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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mdawgig

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/17/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       ________       _____      ______      _____                  _________
       ___  __ \_____ __  /_________  /________  /_   ______ _____________  /
       __  /_/ /  __ `/  __/  ___/_  __ \  _ \  __/   _  __ `/_  __ \  __  / 
       _  _, _// /_/ // /_ / /__ _  / / /  __/ /_     / /_/ /_  / / / /_/ /  
       /_/ |_| \__,_/ \__/ \___/ /_/ /_/\___/\__/     \__,_/ /_/ /_/\__,_/   
                        ______________             ______  
                        __  ____/__  /_____ __________  /__
                        _  /    __  /_  __ `/_  __ \_  //_/
                        / /___  _  / / /_/ /_  / / /  ,<   
                        \____/  /_/  \__,_/ /_/ /_//_/|_|  
                             Future: Quest for Booty
     /    __    \
    |    /_ |    |
    |     | |    |
    |     | |    +-----------------------------------------------------+----------+
    |     | |    | Table of Contents                                  /  [WT001]  |
    |     |_|    +---------------------------------------------------+------------+
    1.  Table of Contents .......................................... [WT001]
    2.  Introduction ............................................... [WT002]
    3.  Version History ............................................ [WT003]
    4.  Frequently Asked Questions.................................. [WT004]
    5.  Controls ................................................... [WT005]
    6.  Mechanics .................................................. [WT006]
    7.  Weapons .................................................... [WT007]
    8.  Walkthrough ................................................ [WT008]
          Azorean Sea .................................................. [WT10]
          Hoolefar Island .............................................. [WT11]
          Morrow Caverns ............................................... [WT12]
          Hoolefar Island Again ........................................ [WT13]
          Darkwater Cove ............................................... [WT14]
          Azorean Sea Again ............................................ [WT15]
    9.  Legal Junk ................................................. [WT009]
    10. Contact Me ................................................. [WT010]
    11. Special Thanks ............................................. [WT011]
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    |     / /    +-----------------------------------------------------+----------+
    |    / /_    | Introduction                                       /  [WT002]  |
    |   |____|   +---------------------------------------------------+------------+
    My goal for this guide, as in all my guides, is to create a complete compendium
    with all knowledge relating to the game the guide is for.  While most guides
    try to have a higher KB by including meaningless filler that only clutters up
    the guide, I strive to make the guide as simple, easy to read, and uncluttered
    as possible.
    Below are some tests to ensure that you can view this guide correctly.
    In order to view this guide correctly, you must be able to see the "R" at the
    end of the above line.
    In order to view this guide correctly, check that the | at the end of each line
    lines up.
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    |    |__ <   +-----------------------------------------------------+----------+
    |    ___) |  | Version History                                    /  [WT003]  |
    |   |____/   +---------------------------------------------------+------------+
    Version 1.00:  8/17/09
    - Entire guide complete and satisfactory
        - Walkthrough complete and satisfactory
        - Weapons complete and satisfactory
        - Mechanics complete and satisfactory
        - Controls complete and satisfactory
    - No further changes expected unless I recieve emails regarding the guide
     /  _  _    \
    |  | || |    |
    |  | || |_   |
    |  |__   _|  +-----------------------------------------------------+----------+
    |     | |    | Frequently Asked Questions                         /  [WT004]  |
    |     |_|    +---------------------------------------------------+------------+
    Q: What is "Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty"?
    A: "Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty" is a downloadable entry in the
       Ratchet and Clank series.  It is priced $14.99 USD on the Playstation
    Q: How long is "Quest for Booty?"
    A: On your first playthrough on medium difficulty, approximately 2-3 hours.
       Subsequent playthroughs can be less than an hour.
    Q: Is "Quest for Booty" on the "Tools of Destruction" disk?
    A: No, it's download only in every territory except Europe, where you can buy
       an on-disk version.
    Q: Do I need "Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction" to play this
    A: No.  "Quest for Booty" is an entirely standalone title, not an expansion
       pack to "Tools of Destruction."  
    Q: Where can I buy the on-disk version?
    A: Unless you live in Europe, you can't.  SCEE specifically requested an on-
       disk version for the European territories.
    Q: Is there anything special about the disk version?
    A: You get a case, a manual and a pretty picture on the disk.  The end.  There
       is no in-game difference between the two (which means that the disk version
       still has a link to the online manual, even though it has a paper one).
    Q: Does this game have online multiplayer?
    A: No.  This game has no multiplayer of any sort.  It does seem a curious
       choice, seeing as the PS2 iterations ended up focusing heavily on
       multiplayer, and none of the PS3 versions (on a console focused heavily
       on online components) have any sort of multiplayer.
    Q: Why doesn't your guide tell me how to get gold bolts/platinum bolts/
       titanium bolts/skill points/challenge mode?
    A: "Quest for Booty" has none of those.
    Q: Does this game have Trophies?
    A: No.  The firmware update that was to have Trophies was announced literally
       days after "Quest for Booty" was shipped to market.
    Q: So there's going to be a Trophy patch?
    A: No.  Insomniac is too focused on producing future titles (with Trophy
       support) to update it's previous titles.
     /   _____  \
    |   | ____|  |
    |   | |__    |
    |   |___ \   +-----------------------------------------------------+----------+
    |    ___) |  | Controls                                           /  [WT005]  |
    |   |____/   +---------------------------------------------------+------------+
    The default control scheme is THIRD-PERSON.  It can be changed to LOCK-STRAFE
    from the "Control Options" menu.
     | Cross button  | Press once to jump.  Press again in the air to flip in    |
     | "X" button    | mid-air.  Used to "confirm" in menus.  When in water,     |
     +---------------+ used to move closer to the surface or resurface from the  |
                     | water entirely.
     | Square button | Press once to strike with the wrench.  You can press it   |
     | "[]" button   | multiple times in a row to preform wrench combo attacks.  |
     +---------------+ You can press [] when in the air to preform the "Hyper    |
                     | Strike" move (from now on called an overhead smash).  You |
                     | can press it with R2 held to throw the wrench like a      |
                     | boomerang.  If aimed at an object that can be "tethered," |
                     | (indicated by an aqua-colored object) the head of the     |
                     | wrench will be sent off and tethered to the object.  You  |
                     | can then manipulate the object with the right analog      |
                     | stick.  When in water, used to dive deeper underwater.    |
                     | Finally, you can pick up certain objects by being near    |
                     | them and pressing square.                                 |
     | Circle button | Press the button once to fire a single shot.  Hold it to  |
     | "o" button    | continuously fire.                                        |
     | Triangle "/\" | Press and hold to bring up the quick-select weapon menu.  |
     | button        | Tap it quickly to quickly return to your previous weapon. |
     | R1 button     | Press once to fire a single shot.  Hold to continuously   |
     |               | fire.  Hold when underwater to swim faster.               |
     | L1 button     | Aim in THIRD-PERSON MODE.  In LOCK-STRAFE mode, it is     |
     |               | used to jump.                                             |
     | R2 button     | Press and hold to crouch.  When hanging from a ledge,     |
     |               | press it to drop from a ledge.                            |
     | L2 button     | Press and hold to strafe.                                 |
     |               |                                                           |
     | Left analog   | Move Ratchet around.                                      |
     | stick         |                                                           |
     | Right analog  | Rotate and pan the camera.                                |
     | stick         |                                                           |
     /     __   \
    |     / /    |
    |    / /_    |
    |   |  _ \   +-----------------------------------------------------+----------+
    |   | (_) |  | Mechanics                                          /  [WT006]  |
    |    \___/   +---------------------------------------------------+------------+
    If you've never played a Ratchet and Clank before, "Quest for Booty" is an
    excellent chance to jump in.  It's low price tag and relatively quick length
    give a great taste of the series.  That being said, if you've never played a
    Ratchet and Clank game before, there are going to be a few barriers to entry.
