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    Game Script by Apathetic Aardvark

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    Phantasy Star IV Game Script
    Apathetic Aardvark
    The long, long struggle of ancient times finally ended...  The victor 
    sacrificed the vanquished to the heavens.  Four bells tolled.  Four torches 
    were lit.  And the world continued for thousands of years...
    The Algo solar system, somewhere in space... Once a brilliant civilization 
    flourished here.  The citizens devoted themselves to art and the sciences, and 
    life was prosperous and good.  The a series of disasters struck.  The system 
    wide management system, Mother Brain, was destroyed.  So was the first planet, 
    Parma.  Over 90% of the system's population died, and the advanced 
    technological culture was lost.  Society declined, spiraling downward until at 
    least only a few scattered groups even remembered there were once better times.
    A thousand years passed.  At last, civilization is once more on the rise 
    across the Algo system.  People are again turning to thoughts of an easier 
    life.  Old knowledge is being rediscovered.  But just as things look brighter, 
    beyond a threshold long thought closed, a dark and very ancient evil stirs...
    Alys: Chaz, we have work to do!  Hurry up and get ready!
    She is a slender hunter with long brown hair.  Chaz is a blonde haired boy who 
    looks as if he is rather new to fighting.
    Alys: This is your first job since you joined the Hunters Guild.  You'd better 
    put your heart into it!
    Chaz: So... I'm not a trainee anymore.
    Alys: From this day on, you are a full-fledged partner!  Now come on!  Let's 
    They exit the building and go outside, obviously in the town of some sort of 
    castle or barracks.
    Chaz: Where are we off to this time?
    Alys: It's a bit far.  We're going to Motavia Academy in the town of Piata.
    Chaz: Wow!  So we're going to the Town of Learning!  I wonder what's happened 
    Alys: Who knows? The message said 'Just come.'  We'll get the details once 
    we're there.
    They exit to the world map.
    Chaz: Since we're going to be there anyway, I'd sure like to tour the Academy.
    Alys: Is that all you can think about?  Get moving or I'll leave you behind!
    They walk off of the screen and a portrait of them standing atop a mountain 
    peek shows.  Text overlays.
    AW 2284.  Monster attacks have swelled the ranks of those who call themselves 
    Hunters.  But as the attack become ever more frequent and powerful, an elite 
    few begin to wonder what is behind this outbreak... and when and how will it 
    all end?
    They are soon inside of the Academy.  Chaz is all alone on the screen.
    Chaz: Oops!  I wandered around and now I've gotten separated from Alys.  I've 
    got to find her...
    Luckily he finds her, all of ten feet away too.
    Alys: Chaz, where have you been?  C'mon, let's go!
    Chaz: But...
    Alys: We have to see the principal and get details about this  commission.
    They reach the nearby principals office and talk with him.  He is an aged man 
    with long grey hair.  Chaz stands somewhat behind the beautiful Alys.
    Principal: Welcome.  I'm the principal of this academy.  Let's see, you must 
    be Alys the hunter, and you are her assistant, Chaz.
    Alys: Forgive me, but Chaz is a full-fledged partner of mine.  Now, let's get 
    down to business.  Describe the situation.
    Principal: Ah...  bout a month ago... Mysterious monsters started to appear 
    within this academy!  It appears that they have made the basement their 
    headquarters.  I've since closed it off.  So far no one's been hurt, but who 
    knows when they'll appear again?  Please, I beg you to destroy all those 
    creatures!  Ah... I'd like to settle this matter discreetly, I'm counting on 
    your reputation, Alys.
    Alys: No problem.  You can rely on us.  Although, it's strange that all those 
    monsters suddenly appeared in this academy.  Usually monsters don't come into 
    inhabited areas.  Do you have any idea how this happened?
    The Principal suddenly looks scared.
    Principal: How would I know?  Stop asking questions.  Just hurry and 
    exterminate those monsters!  Don't forget, I'm paying you dearly for your 
    Alys and Chaz walk out into the hallway.
    Alys: Something smells fishy here.  That principal was hiding something.
    Chaz: Maybe he's afraid of the monsters?
    Alys: I think there's more to it than that.  Tings are starting to get 
    They walk downstairs, a brown haired man wearing solid white is blocking the 
    way to the basement though.  His name is Hahn.
    Hahn: What? You're the hunters?  Really?
    Alys: You don't think we can do the job?
    Hahn: No, no, not at all!  I didn't mean that!
    Alys: Since we have he principal's permission, let us pass.
    Hahn: Wait!  Take me with you!
    Alys: Hmm.  And why should we?
    Hahn: My name is Hahn.  I am an assistant at this academy.  I work for 
    professor Holt, who has gone to investigate Birth Valley for his research.  We 
    haven't heard from him since.  So, now I am searching for the professor's 
    Chaz: Birth Valley... that's that mysterious place that has been called the 
    sacred valley of life.
    Alys: But what's the connection between the valley and this current monster 
    Hahn: After the investigation team, led by the professor, was reported 
    missing, the principal barred everyone from entering Birth Valley!  We're 
    trying to get information as to what's going on, but he keeps evading the 
    issue.  And then this monster scare begins!  I'll bet anything that there is 
    some sort of connection between these incidents.
    Alys: Well it's true that there is something fishy about the principal's 
    Hahn: Given the circumstances, I feel compelled to investigate the basement 
    myself.  But come to think of it, it is a bit dangerous...
    Alys: So you were just waiting for us to arrive?
    Hahn: Well, ah, yes.  You catch on quick!
    Alys points the mother like you've been a bad boy finger.
    Alys: 100 meseta!
    Hahn: What?
    Alys: We'll take you with us for 100 meseta.  I hope you weren't thinking of 
    asking to tag along with us for free?
    Hahn: Er... I can't get that kind of money from the principal...
    Alys: That's not my problem.  Now, what are you going to do?
    Hahn: ...OK, I'll pay...
    Hahn joins up and they all enter the basement.  Down a few floors is a strange 
    room with some containment canisters, one is broken.
    Alys: Wh.. What's this...?!
    There is a nearby monster, a fight ensues.
    Chaz: We did it!
    Alys: Chaz!  You need more practice.  Your swing is too slow!
    Chaz: What?  But we destroyed the monster...
    Alys: With my help...
    Chaz: Sorry.
    Alys: Now, Hahn?  Come over here.
    Hahn: What?
    Alys: What are these glass containers for?
    Hahn: These...
    Chaz: Hey, are you by any chance breeding monsters here?  If that's the case, 
    this monster business is no mystery after all!
    Hahn: I... I don't know anything!  It's the first time I've been in this 
    room!  I've only just learned such a thing exists at the academy!
    Alys: Umm....
    Hahn: Really, it's the truth!
    Alys: I believe you... for now.
    Hahn: The principal must know about these containers!
    Chaz: He must also know the connection between this and the disappearance of 
    Professor Holt.
    Alys: Yes, let's see the principal again.  C'mon Chaz!
    Hahn: Hey!  Don't leave me here!
    They return to the principal's office.
    Principal: Wh... what's wrong?  You seem upset.  Were you able to defeat those 
    Alys: Yes, but there is something I want to ask you.
    Principal: What?
    Alys: Is it just my imagination that I saw some strange things in the basement?
    Principal: Ah...
    Alys grabs him by the shirt and pulls him towards her.
    Alys: Stop beating around the bush.  Someone keeping information from me is 
    the sixth most dangerous thing in this world!
    Principal: All right already...  I'll tell you what I know.  You are aware of 
    the recent outbreak of the new breed of monster?
