Collecting ALL of the scrolls?

  1. I know it's entirely unnecessary, and I could even get all the trophies without doing it, but I really want to collect all the scrolls in the game, along with everything else. I know that every level has a scroll detailing that level's Trial, and no level has more than three other scrolls beyond that--is there anywhere Online that I can check how many scrolls there are in total in each level, so as to be sure I haven't missed any in levels with less than the maximum? Or perhaps a way in-game to determine that I have them all for a given level? (I already checked both of the walkthroughs on this site, of course)

    User Info: Emperor_Dodd

    Emperor_Dodd - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can try simpoldood's LoS channel
    If you look at each vid's Description box, you can count how many Brotherhood Knight scrolls there are.
    He didn't list the Trial scrolls in the description though.
    I don't know if the Focus Scroll counts since it's an item instead of just a simple scroll.

    User Info: Gunsm1th

    Gunsm1th - 5 years ago 0 0

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