    Ratchet can use weapons of various varieties to attack enemies.  Over time,
    if used enough, these weapons will level up. (You can find a complete list
    and all of the information for each weapon in the next section, "Weapons.")
    Leveling up a weapon may increase it's firepower, ammo, or both.  It may also
    introduce a new power to the weapon.  Weapons can level up to level 5.  At
    level 5, they change names to a more sinister name, although their basic
    function stays the same.
    Weapons also have one modification each.  These modifications add an extra
    feature to the weapon, such as extra range, longer duration, or extra damage.
    These can be found throughout the game and their locations are noted in the
    guide by boxes that look like this:
     +==Weapon Mod============================================================+
     |                                                                        |
    You can also find the locations for all of the weapon mods in the "Weapons"
    section of the guide.
    Ammunition for weapons can be found in crates.  You can also find health orbs
    and bolts (the currency) in crates.  In "Quest for Booty" you'll obtain all
    of the weapons except for one just playing through the game normally.  The
    final, the Alpha Cannon, can be purchased for 50,000 bolts about half way into
    the game.
    As Ratchet defeats enemies, he will gain experience, as well as his weapons.
    As Ratchet gains experience, his maximum health will increase, to a maximum
    of  20.  When an enemy's attack hits Ratchet, some of his health will be taken
    away.  Each attack does different damage.  When Ratchet's health reaches 0,
    you'll be respawned at the closest checkpoint.
    Checkpoints occur after most major story events, and evenly between them.  If
    Ratchet is respawned at one, he'll be revived with full health and all of the
    ammo he had when he reached the checkpoint initially.  This makes it possible
    to train your weapons easily by defeating enemies in an area, then dying and
    fighting them again.
    Ratchet can pick up and use different objects in his quest.  He can find rocks
    that explode upon impact that he can pick up and throw to great effect.  He 
    can also pick up creatures called "Heliogrubs" that glow in the dark.  These
    can be critical in some of the games darker areas, as well as to scare away
    bats that are unbeatable by any other means.
    Throughout his journey, Ratchet will encounter some environmental obstacles.
    Ratchet can grab onto and climb up different ledges.  These are indicated in
    an aqua-blue glowing bar.
    Ratchet can also use his wrench's "tether" feature to manipulate his
    environment.  Bridges, jumping pads, platforms and catapults can all be
    manipulated by crouching (using R2) and then pressing "square" ([]) to attach 
    the tether.  You can then use the right analog stick to manipulate the object.
    Ratchet will also encounter grind rails.  These are indicated by rails with a
    aqua-blue glow about them.  Jump onto them and Ratchet will grind along them.
    There will be electric rings along the way that need to be avoided.  This can
    be done by timing a jump over them.  Ratchet can also jump between rails by
    tilting the left analog stick towards the rail you want to go to and jumping.
    Ratchet can also walk up metal walls with his Gravity boots.  Areas that he
    can climb are indicated by curved metal ramps.  He can still jump when on the
    wall, but if he moves from a metal surface while jumping, he will fall back to
    the ground.
    The final way Ratchet can interact with his environment is the Swingshot.
    There are two types of nodes, green and blue.  Green nodes make Ratchet swing,
    while blue nodes act like grappling hooks and pull Ratchet towards them.
     /  ______  \
    |  |____  |  |
    |      / /   |
    |     / /    +-----------------------------------------------------+----------+
    |    / /     | Weapons and Gadgets                                /  [WT007]  |
    |   /_/      +---------------------------------------------------+------------+
     | Combustor |
     | Obtained: Morrow Caverns, Darkwater's Ship                                |
     |                                                                           |
     | Game Description: Blast your opponents into oblivion with high-velocity   |
     | plasma balls!                                                             |
     |                                                                           |
     | Ammunition: 100                                                           |
     | Ammunition In Each Crate: 15                                              |
     |                                                                           |
     | Power: Level 3: 30                                                        |
     |        Level 4: 37                                                        |
     |        Level 5: 41                                                        |
     |                                                                           |
     | Level 5 Name Change: Magma Combustor                                      |
     | Level 5 Change: The gun has three barrels, meaning it fires three shots   |
     |                 at a time.                                                |
     |                                                                           |
     | Mod Name: Pyrocidic Percipitation                                         |
     | Mod Effect: When a shot hits an enemy, molten goo is dropped on the       |
     |             ground, hurting enemies that walk through it.                 |
     | Mod Obtained: After rescuing Talwyn in Morrow Caverns, turn around to     |
     |               leave through the tunnel you entered.  You will see some    |
     |               metal boxes to the side.  Blow them up with a Fusion        |
     |               Grenade/Bomb.  The mod is behind.                           |
     |                                                                           |
     | This weapon is going to be your go-to weapon for most of the game.  It's  |
     | quick, does a fair amount of damage, and it levels fairly quickly.  Try   |
     | to level this one up first.                                               |
     | Fusion Grenade |
     | Obtained: Morrow Caverns, Darkwater's Ship                                |
     |                                                                           |
     | Game Description: Nothing ruins an enemy's day like a thermonuclear hand  |
     |                   grenade!                                                |
     |                                                                           |
     | Ammunition: 8                                                             |
     | Ammunition In Each Crate: 3                                               |
     |                                                                           |
     | Power: Level 3: 150                                                       |
     |        Level 4: 180                                                       |
     |        Level 5: 216                                                       |
     |                                                                           |
     | Level 5 Name Change: Fusion Bomb                                          |
     | Level 5 Change: More damage.                                              |
     |                                                                           |
     | Mod Name: Concussion Detonators                                           |
     | Mod Effect: Enemies will be knocked down if they are damaged by the       |
     |             explosion.                                                    |
     | Mod Obtained: After returning to Hoolefar Island after Morrow Caverns,    |
     |               go into the underwater cave in the bay.  Resurface inside   |
     |               and blow open the gate to find it floating there.           |
     |                                                                           |
     | This weapon is extremely useful for large groups of enemies, especially   |
     | the large groups of the small, head-shaped enemies.  It's also fairly     |
     | powerful, so it's a great general-purpose weapon against larger enemies.  |
     | Tornado Launcher |
     | Obtained: Hoolefar Island, after returning from Morrow Caverns            |
     |                                                                           |
     | Game Description: Create and control your own cataclismic tornadoes!      |
     |                   Trailer Park sold seperately.                           |
     |                                                                           |
     | Ammunition: 5                                                             |
     | Ammunition In Each Crate: 2                                               |
     |                                                                           |
     | Power: Level 3: 200                                                       |
     |        Level 4: 240                                                       |