    Alys: Oh yes.  Thanks to the outbreak I'm not hurting for work.
    Principal: Three months ago, Holt identified Birth Valley as the origin of the 
    outbreak, and he went to investigate...  He says he discovered the remains of 
    an ancient and advanced civilization!  The investigation team brought back the 
    monster breeding capsules, and immediately set forth on their second 
    investigation mission.  But...
    Hahn: Not one of them came back...
    Principal: Yes, that's right Hahn.
    Hahn: And despite all this, you didn't send out a rescue team and banned entry 
    to Birth Valley!
    Principal: No, no!  I... I was trying to send out a rescue team!  But...
    Alys: Something happened?
    Principal: At that moment, a man who called himself Zio appeared before my 
    Alys: Zio!  I've heard of him.  That fake magician!
    They show a picture of Zio.  He is a tall dark haired man, very handsome if I 
    do say so myself.  They flashback to his talk with the principal.
    Zio: Ah, my dear principal of Motavia Academy, how are you doing?
    Principal: Who.. Who are you!?
    Zio: My name is Zio... Zio the black magician.  Do not intrude on Birth Valley.
    Principal: What do you mean!?
    Zio: In the future, if you ever let anyone set foot in Birth Valley...
    A picture of a man turned to stone is shown.
    Principal: Ahhh!
    Zio: Let me make something clear...  There is no need for you to go to Birth 
    Back to the present.
    Hahn: It's related to the research team!
    Chaz: So that's why the Birth Valley situation wasn't announced, and also why 
    you tried to keep a lid on the monster situation.  But... what is all this 
    about?  Remains of an ancient advanced civilization and Zio?
    Alys: It seems like these are signs of something to come.
    Hahn: I need to help the professor!  I'm going to Birth Valley!
    Alys: Psst.  Hahn.  This is egg-laying season for sand worms, so be careful.
    Hahn: Ah... Alys?
    Alys: We'll tag along for 300 meseta plus expenses.
    Hahn: Ah...deal!  Birth Valley is to the northeast!  Let's hurry!
    Zema, the town which houses birth valley is rather quiet.  So quiet in fact 
    since everyone has been turned to stone.  Alys and crew just head to birth 
    valley.  At the back of the valley, Professor Holt has also been turned into 
    Hahn: Oh!  Professor Holt!
    Chaz: What on earth?
    Alys: An ancient curse?  I can't believe someone is able to cast such a spell 
    in this day and age!
    Hahn: Isn't there any way to restore them? 
    Alys: I've heard that a medicine called Alshline is able to turn stone back to 
    Hahn: Where can we find it?
    Alys: I heard about it some time ago in a Motavian village...  But, we're 
    talking some time ago.
    Chaz: Which Motavian village?
    Alys: It's the village of Molcum, which is far south of here.
    Hahn: All right, then.  Let's get going!
    Alys does her little finger pointing again, how mean ;_;
    Alys: Let's see...  If you're going to Molcum...  I'll make you a deal -- just 
    500 meseta.
    Hahn: You devil.
    He accepts the offer and south they go.  They reach Molcum.  It seems to have 
    been destroyed, only a single person stands in it.  He is tall with long blue 
    hair.  He wears a white cape, his name is Rune, he's damn hot too!
    Alys: Rune?
    Rune: Hey, Alys!  Long time no see!
    Chaz: Alys, you know this guy?
    Alys: From a long time ago...
    Rune: Is shorty here your current companion?  He's still a kid.
    Chaz: Watch what you say!
    Alys: Stop it, you two.  More importantly, Rune, what's going on?
    Rune: This is all the handiwork of Zio.
    Chaz: Zio!  I bet the person who turned the people of Zema into stone is 
    Rune: Well, your brain seems to work a little bit.
    Chaz: You...
    Alys: Cut it out!  It seems that everywhere we go, it's always Zio.  Who is 
    this Zio?
    Rune: I'm not sure.
    Hahn: With the town destroyed, how are we going to find Alshline?
    Rune: You're looking for Alshline?  In that case, you'd better go to Tonoe.
    Hahn: Tonoe?
    Rune: Let's see... from here, it's kind of far.  First travel east to the 
    village of Krup.  And from there if you go north, you'll find a valley that 
    leads to Tonoe.
    Hahn: We don't have to pass by Krup, do we?
    Chaz: Why?
    Hahn: Ah, let's just head straight towards Tonoe!  Alys?
    Alys: I haven't decided yet.
    Rune: I'm going to invite myself to join your group.  I've got some business 
    there too.
    Chaz: Not so fast!
    Alys: We'd enjoy your company.
    Chaz: Alys!
    Rune: Good, we're all set.  And Shorty, try not to get in the way.
    Chaz: Stop calling me Shorty!  MY name is...
    Rune: Chaz, that's what you said your name was, right?  Hmph, what a stupid 
    Chaz: Alys, I think he's going to be more trouble than he's worth!
    Rune: Ha, I won't get in anyone's way.
    Alys: You already have.
    Hahn: Ah... I'm a little uneasy about our destination.
    They walk to Krup and then north to a seemingly blocked cave entrance.
    Chaz: The entrance is blocked.
    Rune: No sweat.  This should be a cinch!  Everybody!  Stand back!
    They back up.
    Rune: Flaeli!
    Rune blasts a hole through the cave entrance.
    Chaz: Wow!
    Rune: Shall we go?
    Hahn: That art he just used.  I've never seen it before?  The technique's 
    different too.
    Rune: Hee hee... I'm not surprised you've never seen it before.  This is what 
    they call magic.
    Chaz: Magic!
    They enter the hole just made into the Valley Maze.  They'll traverse through 
    it into Tonoe.  They will meet a strange looking man in one of the houses.
    Dorin: I'm the information manager, Grandfather Dorin.  What exactly do you 
    want to ask?  Is it about the secret of refining Titanium? [No]  You want to 
    know why the path to this village is block by a rock? [No].  Then do you want 
    the measurements of that famous and beautiful hunter, Alys Brangwin, also 
    known as the Eight Stroke Warrior? [Yes] Now you're talking.  Starting from 
    the top, thirty-six, twenty...
    Alys slugs he information manager!
    Dorin: Yeow!  Ouch!!  Wh...what are you doing!  How dare you strike me without 
    warning!  Huh?  Yikes!  Alys Brangwin!
    Alys: You blabbing old fart!  Do you tell every single fool who comes here my 
    She gets ready to hit him again.
    Dorin: Ahhh!  Oh... Help me!  Ah, Rune!  It's you, Rune.  Please help me!
    Rune: You don't change, do you, old man!  Please excuse him, will you, Alys?  
    The old man doesn't have any bad intentions.
    Alys: That's why I put up with it.
    Rune: Grandfather Dorin, I came to retrieve the item I entrusted in your 
    care.  Also, these people are looking for Alshline.
    Dorin: Ah, if what you want is Alshline,  feel free to take whatever you 
    need.  It's in the back of the basement warehouse out back.  Go help 
    Hahn: Thank you!  Alys, let's go!
    Dorin: Oh, wait!  That place is unused right now.  So it may be a teensy bit 
    dangerous.  Gryz!  Will you guide these people?
    Gryz is some sort of... well, purple thing with a green suit on.  He is a 
    Gryz: My pleasure.  My name is Gryz.  Nice to meet you.
    Rune: Well, I have some business with Grandfather Dorin here,  so I'll say so 
    long here!  Oh yeah, pip squeak...
    Chaz: I've had enough of you!
    Rune: Don't get any silly thoughts like taking on Zio, into that little head!
