Review by TomDangerfield

Reviewed: 01/14/13

Clank, where are you.....?

I wanted to buy this game because I read that there was a major story in Quest for Booty, boy was I wrong. I still had fun playing through it, but I wish they would have added a whole lot more to it. With Clank gone Ratchet must use his Omniwrench to battle Captian Darkwater’s band of cut throat pirates to find the Fulcum Star which could possibly lead him to Clank.

•Gameplay –The gameplay is pretty difficult without Clank on your back. The gameplay was alright. The enemies go down pretty easily and the bosses are not really all that tuff. In the boss fights all you have to do is jump avoid, jump avoid, shoot, jump avoid, and jump avoid. The bolts seem kind of pointless, mainly because there is not much to spend them on. The only thing I spend them on was like two items that you need to continue the story and one weapon, now I have all these extra bolts. At least this game has a difficulty setting, but it’s not really all that hard. xD

•Story – The story was good, but very short. Taking place where Tools of Destruction left off, the game focuses on Ratchet and Talwyn's search for Clank. You’re on a quest to find the Fulcrum Star in order to find Clanks location. Clank was taken by the Zoni in the previous Ratchet and Clank game. You get help from the Smuggler, Talwyn, and Rusty Pete (who ends up betraying you).

•Graphics/Sound – The graphics and sounds were pretty good, I did not really have too much trouble with them. The graphics are extremely clean and the textures are impressive. The sound is solid; you can picture yourself in all action that’s going on.

•Play Time/Replayability – I beat this game in about 4 to 5 hours, like I said before its really short. There is not any point to replaying this game, unless you want to play it on hard (which really is not hard at all). I wish they would have added a few extras, like for trophies or challenge mode (where you play with all of your weapons upgraded).

•Final Recommendation – This game was pretty fun and it had its moments. Sure it has its fair share of flaws, but what games don’t? I would probably rent this game or download it if you really want to play it. If you like a good platforming game, you can’t go wrong with Ratchet and Clank.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty (US, 08/21/08)

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