     |        Level 5: 288                                                       |
     |                                                                           |
     | Level 5 Name Change: Tempest Launcher                                     |
     | Level 5 Change: Each tornado generates lightning bolts as it spins,       |
     |                 damaging enemies in and around the tornado.               |
     |                                                                           |
     | Mod Name: Gyro-Turbine                                                    |
     | Mod Effect: The tornadoes last longer.                                    |
     | Mod Obtained: Before you do the minigame in Darkwater Cove that requires  |
     |               you to jump across large organ keys, ready the spring pad   |
     |               that you would normally use to get to the minigame.         |
     |               Instead of jumping up to the minigame, turn around and use  |
     |               it to jump over the vertical net to find more platforms in  |
     |               the muck.  Jump along them to find the mod and another      |
     |               spring pad that you can use to get to the minigame.         |
     |                                                                           |
     | This weapon is a little hard to love for the simple fact that the Sixaxis |
     | controls don't work very well.  If you get it to work for you, it's a     |
     | fairly powerful weapon that not only damages enemies, but prevents them   |
     | from damaging you.  Sometimes, if you walk into the center of the tornado |
     | you can control it by moving Ratchet, but it only does that occasionally. |
     | Shock Ravager |
     | Obtained: Hoolefar Island, after returning from Morrow Caverns            |
     |                                                                           |
     | Game Description: Sheilded enemies will think twice about attacking after |
     |                   feeling the wrath of an electrified energy whip!        |
     |                                                                           |
     | Ammunition: 30                                                            |
     | Ammunition In Each Crate: 15                                              |
     |                                                                           |
     | Power: Level 3: 50                                                        |
     |        Level 4: 60                                                        |
     |        Level 5: 72                                                        |
     |                                                                           |
     | Level 5 Name Change: Lightning Ravager                                    |
     | Level 5 Change: Increases damage and range.                               |
     |                                                                           |
     | Mod Name: Voltage Multiplier                                              |
     | Mod Effect: Increases the range of each attack.                           |
     | Mod Obtained: After returning to Hoolefar Island after Morrow Caverns,    |
     |               go into the underwater cave in the bay.  Resurface inside   |
     |               and blow open the gate to find the mod for the Fusion       |
     |               Grenades.  Blow open the other gate in that room to find    |
     |               the mod for the Shock/Lightning Ravager in the next room.   |
     |                                                                           |
     | The Shock/Lightning Ravager is a great general purpose weapon.  It does   |
     | decent damage, and you can repeatedly attack while the enemies are still  |
     | stunned.  If you attack too often, you can run out of ammo pretty quickly |
     | since it doesn't have a lot of ammo to begin with.                        |
     | Predator Launcher |
     | Obtained: Darkwater Cove, Beginning                                       |
     |                                                                           |
     | Game Description: Enemies can run, but they can't hide from this          |
     |                   launcher's new and improved laser guided lock-on        |
     |                   system!                                                 |
     |                                                                           |
     | Ammunition: 25                                                            |
     | Ammunition In Each Crate: 6                                               |
     |                                                                           |
     | Power: Level 3: 90                                                        |
     |        Level 4: 108                                                       |
     |        Level 5: 130                                                       |
     |                                                                           |
     | Level 5 Name Change: Raptor Launcher                                      |
     | Level 5 Change: The rockets drop molten goo that damages enemies when     |
     |                 they walk over it, much like the mod for the Combustor.   |
     |                                                                           |
     | Mod Name: Dual Target Detectors                                           |
     | Mod Effect: Allows you to lock on two rockets per target                  |
     | Obtained: In Darkwater Cove, before you turn the bolt crank with the      |
     |           small, head-shaped enemies on it, destroy the pirate gate with  |
     |           a Fusion Grenade/Bomb.  Inside, blow up all of the boxes and    |
     |           use the spring pad to leap up to a ledge with the mod on it.    |
     |                                                                           |
     | After you obtain the Predator Launcher, there's no reason to go back to   |
     | the Combustor (unless you run out of ammo).  It's a great general purpose |
     | weapon: it does great damage and you can run around and dodge while it    |
     | targets for you.                                                          |
     | Nano-Swarmers |
     | Obtained: Darkwater Cove, Beginning                                       |
     |                                                                           |
     | Game Description: A single hive deploys dozens of nanosects that attack   |
     |                   your enemies with pyrocidic stingers!                   |
     |                                                                           |
     | Ammunition: 4                                                             |
     | Ammunition In Each Crate: 2                                               |
     |                                                                           |
     | Power: Level 3: 15                                                        |
     |        Level 4: 18                                                        |
     |        Level 5: 22                                                        |
     |                                                                           |
     | Level 5 Name Change: Toxic Swarmers                                       |
     | Level 5 Change: Each sting has a chance to poison the enemy.  When        |
     |                 poisoned, they recieve damage over time.                  |
     |                                                                           |
     | Mod Name: Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode                                         |
     | Mod Effect: Each sting has a chance to freeze the enemy, leaving them     |
     |             totally immobile.  Frozen enemies are indicated by a blue     |
     |             tint.                                                         |
     | Mod Obtained: After the puzzle involving moving the plates around to      |
     |               create a picture of the pirate skull, continue until you    |
     |               defeat a Pythor.  Pick up a grub, then head to the left.    |
     |               Hug the wall and jump up on the ledge.  It'll be floating   |
     |               there.                                                      |
     |                                                                           |
     | Nano-Swarmers are often under-rated.  They can do a great job of damaging |
     | large groups of enemies while you dodge.  Throwing a few Nano-Swarmers    |
     | hives, then using the Predator Laucher should be your go-to strategy for  |
     | the latter half of the game.                                              |
     | Alpha Disruptor/Alpha Cannon |
     | NOTE: The game calls it the "Alpha Cannon," but since you get it at level |
     |       5, it's actually the upgraded version of the Alpha Disruptor from   |
     |       "Tools of Destruction."  Oddly enough, the quick select and the     |
     |       Smuggler both refer to it as the Alpha Disruptor, while the correct |
     |       name (Alpha Cannon) is shown in the animation when you get it and   |
