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    Joker FAQ by Sol4688

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    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    Joker FAQ
    Written by: Sol4688
    E-mail: hypersonic444@yahoo.com
    Hello, and welcome to my Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker FAQ.
    In this guide, I will tell you about the Joker DLC, how to play
    as the Joker, and some quick guides to his challenge maps.
    Please take notice, this guide will NOT cover anything
    concerning the Joker in the story mode, or any other
    instance in the main game.
    The Joker challenges are fun, and the Joker himself is wild
    indeed... But with this guide, I will do my best to introduce
    you to him, and hopefully, succeed while playing as him.
    Also note that this is one of my first FAQ's written. So any
    and all feedback is welcome.
    Table of Contents
    Section			   Details		     Shortcut
    Part 1................ About the Joker!................[PT01]
    Part 2................ The DLC itself .................[PT02]
    Part 3................ Controls .......................[PT03]
    Part 4................ Gadgets.........................[PT04]
    Part 5................. Challenge maps.................[PT05]
    Part 5a................ Maximum Punishment.............[PT5a]
    Part 5b................ Paging Dr. Joker...............[PT5b]
    Part 5c................ Gutter Tactics.................[PT5c]
    Part 5d................ Administered Pain..............[PT5d]
    Part 5e................ Caged Fighter..................[PT5e]
    Part 5f................ Hell's Hacienda................[PT5f]
    Part 5g................ Giggles in the Gardens.........[PT5g]
    Part 5h................ Cavern of Love.................[PT5h]
    Part 6................. Additional notes and tips......[PT06]
    Part 7...................... Credits...................[PT07]
    Let's get started, shall we?
    ABOUT THE JOKER.............................................[PT01]
    The Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate...
    The Joker.
    Image of the Joker:
    The Joker is voiced by Mark Hamill in the game, noted for
    playing the Joker on Batman: The Animated Series, and
    reprising the role in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker,
    and Justice League.
    The Joker's real name and origin are a mystery, even to
    (though he doesn't mind fabricating one or two on the spot)
    and is a true mystery. What is known is that Joker's life as a
    criminal began with a fated encounter in a factory. Then, a
    lowly thug, Joker fell into a vat
    of acid during an encounter with Batman early on in his career.
    The dip resulted in his visage being twisted to that of a mad
    clown, and melted away any sanity he could've possibly had.
    Joker is Batman's most persistent and frustrating opponent, a
    lunatic as dedicated to causing mayhem and trouble as Batman is
    to preserving justice and order. He has no value for any life
    besides his own, and frequently shows it by mercilessly killing
    anyone who gets in his way... or simply when he feels like it.
    His list of victims is staggering, and includes some of those
    Batman valued dearly, such as Jason Todd (the second Robin)
    He is also responsible for shooting and cripping the daughter
    of Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon
    (formerly Batgirl, now Oracle.) While having no powers,
    Joker is one of the world's most unpredictable madmen.
    His true motives and next actions are solely his to know,
    and this applies to everything,
    from his cunning criminal schemes to combat.
    He has an arsenal consisting of many dangerous weapons,
    including some seemingly playful toys, like a flower that
    squirts acid, or a joy buzzer capable of frying you.
    Joker is also a very eccentric, but a more than capable
    leader and mastermind.
    By the events of the game, Joker's latest scheme (In which
    he invaded City Hall and held the Mayor hostage) is thwarted
    by Batman. It is notable that when Batman arrived, Joker
    surrendered with little resistance. When taken to Arkham,
    Joker is given a lot of care and attention when transporting
    him through the Asylum, but to noavail, as he eventually
    escapes the guards and reveals he has seized control of
    the Asylum, releasing the inmates, his gang from
    neighboring Blackgate prison (to be held there temporarily
    due to a mysterious fire in the prison) and several of
    Batman's own most vicious rogues, affectionately referred to
    as the "party list." He also reveals
    to have bombs planted across Gotham City, to discourage
    intervention from outside authorities.... But, Batman is
    convinced this is a ruse.
    Or is it...?
    With danger everywhere, Joker monitoring Batman's progress,
    and the guards and doctors helpless against the waves of
    enemies, can Batman stand a chance against Joker's
    latest plan?
    THE DLC ITSELF............................................[PT02]
    Here, I'll talk a bit about the DLC.
    The full title of it is:
    Batman (tm): Arkham Asylum
    Play as the Joker
    Challenge Map (Add-on Content)
    released by Eidos-Interactive Inc, on August 20, 2009.
    The DLC is completely free. Just hit it, and get it.
    Then, go to your PS3 game tab, and you will see it there beneath
    where your game disc icon should pop up. Once you have Arkham
    Asylum, you can install the Joker DLC. Both installing and
    downloading don't take particularly long; 2-3 minutes tops.
    As for questions concerning whether or not the DLC will
    eventually have a price forced upon it, or if it will become
    available to the X-box 360? Well... I have no answer to
    either of those. It's simply too early to say. Sorry folks.
    So, you wanna be the Joker, eh? Well, let's be the Joker.
    We're gonna start with controls.
    For the most part, the Joker plays very similar to Batman.
