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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ryan Harrison / SteCisTTWG

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    Streets of Rage (Genesis) FAQ/Walkthrough
    • Version: 1.01
    • Last Updated: 7 February 2014
    • Authors: Ryan Harrison / Stephen Child
    • Email: rjhgamefaqs[at]gmail.com / stecthettwg[at]gmail.com

    This document is Copyright ©2013-2015 Ryan Harrison and Stephen Child. All rights reserved.

    Version History

    Version 1.01 | 7 February 2014
    • Minor change in contact details for Stephen (new GameFAQs user profile link).
    Version 1.00 | 3 January 2013
    • The first, complete posted version of this FAQ/Walkthrough.


    Ryan Intro

    Hello and welcome to mine and Stephen's FAQ/Walkthrough for one of our all-time favourite beat-'em-up games for the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, as it's known where we're from). We originally covered this game back in March of 2003 but in the nine years since, we decided to do a cleanup and rewrite this FAQ from the ground up, and needless to say, we're delighted with the final outcome. Anyway, in this file, we will have a complete beginning-to-end walkthrough as well as all the basic and supplemental information that is required to completely understand and master Streets of Rage. My job in this FAQ is to provide all the characters, basics and overview information, and covering the first four levels in the walkthrough. Streets of Rage, released in 1991, grew to be one of Sega's great series for the Genesis/Mega Drive console and for fans of the genre it's definitely a must-play, so try to score a copy of your own or a downloadable port and check it out sometime!

    Stephen Intro

    At the time of producing this guide, this will be my first FAQ effort in nine years and also the first with Ryan for just as long. Just to prove that this awesome title still holds nostalgic value in today's gaming unit, SEGA has re-released Streets of Rage on many occasions since its Mega Drive/Genesis outing. For you people who wish for simpler times in the search of videogame entertainment, we have everything covered; together we only use the oldest source material to flesh out this guide (that being SEGA's home port) but hopefully it won't dampen your experience if you're using another system. I will be in charge of the later four levels and other supplimentary information of this guide, with the enemies, boss strategies and such. That all said, it's time to knuckle up!


    Turmoil in the streets!

    What was once a happy, peaceful, productive city, full of life and activity, has fallen into the hands of a secret criminal syndicate. The leader of the syndicate has somehow managed to keep his identity a secret. The organization soon absorbed the city government (anyone can be had if the price is right). They even have the metropolitan police force in their back pocket. Looting, random violence and destruction are rampant. No one is safe walking the streets, day or night...

    As the chaos continued at full strength, three young police officers tried to establish a special attack unit. They were repeatedly refused by their superiors, most of whom had either been bought by the organization or were too afraid to make a stand. One day, when they could no longer stand by and watch their city being demolished, they quit the force!

    Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding decided to forego their careers in legal law enforcement and put their lives on the line. They are without weapons, but each possesses great hand-to-hand combat abilities. Take them into the heart of the city and battle the most dangerous wave of bad dudes and chicks ever assembled. Make the city a place where people no longer have to walk the Streets of Rage!

    Adam Hunter

    Adam Hunter

    Adam is the dark-skinned guy wearing a yellow vest and silver-coloured pants. While he is a little on the slower side in terms of movement, his jumping and fighting skills are terrific, making him an ideal choice for beginners and experts alike.

    Adam's Statistics

    Power: A
    Jump: A
    Speed: B

    Axel Stone

    Axel Stone

    A staple character from the Streets of Rage trilogy, Axel, like his male comrade Adam is skilled with his fists, although slightly quicker. However, he does lack the jumping power of Adam and Blaze. That being said, he is the ideal beginners' fighter as his raw strength and ability in the fisticuffs area are more than a match for any enemy. He's the guy with the blond hair, white shirt and blue jeans.

    Axel's Statistics

    Power: A
    Jump: B
    Speed: A

    Blaze Fielding

    Blaze Fielding

    The female member of the trio. She has long, dark hair and is clad in red. While she lacks the strength of her male counterparts Adam and Axel, Blaze has tremendous jumping ability and speed that can help her in outwitting her foes and getting in quick attacks. Better suited to the more experienced Streets of Rage player.

    Blaze's Statistics

    Power: B
    Jump: A
    Speed: A

    NOTE: These are all the game's default control settings. Button denotations for the A, B and C buttons can be changed via the game's Options Menu.

    D-PadMove cursor to highlight different options in menu screens
    Move character in direction pressed
    StartBegin game from Title Screen
    Pause the game during play; press again to resume play when paused
    ACall backup for Special Attack if you have it available
    Throw enemy while holding them, used in conjunction with Left/Right
    Pick up items when standing over them
    CJump (hold Left/Right on D-Pad to move in those directions while jumping)
    B + CPerform rear attack move

    Title Screen

    Upon starting up the game, you will see a short backstory sequence, followed by the three profiles of the main characters of the game. After this, you'll see the title screen, with the flashing text 'PRESS START BUTTON' in the centre. If you wait for a few seconds, you'll see a demo of the gameplay, otherwise press Start, and this takes you to the next screen.