    Chaz: Huh?
    Gryz: Guys...
    Rune: At this stage of the game, you're no match for him!  Maybe our paths 
    will cross again.  Alys...
    Alys: Yeah.
    Rune: take care.
    Chaz: Me... taking on Zio?
    Alys: Thanks Rune.
    They go to the storage building, but the door to the basement is all rusted!
    Chaz: Oof... it's rusted shut!
    Gryz: Oh, there's a little trick to opening this door.  Just hold her... like 
    so...  and then one, two, three, lift!
    Gryz opens the door!
    Hahn: It opened!
    Gryz: Great, let's go in.
    They go down the stairs now revealed.  After several floors they find the 
    Alys: So this is Alshline!
    Hahn: OK!  Let's hurry and return to Zema and help those people out!
    Gryz: Um... Do you think I can go along?  My own town was destroyed by Zio.  I 
    couldn't save my father or my mother!  One way or another I need to get my 
    Chaz: Hey, Gryz!  We're not necessarily making this journey for the purpose of 
    defeating Zio.
    Gryz: But didn't that tall guy who was with you say something like that?
    Chaz: Oh, that... he was just arbitrarily saying stuff.
    Gryz: Either way, I can't stay in this town forever!  I'm coming along even if 
    you refuse to take me!
    Chaz: Gryz!
    Alys: C'mon, Chaz, there's nothing wrong with that.  Gryz could be quite a 
    help and, after all, no one knows what's going to happen from here on out.
    Gryz: Great.  Once again... good to be working with you!
    Hahn: Yeah, whatever.  Let's get going!
    They go back to Zema.  They pour the Alshline on everyone and the stone curse 
    is broken.
    Professor Holt: Oh?  Why, it's you, Hahn!  By golly, this is some place!  
    There are just tons of relics from an earlier civilization all over the 
    place.  You've come at the right time.  You too...
    Hahn: Professor Holt!  This is no time for that kind of thing!  Do you know 
    you were turned into stone by Zio?
    Professor Holt: Hmm? Oh, really?  Well, here I am now, as good as new, so not 
    to worry!  All right.  Let's reopen the investigation immediately.  Hahn!
    Hahn: Yes sir! 
    Professor Holt: Go back to the academy.  Give them a report on the state of 
    affairs here.
    Hahn: Er... yes sir.
    Professor Holt: Good!  We're off further into Birth Valley!!
    Alys: What a strange old man.  Oh well, at least we've settled one problem.
    Hahn: I'm so sorry... he didn't even say a word of thanks.  Well, he's just 
    that kind of guy.
    Chaz: Oh, don't worry about that, Hahn!
    Alys: Well, I'm kind of tired after getting this job done.  Let's take it easy 
    today, eh, Chaz?
    Chaz: OK.
    They rest around the town.
    Hahn: I'm going to return to the academy.  I've got to report about what's 
    been happing 'til now.
    Chaz: OK.  What about Gryz?
    Gryz: You talking about me?  I'm going off to conquer Zio... even if that 
    means me alone!
    Chaz: Let's not be so rash!
    Gryz: I don't care whether it's rash or not.  I've already made up my mind!
    Alys: We've come to a good break point what with one job done....  Normally, 
    at this junction we would go back to the town of Aiedo where the guild is 
    Voice: Ahhhhhhh!
    Alys: What was that?
    Chaz: Someone is screaming.
    They run to the entrance of Birth Valley, a monster is blocking the path.
    Hahn: How are we going to get in with that creature blocking the way.
    Alys: We'll have to destroy it.
    Chaz: Now?!
    They defeat it.
    Chaz: Hmm... How is it now, Alys?
    Alys: Well, it's a little better now.
    Scholars: It's a curse!  It's because we've violation the sacred area that 
    something like this is happening!!
    Chaz: A curse... I wonder what's further inside?
    Hahn: What's going on!  The professor is still in there!  Ah...  Er... Alys?
    Alys: I'll keep it to 1000 meseta.
    Hahn: M... my wedding fund...
    They walk through Birth Valley to the door in which Professor Holt was once 
    turned to stone in front of.  There are people downed near it.  Beyond the 
    door is a high tech Bio Plant.
    Chaz: Yikes!  What's what!?
    Hahn: We...we're going to die!
    Alys: Stop cowering!  Men are such cowards!  It's nothing!
    Chaz: That... that's true.
    Professor Holt is in the back areas of the Bio Plant all safe and sound.
    Hahn: Professor!  Thank goodness you're safe!
    Professor Holt: Oh, it's you, Hahn!  You came to rescue me!  Good job!
    Alys: Well, it seems pretty safe here, but how on earth were you able to 
    escape on your own?
    Professor Holt: Well, you see, this person here came to my rescue.
    Chaz: Who?
    A pink haired woman with hornlike ears emerges from the shadows.  She is 
    actually an engineered humanoid.  Her name is Rika.
    Rika: Welcome, everybody.  I'm glad to have you here.
    Chaz: What?!
    Alys: Who are you?
    Rika: My name is Rika.  Pleased to meet you.
    Chaz: Rika.
    Alys: Those ears... What on earth are you?  And what is this place!?
    Rika: This is the Bio-plant.  It's a research facility for bio engineering 
    created by a thousand year-old civilization.
    Hahn: Th...this is from an ancient advanced civilization!  Is it still 
    Rika: Oh, yes.  What's more, this isn't the only one.  There are many such 
    systems that have maintained their functionality.  And it's thanks to these 
    systems which control Motavia's climate, soil, and ecology systems that the 
    human race was able to avoid total destruction after the Great Collapse.
    Hahn: Really?  Is that true?
    Professor Holt: If that's the case, how come this recent environmental 
    destruction is taking place?
    Rika: Even though the control system is still functioning, it can barely 
    maintain minimal conditions for your existence.  Even now, this system is 
    starting to run out of control! 
    Alys: Chaz... do you understand?
    Chaz: What?  Well... ah....
    Hahn: Then, does that mean the recent increase of Bio-monsters is coming from 
    Rika: Yes, unfortunately so.  If you want to know more, talk to Seed.  He's 
    over there.
    Alys: Seed?
    Rika and Holt run into the next room, which has a super computer.
    Alys: So, where's this person called Seed?
    Rika: He's right in front of you.
    Alys: What's going on?
    Seed: I am Seed, the control computer for this Bio-plant.
    Hahn: Wow!  An artificial intelligence!
    Professor Holt: I... I can't believe it!
    Seed: That's right, this is no exception.  Check my status here.  The system 
    is beyond my control.  It is continuously breeding harmful monsters.
    Hahn: Just as I thought.
    Seed: If we leave each of these systems running out of control... along with 
    the monster problem, we will have abnormal climate conditions and violent 
    changes in the planet's  surface.  Motavia will be destroyed!
    Hahn: What shall we do? 
    Alys: The only thing we can do is shut down the system!
    Hahn: But stopping the system itself will cause problems.  We won't be able to 
    maintain the ecosystem!
    Gryz: What's better than the system ruining everything!
    Chaz: But, these systems are spread out all over the place!
    Rika: Don't worry.  All we have to do is shut down the plant Nurvus which 
    supplies energy to each system.  That will shut them all down.
    Seed: First, please rescue the control android Demi.  She's the only one that 
    can stop Nurvus.  
    Alys: Rescue?  What do you mean rescue?
    Seed: Right now, Demi is being held hostage by a man named Zio.
    Chaz: Zio again!
    Hahn: Who on earth is this Zio!?