     |       in the pause inventory.                                             |
     |                                                                           |
     | Obtained: You can buy it from the Smuggler for 50,000 bolts at the same   |
     |           time that he offers to translate the map.  In order to afford   |
     |           it by that time, however, you would have had to die *several*   |
     |           time.  It's much easier to afford it when the Smuggler gives    |
     |           you your remaining two weapons at Darkwater Cove.               |
     |                                                                           |
     | Ammunition: 4                                                             |
     | Ammunition In Each Crate: 2                                               |
     |                                                                           |
     | Power: Level 3: N/A                                                       |
     |        Level 4: N/A                                                       |
     |        Level 5: 796                                                       |
     |                                                                           |
     | Level 5 Name Change: Alpha Cannon                                         |
     | Level 5 Change: N/A                                                       |
     |                                                                           |
     | Mod Name: Anti-Matter Transfluxor                                         |
     | Mod Effect: Each shot can pass through enemies and damage the enemies     |
     |             behind them.                                                  |
     | Mod Obtained: In the final area of the game, the Azorean Sea, after       |
     |               fighting Slag for the first time, continue until you climb  |
     |               up the first ladder.  Instead of using the catapult, go to  |
     |               the side opposite the ladder and climb up on the boxes.     |
     |               Jump up and use the wire overhead like a zip line.  At the  |
     |               bottom, you'll find it among the boxes.                     |
     |                                                                           |
     | By and large, the Alpha Disruptor/Cannon is a largely useless weapon.     |
     | Since it takes so long to charge up, enemies have a pretty large window   |
     | to hit you until they are sent to their ultimate doom.  If you can buy it |
     | before you enter Darkwater Cove, it's somewhat useful against Captain     |
     | Sprocket, but that's pretty much it.                                      |
     /    ___   \
    |    / _ \   |
    |   | (_) |  |
    |    > _ <   +-----------------------------------------------------+----------+
    |   | (_) |  | Walkthrough                                        /  [WT008]  |
    |    \___/   +---------------------------------------------------+------------+
     | Azorean Sea   /  [WT10]  |
    First things first, fight the pirates.  You could use your wrench, but I would
    recommend using your Combuster to level it up a little.  If you didn't read
    the "Controls" section of the guide (and shame on you!), I would recommend you
    do that now.  If you're too lazy, you can press L1 to enter aiming mode and R1
    or "Circle" to fire.  Alternatively,  you can press L2 to enter strafing mode
    and press R1 or "Circle" to fire.  Just find out which one works best for you.
    Do you see those gold-glowing things that are dropped by each pirate?  Those
    are bolts, the currency of the game.  Be sure to pick up all of them you find
    for later on.  You can get more bolts by smashing the tan/red-colored boxes
    with your wrench.  The tan/red boxes give bolts, the boxes with the blue sphere
    give health and the pale boxes with the circles in the center give  ammo for 
    your weapons.  I won't tell you to smash boxes in an area, since I figure you 
    can do it by yourself from now on.
    After all of the enemies are finished, go over to the bolt in the ground to the
    right of the door and attach your wrench to it with the [] button.  Rotate the
    left analog stick to lower the door.  Defeat the enemies inside.  Head out the
    only open door then turn around.  Those blue bars are this game's form of a
    ladder.  Using the jump button, jump from bar to bar until you reach the top.
    Destroy the enemy that drops in, then head over to the catapult (the tan and
    blue object in the ground).  Jump when on top of the catapult to be sent to the
    next ship.
    Here, for some fun, you can literally use the Combustor to blow up all of the
    red barrels without the enemy noticing.  I'm serious.  Try it.  After you've
    had your fun, collect your bolts and fight your pirates, being especially
    careful about the pirate manning the turret.
    Man the turret and blast open the door at the top of the stairs.  Inside, 
    there will be three enemies, one of them manning a turret.  Don't head inside
    quite yet.  Equip the Fusion Grenades and stand near the top of the stairs.
    Use L1 aiming mode to thrown some grenades inside.
    Head inside and re-equip the Combustor if you'd like.  Man the turret and blast
    open all three doors.  There's some enemies outside, so stay in the turret and
    use it to destroy the enemies.  Again, head out the door opposite the one you
    entered and climb the ladder to the left of the doorway (right if you're facing
    the door).  Again, kill the enemies than catapult to the next ship.
     | Hoolefar Island   /  [WT11]  |
    When you're done admiring the scenery, head forward and up the step-like
    platforms (not into the water).  Jump across the gaps.  Before you go up the
    ramp, notice the red box to the left.  These are exploding boxes.  They can
    seriously hurt Ratchet if he's nearby when they explode.  They are triggered
    by either being dropped (the boxes under them are destroyed), if they are
    attacked or by Ratchet touching them.
    Either way, head up the ramp.  On the other side, there will be some red bugs
    milling around.  A simple hit of the wrench will kill them.  Head up the next 
    On this ramp you will see some holes that spurt steam.  Keep clear of these
    when they're giving off steam or Ratchet will get hurt.  Head up and along
    the wall, being sure to avoid the steam geysers.  At the end, go down the other
    Here, you'll find your first swingshot target.  Jump across the gap and press
    "circle" to use it.  Green targets allow you to swing, while blue targets act
    like grappling hooks and pull you towards them.  Swing to the other side then
    jump off and enter the cave.
    Here, crouch down using R2, then press [] to attach a beam of energy to the
    aqua-colored object.  When it's attached, use the right analog stick to pull
    it towards you.  On the other side, tether the spring pad here and use the
    right analog stick yet again to bring it to the ground.  Get on, then jump
    and use the left analog stick to guide yourself towards the ledge.  Jump while
    under the zip line to head towards the beach.
    Since there's no right or wrong answers to this conversation, your choices 
    only make a difference in the dialog that is said.  After the conversation,
    head to the right and up the plateaus to a man standing on top of a metal pad.
    Talk to him and agree to fix the turbines.  
    Before you head up the turbine, head around to the back via the right side.
    Here, you'll find some red hot rocks coming from the ground.  Grab one with 
    [] and return to the gate that you passed on the way around (the one that looks
    like a bunch of wires).  Throw the rock with "circle" to make it blow open the
    door.  Hop to the top to find some crates.  Return to the front of the tubine.
    Head up the metal plateaus and  jump to the low-hanging metal platform.  Jump 
    along the platforms and around the corners until you see a spring pad like the 
    one we just used.  Again, press R2 and then square to tether it and use the 
    right analog stick to pull it towards the ground.
    Jump across to it and then jump when on top of it to send yourself flying.
    While in the air, use the left analog stick to direct yourself towards the
    platform to the right.  Head around the side, avoiding the steam both times.
    Climb up the ladder then shimmy to the left, as far left as you can go.  When
    the steam stops, jump up and continue to the left.  Again, go as far left as
    you can here, then jump up when the steam stops.  All of them stop in a row
    here, so jump quickly to the top bar that has no steam beneath it.  Shimmy to
    the left and drop to the platform by pressing R2.
    Thether the spring pad here and use it to jump to the top of the turbine.  Turn
    the bolt crank here to fix the turbine.
    Two doors and an underwater gate will have opened.  Return to the ground.  You
    can head towards the unopened gate in the middle to talk to the Mayor if you'd
    like, but it's not necessary.  Head to the right-most open door.  Here, find
    the ladder around the back via the path to the right.  Climb up and tether the
    bridge over to you.