    Here, you'll have a blank black screen with three selections in white text in the middle. Here's what each of them are:

    1 PLAYER: If playing alone, select this option to play through Streets of Rage with one character. However, if playing in any round between 1 to 7, a second player can instantly join the action by pressing Start on their controller to join in and make it a 2 Player Game.
    2 PLAYERS: Two players can each select one of the three characters (however both players cannot select the same character) and cooperatively play through the game. This will only be available if 2 controllers are plugged into the system.
    OPTIONS: View and edit (if you choose) the game's settings and check out the music and sound effects. See below for more information.
    Options Menu
    SOUND TEST: By pressing Left and Right on the D-Pad, you can choose any of the game's music and sound effects to listen to by pressing the A, B or C buttons. The soundtrack listings are:
    ROUND1, ROUND2, ROUND3, ROUND4, ROUND5, ROUND6, ROUND7, ROUND8, BOSS, TITLE, GAME OVER, SELECT, NAME ENTRY, ROUND CLEAR, BAD ENDING, LAST BOSS, GOOD ENDING, VOICE1, VOICE2, VOICE3, VOICE4, VOICE5, VOICE6, VOICE7, VOICE8, VOICE9, VOICE10, SE 1, SE 2, SE 3, SE 4, SE 5, SE 6, SE 7, SE 8, SE 9, SE 10, SE 11, SE 12, SE 13, SE 14, SE 15, SE 16, SE 17, SE 18, SE 19, SE 20, SE 21, SE 22, SE 23, SE 24, SE 25, SE 26, SE 27, SE 28, SE 29, SE 30, SE 31, SE 32, SE 33, SE 34, SE 35, SE 36, SE 37, SE 38, SE 39, SE 40, SE 41, SE 42, SE 43, SE 44, SE 45 and SE 46.
    LEVEL: Here you can select the difficulty setting for the challenge of the game, from EASY, NORMAL, HARD or HARDEST.
    CONTROL: Here, you can choose from a variety of control layouts for what each of the three main action buttons do. Here are the layouts that can be chosen:
    Layout 1Layout 2Layout 3

    EXIT: Takes you back to the previous menu.

    Choose Your Character

    Once you've chosen between a 1 Player Game or a 2 Player Game from the main menu, you will then be taken to the character selection screen, which looks like this:

    Character Select screen

    Use the D-Pad to move the highlighter box around the character you wish to choose, and confirm your selection with Start, A, B or C. The highlighter box changes colour between characters (yellow for Adam, blue for Axel and red for Blaze). While they are highlighted, the character sprite in the box below their name and statistics will also show a demonstration of their four-strike combo that they can pull off against the enemies in the game. Also, if you have 2 players playing, the player number can be seen at the top of the screen for which player can select which character.

    After you have made your character selection(s), the game proper will then begin at the start of Round 1. Also note that a second player can join in a 1 Player Game at any time by pressing Start on the second controller plugged into the Genesis system (however this cannot be done in Round 8 of the game). Depending on which character Player 1 was controlling will determine which character will be automatically assigned to player 2.

    If Player 1 is playing as...Player 2 will play as...

    Game Screen

    At the top of the playing area will be a toolbar with various numbers, gauges and headers. Here's a screenshot and a rundown of them all:

    Game Screen toolbar

    Player 1's Score: Shown in the top-left corner of the screen, beside the header '1UP', this six-digit figure is the current score that Player 1 has accumulated so far in the game. Bump this up by defeating enemies, clearing levels and collecting Cash Bags and Gold Bars.

    Player 1's Life Gauge: This is the red bar shown in the top-left corner of the screen, directly beneath Player 1's score counter. As the Player takes damage, it begins to turn white. Should the entire Life Gauge be drained, the player loses a life. You can restore it partially with an Apple, or fully with Beef. It will also be restored to full energy after completing a round.

    Player 1's Lives Remaining: This is the number of lives Player 1 has remaining, which is shown directly right of their Life Gauge.

    Player 1's Special Attacks: The number shown to the right of the 'S' just left of the timer, this is how many times Player 1 can call for backup by pressing the 'Special Attack' button. You generally start out with 1, but you can get another by collecting the rare Special item.

    Player 2's Score: Shown in the top-right corner of the screen, beside the header '2UP', this six-digit figure is the current score that Player 2 has accumulated so far in the game. Bump this up by defeating enemies, clearing levels and collecting Cash Bags and Gold Bars.

    Player 2's Life Gauge: This is the red bar shown in the top-right corner of the screen, directly beneath Player 2's score counter. As the Player takes damage, it begins to turn white. Should the entire Life Gauge be drained, the player loses a life. You can restore it partially with an Apple, or fully with Beef. It will also be restored to full energy after completing a round.

    Player 2's Lives Remaining: This is the number of lives Player 2 has remaining, which is shown directly right of their Life Gauge.

    Player 2's Special Attacks: The number shown to the right of the 'S' just right of the timer, this is how many times Player 2 can call for backup by pressing the 'Special Attack' button. You generally start out with 1, but you can get another by collecting the rare Special item.