    Seed: I myself don't know what Zio is all about.
    Alys: So all we have to do is rescue this Demi, right?  Where is she being 
    held hostage?
    Rika: She is with Zio,  And the name of that castle is Zio's Fort!
    Hahn: Is that by chance... beyond the quicksand of Mile?
    Chaz: Oh, that sinister-looking castle north of Zema.
    Alys: It's a pretty long way to go, but having heard all this we have no 
    choice.  Hee hee, it's been a long time since I've felt so excited!  And while 
    we're at it, why don't we get rid of that disgusting character, Zio!
    Gryz: Hey!  That's the spirit!
    Seed: So, you will go?  Please take Rika with you.
    Alys: Who is this girl anyway?  She seems curiously knowledgeable about this 
    Seed: She is... my child.
    Professor Holt: Are you saying that she is an artificial life form?
    Seed: That's right.  She is the product of a thousand years of  improvement on 
    genetic information from a prototype prior to the Great Collapse.  I have also 
    given her a basic education.  She will surely be a great help to you.
    Alys puts her hands on Rika's shoulders *drool*
    Alys: All right, Seed.  We'll take her!
    Rika: Thank you!  I've always wanted to be able to see the outside world! 
    Seed: Rika, take care...
    Alys: OK  Let's get going to Zio's Fort!
    Professor Holt: I must first go back to the academy!  We have to spread this 
    information as much as possible.
    They all leave the room, Rika is slow to leave.
    Seed: There is only one way for me to stem the outbreak of monsters.  Now that 
    I have sent into the world the fruit of a thousand years worth of research, 
    there are no obstacles to its execution.  
    Seed arms a destruct sequence.  Everyone else has just gotten outside and into 
    the town of Zema.
    Rika: We're outdoors!  Wow, I didn't know the sky was so blue!  These 
    flowers... they're so beautiful!  How lovely!
    Chaz: Being cooped up all this time underground, everything must be so novel...
    Seed and the Bio Planet explode.  The explosion blows the cap off of a nearby 
    Chaz: What was that?
    Alys: An explosion!
    Rika: Seed!
    Alys: Rika, you must carry on the will of Seed!  You can't look back now!
    Rika: I know...
    They head north, stopping near the town of Nalla, which has been partially 
    destroyed by a meteor which recently fell.  The townspeople are obviously 
    angry, wondering what they have done to deserve this.  North of the town is a 
    pile of wreckage which is entered.  Near the back of it is a control room.
    Chaz: This... there are lights flashing.
    Rika: I know what it is.  Move over, Chaz!
    Alys: Wow, pretty impressive.
    Rika: It's a pretty hard security code to break, but... there!  We can now 
    access the main computer's memory!
    She turns on the main computer.  It shows strange displays on its panels.
    Chaz: What's this?
    Rika: Look!  It says that this is the space ship that escaped from Parma a 
    thousand years ago!
    Chaz: What!  Really?!  But... Parma exploded a thousand years ago!?
    Rika: Oh, you know about that?
    Chaz: Yes... I learned about it at the academy.
    Rika: Parma, the first planet of the Algo solar system, was destroyed in AW 
    1284 when the artificial satellite, Gaira, crashed into it...  Today, the only 
    vestige of the Parma is the asteroid belt.
    Chaz: But there were people that were able to escape!
    Rika: According to the records... just before the explosion, some people were 
    able to escape...  This space ship was damaged and became trapped in orbit 
    around Motavia.  They floated around in space until all the humans aboard 
    died.  But the computer was able to sustain itself with its self-repairing 
    Chaz: They all... died?
    Rika: According to the flight chart... the orbit slowly decayed over the last 
    thousand years... the ship finally crashed here!
    Chaz: Then... that means all the Parmanians perished?!
    Rika: Wait... This is not the only ship that escaped from Parma!  It seems 
    that other similar ships were able to escape successfully.  Most of them 
    landed either in Motavia or Dezolis, but it looks like some of them went right 
    out of the Algo solar system.  I can't get an accurate number, but it looks 
    like some tens of ships.
    Chaz: So they're still continuing their flight... somewhere in the universe.
    They leave the wreckage and head to the town of Aiedo, home of the hunters 
    guild.  There are many jobs which can be done at the guild, but they don't 
    really contribute to the story. North of Aiedo, which was incidentally where 
    Chaz and Alys live, is a passageway to another area of the world.  On the 
    other side of the passages is Kadary, a town in which everyone seems to be 
    under the control of Zio, or just like him a lot.  Nearby is Zio's Fort, which 
    was across the quicksand from Mile, which you couldn't get beyond before.  At 
    the top of his fort you will see Juza.
    Chaz: You are...
    Juza: I am Juza.  You will never get near Zio - unless you defeat me!
    A battle will ensue, once Juza is beaten a staircase going higher in Zio's 
    fort will open.  They will reach the top of the fort.  An android is 
    imprisoned against a wall.  She has pointed ears and light green hair.
    Gryz: What's that?
    Rika: Somebody's been captured... it's Demi!
    Chaz: We've got to rescue her!
    Alys cuts the ropes holding her.
    Demi: Who... who are you?
    Alys: Alys Brangwin and company.
    Demi: Thank you very much!  You are all injured, are you not?  Allow me, it's 
    the least I can do to show my gratitude.
    Demi heals everyone.
    Chaz: Huh...?  I feel strength welling inside me!?
    Demi: It's my Medical Power.  My name is Demi, and I am in charge of 
    controlling Nurvus.
    Gryz: Whew!  I heard she was supposed to be an Android, but this is beyond my 
    Hahn: She's no different than a human being!
    Alys: Be that as it may.  Demi, can you stop the transmission of energy to the 
    system that's malfunctioning?  You're the only one who can do it, right? 
    Demi: Yes.  I, too, have tried to freeze the entire system, but...
    Zio: Go no further.
    Chaz: Who's that!
    Demi: That voice!  It's Zio!
    Zio appears with a bunch of fog.  His dark outfit matches his dark hair and 
    personality perfectly.
    Rika: Wh... what is this.  I feel... this incredible menace.
    Gryz: Zio!  You son of a...!
    Zio: Watch your tongue son.  So you thought you would sneak in while the 
    owner's out, eh, you little sneak thief?
    Chaz: Take a look at your own evil self before you dare put us down!  think 
    about all you've done!
    Zio: Hmmph.  So I've wrought damage to Motavia.  What's wrong with eliminating 
    Gryz: Worms?  You dare call us worms?!  You... you... I cannot forgive you!
    Zio: Heh, heh, heh.  Now, now.  That's the expression I want to see!  A face 
    filled with pain and anguish, begging fearfully for help, a face quivering 
    with anger!  Go, on!  Get angry!  Suffer!  Be sad!  That would truly be the 
    ultimate offering to me and my great god!
    Alys: Your god?
    Chaz: Son of a...!  Blast!  Come on!  Let's go everyone!
    Alys: Wait, Chaz!  Zio!  Do you understand what's going on?  If we don't stop 
    the systems that are running out of control,  Motavia itself is going to 
    become uninhabitable.  You must let Demi...
    Zio: Total annihilation of life, what a fine thing!  Death to all that lives!  
    Destruction to all that has form!  That is indeed my desire!
    Chaz: That's crazy!
    Zio: My god will not tolerate any life forms in Algo!  Everything must be 
    wiped out.  And I, with these very hands, will do just that!
    Chaz: That means you yourself will be gone too!
    Zio: If my god wishes that to be so, that is also my wish.
    Hahn: You... you're out of your mind!