    Head down to the beach.  Here you'll find the Smuggler character from the last 
    game to the left.  You can talk to him but he doesn't say much.
    Set up and use the spring pad to get over to the metal ramp.  Climb up the
    ramp, again, avoiding the steam.  On the other side, use the already-lowered
    spring pad to jump up to the ledge.
    If you explore this area, some red bugs will pop out of the ground.  The're the
    same ones from before, so a single wrench hit will still do them in.  Head up
    the ramp on the front of the turbine, jumping over the saw blades.  At the top,
    tether down the path.
    Continue, avoiding sawblades as you go.  You'll tether twice more.  After
    the second tether, you will notice two saw blades going in opposite directions
    up and down.  This can be tricky, so try and take your time by jumping between
    the two paths.  At the top, stand in the one square of safe space.
    Here, you'll see three saw blades in alternating patterns.  Unfortunately, you
    can't go to the top of the right one and jump to the path, as you'll fall down.
    You just have to be careful and quickly run between the paths as the middle
    one heads towards the top and the two others head towards the bottom.  If you
    time it right, you should be able to quickly run to the other safe zone without
    At the end, head to the top and turn the bolt crank.
    Head over to the turning blades in the distance.  Walk up the ramp on either
    side.  Here, the camera angle sucks, so just watch the blades and guess when
    it's safe to go.  It'll take a few tries but you'll eventually get to the
    other side.
    To the right you can find a plateau with some health boxes on it if you got 
    damaged.  Head back to the front of the turbine and head up the ramp.  Head
    up and around, avoiding the steam vents.  These ones are a bit different than
    the old ones.  Instead of firing three at a time, they fire one at a time, in
    a row.
    When you get to a long line of them, WAIT!  When the first one goes off,
    immediately start running.  Quickly head to the right, then up again, and to
    the right for a safe zone.  DO NOT HEAD FURTHER UP.  You'll find that there's
    no safety there and you'll get hit.
    Continue until you find a circle of the vents.  You need to time yourself so
    that you tilt the analog stick a little before it gets to you.  If done right,
    Ratchet will begin moving  and get onto the vents at just the right time and
    you can quickly run to the other side, following the steam.
    The next group of vents moves against you; you're heading up and the steam is
    moving down.  Start running immediately after the last vent goes off and jump
    if necessary to reach the end.  Run to the top and turn the bolt crank.
    At the bottom, run to the left of the turbine to find more exploding rocks.
    Again, grab one and throw it at the wire gate by pressing "circle."  Here,
    you'll find some platforms.  On the other side, you can see another gate that
    you'll need to throw a rock at.  Use your wrench to tether the platforms
    into a rough line, then go back and grab a rock.  Quickly run and jump over
    the platforms and throw the rock at the gate.  If you aim it right, you can
    even jump and throw the rock from the far side.
    On the other side, use the bridge to return to the main area.  Jump down to
    the right and find a large wall of boxes with an explosive box at the bottom.
    Set off the explosive box, then return to the bridge you just used to get back
    to the main area.  Here, you can find a vent with some exploding rocks.  Grab
    one, then head back across the bridge.  You can hit the gate that was behind
    the wall of boxes from up here.  Head through the gate to find a swingshot
    node.  Use it to swing across to find some boxes.  Return through the gate.
    You can talk to the Beacon Operator, but he doesn't say anything useful, so
    head north from the Beacon Operator to find four moving platforms.  Time your
    jumps and use them to head to the other side.
    Lower the spring pad and use it when the fire is out.  Shimmy along the bar to
    the right and drop down (using R2) when the fire is out.  Head to the right to
    find a platform that's in the wrong position.  Turn it using your tether.  
    Head around the corner then do it again to create another platform.  Jump up,
    then across when the fire is out.
    Here, wall jump to the top by jumping into a wall, then repeatedly pressing
    jump until you get to the top.  Here, head around the corner then tether and
    turn the platform.  Jump up, then turn around and tether again.  Jump across
    when the fire is out.
    The next platform can be tricky.  When the first fire goes out, jump into
    the area it once occupied.  Then, when the second fire goes out, quickly jump
    to the next area.  The fires DO NOT go out at the same time.  Around the
    corner, set up the spring pad and use it when the area above it is fire-free.
    Turn the bolt crank.
    Run over to the catapult that's up in the air, then prime it by tethering it
    and pulling it to the ground.  Use it.  Head right when you land to find more
    bug creatures.  Grab a rock and throw it at the gate directly across from the
    geyser that spawns them.
    Swingshot across, then grab another hot rock here.  Jump and throw it at the
    gate.  Jump across the gap and swingshot to the blue node.  It'll pull you 
    towards it like a grappling hook.  Jump across the electric rings as you go,
    and jump left at the first opportunity.
    Almost immediately jump to the right.  Ride this rail up and jump right before
    the gate.  Press square as you loop around to grab a rock from the spawn, then
    throw it as you come around and the reticle lands on the gate.  Jump back left
    and continue through the gate.
    Continue jumping at the first opportunity and avoiding the electric rings.
    Eventually, you will see that your rail runs out.  Jump and press "circle" to
    grab the swinshot node to continue along.
    Again, jump before the gate, then jump again.  Grab the rock and then quickly
    jump back to the first ring.  Throw the rock as you come around the corner and
    jump back to the original rail.
    Through the gate, quickly press "circle" to swingshot to the next rail.
    Eventually you will be automatically catapulted to the top of the tower.  Turn
    the bolt crank.
    Ride the grind rail back down.  You'll have to jump to the left, then to the
    right twice.  Return to the moving platforms and jump across them.  Talk to
    the Beacon Operator.  You still can't get the beacon working, it's missing a
    To find said part, return to the beach and talk to the Smuggler.  Buy the 
    VersaBolt from him for 10,000 bolts.  If you don't have 10,000 bolts (and you 
    should), trek around the island and find some boxes.
    With your shiny new VersaBolt, return to the Beacon Operator and talk to him.
    Turn the bolt crank, then turn to face the beacon.  Tether the bridge over to
    you.  Run up the ramp, being careful to avoid the bright yellow beams.  Run/
    jump over the purple areas quickly, then jump up the left side (this time
    entirely avoiding the purple area).  Jump over the beam if need be, then head
    to the top.  Turn the bolt crank.
    Head back down and enter the newly opened door.
    Head back out to the beach and onto the pier.
    Agree to go with.
     | Morrow Caverns   /  [WT12]  |
    Follow them deeper into the cave.  Turn the bolt crank to the right when you
    stop.  The choice you make in the conversation doesn't affect anything, so pick
    whatever.  Head over to the gate to the right near Rusty Pete.  He'll open the
    gate, so head through and follow him.
    In here, you move faster if you jump.  Follow Rusty Pete until you stop in 
    front of a blue bar.  Jump onto it and shimmy to the right.  At the end, drop
    down.  Don't head straight quite yet.  Head right and pick up a glowing grub.