    Timer: Shown in the top-centre of the screen, below the 'TIME' heading. This will start out at 40, 50 or 60, and tick down gradually as you progress through the stage, however it is refreshed every time you see 'GO' to advance further on in the level. If this reaches zero at any one point, both players lose a life. Try to be a little quicker next time!

    Attacking Moves

    By using the D-Pad, you can move your character in any direction around on the screen, and by pressing the designated Attack button (the default is B), your character can use their regular attacks to deal damage to enemies. However, there are also a multitude of ways you can attack, such as combos, attacking combined with jumping, and even teaming up with the second player for double-team moves!

    • The Attack button will perform the Regular Attack. Each character's Regular Attacks are:
      • Adam: Jab
      • Axel: Power Jab
      • Blaze: Horizontal Chop
    • By tapping the Attack button quickly and repeatedly and hitting four successful blows against an enemy, you character pulls off different, and stronger, moves, in a combination known as a 'Flurry'. They are as follows:
      • Adam: 2 Jabs, Uppercut, Kick to the chest
      • Axel: 2 Power Jabs, Body Punch, Knee Slam
      • Blaze: 2 Horizontal Chops, 2 Abdomen Kicks followed by a backflip
    • By first pressing the designated Jump button (default is C) and pressing the Attack button in midair, the character does their Jump Kick:
      • Adam: Flying Snap Kick
      • Axel: Flying Knee Slam
      • Blaze: 360-degree Reverse Kick
    • Pressing the Attack and Jump buttons simultaneously performs the Rear Attack, in which the character performs a flash move to catch out an opponent who may be trying to sneak up from behind. Each character's Rear Attack is:
      • Adam: Jumping Reverse Kick
      • Axel: Backward Fist Smash
      • Blaze: Standing Snap Kick
    Grabbing Moves

    To grab an enemy, walk in front of them, and while still holding down in the direction towards the enemy with the D-Pad, your character will grab their head and can attack in the following ways...

    • By pressing the Attack button several times, the character performs a 'Fury' in which they hit three very powerful blows to knock the enemy down and away from them. These are:
      • Adam: 2 Knee Slams, Elbow Smash
      • Axel: 2 Knee Slams, Head Slam
      • Blaze: 2 Knee Slams, Kick followed by backflip
    • When you have the opponent grabbed, you can throw them by quickly pressing the opposite direction on the D-Pad and the Attack button simultaneously. Each character's Throws are:
      • Adam: Shoulder Throw
      • Axel: Shoulder Throw
      • Blaze: Overhead Throw
    • By grabbing an enemy from behind, or from the front followed by vaulting over them (see below), pressing the Attack button will make the character hit a Backdrop, a powerful German Suplex-like move.
    • To 'Vault' an opponent, press the Jump button while in the grabbing position.
    Counter Moves
    • If an enemy grabs your character from behind, pressing the C button will make your character push their feet up in front of them, and this can also kick any enemies that approach from the front!
    • While doing the above move, you can also fling the enemy that has grabbed you over your shoulder by pressing the Attack button the moment your character's feet hit the ground.
    • Some enemies are capable of performing their own shoulder throw moves - most notably Signals and the Mona & Lisa bosses. Should an enemy do this to you, hold Up on the D-Pad and keep tapping the Jump button while in midair, and you should land on your feet without taking damage.
    Double-Team Moves

    If playing with 2 Players, both characters can team up to fight enemies together.

    • You can walk into the other player to grab them like you would an enemy. By performing a throw on your colleague, when launched they will perform a somersault torpedo move that knocks down any enemies that come into contact with it! Your teammate also sustains no damage when thrown, too.
    • If you grab your teammate from the front and perform the Vault move (see above), your character will also do the somersault torpedo move in the same manner as the previous move.
    • You can grab your teammate from behind, and the other player can press the Jump button to kick enemies that approach from the front.


    There are a multitude of weapons that you can pick up and use to combat your foes. Some, like Knives and Pepper Shakers, can be thrown for additional damage. To pick up a weapon, stand over it and press the Attack button to pick it up like you would any other item, and while holding the weapon, press the Attack button to use it. For a more detailed description on each of the various weapons available in the game, please see the Items section of this FAQ for more information.

    Special Attacks

    Both characters start each round with 1 Special Attack available, and by pressing the Special Attack button on the Genesis controller (the default button for this is A), you can call for backup, who will assist you by blasting the screen to deal huge damage to all enemies. This is good to wipe the screen clear of all enemies when you find the numbers getting too great, but it also works wonders to grind down the life meters of bosses, too.

    You can also get extra Special Attacks by collecting the rare 'Special' item (looks like a model police car; see Items section for info). Should your character lose a life, they will be given another Special Attack to use should they have any lives left, so if it looks like you are close to losing a life, use your Special Attack anyway, because it will at least deal a bit more damage to the enemies, and you'll get another Special Attack if you do lose a life.

    NOTE: You cannot get any Special Attacks in Round 8.


    To increase your score, defeat enemies, collect items and complete levels. Upon completing each level, you are given three separate Bonuses that are also added to your score.