    So I'll be referring to Batman's movesets very often when
    describing Joker's moves. For your sake, I do hope you are
    familiar with how Batman plays, so you will understand what
    I mean.
    Left Analog Stick- Walk. Wanna get somewhere, you gotta move
    around, right?
    Move the left analog stick slightly to walk slowly in
    that direction. Moving it all the way in a direction will make
    Joker walk as fast as he can (and with a VERY nice strut,
    Right Analog Stick- Rotate camera. Spin the camera around Joker
    to see your surroundings better.
    Directional Buttons- Select gadget/weapon. Like Batman, Joker
    has his arsenal of gadgets and weapons to help him out.
    A weapon is keyed to a certain directional button.
    Tapping that button will equip that
    weapon/gadget and allow you to use it.
    Please note that in certain missions, Joker will have certain
    gadgets and weapons available to him, and in other missions,
    he will not. I will go over which ones in the gadgets section.
    Triangle- Counter/Stealth Takedown. The triangle button has two
    First, when in normal combat with enemies, a trigger will show
    when an enemy is about to attack.
    This trigger is several blue lightning bolts radiating from
    their heads. When you see this, tap triangle, and
    (like Batman) Joker will swiftly block the enemy attack, and
    (humorously, I might add) strike them back, often knocking them
    back for a moment or two.
    Joker's counters aren't much different from Batman's, aside
    from being more fun rather than brutal to watch.
    The second use, is when you're sneaking about, you can stealthily
    approach a guard. Once you're within range, press triangle to do a
    stealth takedown on the guard. It's worth noting that Joker's
    takedown animations (while, again, much funnier) take quite a
    bit longer than Batman's.
    While a guard goes down, Joker will dance around a
    bit having a good laugh, making it not a good choice to use
    if a guard casually walks around the corner and spots you.
    Take your stealth kills with caution.
    Square- Attack. Joker's attacks are fun to watch, in opposition
    to Batman's focused and precise martial arts... Joker's combat
    utilizes extremely unpredictable sweeping kicks, slaps, and chops.
    Tap square repeatedly to chain the attacks and combo across
    the room, taking down enemies in an almost dance-like
    flurry of pain.
    Circle- Gas stun. The circle button, like Batman's, is used
    to temporarily stun an enemy or several enemies when in combat.
    When pressed, Joker quickly takes out a small aerosol can,
    and does a quick 360 degree spin while spraying the gas about.
    The enemies recoil, and are stunned for about 2 or 3 seconds
    before shaking it off and jumping back in the fight. Joker's stun
    is slower than Batman's, as there is a small delay where he takes
    out the can to when he sprays it. Always keep this in mind when
    fighting large groups of enemies.
    X- Evade/Interact with environment. When you quickly double
    tap the X button in a direction, Joker will do a swift dodging
    maneuver. Normally, Joker does a plunging dive, followed by a
    hand spring leap that will either finish with a slide or a
    spinning somersault. The slide is the safer of the two, as
    the somersault is very lengthy and leaves Joker very open
    to enemy attack. Take caution when evading with Joker.
    When you use the evade button near an enemy, Joker will vault on
    to the guard and leap frog off of him, sending the guard stumbling
    behind him while Joker gets to safety. This is always a good
    maneuver, it will maintain your combo, and can save your life if
    you get swamped.
    Note that simply pressing X by itself in combat will do nothing.
    When walking around or exploring a level, the X button can have
    different uses. If you're near a corner or something to hide
    behind, a prompt to use that spot as cover may pop up. Tap X,
    and Joker will hide and be able to peek around corners,
    and instigate a corner takedown (if the moment arises.)
    If you're near a fence or ledge, an option to climb up or
    over that barrier may pop up. Tap X, and Joker will climb
    the obstacle.
    If you're near a gate or vent that can be opened,
    tapping X will let Joker open that spot and climb in to
    L1- Aim/ready your equipped gadget/weapon. When you have your
    gadget/weapon that you want to use selected, then press L1 to
    switch to a closer view of Joker wielding said weapon.
    Note: With Joker's gun, quickly tap L1 to fire off a shot.
    This is best used for maintaining a combo, or knocking out an
    enemy if they move in too close to you. The shot is quite
    inaccurate, though, so be careful how you use it.
    R1- Use currently equipped gadget/weapon. When you're holding L1
    and have your gadget/weapon ready, press R1 to use the
    gadget/weapon. Each one has different properties, so refer to
    the gadgets section for more information.
    L2- Nothing. Yes, this is Batman's detective mode. Joker has no
    such thing.
    R2- Crouch. Press and hold R2 to make Joker crouch. While
    crouched, Joker is harder to see, and easier to hide.
    L3- Center camera. Clicking L3 will return the camera to a
    default position behind Joker.
    R3- Zoom in. Clicking R3 will zoom Joker's sight in on whatever's
    in front of him. Note that while in zoomed in mode, you cannot
    attack or run. It's also worth noting in Joker's zoomed state,
    there's no grid-thingy like Batman has.
    Left analog stick + X- Run. Holding down X while you move will
    turn Joker's steady strut into a healthy run. Useful for moving
    around faster, of course.
    When you're near a ledge, run to it, and Joker will
    automatically leap when you reach the end.