    Bring it around with you to the right so that the bats don't bother you.
    Drop it when you get to the bolt crank and turn it.  Grab the grub yet again
    and head across the bridge.  There's another grub pool here.  Turn to the
    right and go out onto the slight outcropping.  Throw your current grub across
    the gap and onto the land on the other side to create a safe spot for you to
    land.  Jump up to the bar and shimmy across.
    On the other side, climb up the ladder.  Grind the rail to the bottom and turn
    the bolt crank here.  Rusty Pete will catch up with you.  He'll open the door
    to the elevator.  Get into the elevator and ride it to the bottom.
    Head out and to the right to find more grubs.  Pick one up and return to Rusty
    Pete.  A monster will appear.  Ignore it and take your grub to the side 
    opposite where you got the grub.  The bats will fly away.  Turn the bolt crank
    Head to the left.  As you do so, the monster will appear.  Quickly tether and
    turn the platform (buy putting the analog stick to the bottom, not by rotating
    it).  Jump across.
    Here, quickly tether the left platform (across from where you just came from)
    and pull it towards you slightly.  If you do it right, you shouldn't even have
    to pull the right one.  Jump across them to the other side.
    Continue to the left, over the gap.  Detonate the exploding crates here to
    get a hefty sum of bolts.  Pick up a grub and head into the darkness. 
    Eventually, you will find a thin beam.  Slowly walk across (this is slightly
    easier if you hold L1), avoiding the explosive box near the end.
    Grind the rail, jumping to the left as soon as possible.  Followed by another
    left and some small gaps.  Once you land, detonate the exploding boxes and
    run through the gap they once filled.  Here, detonate yet more boxes and
    turn the bolt crank.
    You don't need your grub any more.  Approach the front of the ship and set up
    and use the catapult.  Turn the bolt crank.
    Break out your Combustor and go to town.  You'll find that if you had upgraded
    either weapon in the beginning area, that that level up is still there.  I 
    would recommend leveling your Combustor first, followed by your Fusion 
    After you've taken care of all of the enemies, tether the bridge on the far
    side over to you, followed by tethering and using the catapult.  Head along
    fighting enemies as you go.  Head through the gate after you encounter four
    Head back up the elevator to the right after fighting more pirates.  Fight
    off the Pythor until it leaves.  There is an Ammo Crate Pad here that spawns
    crates of ammunition preiodically if you destroy the crate on top of it.  Stay
    here and fill up your ammo for both of your weapons.
    Use your Fusion Grenades to break open the gate.  Head inside and then drop
    down and fight the pirates.  Pick up a rock from the left, on a platform,
    and use it to break open the door nearby.  Head through.
    Here, you'll see a green spirit pass up and to the right, through the door.
    Use a Fusion Grenade to break open the gate to the left.  Head through the
    tunnel and fight the Pythor to save Talwyn.
     +==Weapon Mod==============================================================+
     | On your way back out, you'll see some metal crates.  Either use a Fusion |
     | Grenade to break them, or jump on them to knock them over to get your    |
     | first weapon mod from behind them.                                       |
     |                                                                          |
     | [PYROCIDIC PERCIPITATION MOD OBTAINED]                                   |
    Head back out and up the stairs that you saw the spirit go up.  Head through 
    the door.  Jump on the boat and return to Hoolefar Island.
     | Hoolefar Island Again   /  [WT13]  |
    Head back up the beach and talk to the Mayor.
    Some pirates will attack.  Try out your new weapons if you'd like, but be sure
    to level up your Combustor and Fusion Grenades to level 5.  You have to be sure
    to keep the pirates from getting too far in-land.  Try to keep them at the 
    beach if you can.
    Eventually, some cannons will begin firing.  You can see where they're shooting
    by the reticles that appear on the ground.  As the reticles darken, the cannons
    get closer to shooting.  Eventually there will be a...
    Now, man the turret.  Now, take aim at the turrets on the ship.  You can only
    damage them when their shields are split for them to fire.  Keep firing on
    them and be sure to destroy the green ghost spirits as they come flying towards
    After you've defeated them all, turn around and head towards the middle door. 
    You will see some pirates attacking it.  That's obviously not good.  Destroy 
    them.  After you've defeated the first wave, take a defensive postition in
    front of the door and fight off the waves that come at you.
    After a couple of waves, a giant robot will approach the door.  Get out your
    Fusion Grenades or Combustor.  Attack it until it dies and be sure to strafe
    to avoid its attacks.
    After that, head back to the beach.  Some more pirates will spawn here,
    followed by yet another large robot.  A few regular pirates will spawn,
    followed by a small scene showing the turret rising again.  That's your cue
    to man the turret.
    The rules here are the same as before, but with the exception that two pirate
    spirits will come at you instead of one as before.  Be sure to take both of the
    spirits out before you try to attack the turrets.
    After the conversation with Talwyn, head over to the Smuggler.  He'll translate
    the map for you at a cost of 12,500 bolts.  You should have MUCH more than
    that amount.  If you don't, explore the island to find more bolts.  You can
    pay him to translate it, but don't go to Darkwater Cove quite yet, we still 
    have a couple of things left to do here.
    You can buy the Alpha Cannon from the Smuggler at a price of 50,000 bolts.  If
    you have that much left after buying the translation, go ahead and buy it.  If
    not, you will have to go searching around.
    Before we continue on to Darkwater Cove, we have some weapon mods to find.
     +==Weapon Mod==============================================================+
     | Jump into the water nearby.  Head east, hugging the coast until you find |
     | a circular opening in the rock wall.  If you remember, we opened this    |
     | earlier by activating the first turbine.  Head inside and avoid the      |
     | bombs floating in the water.  When you resurface, break open the gate    |
     | with a Fusion Grenade, then grab a grub.  Take it into the next room and |
     | get the weapon mod floating there.                                       |
     |                                                                          |
     | [CONCUSSION DETONATORS MOD OBTAINED]                                     |
     +==Weapon Mod==============================================================+
     | Oh, but we're not done yet, folks!  Break open the next gate and head on |
     | through it.  Jump up to the plateau to find yet another weapon mod.      |
     |                                                                          |
     | [VOLTAGE MULTIPLIER MOD OBTAINED]                                        |
    While you're in the room with the weapon mod, if you go to the wall opposite
    the entrance, you can find a Dan action figure on the floor.  If you run back
    and grab a few more grubs and set them on the floor, you can see the logo
    from Insomniac.  Dan was an employee of Insomniac that died of lung cancer
    around the time they were developing "Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked."  May
    he rest in peace.
    Also, if you check a little further from the beach, in the bay, you'll find
    a Captain Quark statue underwater, surrounded by half-buried vid-comics.
    Return back out of the cave and talk to the Smuggler.  Agree to go to Darkwater
     | Darkwater Cove   /  [WT14]  |
    Upon your arrival, you will get your remaining two weapons that the Smuggler
    "found," the Predator Launcher and the Nano-Swarmers.  Head on the beach and
    to the skull.  You can pick any answer, you'll have to pick Darkwater to
    continue though.