    These are shown at the end of each level and tallied to your score. The different Bonuses that are shown are:

    CLEAR BONUS: 20,000 points, awarded at the end of each stage.
    TIME BONUS: 100 points per second remaining on the timer. So, should you finish a stage with 22 seconds remaining, that's:
                22 x 100 = 2200 points.
    LEVEL BONUS: A different pre-ordained bonus given for completing the stage, depending on the difficulty setting chosen from the Options screen at the beginning. These are:
    EASY0 points
    NORMAL10,000 points
    HARD20,000 points
    HARDEST30,000 points
    Remaining Player Bonus

    Upon successful completion of the game, you are given a certain amount of points for each life you have remaining, and which difficulty level you were playing on. These are:

    EASY1000 points x Life remaining
    NORMAL2000 points x Life remaining
    HARD3000 points x Life remaining
    HARDEST4000 points x Life remaining

    So, for example, if you beat the game on the Normal difficulty setting with 4 lives remaining, that's:

                2000 x 4 = 8000 points.
    High Scores

    If you obtain a high enough score upon beating the game (or the unfortunate event of a Game Over), you can enter your three initials at the top of the screen, which can then be shown in the High Score chart, shown at the end of the game, or after the game's opening demo. Player 1's name entry appears in the top-left corner of the screen, while Player 2's appears in the top-right corner.

    Press Left or Right on the D-Pad to scroll through the various letters of the alphabet, and A or C to enter the letter. To change the previous letter, press B. When you have entered three letters, pressing Start will confirm the name entry.

    Here's what the High Score chart looks like:

    Streets of Rage High Score chart

    Game Over/Continue

    Both players begin the game with three lives (although this can be changed to 1, 5 or 7 with the Players/Round No. cheat). If a player loses all three lives, they get Game Over. At the top of the screen, you'll see the Continue/Game Over screen, which looks like this:

    | > CONTINUE 3 |
    |   GAME OVER  |
    | ============ |

    The number to the right of 'CONTINUE' is how many Continues the player has remaining (three for a 1 Player game, or four for both players in a 2 Player game). If you select CONTINUE and press A, B, C or Start, your character will re-enter the screen, and you will be given three extra lives to continue through the game with.

    If you move the marker down and select GAME OVER, the game will end (in a 2 Player game, the other player can still carry on playing alone). If both players get a game over, you will have to start again from the beginning of the game. Also, if you have used up all of your Continue credits, you'll also get a Game Over and have to begin from the start. Better luck next time!


    This is the focal part of this FAQ; how to beat the game from start to finish. Please note a couple of things; this walkthrough was written based on a 1 Player Game, on the NORMAL difficulty setting. More/less enemies and pickups may or may not appear in some areas in which we have detailed them, so please be aware that if playing with extra players or on a different difficulty, some parts may be slightly different to how we detail them, however, this should not affect the walkthrough's ability in helping you get through the game.

    Round 1: City Street

    You begin the game outside the 'Pine Pot' breakfast diner. Begin by walking right to encounter the first grunt of the game, a Garcia. He is easy enough to defeat; just a few punches should take him out. Continue onwards and defeat a second Garcia, who approaches from the right-hand side of the screen. After this comes a Signal. Now this enemy, unlike the Garcias, prefers to slide tackle and throw rather than punch, so watch you don't get too close. Again, fists or jumping attacks will defeat this enemy.

    Advance further right as far as you can until the screen stops scrolling, and you'll be outside a place called the L Devo bar. Two blue Garcias will approach from behind; again, use your fists to defeat them. Once they're gone, a third will approach. Defeat this guy like you did the last few guys, and when he is defeated, you will be prompted to GO!. Your timer will be refreshed, and you can resume walking on to the right.

    A little further ahead, you will encounter a crouching blue Garcia. When you get near enough, he'll get up and attack, so be quick to knock him down before he can get a shot in. Afterwards, a green sliding door will open to reveal another blue Garcia to dispose of, in addition to a yellow Signal who comes in from the right. After defeating these guys, further on you'll see a telephone box; punch it to destroy it and find an Apple to partly replenish your health meter. Fight another Garcia after this, and destroy another telephone box to find a Bottle, which can be picked up and used as a weapon to fight your enemies with.

    Once you've gotten as far as you can, use the Bottle to your advantage as you deal with a couple of blue Garcias and another yellow Signal. When all these guys are beaten, you will again be prompted to GO!, so continue advancing right. Destroy the next phone booth, and you'll find a Lead Pipe, another useful weapon. Picking this up means having to drop the Bottle (if you still have it at that point), so using whichever weapon of your preference, take out a blue Garcia who will come in from the left side of the screen. A little further on is another sliding door with a Garcia behind it, and a second Garcia comes in from the left and you will also have your first encounter with the Shiva enemy, who appears on the right.

    Using weapons and/or jumping attacks, defeat all these enemies. Proceed to encounter a Baseball Bat-wielding Garcia. Defeat this guy, and claim the Baseball Bat for yourself if you wish. Next are three phone boxes lined up in a row; smash them all to find an Apple underneath the middle one. The screen will stop scrolling at this point and a total of four more blue Garcias and a grey Shiva appear to attack, so again, use your weaponry and/or jumping attacks to defeat them all. When they are all defeated, GO! on to the right.