    Left analog stick + R2- Crouch walk. Moving the left analog
    stick while crouched will move Joker around while keeping his
    head down, making his movements more stealthy and making
    him harder to spot.
    R2 + square- Attack. This is pretty much the exact same as
    the normal square button attack.
    There's pretty much no need to crouch first
    before attacking, ever.
    R2 + triangle- Crouching stealth takedown/Ground takedown. While
    you can do normal takedowns standing, it's better to be crouching
    because it's stealthier.
    When in free combat, you may notice instances where you knock down
    an enemy, and you see circles radiating from their head with stars.
    This means they're open for a ground takedown, a brutal attack
    which will put an enemy down on the spot. After knocking an enemy
    down, go next to them, and press R2 + triangle.
    Joker will then put the enemy out of the fight.
    Again, Joker's are much more fun to watch
    than Batman's, but his ground takedown animations are MUCH longer
    than Batman's, and unlike other attacks, you WON'T be able to
    counter or defend against an enemy if they choose to attack you.
    For this reason, I GREATLY discourage the idea of using ground
    takedowns in large brawls.
    R2 + X- Hide in a ground panel. If you're standing over a floor
    vent or grate, and you crouch over it, a prompt will come up
    to hit R2 + X. When you do, Joker will yank open the floor panel
    and hop in, allowing you to move in the underground vents.
    The underground vents are VERY useful hiding places, and good
    spots to set up ambushes.
    To get out of an underground vent, go underneath the floor
    panel, and a prompt will pop up. Press X to jump out of the
    X + square- Throw (once you reach a combo of 5 hits or more)
    Like with Batman (even though you have to purchase this
    maneuver as Batman) After reaching a certain number of combo hits,
    Joker's combo counter will turn yellow. Once this happens,
    you will be able to perform takedowns. One of these is the
    grab, in which Joker runs up to an enemy, hoists them up, and
    freely tosses him away. It does decent damage, and can knock
    down any other enemies that get caught in the toss. Enemies won't
    attack you while performing this (as with all takedowns) and
    knocks down a lot of enemies when aimed right. Always a good
    choice in a fight.
    Circle + triangle- Takedown (once you reach a combo of 5 hits,
    8 if you do not have the combo plus upgrade) Like with Batman,
    after reaching a certain number of combo hits,
    Joker's combo counter will turn yellow. Once this happens,
    you will be able to perform takedowns. Joker has various
    takedowns. They include:
    - Joker lunges on his foe, clinging to them and pounding them
    in the head relentlessly, before finishing off with a stylish
    spinning slap.
    - Joker stops and waves at the enemy, distracting them just
    enough to catch them off guard with a slap across the face.
    He then grabs their outstretched hand and pulls a classic Joy
    Buzzer gag, frying them on the spot.
    - Joker rushes forward and delivers a punishing kick to the groin,
    and then slaps the enemy upside their face. (note, that if
    your enemy is wearing a helmet, it will fly off with this hit.)
    He then finishes with a deadly precise eye poke attack, putting
    them out on the spot.
    As with other takedowns, enemies will not attack you when you
    are performing a takedown, so you need only sit back... and
    enjoy a good laugh.
    We got controls down? Good!
    In this section, I will explain Joker's tools and gadgets. Now,
    before this section begins, I want you to quickly note that
    there are some missions where Joker will NOT have all these
    available to him. I'll tell you which ones he has in what
    missions, though.
    Joker has 3 gadgets available to him.
    The Gun- The Gun is Joker's basic weapon, and occupies the
    directional button up. The Gun is a humorously oversized magnum
    that only the Joker could wield without looking like a tool.
    The Gun is interesting for several reasons. One- it's an automatic
    kill on whoever it hits. It's an ultimate instrument of destruction
    in this regard. Two- It's only got ONE bullet. That's right, 1 shot
    folks. In combat challenges, your Gun's ammo is restored when you
    clear a round. But don't think you can stack ammo every round-
    you still only get 1 shot.
    Now, the Gun is very flexible, like the batarang. If you quickly
    tap L1, you can fire off a shot, very similar to Batman's quick L1
    tap to fire off a batarang.
    However, unlike the batarang, the gun is incredibly loud, and in
    sneaking missions, using it will alert every guard on the map to
    Joker's location right away. This can either be very good or
    very bad, depending on your situation.
    Tragically, the Gun also requires you to be quite accurate, as if
    you aim, there is no lock-on reticle. So make your shot count.
    Additionally, if you can manage to line up several guards in a row,
    then the Gun is capable of piercing all the enemies, netting you a
    quick multi-kill combo. However, waltzing around in a fight with
    the Gun out waiting for the enemies to line up is very
    dangerous. It rarely happens, so don't hold your breath.
    The Gun is available to Joker in all of his challenge maps.
    The Chattering Teeth- Joker's second gadget, and the directional
    button left. The Chattering Teeth are a set of toy dentures with
    feet, and a bomb contained within it.
    Hold L1 to ready them, and hit R1 to launch them. Joker will
    release the teeth, and the view will shift to behind the teeth.
    Now you're in control!
    Use the left analog stick to control the teeth's
    movement (they're constantly moving, all you can do is steer it.)