    He'll spawn several waves of red bugs.  To take them out quickly, use a few
    Fusion Grenades or the Shock Ravager.  Head through the gate once it opens.
    Head along the path, then take a left.  Defeat the red bugs that pop up.
    Use the platforms in the muck to jump across to the catapult.  Prime and use
    the catapult.
    Here, tether onto the door and jump between the platforms while you open the
    door.  When you're done, release the tether and jump to the other side.  Jump
    across the platforms here, stopping on the final three to do the same thing
    with the spring pad.
     +==Weapon Mod==============================================================+
     | When the spring pad is ready, use it, but don't head over towards the    |
     | ledge.  Instead, head away from the ledge, over the net to find more     |
     | platforms.  Jump across them and find the mod floating there.  Use the   |
     | spring pad to get up onto the ledge and continue.                        |
     |                                                                          |
     | [GYRO-TURBINE MOD OBTAINED]                                              |
    Use it to jump up to the platform.
    Go over and speak to the pirate skull.  He'll tell you to jump onto the levers
    in this order: (from left to right)
    1, 2, 3, 4, 1
    Use the green pad to get up there and do so. The next order is:
    1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 3
    The final set is:
    1, 4, 3, 2, 1, 4
    The first set of stairs will raise out of the muck.  Use the grind rail to
    return back to the main area.  From where you land, head straight across the
    area to find some platforms that raise and then lower into the muck.  Jump
    across them whenever you feel comfortable.  At the end, use the swingshot
    node to swing across.
    Jump into the cavern and grab a grub.  Place the grub on one of the platforms,
    then move the other one a double-jump away.  Pick up the grub and jump over to
    the moved platform.  Set it down again and move the platform you were just on.
    Pick the grub up and then move to the other platform.  You should be close
    enough to the other side now to just jump to the other ledge.  The bats will
    fly away.
    Continue with your grub to the next platform.  Some red bugs will pop up.  You
    know what to do by now.  Continue with your grub up the platforms.  At the top,
    you can drop your grub and use the zip line.  Run over and talk to the
    He'll give you a hint in the form of a riddle.  To make the riddle make sense
    you have no notice what each solution is doing.  The blue is freezing it's
    container, the yellow is bubbling, the green is spinning and the red is hot.
    The solutions for the puzzles are (you have to talk to the bartender after
    you put the correct ones in, in the correct order):
    1.  Yellow, blue, green
    2.  Green, red, yellow
    3.  Green, blue, yellow
    Head back down to return to the main area.  Use the newly formed steps to climb
    up to the final challenge.
    This puzzle can be a little difficult to describe, but here's my best go.
    The middle plate is on a line, it can only go left or right (1).  Move it
    towards the middle.  Next, take the plate closest to the skull (2) that gives
    the directions and move it so that the large triangular slot matches up with 
    the object of the same shape on the larger shadow.  Do the same with the other
    plate (3) that is close to the wall.  It should look something like this:
     |           |
     |     1     |
     |           |
     |        2  |
     |   3       |
    It's also good to note that each eye will light up when it's respetive plate
    is in the correct position.  After you're done, approach the skull.
    Of course, pirates attack.  There's an ammo crate pad on the area where you
    did the puzzle if you need it.  Focus on leveling one or two weapons up.
    Pick up a grub and head out into the larger area.  Defeat the Pythor through
    any means.
     +==Weapon Mod==============================================================+
     | After defeating the Pythor, head left with your grub, hugging the wall.  |
     | Jump up onto the platform to see the mod floating there.  Return back.   |
     |                                                                          |
     | [ZERO-KELVIN LASER DIODE MOD OBTAINED]                                   |
    Head right and pull the bridge towards you with your tether.  When the fire
    goes out, quickly wall jump to the top.  Head left and grab onto the bar,
    as close to it's left as possible.  Jump up to the second bar and shimmy to
    the left.  Time your shimmy past the fire spout.
    Drop down at the end, then move left and drop down again.  Time your movement
    past the fire and jump up twice.  When the fire goes out, jump up twice to
    get to land.
    Pick up a grub and move over towards the swingshot node.  Throw the grub
    across and use the node to get to the other side.  Fight the room full of
    pirates here (I would recommend the Nano-Swarmers if you got the mod for it).
    Be sure to save at least one Fusion Grenade, if you're going for the mods.
    Pick up the grub again and head right (when facing away from the swingshot).
    Destroy those small, annoying enemies.  Run across the bridge and use any
    weapon (other than the Fusion Grenades if you're going for mods) to destroy
    the Pythor.  Rotate the bolt crank until it stops.
    Pick up your grub and run across.  Defeat the enemies here.  If you need a
    grub for some reason, you can turn around and face the platform you just used
    the bolt crank on.  There will be two blue platforms off to your left.  Jump
    to the first one, then tether the second as far away as it'll go.  Jump across
    and pick up a grub.  Return back to the main area.
    Continue towards the darkness slowly.  Eventually you'll see another plank
    that you can walk across.  Do so slowly (and with the assistance of L1).  At
    the first split, take a right.  At the next split, you can go left to get quite
    a lot of boxes, but you ultimately need to go right.  At the final split, go
    left to arrive on solid ground.
    Head forward to find a large gap with a pirate at the far side.  On the left
    wall are three bridges.  Tether down the first one, then jump up to it.  If
    your Predator/Raptor Launcher can shoot far enough, use it to save yourself
    some hastle and kill the pirate.  Continue pulling down bridges to get to the
     +==Weapon Mod==============================================================+
     | To your left is a gate.  Blow it open with a Fusion Grenade.  Throw      |
     | another to blow up all the crates and find a spring pad.  Use it to find |
     | a ledge.  Climb up to get yet another mod.  Head back out.               |
     |                                                                          |
     | [DUAL TARGET DETECTORS MOD OBTAINED]                                     |
    Jump over to the bolt crank, then head to the right to destroy the enemies that
    throw those annoying little enemies.  Defeat them, then their spawn.  Use the
    bolt crank when you're done.  Jump down to the next area.  Head towards the
    blue door.