    Up next are two blue Garcias lying in wait. After defeating them and walking a little further on right, another one attacks from behind. After defeating him, further on is another sliding door, which reveals the femme fatale enemy known as Electra, in addition to a Knife-wielding Garcia on the right. Defeat these enemies, and a second Electra who comes in from the right. Smash the telephone box to uncover a joint of Beef, which when picked up, will completely replenish your energy!

    Next, defeat another Garcia, and another two Electras, then the background music will change, and it's time for your first boss fight of the game, against the boomerang-wielding Boomer.

    BOSS: Boomer
    Strategy: Living up to his name, Boomer is a large guy who wields a boomerang, which he occasionally throws to sweep the area, and can knock you down if it comes into contact with you. At close range, he can also attack with a kick that can also knock you down and deal fair damage, so be wary of that. Quick on his feet, he tends to move around at either side of the screen and at the bottom, so it's best to confront him around the frame edges and try to grab him, then bash him repeatedly to drain his energy, possibly finishing off with a throw. Once his energy meter is completely depleted, you will win.

    Once Boomer is defeated, you win and that's the end of the first level.

    Round 2: Inner City

    From the beginning, make your way right and quickly knock out a Garcia who rapidly approaches from the right. After he's gone, a second will come from behind. As usual, use your punches to defeat him. A little further on you'll encounter a yellow Signal, so dispose of him as well. Here, you'll spot an oil drum; punch it to knock it away and uncover a Cash Bag that was lying underneath it; picking this up will add 1000 points to your score meter.

    Right, take care of another blue Garcia and yellow Signal, who'll attack from either side. Knock down the next oil drum to uncover a Pepper Shaker; this item is not exactly an attacking weapon, but when thrown at enemies, will stun them for a few seconds if they are close enough to the spot where it smashes open, releasing pepper into the air. Pick it up and carry it to the right, until the screen stops scrolling, then try it out on the Garcias who appear here. The fourth Garcia has a Knife, so grab that when he's defeated, and also take care of a yellow Signal who joins the fray.

    GO! right when prompted, and outside a blue double-door are two oil drums; knock them over to uncover a Bottle that can be used to fight enemies, as well as an Apple to partially recover your health. Just be wary of a blue Garcia with a Knife ready to attack, as well as another two coming in from the left. Try to dispose of these guys first before picking up the items (otherwise you could risk losing them).

    Further right, defeat a blue Garcia and knock over two more oil drums to claim a Bottle and a 1 UP. Two Garcias will attack from the right as well as a red Electra, so deal with them also. Continue right until the screen stops scrolling, then defeat a blue Garcia, red Electra and two yellow Signals. Once all these enemies have been defeated, you'll be prompted to GO!, so continue advancing right.

    Fight the Knife-wielding blue Garcia and claim the weapon afterwards if you want, then defeat a grey Shiva shortly after. Knock over the oil drum and you'll find a Lead Pipe, so grab this if you want. Defeat another blue Garcia coming in from the right, and further on is another oil drum that has an Apple underneath it; grab this to partially restore your energy. Next, defeat another Shiva who appears from the right. Go right until the screen stops scrolling, and another Shiva and numerous Garcias (one wielding a Knife) will appear to attack. Use your blows/weapons to finish them off.

    The next enemy you'll be introduced to is the torch-juggling Jack; the dangerous weapons guarding his front make it inadvisable to walk directly up to him, as you'll simply get hit and knocked back. If you have a Lead Pipe, use this, or try a jumping attack. Watch out when he stops, as that means he's about to throw his torches straight at you. If you still have the Lead Pipe, three blows will do him in; otherwise keep attacking with jump kicks and you shouldn't have too much a great deal of trouble defeating the Jack. When the Jack is defeated, GO! right.

    Next, defeat two Garcias and bash the oil drum to get a Knife. Then, defeat another blue Garcia and a grey Shiva. After going right for a short distance further, you'll meet another torch-juggling Jack. Defeat this guy the same way as you did the previous time, and keep walking on the right. You'll find a joint of Beef underneath the next oil drum, so pick this up to completely refill your health meter. After this, you'll encounter four blue Garcias, a red Electra and another Jack; this time juggling axes. Take care of all the other enemies before tackling the Jack, and fight him in the same manner as you did the last two.

    At this point, once all the enemies are defeated, you will encounter the boss of this round, the Edward Scissorhands-esque Zamza. You'll have Garcias joining in the fight, but they mainly serve as a distraction; ignore them while you concentrate on fighting the main boss himself. If you've saved your Special Attacks, use these as well to cut a good deal of effort out of the boss fight.

    BOSS: Zamza
    Strategy: With blades on his gloves, Zamza tends to approach and take two quick swipes at you, which can take a good chunk out of your life meter, as well as knock you down. Zamza tends to back off when you approach, and conversely, quickly goes towards you when you have your back turned. Use this to your advantage to draw him towards you, but don't let him get too close, otherwise he can catch you and knock you down with his blade hands. Also, NEVER try jumping kicks, otherwise he'll rapidly move around in random patterns and slash you with a flurry of swipes. Just get him close and approach from below and repeatedly attack with punches and grab attacks.