    Check the teeth's icon to see a bar next to it. The bar depletes
    as time passes with the teeth. When the bar is empty, the
    teeth will automatically detonate.
    But, why wait for detonation? Tap R1 when you're ready to manually
    set off the teeth. The teeth will stop, and then explode, making
    a healthy bang (that will kill the stealth of the moment, for sure)
    and kill anyone nearby. The teeth are crucial for setting traps
    in the sneaking missions, and can be used to take out clusters
    of guards effortlessly. Keep this in mind when you're ready to
    hit the high scores.
    It's worth noting that when you use the teeth, Joker stands
    rooted to the spot. So make sure when you do use the teeth, Joker
    is well hidden first. Otherwise, a casual guard walking by that
    spots you will end you and put any plans for your teeth- and
    future- to rest.
    Like the Gun, you only get 1 set of teeth per mission.
    Make 'em count.
    The Chattering Teeth are only available for use in
    Joker's sneaking missions.
    The Specs- Joker's third and final gadget, and the directional
    button right. Joker's Specs are a set of funny glasses that, when
    looked through, allow you to look around the level and see through
    walls, floors, and check enemy locations. Essentially...
    It's Joker's "detective mode."
    To use the Specs, simply hold down L1 while the Glasses are
    equipped. Joker's view will then change. Move the right analog
    stick to adjust where Joker looks to.
    The Specs are... well, more of a hindrance than a help. For one-
    You're unable to move while using the glasses. If an enemy
    happens to walk by while you're using them? Well, you won't be
    able to do anything about it until Joker puts those glasses
    neatly away in his pocket. For two- there's a 1 or 2 second delay
    from when Joker takes out the Specs to when he puts them on. Now,
    in missions where speed is of the essence, it's REALLY not the
    best of ideas to spend all your time gazing around in the specs.
    To be completely honest: The only times you'll really need the
    Specs is most likely when you first start a stage, to simply
    look around and take in your surroundings. If you're serious
    about hitting the leaderboards, memorize the locations of the
    enemies and the map.
    Because there will be NO time whatsoever for sight seeing when
    you're shooting for a high score.
    The Specs are only available for use in Joker's sneaking missions,
    but unlike the other gadgets, the Specs can be used anytime
    during the mission.
    CHALLENGE MAPS............................................[PT05]
    Joker's challenge maps are unlocked around the same time as
    Batman's are. Although as to which ones get unlocked when,
    I'm still currently looking into.
    Like Batman, Joker has two types of challenge maps. The first
    of which is the combat challenge. In these challenges,
    Joker goes 4 rounds with Arkham's finest, and it's up to you
    to put the guards down, with- if possible- as much style
    as possible. Focus is put on maintaining a long combo, not
    getting hit, and varying your attacks.
    The second type of challenge maps are the sneaking
    challenges. In these challenges, there are several guards
    patrolling the map. It's up to Joker to sneak around and
    dispatch every guard. The guards are all very well armed,
    and Joker... well, doesn't have a lot of health, so
    fighting them up front is VERY ill-advised. It's up to you
    to utilize stealth, hiding spots, your gadgets, and your
    wits to take out all the guards safely and quickly. Speed
    is the focus of these missions.
    I may as well take this time to remind you all quickly:
    The Joker and his combat abilities mirror that of your
    Batman. By that, I mean that the upgrades you get for
    Batman apply to Joker too. If you have the Throw ability
    for Batman, Joker will have it too. If you have the takedown
    ability for Batmna, Joker can do takedowns as well. If you
    have the combo upgrade ability, Joker can do takedowns at
    5 hits instead of 8. This is why I will insist that you
    beat the main story (or at least get all of the combat
    upgrades) before attempting Joker's challenge mode. It'll
    simply be giving you a stronger Joker to work with. And
    with some of his challenge maps? You will DEFINITELY
    need it.
    (Thanks Skorch for reminding me.)
    Enemies you will encounter in challenge maps are:
    Security Guards- The regular guards walking around in cop-like
    uniforms. There's nothing too special about these guys.
    Riot Guards- Guards wearing riot gear. Again, nothing special.
    They move like any other enemy in the game.
    Aaron Cash- Cash is Arkham Asylum's toughest security guard.
    Once, in an encounter with Killer Croc, he lost his hand
    to Croc. He has since harbored a deep fear and hatred
    for Croc.
    By the events of the game, Cash is caught in the mayhem and
    has his hands full looking out for his staff and any
    innocent bystanders. Cash has no tolerance for any of the
    inmates causing trouble, and is eager to assist Batman
    however he can.
    Cash handles like a Security Guard, pretty much. It may be
    just me, but I believe that Cash has a higher tendency to
    look for weapons.
    Simply stop him if he does go for a weapon, and deal
    with him like you would anyone else.
    Commissioner Gordon- Commissioner James Gordon is the revered
    leader of the GCPD, and one of Batman's allies in the war on
    crime in Gotham. By the events of the game, Gordon is at Arkham
    to help see in Joker's incarceration. Gordon attempts to help
    maintain control when all the trouble starts, but is quickly
    captured. Despite his best efforts, Gordon is often victim to
    Joker's schemes.
    Gordon handles like any other enemy in the game, and, like
    Cash, may have a higher tendency to run for weapons.
