon
    Where obtained: Buy off Smuggler for 50,000 bolts at Darkwater Cove.
    Description: Fires a powerful laser shot at a foe, and has a short charge up time. The mod allows the beam to go through the foe and hit other enemies.

    Pyrocidic Precipitator Mod

    Weapon: Combustor
    Location: Morrow Caverns. After destroying the door Talwyn was stuck behind, go through and turn left. It is behind the wall of steel crates, which can be jumped passed, or knocked over, or destroyed.
    Effect: Combustor bullets leave pyrocidic goo on the ground, which can hurt


    Concussion Detonator Mod

    Weapon: Fusion Grenade
    Location: Hoolefar Island, Second Visit. Dive into the water at the beach. At the bottom left is a tunnel, that was opened after activating the first Turbine on your first visit. Swim through it avoiding the mines. When you get out of the water destroy the gate with a weapon, and just through it is the mod.
    Effect: Knocks enemies over when they're hit by a Fusion Grenade.

    Voltage Multiplier

    Weapon: Shock Ravager
    Location: Hoolefar Island, Second Visit. In the room past the Fusion Grenade mod.
    Effect: Increase the range of the Shock Ravager.

    Gyro-Turbine Mod

    Weapon: Tornado Launcher
    Location: Darkwater Cove. When you get to the lagoon you need to cross, take the left path to the spring. when your on it look left and there is a little fence. Jump that way over it and land on the platform. The mod is a couple of platforms away.
    Effect: It allows the tornado to last longer.

    Dual-Target Detector Mod

    Weapon: Predator Launcher
    Location: Lythoin Caverns. After going past the beam maze using a heliogrub, pull down the panels using a tether and at the top smash the door on the left. Behind the steel boxes is a spring to the Mod.
    Effect: Rockets can lock on to multiple targets.

    Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode Mod

    Weapon: Nano Swarmers
    Location: Lythoin Caverns. After you kill the first Pythor, go left holding a heliogrub to illuminate the path. You will have to jump up one ledge and then you'll reach it.
    Effect: Freeze's enemies when the laser hits them.

    Anti-Matter Transfluxor Mod

    Weapon: Alpha Disruptor
    Location: Pirate Ships. On the first ship, after climbing the ladder and killing some enemies, but before using the catapult, jump onto the boxes at the front, and then jump again to use the zip wire. The mod is to the right.
    Effect: Allows the beam to pass through the target into additional foes.

    Kinetic Tether:

    Technically just an upgrade to the Omniwrench Millennium 12, it can electrify and manipulate certain objects that have a wrench icon hovering over them. You hold the R2 button and press [] to activate the Tether, and then you can manipulate the object with the Right Stick, and move Ratchet with the Left Stick. Press [] again to release the Tether.


    Use the Grindboots to ride rails to reach other areas. Press X to jump, and press X in conjunction with pressing one of the analog sticks in a direction to jump onto other rails.

    Gravity Boots:

    These allow Ratchet to walk up metal walls and panels, allowing you to get to other areas.


    A mechanical glove that allows you to attach to floating targets and swing to safety. Activate by jumping towards a target and pressing O, then holding until you reach the other side.


    Location: Hoolefar Island
    Description: A portable bolt crank brought off the Smuggler for 10,00 bolts.

    Darkwater's Map:

    Location: Morrow Caverns
    Description: A map to Darkwater's treasure.

    Field Items:


    The standard currency in every Ratchet and Clank game. These are collected by smashing crates, killing enemies, or they're sometimes just found on the ground. In this game there are no shops however, and the maximum amount of bolts you're going to need is 72,500. 10,00 for the VersaBolt, 12,500 for the Smugglers help, and 50,000 for the Alpha Disruptor.


    Found by smashing nanotech crates, these blue spheres recover your health.


    These 'boxes' of ammo are inside ammo crates, until you smash them and spill their contents all over the floor. These give you more ammo in a random gun, but always a gun you need ammo for.

    Fiery Rocks:

    These rocks can be picked up in your wrench, and then thrown to destroy gates, steel crates and to damage enemies.


    These weird slime creatures can be picked up in your wrench. They illuminate dark areas and will scare away certain enemies.

    Pirate Skulls:

    Certain pirates will leave their skull on the ground after being killed. These can be picked up in your wrench and thrown to destroy certain force fields and to weaken the final boss.

    Easter Eggs:


    On the first level (the pirate ships), in the final cutscene, look behind 'Captain Slag'. The bright moon in the sky is clearly the same moon in the Insomniac logo.

    Silver Captain Qwark Statue:

    On Hoolefar Island, look out towards the pier from the beach. Dive into the water and swim next to the right wall. You should reach the top of a Qwark Statue, buried in the sea bed (possibly the top of the statue from ToD?). Nearby are some half buried Qwark vid comics.

    Dan Action Figure:=

    Also on Hoolefar Island. Swim through the tunnel full of mines, and go to the room that had the Shock Ravager mod. While holding a Heliogrub, go to the back wall, and there is a Dan action figure lieing on the floor. If you place a few heliogrubs on the ground, apparently there is a Insomniac logo background.


    Q. Where is *insert something*

    A. Check the walkthrough, it's in there somewhere.

    Q. Where can I buy this game?

    A. Download it from the PSN Store, or buy it on Blu-Ray in Europe (other than in the UK). If you want to import it, I've heard that play.com is quite good.

    Q. Why wasn't this game released in the UK/USA?

    A. Sony believes that these countries have a high broadband usage, and as such do not need the disc version (Which is stupid in my opinion, but what do I know?).

    Q. I haven't played R&C before, should I buy this?

    A. How could you! But seriously, if your looking for a cheap way to enter this series, this is probably the best place. The ending won't make much sense, but the rest of the game should. If you can pay a bit more, you should probably try and get hold of the originals, they aren't too expensive anymore.

    Q. Are there Trophies in this?

    A. No, but all Insomniac games after this will.

    Q. Is this Future 2?

    A. No, its more like Future 1.5, a filler for the fans between Future 1 and 2, and an easy entrance point for people wanting to get into the series.

    Q. Are there skill points/ gold bolts/ challenge mode in this game?

    A. No, unfortunately.

    Q. Whats that empty space in the quick select for?

    A. Nothing, there are only 7 weapons in the game.

    Q. Who is Dan?

    A. He was an Insomniac member, who died due to lung cancer. As a tribute to him, Insomniac have put numerous references to him throughout their games. May he R.I.P.


    jamesonkassn- For giving me the location of the Alpha Disruptor and Predator Launcher mods via the forum

    Mega Wolf- For giving me the location of the Shock Ravager Mod.

    The whole board- For most of the FAQ questions.

    The GFAQ's Data Tab- For some of the information in the Game Info section.

    Insomniac- For making this awesome short game.

    Sony- For the PS3 and publishing this game. I still love you even if no one else does!

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