What online mode is the fastest way to gain exp points and level up?

  1. What online mode is the fastest way to gain exp points and level up? I know search and destroy, capture the flag and hardcore were the fastest ways on the last COD but just wondering if anything's changed..

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  1. Gaining experiences in Modern Warfare 2 is slightly different from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The most significant difference is that the experience gained per kill in any game mode is multiplied by ten in Modern Warfare 2; for example, you will gain 100 experience points for a kill in team deathmatch in Modern Warfare 2, rather than the 10 experiences points in Call of Duty 4. Another addition is the small experience bonuses that could be gained per kill by fulfilling certain conditions like achieving a headshot.

    However, Search and Destroy remains overall as the online game mode that will give the most experience points. Only a few kills in Team Deathmatch or Domination can score to a 500-experience-points.

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  1. Try to do vlag capture and capture as many flags you can or try to make a lot of kills with grenedes

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  2. 3rd person cage death match and make your clan tag hsx3 then do head shots....But its better to have fun leveling instead of going for points.

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  3. Also, if you're not so great at Search&Destroy, Headquaters is a good mode to play. All it requires is a good team to consistantly capture the HQ. Since you get 10 points for every 5 points your team gains on the HQ, you end up winning big in the end.

    However, it is not as easy as it was in CoD4 because it takes 30 seconds after each headquaters is destroyed for the new one to become capturable.

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  4. I like to play ground war ... many people and fast respawns resulting in huge exp ... yes xp is slower but you fight more ... so for the excitment craver in you play ground war ... XP im [NWO]RonJamesT

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  5. S&D, and HQ.

    S&D gets you a lot of points for kill, points for planting the bomb, and defusing the bomb. Though, once you are dead, you're dead for the round (which at max lasts around 2:40-3:40 minutes).

    Headquarters gets you reasonable XP per kill, and if your team captures an HQ, you get 10 XP every time (I believe) every 3-4 seconds pass. Though, if you die when your team has the HQ, you don't respawn til the HQ is offline or re-captured. When the enemy team has the HQ, you have no spawn penalty.

    You can go either way... Depends if you can survive long enough (S&D), or feel like getting lots and lots of kills (HQ)

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  6. Depends on what kind of player you are if you work well with killing heaps of people play team deathmatch, i usually play this and i have only had the game for 4 days and havent played it much but are at first sergant 1 now

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  7. I personally like Free for All at the moment. I just got the game Saturday and that's all I've played. However, I haven't been playing online non stop. I've probably played a total of 5 hours online and I'm already level 17 I believe it was.

    The reason I like is there are a total of 8 players maximum, which means a better chance of winning. Now apparently I have some skill in Free for All that allows me to win every match I play and it's good because not only do I get the kill experience, but I get weapon challenges, operations challenges, boot camp challenges, and the match bonus xp in almost every match! It's great for me... try it out sometime.

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  8. Personally the easiest and best way that I have found throughout my CoD experiences is getting a group of friends or your clan, if your are in one, and play Domination or Search and Destroy. Some people argue that Headquarters is a great game mode to play also and I can't deny the fact that it is but the best and the far most effective way that I have done is Search and Destroy with a clan or friends.

    NOTE: Search and Destroy should be played in a full clan (6 members) to gain the most experience and wins.

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  9. S&D and HQ. Just don't die in S&D lol.

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  10. TDM and Ground War are the ways to go. Ground War games have the right amount of people for these new maps so you wont be meandering around for like 5 minutes. Domination and TDM on a large scale means you will get a crap load of kills which equals weapon levels which equals massive amounts of xp.

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  11. 1. You can play Demolition because you get at least 2500 xp points at the end of each match(300 xp extra+ if you get kills)It's like Search and Destory but you have to destroy both objectives and you respawn.
    2. Search and Destroy. This is a very good way to level up because of the high points you get per kill. I wouldn't recommend this game mode if you get pissed off every time you die because whoops you won't respawn till the next round.(Mic is highly recommended)
    3.CTF(Capture the Flag) This isn't as good as Demolition or S&D but it's both fun and it offers moderate xp. Have your teammates cover you as you go for the flag. Again mic is highly recommended. Be sure to have a RIOT SHIELD when you rush the enemy or you'll die more easily. There's wave respawn delay.
    4. TDM, Mercernary TDM, or TDM Express. TDM is a good way to level up because you're objective is to eliminate the enemy. More kills on the weapon means more challenges complete. Don't rely on the kills to level. Aim for the head so you can get those Expert challenges done along the way. TDM is both a fun way to enjoy this game and a good way to get those challenges done. Play TDM Express because its faster than regular TDM.
    Any 3rd Person Tactical match is good too if you're good at it.

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  12. Demolition, RACK UP XP.

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  13. Capture the flag is good for experience but sometimes you'll have jerks on your team who will purposely not help you when you are carrying the flag and close to capturing because they want to wait for you to die and then take their shot on the enemy who took you out so that they can run the flag the last few feet and capture it themself for points.

    I find that team deathmatch is more than adequate to level up and you learn the spots where people corner camp etc., a lot faster. It is also a good idea to switch weapons/attachments every so often in order to gain extra experience from the challenges.

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  14. Capure the flag helps alot im not very good at games like this but capure the flag really helped.

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  15. Either search and destroy, HQ or change your clantag to HSx3 and do head shots in 3rdperson cage match for the achievments.

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  16. You can do headshots, CTF,Sabotage and S&D but all these absolutly kill your K.D ratio.(exept HS because its kinda even with that)So if i were you and i cared about myself owning others on the leaderboards then i would just go for TDM Express because theres less time between matches so you get to level up faster

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  17. The best and one of the most wasy ways is to have a riot shield class start a team deathmatch or ground war look for a sentry gun take your riot shield crouch and sit down in front of the sentry gun. Not only does it gain you exp for every hit you take but it also distracts it from your teamates.

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