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"Don't let the score trouble you, this gets a lower score simply because its an 'Episode'."

When I got the Playstation 3 - which I sold my Wii to get (disappointed with the console, its controls and the games for it) - I had only one intent for it: the exclusive games. Whilst I haven't got all of them yet, which I don't really plan to do either, I've played most of the big exclusives and have seen what it has to offer. Whilst I owned a Playstation 2 throughout pretty much all of its lifespan, and played a lot of games for it, one series I never delved into was Ratchet and Clank. Seeing Tools of Destruction, the first Ratchet and Clank game for Playstation 3, available for a measly £15, I bought it straight away. If you've read my review for the game I was pleasantly surprised, I had a lot of fun with the game which showed consistent design, a lengthy and challenging story, and plenty of extras to do when the game had been completed. However the game concluded with a slight cliff-hanger, leaving fans excited for the next installment. What did we get? This, a small attempt at an episodic game, meaning the game is cheap as chips, providing a smaller experience before the next full game comes out later in 2009.

If you've not finished Tools of Destruction I'd advise you probably skip this paragraph, which details the story. At the end of Tools of Destruction, Clank, Ratchets robot companion, was kidnapped by the mysterious Zoni, some sort of alien race who appear to worship Clank, and aided him many times throughout Tools of Destruction. Quest for Booty is set just after Tools of Destruction, with Ratchet, ever determined to find his companion, storming a pirate ship. Soon after he ends up on Hoolefar Island, and after helping the locals, discovers a device that could help him find Clank. Actually, I should probably stop there, after that point there are only 2 or so hours left to the game. Quest for Booty doesn't do much story-wise, the ending does leave possibilities and does lead it onto the next game, but the story is, for the most part, a filler to show how Ratchet knows where to look next. However, one thing that I did like about Quest for Booty was the writing. I found the game far funnier than Tools of Destruction, with a lot of fourth-wall breaking jokes, and just genuinely funny stuff (I laughed at the song of death, or doom, or whatever it was called). Its definitely a child friendly adventure with lots of humour, and I still can't get over "I call it Slag on a stick!".

If you've played Tools of Destruction, gameplay is almost identical, missing one vital feature: Clank. You can't hover and the like, however Ratchets wrench has a few extra abilities to compensate. You can grab objects at a distance and pull them, drawing out bridges or contracting springs to jump on, and these occasions pop up fairly frequently during your adventure. Apart from this though, and a few fairly easy 'puzzles', Quest for Booty is the same thing. Its short, its fun, it has a slight element of challenge to it (there is a selectable difficulty), and important of all; it has consistent game design. The game has been very well designed, the levels feel fairly varied with their different objectives, and nothing gets too boring either. Only a select few weapons are available, and there aren't really any optional weapons or armour to buy, but when playing the game you can't help but not care. Since its only an episode length game (although as far as I am aware they're not planning on making any others, perhaps after the next game though?), the game has been streamlined to fit the length constraints, but you'll still find a highly enjoyable adventure to blast through, no matter what features have been taken out.

The graphics and music are exactly the same as Tools of Destruction, which is pretty impressive for a downloaded game. The size equates to roughly 3-4GB, providing crisp graphic quality and good music/sound effects. Essentially, if you've played Tools of Destruction, the graphics, music, sound effects and voice acting are practically identical, I noticed no slow downs (although I'd guess this is due to the game being installed on the hard drive), the loading was quick, the levels were big (and again, no loading), and the graphical/musical quality was top-notch. Simply put, the game has production values that equal those of Tools of Destruction, so you won't be disappointed.

If you enjoyed Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty is definitely worth checking out. The game is available both on Blu-Ray disc and from the Playstation Network store, and its incredibly cheap (around £10) so there isn't an excuse not to check it out. It provides an experience pretty much identical to Tools of Destruction, only 5 hours instead of 15+ that Tools of Destruction provided. Its a great way to spend some time before the sequel which will hit in the Autumn of 2009, and I know its definitely hyped me up for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/27/09

Game Release: Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty (EU, 08/21/08)

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