    In some of these missions, enemies may wield weapons. There
    are three types of weapons available to enemies in the
    - Wall-mounted consoles. These are computer consoles that
    randomly stick out of walls. Sometimes during a fight, a
    guard may run up to a console, yank it out of the wall, and
    toss the thing at Joker. This hurts a lot, and has a bit of
    range on it. Sadly, there's no real audio cue for when a
    guard is making a move for this. You'll simply have to pay
    attention to a guard's position and make sure to keep them
    in sight.
    Note that once a console is thrown, it cannot be picked up
    and used again.
    - Cattle prods. These are electrified rods wielded by guards
    to keep unruly inmates in check. Cattle prod users are very
    tricky for a certain reason: They are capable of blocking
    normal attacks. Additionally, if you try to attack them
    up front, you will take damage from the shock. If a cattle
    prod wielder is in their "stance," the goofy pose with their
    arms outstretched, you won't be able to hit them up front.
    So how do you deal with these guys?
    To attack a Cattle prod wielder, you must first perform an
    evade over them. Doing so will send the guard stumbling and
    stun them momentarily. When they are stunned, they are open
    to attack. Upon knocking them down, they will drop their
    weapons and be disarmed. Cattle prod wielders are also immune
    to being gas stunned.
    Note that if you have a high enough combo to do a takedown,
    you can takedown cattle prod wielders without stunning them
    first. Doing so will result in a special takedown, which Joker
    seizes the cattle prod, cracks the guard across the face with
    it, and then zaps them while they're down. Like with other
    takedowns, enemies will not interfere.
    The only other major thing you have to worry about with
    cattle prods is that if an enemy drops their cattle prod, then
    any other guard can walk up to it and pick it up. They will
    often do this if Joker is busy doing a takedown. You should
    note, however, that if you can strike a guard before he assumes
    the "stance," then you will still be able to harm him, and
    potentially force him to drop the cattle prod.
    - Machine guns. In the combat challenges, there are often gun
    cabinets placed on walls across the map. Sometimes, a guard
    may approach the gun cabinet and attempt to open it. When they
    do so, an alarm will go off and a light atop the cabinet will
    light up. Consider this your cue to "STOP THEM! NOW!"
    It takes guards a few seconds to open a cabinet, but if they
    do, you've just opened a new threat to Joker.
    Joker doesn't have a lot of health as is, and takes hits
    badly already. So give a guard a weapon that allows them
    to strike Joker from across the map, hit him repeatedly, halt
    his combo, and deal a great amount of damage? You just got
    yourself a high-priority threat.
    The worst part about gun cabinets is that they only leave more
    guns for the rest of the guards.
    I cannot stress this enough: If you see a guard going for a
    gun, you should likely drop whatever you're doing and stop
    them. If you have built a good combo going, try and use your
    momentum to swing by a gun cabinet and stop a guard from doing
    anything. These guys are the biggest threat you can have in
    a challenge map, and need to be dealt with as such.
    Like with any other weapons, if you manage to knock down a
    guard wielding the weapon, then they will drop it. But be wary,
    as a gun, like a cattle prod, can be picked up and used by
    anyone else.
    Okay, so let's move on to the maps themselves!
    MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT........................................[PT5a]
    Maximum Punishment is the first Joker challenge, and as one would
    think, the easiest. It's also his first combat challenge.
    There's nothing special to take note of here, as it's very
    similar to Batman's first challenge map.
    There are the electrified gates you can use knock guards into
    to stun them temporarily.
    Also, keep in mind the rail behind you. If you want, you can use
    Joker's throw attack to toss a guard right over the side and
    take him out of the fight. Cheap, sure. Fun to do? Hell yes.
    There are weapons available to the guards in this stage.
    There's two console boxes in the north wall that a guard can
    rip out and throw at you, and a gun locker on the right wall
    between the two cells. But if you keep them on their toes, they
    won't go for it.
    Round 1- Riot Guard x3
    Pft. This isn't even a warm up. Take these goons out any way you
    desire. Maybe take some time and try to get comfortable with your
    moves, if this is your first time playing as Joker
    (as I assume it would be.)
    Round 2- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x4
    This is a fairly basic group battle. Take this fight to learn
    your takedowns and other combo maneuvers.
    Round 3- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x6, Cash x1
    A bigger crowd, but nothing to sweat. Cash himself is just
    a costume swapped security guard, so don't sweat him. If he goes
    for a weapon, put him down quickly, or risk taking a hurtin'
    for Joker.
    Round 4- Security Guard x2, Riot Guard x6, Gordon x1
    These are the types of groups you should get used to fighting.
    Take this round to practice well (and humiliate Gordon.)
    Watch for Gordon, as he might try to toss a console at
    PAGING DR. JOKER..........................................[PT5b]
    Paging Dr. Joker is Joker's second challenge map.
    This is Joker's first sneaking challenge, so naturally, I'd have
    to insist you take some time off to practice with it before
    hitting leaderboards.
    There are several things to remember when doing these maps.
    First of all- Time is of the essence. The quicker you get
    through this, the better. If that means taking a hit or two,
    or blatantly exposing yourself to danger to finish the mission
    more quickly, it's highly recommended to do so.