    Zio: Fun and games are over with.  Anyone who dares get in my way shall 
    perish.  My humble self, who has taken it upon myself to do the wish of my 
    god, shall destroy thee.  Oh, the greatest, my one and only ultimate god, Dark 
    Chaz: Dark Force?
    A battle with Zio ensues.  No matter what happens, the party is unable to deal 
    any real damage to him.  Eventually he will cast black wave at Chaz.
    Alys: Chaz! Careful!  Ahhhh!
    Alys jumps in the way, taking the full impact of the wave.  Rika catches Alys 
    to prevent her from falling.
    Chaz: Alys?
    Hahn: We're in trouble!
    Rika: We'd better make a temporary retreat!
    Chaz: I think you're right.
    They escape from the castle.
    Chaz: We... we've lost!
    Gryz: Blast it!
    Rika: Chaz!  It's no good!  Even Gires [a medium healing spell] won't repair 
    Alys's wounds!
    Chaz: No!  Alys!
    Hahn: We'd better return to my village, Chaz!
    Chaz: Alys... sniff.
    They get back to Krup, Hahn's village.  Saya, a friend of Hahn's meets them at 
    the village entrance.
    Saya: Hahn!  You've come home!  ...but, has something happened?!
    Chaz: Hahn, who is this person?
    Hahn: This is my fiancée, Saya.
    Saya: Nice to meet you.  I'm Saya.
    Hahn: Don't worry about greetings now, Saya!  At this point, we've got to take 
    care of Alys!
    Saya: Oh dear!  We've got to get her to bed immediately!!
    They rush inside of a house.  Alys seems to be fading quickly.
    Chaz: Alys...
    Hahn: I have no idea what these symptoms are...
    Gryz: It appears she isn't getting any better.
    Chaz: That Zio... there was something different about him from other enemies 
    I've fought!
    Rika: She refuses everything.  It's as if she's... possessed by some evil 
    Gryz: Damn you!  Zio you devil!
    Hahn: Can we save her if we shut down Nurvus?
    Demi: No, that won't work.  Nurvus is located in the basement of Zio's Fort!  
    Actually, Zio has erected his fort on top of Nurvus.
    Chaz: Oh, below that invisible barrier!!
    Gryz: So we'll have to defeat Zio after all!
    Alys: I... if only Rune were...
    Chaz: Alys!  Don't talk!
    Alys: Rune should know... some way to do it.
    Rika: Alys, don't worry.  We'll defeat Zio somehow!
    Alys: Now, listen.  With what we have right now...  there's no way we can 
    win.  We've got to do something about Zio's magic barrier.
    Chaz: Magic barrier?
    Rika: Magic!  That sort of thing should have ceased to exist a thousand years 
    Hahn: Come to think of it, Rune was indeed using some kind of magic!  
    Something called Flaeli.
    Alys: That's right... so if you can get the cooperation of... Rune... ooo!
    Rika: Alys!  Chaz, who is Rune?
    Chaz: Oh, he's a disgusting, conceited jerk!  I hate to admit it, but we may 
    have no choice but to ask for his help.
    Hahn: Didn't Rune go off somewhere with Grandfather Dorin?
    Gryz: If he's with Grandfather Dorin...  Perhaps he's gone to the Ladea 
    Tower.  Because he was saying something about opening the gates to the Ladea 
    Chaz: What's the Ladea Tower?
    Gryz: I'm not quite sure myself, but I hear it's located on a small island 
    beyond the quicksand in the east.  Grandfather Dorin said that something 
    important is there.
    Chaz: How are we going to get across the quicksand?  How did Rune and 
    Grandfather Dorin do it?
    Gryz: That's beyond me.  Probably that's where magic comes into play.
    Demi: Don't worry.  Leave it up to me.  There's the Land Rover!
    Chaz: The Land Rover? What's that?
    Rika: Do you mean to say there's still a Land Rover in existence?
    Demi: Yes, absolutely.  The Land Rover, is an all purpose armor plated car of 
    an ancient civilization!  With a Land Rover, crossing quicksand is nothing!  
    If we go to the Machine Center directly south of here, I'm sure we'll find one.
    Chaz: A Machine Center?  Is there such a place?
    Demi: If you come with me, you'll see.
    Hahn: OK!  In that case, let's hurry and get going!
    Chaz: Will you stay here, Hahn?
    Hahn: What?  Ah, but...
    Chaz: We want you to remain here and look after Alys.  Also, you have a cute 
    girlfriend here!
    Hahn: Er... but...
    Chaz: Alys, I'm sure we'll find Rune!
    Alys: Chaz...
    Chaz: Hahn, take good care of Alys!
    South of Krup, a Machine Center suddenly pops up into existence!
    Chaz: Yikes!  That scared me!
    Demi: Please, feel free to enter.
    They enter and reach a control center.
    Rika: This place is still alive...  It has become so independent from Seed and 
    Demi: A lot of other machines are housed here, but they haven't been used for 
    a long time.  They probably need some repairs.
    Chaz: I have no idea what these machines are, but this is some place.  You're 
    pretty adept at handling these machines.  Were you caught by Zio while you 
    were trying to get the system back under control?
    Demi: Yes, that's right.  Zio is very violent.
    Gryz: Very funny.
    Demi: Defeating Zio is not going to solve the problem.
    Rika: What?  Isn't the system being out of control a result of  Zio's doing?
    Demi: No.  The real cause of the problem is that Zelan has been issuing 
    abnormal commands.
    Rika: Impossible!  Not Zelan!
    Chaz: Zelan, what's that?
    Demi: Zelan is the central control for the Algo solar system's environmental 
    maintenance systems.  It's an orbiting station on the other side of Motavia.
    Gryz: Wow.
    Chaz: How are we going to get there?!
    Gryz: First, let's think about Zio and stopping Nurvus!
    Chaz: Yeah, you're right.  It's not enough just defeating Zio?  If that's the 
    case this makes me worry about... Dark Force!
    Demi slides the control platform over to the Land Rover.
    Demi: Don't worry, it'll be alright.  I'll start the Land Rover up!  Let's go 
    outside.  it will be waiting.
    They go out to the World Map and they're in their metallic Land Rover.  
    Demi: Look at this luster, this massiveness!  What a functionally beautiful 
    design!  Don't you find it just fascinating! 
    Chaz: Oh, er... yes!
    With the new rover they are able to cross some quicksand to the far east.  
    There is a town just north, named Monsen, it has been hit hard by earthquakes 
    as one villager will tell you.  As he does so, another will hit.
    Gryz: Ahhhhh!  Help!
    Chaz: Yikes!  Wh.. what's wrong, Gryz!
    Rika: Oh, I get it!  Gryz's afraid of earthquakes, aren't you, Gryz?
    Chaz: Huh?  Is that true?
    Gryz: What if I am afraid?  I can't help it!
    Rika: Ha, ha, ha!  What a coward!
    Gryz: Oh, shut up!
    Chaz: At any rate, with earthquakes happening so often like this, it's a real 
    Demi: I'm sure that the Plate System is the cause of all this!
    Chaz: Plate System?
    Demi: It's a system located just north of here which controls the tectonic 
    plates of Motavia's surface.  I'm sure that system is malfunctioning!
    Gryz: Well, if that's the case, let's just shut it down!
    Villager 2: What?  You're going to stop these earthquakes?
    Villager 3: Oh, thank you very much!
    Chaz: What?  Er... we're kind of busy...
    Villagers 4 & 5: Please. You must stop these quakes.  Please.
    Chaz: But...
    Villagers: Thanks!
