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"Batman fans rejoice. A true Dark Knight experience. The only review you'll need to read."

I remember growing up watching Batman: The Animated Series, every Batman movie that was to date, playing every game that came out on the consoles. My childhood memories of this caped crusader will forever be held dear to me for the rest of my life. I am now a young adult and probably an even bigger Batman fan then I ever was. After The last 2 epic installments of Gotham's Dark Knight, I've been craving a game.. craving to put Gotham's most sinister super criminals behind bars. And then, there was Arkham Asylum. So enough babble. Time to get to the real reason why you clicked on this review.

To start things off, let's talk about the presentation:
Let me begin by telling you all, this game is leaning more so towards adults then children. From the mild language here and there, to Poison Ivy's painted on plant underwear. I felt this was definatley a step in the right direction since people who grew up watching the Dark Knight are now most likely older contenders. The graphics are beautiful, the all around environment is completely what you would expect from an Insane Asylum during the darkest hour of the night. My only real gripe with the presentation would be that sometimes, the characters' mouth wont always fit what they are saying, and sometimes there are some minor glitches (arms going through walls, joker not looking in the right direction when speaking to you etc.) but all in all; these minor problems can easily be forgiven. Chances are you probably wont even notice it most of the time because the game itself will blow you away. This game also has some decent menus to boot. It's full of unlockable extras, sinister interviews from the super criminals, (Once again children be warned. There are a few very adult oriented interviews.), and character bios. Also, some excellent voice acting is played here. Mark Hamill as well as Kevin Conroy are back and OH how they have been soarly missed! Excellent presentation overall.

Next let's talk about graphics:
See I'm the type of gamer where graphics do not mean squat. However, I was still very impressed. It's a beautiful game. The attention to every conceivable detail is all there. Although not the best ps3/360 graphics your going to see. It still looks awesome. The characters are all very well done although sometimes they look rather shiny. You'll also notice how Batman's outfit begins to get damaged throughout the game. This definatley makes it seem more realistic in a sense.

3rd, I will be talking sound overall:
I could not be any happier with the soundtrack this game has to offer as well as the VO's. If your a childhood fan of the animated series, you'll definatley appreciate how silly, yet sinister Mark Hammil still sounds, and how heroic, and deep Kevin Conroy sounds as well. Every character sounds great in this game. The music is also very well done to fit each level nicely.

Next, I will be talking about Gameplay quality:
This area makes this game shine like a diamond. Batman is fully equipped. From his Batarang, to explosion gel. When playing, you really feel like you are the Dark Knight himself. You can stealth your oponents, or beat them to death with a rather interesting ninja tech moveset. I must say how surprised I was when fighting my opponents. The battle system is very easy to get into, but very difficult to master. While it is effective, it takes time to time all your attacks perfectly while moving in the proper direction. You can also sneak into ventilation vents to gain access to certain areas of the Asylum. On that note, let me just take the time to mention that this whole game takes place at the Asylum. Your job is to penetrate Joker's plans of taking over the Asylum before he takes over the city. In this game, you will be visiting a lot of familiar areas (your going to LOVE one of them) and also some new types of areas. The game does NOT get repetitive at all. You can upgrade lots of different abilities as the game progresses. I loved every minute of this.

Lastly, let's get into the Replay Value:
This game will take you approximatley 9-12 hours to beat. If you would like to achieve everything your probably going to dish up 12 or more. If your looking to speed right through it, it wont take you as long. It still is a decent length for action game of this calibur. I know I will find myself coming back to this game in the near future.

If your a Batman fan, or just a fan of action adventure games, give this little hot shot title a go. I assure each and every one of you, that you will not be disappointed. This game will definatley attract fans from long ago while attracting new ones as well. Like I said earlier, if you found yourself every morning and afternoon watching the animated series, you are going to appreciate this game. While it is more adult oriented, it is exactly what we've been waiting for. You are the Dark Knight. Think your up for the challenge? Think you have what it takes to put the mad Joker behind bars for good? Think you can find every one of Riddler's little trophies left behind for you? If you answered Yes to ANY of these questions, go buy this game. I would recommend that you rent this game first if you are not sure; But this is worth every penny of a purchase hands down. I hope that you found this review intriguing. It's the only review you'll need to read before playing. Until next time my fellow gamers, Live hard, Play harder!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/03/09

Game Release: Batman: Arkham Asylum (US, 08/25/09)

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