    Second of all- the enemies in these missions are armed, and
    Joker takes hits like a little girl, so if you catch a guard's
    attention, you have to put them down- FAST. Otherwise, it won't
    take much to kill you.
    Thirdly- If you notice, you'll have a full range of gadgets and
    tools at your disposal. Use them wisely.
    Now, Paging Dr. Joker takes place in the Medical Facility's
    lobby, and has the same trappings, down to the vents,
    grates, and exploding walls. For sneaking around- just
    stay out of the vents unless you need to hide. Joker won't
    be able to make the most out of them, unlike Batman with
    his grappling hook. With Joker, the best hiding spot is
    around a corner somewhere in the open.
    Round 1- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x5
    Note: All enemies in this mission are armed with machine guns.
    Now, from where you start in the mission, there's two guards on
    the walkway above you, one guard patrolling the center walkway,
    and two on the walkway across the room from the one above Joker.
    There's a guard at the far end of the room on the same floor as
    Joker, but he moves around across the levels. One of the ones on
    the walkway across from Joker will not move, but simply stand
    around by a collapsible wall.
    I'll be honest with you. There's no real certain danger in
    this stage. There are tons of hiding spaces, and the guards are
    spread out just enough so that they won't locate a downed guard
    unless you want them to.
    You may be looking at the leaderboards and wondering, how
    do these people get this mission done in under 10 seconds??
    Good question.
    The key is speed, not stealth. The fastest way to victory is to
    grab their attention, rope them all in one spot, and finish them
    in one go with Joker's teeth bomb.
    However, the thing with this plan is... well, it's pretty much
    luck. You need to be lucky and have all the guards follow to the
    same point, be lucky to make sure they all group together closely
    enough, be lucky enough to make sure they don't walk away too
    early, and lucky enough that your bomb blows them up all at
    Use this mission to get the hang of this tactic. It'll make
    dealing with the others much easier.
    GUTTER TACTICS............................................[PT5c]
    Gutter Tactics is Joker's third challenge map, and his second
    combat challenge map.
    It takes place in the sewers that are between Batman's Arkham
    bat cave and Croc's lair, also the area where the Sewer Bat
    challenges take place.
    It's a larger map, and it's easy to lose track of an enemy
    bolting for one of the gun cabinets or to a console to throw
    at Joker. So be wary.
    Round 1- Security Guard x2, Riot Guard x4
    A piece of cake. Take these losers out at your leisure.
    Round 2- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x7
    Not an overly challenging battle. This is most likely
    the round where the guards will start looking for consoles
    to throw your way. Try and get a steady combo getting, and
    let Joker's momentum combo in the guards holding consoles
    before they get a chance to throw them. Keep that in mind,
    and you'll make it through this no sweat.
    Round 3- Riot Guard x10, Cash x1
    Cash will go for anything he can get his hands on. So keep
    a watchful eye on him. Otherwise, just be careful. It's too
    easy to take get overconfident and take a hit when you least
    expect it.
    Round 4- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x14, Gordon x1
    This isn't too different from last round. Keep an eye on
    Gordon, and try to knock out any guards who make their way to
    the gun cabinets. If you took out any console tossers in the
    previous rounds, you should have nothing to worry about
    there, and the guns should be your only concern.
    ADMINISTERED PAIN.........................................[PT5d]
    Administered Pain is Joker's fourth challenge map, and his
    second sneaking challenge. It takes place in the Arkham
    Mansion library, where Cash is captured at some point later
    in the main game. This is also where Batman's...
    The library is one of Batman's easier challenges, simply due
    to the sheer amount of hiding places he can grapple to.
    So you can imagine since Joker has no grappling hook, this
    is going to be MUCH tougher.
    Round 1- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x5
    Note: All enemies in this round are armed with machine guns.
    From where you start, there's 1 guard patrolling the catwalk
    to your left, 1 guard patrolling the center area, 1 guard who
    patrols from the center to the left area (between stairs), 1
    guard who patrols from the center to the right area (between
    stairs), 1 on the left catwalk across from where Joker starts,
    and 1 who just stands on guard near the stairs in the right
    Naturally, there's the careful and stealthy way to do this
    mission, or the loud and quick way. The stealthy way is
    infinitely safer, but it will cost you any hopes you have of
    making the leader boards.
    When being stealthy, I recommend disposing of the guard on
    the catwalk next to Joker first (with a silent takedown. A
    ledge takedown will alert the other guards.)
    From there, sneak around the catwalk to the right area, and
    while hugging the wall, sneak up on the security guard
    standing there. If you're feeling gutsy, you can make a move
    on the guard walking away from the right area. From there,
    it's almost certain a guard will notice their downed
    comrades. You can either choose to blow them all up with some
    chattering teeth, or sneak around and dispose of them at your
    Now, the quick and loud way requires a monumental amount of
    luck. Due to the guards all being spread out so far, it's
    difficult to get them all in one spot quickly, and make them
    stay there. Practice, and try to determine which guard to take
    out first, or the best area to trap them all. There's a number
    of ways you can go about this. Find the best one for you.
    CAGED FIGHTER.............................................[PT5e]
    Caged Fighter is Joker's fifth challenge map, his third
    combat challenge, and one with a theme, yay!