    Nearby is the Plate Station which controls all of the tectonic activity.  
    There is a chest in the bowels of the Plate Station which gets a response.
    Chaz: What.  There are some weird machines here.
    Demi: Weird!  Don't be so rude.  These are spare parts for androids.
    Rika: Spare parts?
    Demi: Yes, they look like internal weapon units.  Let's see... they seem to be 
    in working order.  And they look like they'll fit.  I will install them right 
    away.  Will you close your eyes and turn your back?
    Chaz: Huh?  Why?
    Rika: Just do it, Chaz!
    Chaz: Oh...
    The screen dims and Demi obviously installs parts to herself.
    Demi: Hmmm... OK everybody, I'm done.  Now I'm powered up!
    Chaz: I don't see that anything has changed.
    Demi: It looks that way doesn't it?  Well, soon you shall see.
    Chaz: Huh?
    Demi: It's the new weapon, Phononmezer!  I can't wait to try it out!
    Soon they will reach the control computer.
    Demi: This is the control center of the Plate System! 
    Demi shuts it down.
    Gryz: The system is down!  Now there won't be any more earthquakes!  Hooray!
    Demi: Yes, we'll be all right for the time being.  But this doesn’t solve the 
    problem, you know.  The abnormalities will not end unless we shut down Nurvus -
      and maybe even Zelan!
    Rika: Yes, you're right... And, in order to do so... first, we must get to Zio!
    Chaz: Right!
    Passing by Termi, they eventually wind up at Ladea Tower.  On the third floor 
    they reach Rune.
    Chaz: Rune!  So you were here after all!
    Rune: You've come, Chaz!  Amazing that you got all the way up here with those 
    short legs of yours!
    Chaz: Rune, this is no time for jokes!  I implore you.  Give us your 
    Rune: Hey?  What happened to Alys?  Is something wrong?
    Chaz: Well, the fact is... [Chaz tells Rune about Alys]
    Rune: Is that right.  Such a thing happened... Alys...  But let's not be 
    hasty.  As soon as we get the Psycho-wand...
    Rika: Psycho-wand?
    Rune: Yep, I came here to get it.  The Psycho-wand is the only weapon that can 
    break through Zio's magic barrier!
    Chaz: So... Rune!
    Rune: The Psycho-wand is supposedly sealed up in the uppermost level of the 
    Ladea Tower.  I haven't got my hands on it yet.  I'm on my way to get it now.  
    Will you accompany me?  Once you  find the Psycho-wand, I will be more than 
    happy to lend a helping hand.
    Chaz: OK, OK, I get it.
    They get to the top of the tower, there is a chest surrounded by some sort of 
    Chaz: So, this is the Psycho-wand!
    Rune: We can now break the barrier!
    Rune casts Flaeli on it.
    GyLaguiah: Ha, ha, ha!  This is it!  I've been waiting for this moment!
    GyLaguiah appears above the chest.
    GyLaguiah: Upon the decree of Zio I am taking the Psycho-wand!
    Gryz: You're Zio's underling!?
    Rune: Hmmph, what a brain did kid you are.  Chaz, don't let him get the Psycho-
    Chaz: You don't have to tell me that!  Stop ordering me around all the time!
    Rika: Come on!  Is this any time to bicker?  It's coming!
    A battle ensues.  After it Chaz secures the Psycho-wand.
    Chaz: We did it!
    Gryz: So, as long as we have this Psycho-wand, there's no need to fear Zio.
    Demi: You two, is anything wrong?
    Rune: Rika... you too!
    Rika: Rune...
    Gryz: What's going on, you two?
    Rune: Chaz!  We've got to return to Krup right away!
    Chaz: Huh?
    Rune: Get a move on it!  We're leaving!
    They return to Hahn's home in Krup.
    Hahn: Chaz!  Alys's condition has suddenly take a turn for the worse!
    Chaz: Alys!
    Alys: Chaz... were able to... meet Rune?  That's goo.. d...
    Chaz: Alys!  Alys!  Rune!  Can't you do anything with your powers!?
    Rune: The Black Wave is not a product of Zio alone.  It contains an even more 
    even power which I can't cure.
    Alys: Chaz... don't worry.  Chaz...  Ru...ne...
    Rune: I'm here... I'm right here... Alys.
    Alys: Rune... Please help... Chaz... Rune...
    Rune: Don't worry... Leave it to me...
    Chaz: Alys...
    Alys: Chaz... come here...  let me take a good look at you...  You've become a 
    honorable adult... before I knew it... From now on... you have to carve out... 
    your own destiny... by yourself...
    Chaz: Alys!  Don't say that!  Alys!!!
    Alys: Ch...az...  Thank...you...
    Alys's eyes close, she dies.
    Chaz: Alys...  Waaaaaaaaaaaa!
    They all bury Alys.  Chaz is torn up about it.  Rune tries to comfort him.
    Rune: You can't sleep?
    Chaz: What... am I doing?
    Rune: Chaz?
    Chaz: In a far off country, before Alys picked me up, I did some pretty bad 
    things.  When I joined forces with Alys as a hunter...  I was at least able to 
    earn some money, and live a pretty comfortable life.  Everything seemed to be 
    going fine...  But now... Alys is gone.  Of course I want to avenge her death, 
    but what am I to do?  Should I fight?  If so, what for?
    Rune: Money, huh...  Do you really think that Alys was fighting just for money?
    Chaz: What?
    Rune: Is fighting technique the only thing you learned from Alys?
    Chaz: I...
    Rune: You better think it over!
    Rune leaves.  Rika comes over to comfort Chaz now.
    Rika: Hey, Chaz?  I'm thinking... it was a really good thing that I was able 
    to get out of the Bio-plant.  I've learned so much from Seed.  About oceans, 
    mountains, towns and people!  There's a big difference between knowledge 
    attained from studying and actual real life experiences.  Like the smell of 
    the ocean, the blue of the mountain, the busting of a town, and the warmth of 
    Chaz: Thank you, Rika.  I get it, it's OK...
    The next day, in front of Alys's gravestone.
    Hahn: I'm going to return to the academy.  I think it's best to report what 
    has happened so far.  I plan to convince the academy to come up with a plan of 
    Chaz: Good.  I'm counting on you Hahn!
    Saya: I'm also going to return home.  The children are waiting for me.
    Hahn: Chaz, keep your spirits up!
    Chaz walks up to the gravestone.
    Chaz: OK!  We'd better go too!
    They return to Zio's Fort.  They walk up to the invisible barrier.
    Rune: Everybody, out of the way!  One, two, three!
    Rune knocks down the force field barrier.
    Demi: Underneath here is Nurvus, the center of the entire control system!
    Chaz: Zio!  Is Zio in there?
    Rune: Chaz, I know how you feel, but...  right now, we've got to shut down 
    Demi: We don't have time to talk about it!  We must hurry!
    They walk down into Nurvus.  Deep in Nurvus is the central computer.  Zio is 
    Zio: Well, well...  You've made it here... it was to be expected.  You should 
    be aware that one step further is the road to your death.  I won't let you 
    escape this time!  Oh, reverent one!  Lend me power!
    The battle begins.  Zio will be defeated.  
    Zio: This... this can't be.  I'm supposed to be immortal!  Oh, why... Why do 
    you abandon me?  Dark Fo... Aaaargh!
    Gryz: We did it!  We've defeated Zio!  Yahoooooooooo!
    Chaz: Alys!
    Demi: At this point we're not going to be able to stop Nurvus by normal 
    means.  I am going to connect myself directly to Nurvus' system and crack its 
    Chaz: Connect Directly?