    When you have defeated Zamza, that's Round 2 cleared, and it's onto the third Round, the Beachfront!

    Round 3: Beachfront

    Start by going right and defeating the first green-clad Garcia, as well as a grey Shiva who appears from behind, and knock over the pile of tyres to get a Baseball Bat. Proceed right and take on another green Garcia, then a short distance further, another grey Shiva and a Knife-wielding green Garcia. When these guys are defeated, they will be followed by a blue Garcia, a green Garcia and a yellow Signal. Use your fighting skills/and or weapons to finish them all off, and GO! right when prompted.

    Take out the red Electra you next encounter, and a second along with a green Garcia a little further on. After fighting another green Garcia you'll see a couple more piles of tyres; knock them over in order to get an Apple to restore part of your life, and a Cash Bag for extra points. At this point you'll also be ambushed by several Garcias (blue and green); some carrying weapons so after knocking them down, you can claim a Knife/Lead Pipe they drop in order to help you take them all out. Fight another yellow Signal who also joins in while you fight the Garcias, and GO! when they are all beaten.

    Next, fight a red Electra and a yellow Signal, and claim the Knife lying on the ground if you need it. Knock over the next pile of tyres, and you can get the Beef they were covering to completely restore your energy. Fight another red Electra, then after that you will encounter a trio of grey Shivas! These guys tend to stay close together as they attack, so try knocking them all down at once quickly with the use of a leaping kick attack. While dealing with these guys, there'll also be another Electra and a Signal to fight, as well.

    When those guys are out, a blue Garcia and two green ones will appear, so defeat them all, and GO! when the sign flashes. Next come a few more green Garcias (one wielding a knife), a Red Electra and a yellow Signal. When they're all defeated, you will then encounter Abadede, the boss of this level.

    BOSS: Abadede
    Strategy: Somewhat of a clone of the well-known pro wrestler The Ultimate Warrior, Abadede while large and abundant in strength, is reasonably easy to fight by avoiding his attack pattern and catching him before he retreats. Basically, he appears from the side of the screen and charges directly at your character, performing a sort of clothesline-uppercut attack when close enough. If you just move directly down while he's running, he'll miss the hit and while he's doing the move, quickly move back up and grab him. Pummel him while your character has a hold of him.
    When he's been knocked down, he'll go back to the side of the screen and repeat his attacking process, so just repeat the strategy of moving down to avoid the hit, then grabbing and pummeling away, and you'll grind his health down until he's defeated. After the final blow, he'll try getting back to his feet, before finally succumbing to defeat and collapsing.

    There is also a Garcia who appears during the fight; he will be more of a distraction, really; but you can defeat him to claim a Knife, if you'll find this of any help in fighting Abadede. Either way, once you've defeated him, you've beaten Round 3.

    Round 4: Bridge

    The first two enemies you'll encounter are a green Garcia and a purple Signal approaching from either side. Watch out for another green Garcia who appears from the right while you're battling them as well. After defeating these guys, a couple more Garcias will appear to fight, in addition to the moderately tough black Electra enemy. Fight them off and continue to go right as far as you can, then defeat the onslaught of various enemies that appear.

    When they're all beaten, GO! right when prompted. Knock over the traffic cone you see, and this will uncover a Pepper Shaker, that can be thown at enemies to stun them, if they're close enough to where the shaker is thrown. Be careful not to get too near to the gaps in the bridge, as falling down them results in the loss of one life. Defeat the green Garcia coming in from the left with the use of your fists, or by throwing him into the aforementioned pit to quickly and easily do the job. Claim the Knife he was using, as well.

    Next, three more green Garcias appear to attack, so fight them in the same manner. Knock down the barrier on the right side of the pit, and you'll get a Cash Bag for some extra points. Next, fight another green Garcia and a couple of purple Signals; again there's another pit on the right that you can throw them into. If you knock the striped pole, you can find an Apple, which you can grab if you need an energy boost while fighting the slew of enemies that appear here, which include Garcias (one wielding a Baseball Bat) and a black Electra.

    When those enemies are defeated, you will next be approached by a red torch-juggling Jack. Carefully keep your distance and try to knock him down into the pit with the use of a weapon, if you can. GO! when prompted, and next there'll be two yellow Signals that appear where the two pits are. Throw them into those pits if you can lure them down, and just be very careful to make sure you don't get thrown down one yourself. Knock down the cone, and you'll find a 1 UP!

    Next, knock down the pole and barriers, and look out for a red Shiva who appears here. Grab a Cash Bag and Apple that were underneath the barriers, then as you come close to a long pit, two yellow Signals will appear from the left, so take care of these guys first; use your fists or a weapon, or if you feel it handy, throw them into the pit. Stay near the top of the area as you continue right, and knock down the next cone you see for a Bottle. Grab it if it'll prove handy, and fight a red Shiva and two yellow Signals that appear here.