    Which answer you pick doesn't matter.
     | The key to this boss fight is to strafe jump at all times.  If you're   |
     | ever /not/ strafe jumping, you're doing something wrong.  Start off by  |
     | unloading all of your Combustor ammo into him.  Since that probably     |
     | be enough to destroy him, take out your Nano-Swarmers next.  Although   |
     | the Fusion Grenades do more damage, the Nano-Swarmers have a hidden     |
     | advantage: by this time, some of those little annoying enemies will be  |
     | being thrown into the battle.  Nano-Swarmers will not only hurt the     |
     | boss, but they'll also destroy the pests.  Throw a few into the middle  |
     | of the battlefield to save yourself a lot of hastle.                    |
     |                                                                         |
     | As far as attacks go, this boss is pretty slim on them.  He can throw   |
     | giant cannon balls at you and some exploding nodes.  That's pretty much |
     | it.  They're quite easy to dodge as long as you never stay still for    |
     | too long.  Keep strafe jumping to dodge them with relative ease.        |
    Afterwards, head into the elevator.  At the top, take the grind rail back to
    the ship.  Purchase the Alpha Cannon for 50,000 bolts if you have it (and you
    should).  It's a really useful (and powerful) weapon.  Tell the Smuggler that
    you're ready to go.
     | Azorean Sea Again   /  [WT15]  |
    Head onto the deck of the ship.
     | Use whatever weapons you have to slowly degrade his health.  I would'nt |
     | recommend using the Alpha Cannon here, it's simply not fast enough and  |
     | you'll inevitably get hit several times while trying to charge it.      |
     | When you get his health down a little bit, he'll fly away.              |
     |                                                                         |
     | His only real attack at this point is shooting you with his puny laser  |
     | gun.  Just strafe jump to dodge these pitiful attacks.                  |
    When he leaves, defeat the two enemies that come through the gate.  Notice
    their floating green skulls that they leave behind.  We'll need these in just
    a second.  First, use the ammo crate pads out here to stock up on ammo.  They
    respawn really fast, so it shouldn't take long.
    Head inside and talk to Talwyn.  Head back out, grab one of the green heads
    and throw it at her barrier.  Head out the door opposite the one you entered,
    then turn around and climb the ladder.
     +==Weapon Mod==============================================================+
     | Head to the far back of the deck here (opposite the ladder) and climb up |
     | on the boxes.  Jump and grab the cable here (which is actually a zip     |
     | line.  At the end, you'll find some boxes and the last weapon mod.  Jump |
     | back up the crates and return to Talwyn.                                 |
     |                                                                          |
     | [ANTI-MATTER TRANSFLUXOR MOD OBTAINED]                                   |
    Take care of the enemies here and lower the catapult.  Use it to send you
    flying onto another ship.
     | You can try to damage him with your weapons, but you'll just end up     |
     | wasting ammo.  Instead, defeat the enemies that flood the area and pick |
     | up their skulls.  Throwing the Skill at Darkwater results in damage.    |
     | Keep doing this, being sure to dodge his sword attacks.                 |
     |                                                                         |
     | Darkwater really only has one attack.  He'll slam his sword into the    |
     | deck which will send shockwaves out of either side of his sword.  It's  |
     | not that difficult to dodge.  Just single- or double-jump over it to    |
     | miss it entirely.  Occasionally he'll do it twice on both sides of the  |
     | deck.  Just jump into the wake of one of them, since the have a range   |
     | and the one from the other side of the deck can't and won't even get    |
     | close to the other side.                                                |
    After he's done for, Slag will come replace him.
     | You already know the game here.  Slag is pretty much the same as he was |
     | last time around, so whip out whatever weapon you want to use and kick  |
     | his butt.  The Predator/Raptor Launcher works especially well here.     |
     | Don't worry too much about ammo.  The ammo crate pads are pretty        |
     | generous and respawn fairly quickly.                                    |
     |                                                                         |
     | His only attack here is, again, his relatively weak pistol.  Just jump  |
     | and strafe to dodge it.                                                 |
    Head across the bridge to the next ship.  It will take you around and drop you
    off to the next, larger ship.  Head inside to find a large, electrified pirate
    hiding behind the crates.  Use whatever weapon on him.  Head to the left to
    find two more pirates hiding behind crates.  Dispense of them, then use the
    bolt crank.
     | Slag will now try and attack you with a sword.  Just keep dodging it    |
     | and using the Predator/Raptor Launcher to dispense of him.  He can be a |
     | bit of a pain when you're trying to aim the Laucher at him.  If he gets |
     | too close and is constantly hitting you, get out of aiming mode and     |
     | quickly run away, then continue shooting from afar.                     |
     |                                                                         |
     | Slag no longer uses his gun, but instead uses a sword reminiscent of    |
     | Darkwater's.  He'll try to get close to you to swipe his sword.  This   |
     | is easily dodgable by double-jumping away.  Feel free to drop out of    |
     | aiming mode to run away if you feel he's getting too close.             |
    After you've sent him packing again, some enemies will charge you from the
    doorway.  Take them out and then restock on ammo.  Head inside to fight yet
    more pirates.  Since you can't get where you need to go out of either of the
    side doors, you have to free the electrified pirate that is guarding the door
    we need.  Grab a green skull and chuck it at the force field, then take out
    the pirate.
    Restock on ammo, then head to the door the pirate was guarding.  Ignore the
    catapult for a second, and climb the crates to the left of the door.  Blow up
    the wall of explosive crates, then claim your prizes from the other side.
    Return to the catpult and use it.
    You can go about this part two ways.  First, you could go in guns-a-blazin'.
    This is relatively easy, but you could waste your precious ammo (and there's
    not very many ammo crates from now until the final boss).  The other option is
    to be a little stealthy.
    Equip the Shock Ravager and use it to send the pirate in front of you flying
    over the edge of the ship.  Jump down and quickly do the same to the next
    group.  Jump into the abyss opposite the ship you just came from and swingshot
    over to the next ship.
    Here, you'll find two more pirates.  You can't knock them over the side but
    still use the Shock Ravager, since it's utterly useless against the final boss.
    Swingshot once again, but this time hold on.  You'll be taken to the final
     | Here it is. The final boss battle in the game.  You'll start out with   |
     | Darkwater floating in the air next to the ship.  He still uses his      |
     | familiar sword attacks, so dodge them until some pirates spawn aboard   |
     | the deck.  His only new sword move is instead of hitting both swords on |
     | the deck seperately, he'll do them both at the same time.  It's not     |
     | much more difficult, just jump into the wake of one of them and wait it |
     | out.  Again, use the skulls that are dropped when you defeat normal     |
     | pirate enemies to throw at Darkwater.  It'll take two to send him off   |
     | into the distance.                                                      |
     |                                                                         |
     | Now, Slag will take over.  Unleash whatever you have on him especially  |
     | any Predator/Raptor Launcher ammo you have left.  Slag will use a few   |
     | new attacks this time, as well as all of his pistol AND sword attacks.  |
     | His pistol shots now leave behind balls of fire, which will damage you  |
     | if you touch them.  He will now occasionally slam his sword into the    |
     | deck, resulting in it getting stuck.  This is a great opportunity to    |
     | unleash a lot of ammo onto him without fear of being attacked; just be  |
     | sure to jump over the shockwave it sends.                               |
     |                                                                         |
     | If you didn't get enough skulls into Darkwater the first time, he'll    |
     | return, causing you to do the entire battle sequence over again.  Dodge |
     | his attacks, defeat the enemies that spawn and throw the skulls.        |
     | eventually you'll wear him down enough to defeat him.                   |
    Congratulations!  You've just beat "Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty!"
    Thank you for using my guide!
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