    Demi: Yes, this is good-bye, Chaz.
    Rika: Demi!
    Demi: Good-bye everybody... Thanks for everything.
    Demi connects to Nurvus.  A door opens and she goes in.
    Demi: Access main system... Issue top priority interrupt...
    Nurvus is powered down.
    Chaz: Has... has it stopped?
    Demi: The operation is a success.
    Rika: Demi!  Where are you now?
    Demi: I'm in Nurvus' control center.  Right now, all the systems that have 
    been maintaining Motavia are halted.  Now there won't be any more disasters.  
    But with all the systems that maintain the environment halted, sooner or later 
    the planet will become barren.  We must work to restore the functions of each 
    system as soon as possible!
    Rika: To do that we'll have to do something about Zelan.
    Demi: That's right.  As long as the satellite is sending abnormal signals, we 
    can not control the system.
    Rika: Chaz.  Why don't we go?
    Chaz: OK!  Let's go to Zelan!
    Gryz: But, this Zelan, isn't it located in outer space?
    Demi: Don't worry.  An emergency shuttle is available at Nurvus.  It's being 
    readied for you.  I won't be able to leave here just now.  I must stay and 
    perform maintenance on each of these systems.  At Zelan, you should find my 
    master, Wren.
    Rika: Wren?  I know him!  When I was at the Bio-plant I often telecommunicated 
    with him!  About half a year ago, I became unable to reach him on the 
    communication circuits.  I've been concerned!  Please Chaz, let's go find Wren 
    at Zelan...
    Demi: Well, good luck with Zelan everybody... Be careful.
    A space port pops up from under the ground just north of Dio's Fort/Nurvus.
    Gryz: Chaz... I'm sorry, but...
    Chaz: I know, I know.  You just can't leave your little sister.
    Gryz: Exactly.  Sorry.
    Gryz leaves the party as well.  The rest of the party takes the shuttle from 
    the spaceport to the artificial Satellite, Zelan.  They meet Wren nearby.
    Chaz: You... are you Wren?  Wow, you're huge!
    Wren: In verity, my name is Wren.  This is the man-made satellite Zelan, which 
    was complete control over all the environmental systems for all the planets in 
    the Algo solar system.  I am the android who manages it all.  Rika, finally we 
    meet face to face.
    Rika: Yes, Wren!  I didn't know that you were so tall!
    Wren: And these other people?
    Rika: These are my friends Chaz and Rune.  They're great pals!
    Chaz: Who and who are great pals?
    Rune: Whatever.  Anyway, glad to meet you.
    Rika: Demi told us that the reason the systems in Motavia are out of control 
    could be found here...  We've come to try to cure the problem, but from the 
    looks of it, it doesn't seem likely.
    Wren: That's right.  Zelan is not causing the systems in Motavia to run out of 
    control.  We have no control at all.
    Chaz: What does this all mean?
    Wren: Presently, Zelan is losing power.  It is the artificial satellite Kuran 
    that is causing the Motavian systems to run amok.  Originally, Kuran was 
    supposed to play a supportive role to Zelan, but somebody has occupied Kuran 
    and usurped our control.
    Rune: Is that so?  Since Zelan is at the top of the chain of command...
    Rika: Demi must have determined that it was Zelan that had gone awry!
    Wren: Zelan's telecommunication functions are paralyzed.  There isn't even a 
    way to communicate.
    Rika: So that's why we were incommunicado!  I was so worried!
    Chaz: So this means we have to go to Kuran!
    Wren: Chaz, if it is OK with you, may I accompany you?  Zelan is presently 
    completely cut off from all the other systems.  It is impossible to do any 
    system restoration from here.  I was hoping to go to Kuran to get the 
    situation under control.
    Rika: Oh Wren, it would be so reassuring if you came with us!
    Chaz: Wow... you have a lot of faith in Wren!
    Rika: Oh, yes!  Wren and Seed were my teachers!
    Wren: This current crisis was brought about by my lack of power.  I must take 
    responsibility.  It seems that Seed has left me responsible, too...
    Rika: Wren...
    Rune: Why don't we get a move on!
    Chaz: Stop trying to take charge, Rune!
    Rune: All right then, you take charge - if you can.
    Chaz: What did you say?!
    Wren: Rika... what's going on here?
    Rika: Oh, this happens all the time.
    They head to the shuttle and blast off to Kuran.  But there seems to be a 
    Chaz: What's going on?  Something feels wrong...
    A red alert siren goes off.
    Wren: There is an unidentified energy reaction coming from the engine room. 
    Rune: Problems in the engine room... that's bad.  Well, let's go see what's 
    going on!
    Chaz: I told you, stop taking charge!
    They go to the engine room, there is a creature in it.
    Chaz: Yikes!  Who... who are you!?
    Chaos Sorcerer: Oh my, I've been found out already.  Well it doesn't matter 
    now whether I sabotage the engines or kill you right here!  You're not getting 
    to Kuran!  
    A battle ensues.  Chaz and crew win, but the ship seems to have taken moderate 
    Chaz: Yippee!  It's great that we won...
    Rune: Well, we're really out of commission now.
    Chaz: Rune!  Couldn't you have applied a little bit of self-control?!
    Rune: Shut up!  You're in no position to talk!
    Wren: We're off our intended flight path.  It's impossible to get back in that 
    orbit!  We will be able to make a crash landing on Dezolis, the third planet 
    in the system.  Shall we try?
    Chaz: What do you mean "shall we"?  We have no choice, do we? 
    Wren: This is true.  One crash landing coming up.
    Rika: Wheee!  A crash landing!  Cool!
    Chaz: What are you saying!  Hey.  Hey!  Are you OK?  Hey!
    Wren: Calm down, Chaz.  You should endeavor not to let your blood pressure 
    become too high.
    Rune: Relax.
    Chaz: Why are you all looking so unconcerned?!  Yikes!!!
    They crash land the shuttle on Dezolis, the third planet in the Algo solar 
    system.  It's an extremely cold planet covered in snow and ice.  The shuttle 
    powers down.  It landed on the temple of Raja.
    Chaz: Hmmm... We're safe but...  Wow!  What a flamboyant landing!
    Raja: How strange.  It's raining machines!
    Chaz: Huh?
    Raja: You... what on earth are you?
    Chaz: Ahhh, it's a Dezolisian.  It's the first one I've ever seen!
    Raja: Answer me, you bonehead!  You've destroyed an important temple!
    Chaz: Oh, er, sorry, about that!
    Rika: Chaz?  Is anything wrong?
    Wren: It looks like we've crushed someone's house...
    Raja: Who are you people?  A girl with a horns and a mechanical doll!
    Rika: These are ears, I tell you!!!
    Wren: Please use the word android, will you?
    Raja: An droid, the droid -- whatever.
    Rune: Quiet, you old fart!
    Raja: Hmm, I see... From Motavia... on a ship that flies.  Or flew, anyway, 
    before it fell.  That's extraordinary...  Four Motavians feel, fly -- and 
    fall, right on my Temple Hall.
    Rika: Ha, ha, ha!  What a funny old man!
    Chaz: Ah...
    Wren: Chaz, this shuttle is done for.  It's beyond repair.
    Chaz: What shall we do?
    Rika: Hey, old man.
    Raja: My name is Raja!  You'd better remember that, little girl.
    Rika: Ah yes... Raja.  Are there any facilities where we can fix this ship?
    Raja: None that I know of.
    Rika: Then how are you going to fix our ship?