    The map takes place in the high security prison wing area.
    (if you remember from the main game, it's the room with all the
    electrified floors, where you can see Mr. Freeze's cell.)
    The hazards here include gun lockers mounted on the walls of
    either arena on the left or right side. This isn't a big deal,
    as most guards will ignore it. But watch out by round 3, as
    Cash will most likely make a break for it as soon as he's able.
    It's worth noting, though, that if a guard has a gun, he will
    NOT attempt to shoot Joker until he's in the same arena as him.
    So if a guard does go for a gun, don't panic. Simply wait until
    he jumps back in, and take him out the second he touches the
    ground and has a chance to do anything.
    So the name of the game here is speed. At the start of the fight,
    a counter will appear on the right side of the screen, letting
    you know how much time remains. When the counter goes down to 0,
    the floor lights up, and it's game over. Not right away, of
    course, but a few more seconds after. It's worth noting if
    you're taking out the last enemy with a takedown, you will
    NOT be killed. The animation spares you from certain death.
    I've even discovered that if you kill your last enemy while
    the screen is even fading to black, you can still net a
    Handy, huh?
    Round 1- Security Guard x2, Riot Guard x2
    A straightforward enough battle. Taking them out quickly and
    safely should be no trouble.
    Note: You will have 28 seconds until the floor powers up.
    Round 2- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x5
    note: The Security Guard and one of the Riot Guards are
    armed with cattle prods.
    The cattle prods are a new addition to the combat challenges.
    If you remember them from Batman's rounds, you'll know that
    if you try to strike a guard wielding a cattle prod, then
    you will be blocked, shocked, and take a bit of damage.
    Guards wielding cattle prods are also unable to be countered,
    and cannot be stunned. So the answer to dealing with them is
    to evade over them. This will stun the guard temporarily, and
    you'll be able to beat them down. You are also able to hit a
    guard if he's going to pick up a cattle prod (they technically
    won't be "equipped" with it until they assume their goofy
    stance.) Or if a guard with a cattle prod is getting up off
    the floor.
    Nevertheless, they are not to be taken lightly. If a guard has
    a cattle prod, put them down with a quick takedown or gunshot.
    Note: You will have 38 seconds until the floor powers up.
    Round 3- Riot Guard x7, Cash x1
    note: Two of the Riot Guards are armed with cattle prods.
    This is the fight where things go downhill...
    If guards haven't gone for the gun cabinets yet, they will
    now for sure. But if they do, don't fret- let them go. They
    won't shoot until they return to the same arena Joker is in.
    And when they do return, they're easily dealt with if you
    have a good combo with momentum going. There will no doubt
    be guards picking up cattle prods left on the ground from
    previous battles, so watch out for them first and foremost.
    Note: you will have 48 seconds until the floor powers up.
    Round 4- Security Guard x2, Riot Guard x5, Gordon x1
    note: Gordon is armed with a cattle prod.
    This is the fight that will make or break you in this
    It's certainly not a tough roster to take down. Your worst
    enemy in this round is the time limit. The second a guard
    drops a cattle prod or gun, another will move to pick it
    up, meaning you'll be wasting time on disarms and
    takedowns. I won't lie: You're gonna need a little bit of
    luck here. But I know you can do it!
    Note: You will have 58 seconds until the floor powers up.
    HELL'S HACIENDA...........................................[PT5f]
    Hell's Hacienda is Joker's sixth challenge map, and
    his third sneaking challenge. It takes place in the
    large transfer hall, where in the main story, is a place of
    many events... namely where you find Frank Boles (in a less
    than ideal state) where the Riddler first contacts you, and
    a site of several very great predator missions.
    It's a very large map, with 3 floors, each with good hiding
    places to flee to if you're caught. The building in the
    middle is a great place to go to keep an eye on the rest of
    your enemies.
    The level itself is chock full of possibilities, so go wild.
    Round 1- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x5
    Note: All enemies in this round are armed with machine guns.
    From where you start, there are 2 enemies patrolling the
    tunnel in front of and below you, 1 guard standing at guard on
    the balcony directly ahead of you, 1 guard patrolling the
    walkway to the left, 1 to the walkway on the right, and 1
    patrolling in the central building.
    Now, you CAN take out the guard ahead of you, but it's risky.
    I personally recommend moving up to the left walkway and
    taking out the guard there first and foremost. From there,
    you can easily take out the one in the building and the one on
    the balcony with little trouble. Guards won't check up there
    (unless you're noisy, of course) so the rest of them are easy
    Of course, that was the stealthy way. For the quick way, try
    to figure out a quick way to kill one of the guards beneath
    you, and get him in such a spot that the others will be able
    to converge in a short time. Otherwise, they'll start to spread
    out and look for Joker, ruining any chance of a quick group
    kill. Once again, it requires more luck than anything else.
    GIGGLES IN THE GARDENS....................................[PT5g]
    Giggles in the Gardens is Joker's seventh challenge map, and
    his fourth and final combat map. It takes place in the
    Botanical Gardens lab, where in the main story, Joker was
    creating the Titan formula. It's noted for being the first
    point in the game you have to fight 2 Titans at the same time.
    This is also the area where Batman's Rumble in the Jungle
    challenges take place.
