What are the rewards for beating the battle rock?

  1. I really love this game and i've been thinking about getting the dlc for it but every website I look at just says "more powerful spells and in-game items for overlord and minions". Well I hated the dungeon aspect of the first game and i'm not going to waste 5 bucks on a dlc dungeon unless i know what my rewards for beating it are going to be. Can anyone tell me?

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  1. The first 3 challenges earn you the "missing" spell catalysts, allowing you to fully upgrade all of your spells

    The 4th challenge earns you the forge stone for the Storm Bringer. It's a lightning-enchanted mace that seems to be equal in strength to the Apocolyptor and can temporarily stun enemies with its power strike (final hit of the combo).

    The 5th challenge earns you the forge stone for The Chopper, the most powerful sword available. It deals a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and the description says it does extra damage with directional strikes (I assume this refers to when you attack while pushing the joystick). To be honest, I think the Beserker is better. It's just as fast as The Chopper (or any sword for that matter), deals about the same amount of damage and offers bonus damage when performing a power strike or a "finishing blow" against a prone target. The Chopper does look (and sound) pretty cool though, so it's up to you. I imagine someone who favors sowrds over other weapons would love this thing.

    You can also earn special gear for your Browns in the 3rd, 4th and 5th challenges. Those are basically boss battles, and once each boss is dead, it leaves behind a unique hat. These hats are just as powerful as the gold helms you get in the later levels, and they're treated just like Champion Hats (i.e. a Brown will pick one of these hats up even if they already have a gold helm, and they'll say either "Look what I got" or "This is very special"). The Battle Rock hats don't give their wearers "Champion" status however. The first boss also drops a unique weapn, and like the special hats, it it's as powerfull as an endgame item, and the Brown that picks it will never replace it.

    Here's a guide for the Battle Rock challenges if you're interested in buying it: www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=952372&topic=50590402

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