    There'll also be a blue Garcia with a Knife, and a purple Signal added to the mix as well. The blue Garcia holds the Knife in a different position (walks around slowly, with the Knife close to his chest pointing out so as to cause more damage when going near the player; use jump attacks to knock him down without sustaining damage). GO! right when prompted, and further on right, fight two more green Garcias coming in from the left, one of which has a Knife, so grab that and use it if you can. Knock down the next traffic cone for Beef to refill your energy meter, and also fight another Knife-carrying Garcia, and a purple Signal.

    The pit ends at this point, and then you'll be greeted by another purple Signal and green Garcia just after. Go right as far as the screen will go, and you'll then have to take on a multitude of Garcias and Signals, including the first appearance of the green variation of the Signal. When you have beaten all these guys, it's time for a boss fight!

    BOSS: Big Ben
    Strategy: Big Ben is the huge and very overweight guy, who has the uncanny ability to shoot a long cloud of flame from his mouth as he walks around the area, usually from one corner to another. It is important to remember that walking in front of him while he is breathing fire will only result in your character being knocked down. He's also so heavy that attempting to throw him will only result in your own character being crushed under his weight and sustaining damage, so don't try that either.
    The best thing to do is to try and wait near a corner, in a position so as not to be hit by Big Ben's curry breath as he goes there. He will sometimes stop and turn around, momentarily stopping the fire breathing while doing so. A VERY good and easy method is to quickly grab him from the front, and you can hit him with two blows. Quickly press the jump button twice (so you leap over to hold him from behind, then going back to the frontal position), then very quickly walk towards Big Ben to grab him from the front again. Hit him with two more blows, then jump over and back again, and repeat the process over until you've defeated him.

    When Big Ben is defeated, you have beaten Round 4, and it is now time to head aboard ship!

    Round 5: Aboard Ship

    On board the ship, you will be greeted by a trio of blue Garcias so be on your guard as they will attack you right away. Knock them down as collectively as possible and proceed. Three green Garcias are next in line for a beatdown. After that, three more green Garcias will be holding knives close to their chest so jump attacks are the best way to deal with them. Use your knife on them if you get the chance and carry one of them to GO on.

    Four ventilation tunnels up ahead will contain two Cash Bags, an Apple and a Pepper Shaker. Pick the shaker up last and throw it towards the two green Garcias to catch them offguard. Take down the third green Garcia, too. Further on, a red Shiva will confront you from behind. Next, a green Garcia brandishes the Baseball Bat. As always, hit the jump attack to knock the bat off his hands and use it against him. Get ready for a nasty ambush: six green Garcias will try to sandwich you, three on each side. You may not want to use your weapon and instead resort to jump attacks to narrow down the opposition. After a couple of them are beaten, one blue Garcia will join the fray. When they are all defeated, GO.

    Next are five black Electra. Three of them are suspectible to drop down on their knees to prevent you from dealing more damage. Remember to use your Special Attack in case you begin to run out of health if you need to. Proceed to find a vent tunnel containing health-replenishing Beef, with a black Electra along the way. Upon grabbing the Beef, be ready to fend off three yellow Signals. When those guys are gone, a red Electra and green Garcia will appear. Now it's time to GO to the next wave.

    Out in the open deck, a single gray Shiva will come from behind and further on, a green Garcia will appear and another gray Shiva who jumps from beneath the deck. Now three more gray Shivas bounce into action along with a knife-carrying green Garcia. Knock down the vent tunnel to pick up some Beef, and a pipe-carrying green Garcia and gray Shiva awaits. With everyone defeated, be prepared for a surprise sub-boss encounter with Abadede. Read the Boss section if you still need some help with this guy. Finish him off, and GO.

    Four Shivas are ready to strike, and three more will join in from below deck if you walk further on. Next up, an Extra Special Attack is found inside the vent tunnel and four black coloured Jacks will ambush you as punishment for finding such a useful item! These Jacks will randomise their attack pattern and throw axes and torches at no particular rate. GO when prompted.

    Time to meet the bat-wielding green Garcia joined by two more of them. Up ahead, deal with two purple Signals and a green Garcia from the left side. Another vent tunnel with Beef inside is found along the way but fight off the green Garcia with knife at hand. Go as far as the screen will allow and meet a blue Gacria and yellow Signal. This will be followed up with a red Jack - watch them torches.

    Boss time...

    BOSS: Mona & Lisa
    Strategy: Names aren't important here. The only way to distinguish the two femme fatales are to take note of each of their attack patterns. Don't try to initiate a throw on either of them as they are more than happy to lock one on you and lose a substantial amount of health. After they jump, you must stand near enough to start a punching combo when they land in front of you. Combos work best, but with throws be cautious unless are have plenty of health to spare. Sometimes you may have to stop punching chick #1 whenever chick #2 jumps in to attack you.
    In two-player mode, the handicap will be lifted and the risk factor isn't too great.

    Thus ends Round 5, and we move on to Round 6.