    It's the biggest of all the maps, so it's easy to lose a combo
    simple due to a guard wandering about, or take a hit out of
    nowhere from a console or gunfire. It is absolutely crucial that
    you know where your enemies are, what they're doing, and how
    you can take them out while maintaining a combo.
    Round 1- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x4
    Let's start things off easy, shall we? Nothing to this
    fight. Making this a perfect fight should be no big deal.
    Round 2- Riot Guard x8
    Note: One of the Riot Guards is armed with a cattle prod.
    Aside from the one cattle prod wielder, this isn't much
    of a challenge. Disarm him first, and take care of the
    battle normally. I suggest you watch out, as guards will
    start going for guns and consoles for sure.
    Round 3- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x6, Cash x1
    There's nothing to really worry about this round, as the
    guards will focus mainly on you. Watch out for the 2 or 3
    guards who will opt for weapons instead.
    Round 4- Security Guard x2, Riot Guard x7, Gordon x1
    Note: One of the Riot Guards is armed with a cattle prod.
    This fight has a real tendency to get out of hand. Guards
    will be going for weapons left and right, and it's a real
    handful to make sure they keep their paws off a weapon.
    Again, try to keep your momentum going strong, and they won't
    have a chance to do anything.
    CAVERN OF LOVE............................................[PT5h]
    Cavern of Love is Joker's eighth challenge map, and his fourth
    and final sneaking mission. This challenge takes place in the
    pump room, where in the main story, Batman must go to shut
    down the pumps spewing Titan into the waterways. It's a very
    interesting map, with numerous vents and walkways to hide
    around, but guards have very precise patrols, which can make
    it more than a handful.
    Round 1- Security Guard x2, Riot Guard x6
    Note: All enemies in this round are armed with machine guns.
    This map is extremely tricky. Just getting out of the doorway
    in the beginning is a challenge, as there are guards every
    which way here.
    From where you start, there's 1 guard walking by right in
    front of you, 2 just to the left of that one (behind the
    large pump) 1 patrolling the bottom floor, 2 patrolling
    the walkway to the right (under the control room) and 2 just
    chilling in the control room.
    The tricky part is that guard right in front of you. Walking
    right by... boy, don't you just wanna take him down? Right
    there? Well, for the interest of the mission, I really
    recommend you don't. Because otherwise, the 2 left walkway
    guards will be right on you. Instead, try to wait a bit,
    then move downstairs and take out the guard on the lower
    floor. Another guard should be patrolling down there
    eventually. If you can, try to take him out before he find
    the body. Now, the other guards don't go to the lower floor,
    so you're free to go about the rest of the mission in various
    ways. My personal favorite is to send a set of chattering teeth
    to the control room for an easy 2 quick kills. The guards will
    be on edge, sure, but they tend to spread out... and here,
    spreading out is to your advantage.
    Now, the quick way? Well, fortunately, I was contacted by
    a high ranking player from the leaderboards on how he did it.
    He says the way to a quick victory is to wait until the guard
    walks past the door, then run down the stairs and drop down
    the grate. By now, the guards should be chasing you. Now if
    you pop up behind the wall, back up, and use the chattering
    teeth on the clustered guards, and if you're lucky, you'll
    take them all out in one go! (thanks to Antubis)
    ADDITIONAL NOTES AND TIPS.................................[PT06]
    - When fighting with Joker (or in general, really) It's
    important to remember it's better to REact than to act. Or, in
    other words, try to focus your combat on being on guard and
    countering your enemies actions rather than being on full
    attack mode. Doing so will result in a safer battle.
    - Don't forget your takedowns! If an enemy has a cattle prod,
    trying to evade over him and beat him with 2 or 3 other guards
    rushing you is a dangerous gamble. Try and work up a takedown,
    and kill the guard in one go. Remember, takedowns always work.
    Even on guards using weapons, and they are unblockable. The only
    thing is to make sure you're close enough to them when you do it.
    You can use takedowns from a bit of a range (Joker will dart up
    to them, not differently from a momentum-fueled attack) but the
    range isn't nearly as good as a regular attack with momentum.
    - Think through your attacks. You may have noticed that slow
    motion effect when you get a sweet combo going. It's useful in
    more ways than just looking stylish. Notice the enemies around
    you. See them as they run up to you, and try to predict attacks,
    and decide the best course of action. Do you try to counter them?
    Do you move on to attack the guy across the room? Do you use a
    quick fire gunshot? Try to think your battles through as you do
    them, and you'll be surprised with how well you might do.
    - I really cannot stress this enough: Play through the main
    story and give Batman's challenges a try BEFORE you attempt to
    play as Joker. Learning to do all the moves with Batman is
    crucial to success as Joker. Familiarize yourself with the
    combat techniques, takedowns, and hiding before playing, or
    you will regret it when you're the Joker.
    - Use the middle stick to dodge.( :D )
    - If you would like to add something to my faq or comment,
    please do not hesitate.
    E-mail me at hypersonic444@yahoo.com Remember!
    This is one of my first faqs. Any feedback is welcome.
    I'd like to thank the players for contributing what they
    can to my FAQs.
    I'd like to thank Gamefaqs itself for the
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