    Round 6: Factory

    Factory time! Walk across the first conveyor belt and smash the crate on the other side. It carries point-scoring gold bars. Two red Garcias and a purple Signal are ready to strike upon crossing the belt. A cash bag is found inside the second crate followed by another red Garcia. When the screen stops, confront the red Garcia, purple Signal, blue Garcia, black Electra and a red Garcia with his knife, in order to continue. GO now to the next phase.

    A bit further on, take down a knife-lunging red Garcia. Next to him is the level's primary trap: the compactor, which attempts to flatten the player if you stand directly below it. Watch for its red flashing light whenever you're near it and move out of the way to avoid taking unnecessary damage. However you can use this to your advantage by throwing or luring enemies underneath the presser and walk close to the machine to activate the trap. SLAM! Try this against the purple Signal and two red Garcias who will try to stomp you in such a short space. You may need an apple inside the crate on the right side of the compactor. Now beat up two purple Signals and a red Garcia, and now...

    Big Ben says, 'Hi *burp*'...he must have followed you into the factory! Literally to take advantage over your surprise of encountering another sub-boss in a level. Use the same strategy as before in Round 5 and get ready to GO.

    Underneath the next crate, find some Beef to heal those battle wonds. Next to it is a short conveyor belt leading you towards those darn compactor machines. A red Garcia will come from the left with a red Shiva waiting for you from the right. Why not lure him towards the presser while concentrating on the Garcia: throw him to the right and let the compactor do the job for you! Pass through and disarm the red Garcia from his knife.

    From here, the path will split into two belts that move along in opposite directions. Take down the red Garcia and the bat he posesses and fight off a bare-fisted red Shiva, a yellow Signal and a gray Shiva. Try to use the belts to your advantage by giving yourself enough distance to strike them with your jumping attacks or quickly moving towards them to initiate to throwing attack. You will then be told to GO.

    The conveyor belts will close off and two black Electras appear. After that, a purple Signal guards a crate containing Pepper Shaker. The third black Electra stands beside another (empty) crate and the third machine deathtrap. The next set of belts will slow you down so be careful when facing off a multitude of Garcias; one green, two red - one carrying a baseball bat - plus a red Electra. The belt that slows you down will leave you open to the enemies' attack, in particular the bat is the one to watch out in case taking damage will knock you back to the presser. Go and cross that belt.

    Three crates ahead will contain an extra Special Attack, a 1-up and a lead pipe. A red Shiva will guard this lot so deal with him first before picking them up. The massive belt up ahead will advance you along to the next deathtrap along with two black Electras and a black Jack. A red and a green Garcia will join the fray. Should you still have a weapon at this point, these dudes will be a handful!

    Go towards the next compactor and confront the purple Signal in between them. This machine will have another one right next to it and the enemies in this section include a red Shiva and purple Signal. Go as far as the screen will allow to find a crate with some Beef inside it. Chances are you'll need it. A purple Signal leads on onslaught of enemies including a red Garcia, a blue Garcia and a yellow Signal, each appearing at one time. Boss time...

    BOSS: Zamza (x2)
    Strategy: When playing in single player mode, the odds will stack against you. Even with an additional player, you must watch your positions carefully. Special Attacks are very handy in case of fighting two-against-one. Apart from that, the same strategy in Round 2: stay grounded and resort to attacks and throws to take them down.

    When the two Zamzas are beaten, you win this round, and it's onto the next one, Round 7.

    Round 7: Freight Elevator

    Ready for 'lift' off? On your way to the syndicate headquarters, the elevator will take you for a ride and stop at certain periods to reveal an onslaught of foes to make your trip a miserable one. At the first stop, three green Garcias will emerge from the door and two gray Shivas drop in from above. Yes it's daunting but see the open air over on the right side? Throw your enemies over the ledge of the elevator to ensure a quick and easy kill. After this, a blue knife-carrying Garcia, yellow Signal and purple Signal strikes back. Only after these guys bite the dust, the elevator will activate and take your ever closer to the top of the building before stopping to introduce another wave of baddies.

    Did you know that you can stand over the top railing by jumping? We do mean the *top* of the screen so don't get any ideas of plunging down to the right and lose your life in cheap fashion.

    The second wave contains two green Garcias and two gray Shivas. Two more green Shivas and a gray Shiva will join in afters. Next up, two blue Garcias - one with knife - and a yellow Signal make up the last group of this round. Now the elevator will ascend.

    The third stop makes up of red Shivas and yellow Signals; two of each to begin with, with two more making their way. After this, a grey Shiva and three green Garcias assume offence. One will have a bat, too. GO, well... up.

    The forth stop will contain two red Shivas, a purple Signal and a black Electra. After these guys, a blue Garcia, yellow Signal, purple Signal and black Electra provide backup and followed by a gray Shiva to round off the forth wave.

    The fifth and final wave gives clear view of the skyline; a pity that three red Shivas, two yellow Signals and a red Electra will give you less time to admire the pixels. Don't be afraid to use your Special Attack if you become overwhelmed at this point. Now get ready for a blue Garcia, black Electra and two green Garcias, backed up by two purple Signals.

    No boss in this round. Your player goes inside the headquarters and the last round will commence.