    Raja: I'm not.  But.. hee, hee... I do have some welcome news for you.
    Chaz: What, what, what, what?
    Raja: There is another ship that can travel the skies!
    Rika: There are other spaceships on Dezolis?!
    Chaz: Tell us where, old man!
    Raja: Hee, hee, okay I'll tell, but on one condition.
    Rune: A condition?
    Raja: This sounds interesting.  Take me along.
    Chaz: What?!
    Raja: If you do I'll overlook the destruction of the temple.
    Chaz and crew huddle up.
    Chaz: I don't want to drag this old man around with us...  what shall we do?
    Rika: I don't mind.  I like him.  He's kind of interesting.
    Rune: I don't think we have much choice.
    Wren: It seems a very practical choice.
    Chaz: Oh?  [turns to Raja] Then, let's go!
    Raja: Great!  Now listen carefully!  A long, long time ago, Parmanians came 
    here to Dezolis, on a ship that traveled the skies.  It is said that the ship 
    still exists in the town of their descendants!
    Chaz: Is this true?
    Raja: Of course it's true!
    Wren: Chaz, under the circumstances, we have no choice but to rely on this 
    information and go there.
    Rika: And where is this town?
    Raja: It's a Parmanian town called Tyler, a short distance northwest of here!  
    Everyone, let's get going!
    Chaz: All right, all right.
    They step outside onto the planet, which is covered in snow.
    Chaz: Wow!  What a heavy snow storm!
    Raja: This has been going on for three months now.  This planet has always had 
    a cold climate, but even I have never seen anything like this!
    Wren: There must be a malfunction in the Dezolisian climate control system.
    Raja: No, I bet the cause of all this lies in Garubek Tower!
    Chaz: The Garubek Tower?
    Rika: Raja, what makes you think that?
    Raja: It's a feeling I have, and my feelings are always good -- get it?
    Rika: Ha, ha, ha!
    Chaz: Ouch...
    Just north of the crushed temple is Ryuon.  There isn't much here, besides a 
    bartender who will discuss things about this particular planet, though it 
    isn't necessary.  Northwest of Ryuon is Tyler.  There is a sole gravestone in 
    Chaz: Here lies the great leader Tyler...  Touch us.. Listen to our voice... 
    Entrust that body to us..  So this is Tyler's grave...
    Raja: Lying alone... what a horrible fate.
    Chaz: Gyuna [the bartender I referred to] said to inspect this grave closely, 
    but I don't see anything... There's just this inscription... Ahh!?  The plate 
    just moved!
    Rune: It moved?  Chaz, push it again!
    Chaz: OK!
    The grave opens up revealing a staircase.
    Rika: Wow!  Incredible!
    Chaz: Maybe there's a space ship down there?  Let's go see!
    They go down into the hanger.  Soon they find a shuttle.
    Chaz: So this is it!  Amazing!
    Rika: So this is the space ship the Parmanians used in coming here so long ago!
    Rune: here's an emblem.  L-a-n-d-a-l-e...  Landale!  
    Rika: It's called Landale.  What a cool name!
    Raja: An air going barge.  A space sled!
    Chaz: So, how is it?  Hey Wren!
    Raja: Hey!  Don't ignore me!
    Wren: It's been preserved almost perfectly.  With a little maintenance it 
    could be perfectly useful.
    Rune: Whew!  We sure are in luck!
    Chaz: Wren, make preparations for takeoff!
    Wren: Roger!
    The space port appears just south of Tyler.  They fly off to Kuran, which is 
    where they tried to go before crash landing.  They land on the Kuran Satellite.
    Chaz: So this is the artificial satellite Kuran that has sent the entire 
    planetary control system out of whack.
    Raja: My head is out of whack!  Man am I dizzy!
    Chaz: Come on, let's go!
    Wren: Yes, we must hurry to the main control center!
    Raja: You, you...
    There is a chest nearby which brings up a little chat.
    Chaz: Hello.  What's this?
    Wren: It's an internal weapon unit for Androids.  I surmise that it is a Hyper 
    Rika: Hyper Jammer?
    Wren: It is a weapon that temporarily scrambles the AI of machines with strong 
    electromagnetic waves.  There seems to be no incompatibility in its 
    specification, so let's install it.
    He installs it.
    Wren: Device installed.  Hyper Jammer can now be used.
    They reach the control center.
    Chaz: So this is the main control center?
    Wren: I shall search for the cause of the malfunction right away.
    Rika: Wait!  What's that?
    Chaz: What?  Where?
    Rika: Over there!  In the shadows!
    There is something attached to the computer terminals.
    Rika: What on earth?  This feeling of oppression...!
    Rune: Dark... Force!
    Chaz: Did you say Dark Force!?  You mean the Dark Force who revived Zio as a 
    Wren: It appears that Dark Force is the cause of everything.  Let us remove it.
    Rune: Easier said than done.
    Chaz: OK!  I'm going for it!
    The battle with Dark Force ensues and they are victorious.
    Rune: Did we... do it?
    Chaz: Yep!  We've won!  OK Wren!  Get Kuran back to normal!
    Wren: Roger!
    Rune: Hmph...
    Chaz: Rune, can I ask you something?
    Rune: What is it?
    Chaz: How did you know... that monster was Dark Force Zio was talking about?
    Rune: Ah!  Er... I've seen it before.
    Chaz: What?  What do you mean you've seen it before?!
    Rune: I'll tell you sometime... Just wait until then, will you?
    Chaz: Well...
    Rika: Rune...
    Wren: All functions have been restored.  Now all we have to do is make some 
    final adjustments at Zelan.  What is the matter?
    Rika: Ah... nothing.
    Chaz: Let's go to Zelan!
    They blast off to the Zelan Satellite.  Wren powers it up.
    Wren: Everything is OK.  All of the maintenance systems for the Algo 
    environment are working properly.
    Chaz: Well, we've been through a lot, but I guess we've solved everything.
    Rika: Wait!  Look at that.
    Chaz: The snowstorm hasn't stopped?  has the control system for Dezolis been 
    Wren: Yes.  Everything is in working order.
    Raja: I TOLD YOU!  Didn't I tell you that the Garubek Tower was the cause?  
    The demons that live in the Garubek Tower are creating the blizzard!  Why 
    don't you listen to me once in a while?!
    Chaz: Er... ahem.
    Rika: Anyway, this means there is some other cause for the snowstorm in 
    Dezolis, right?
    Wren: If the snowstorm continues unabated, there is a danger that the 
    Parmanians and even the Dezolisians will perish.
    Chaz: There's no use just sitting around thinking!  Let's go to Dezolis!
    Rika: Yes!  I'll go too!
    Wren: As the mission has not been accomplished, I shall continue my 
    Raja: This is getting interesting!
    Rune: Hmph... unless I go you won't be able to get anything done, eh, Chaz?  
    What [But] with Dezolis in a wall of ice we won't be able to move around 
    freely.  What shall we do?
    Wren: If we use the Ice Digger we can break through walls of ice.
    Chaz: Ice Digger?  What's that? 
    Wren: In planning for action on Dezolis I had an ice breaking car built.
    Chaz: Why don't you tell us these things sooner?
    Wren: I shall load it onto the Landale.
    Rune: An unrelenting snowstorm...
    Back to Dezolis the Landale goes.  The Ice digger helps them dig a hole to the 
    town of Zoza.  Beyond Zoza is another town, Meese.  There is some sort of 
    disease going around this town.  The Inn was transformed into a hospital to 
    help them.
    Man: This strange illness broke out right after the Garubek Tower appeared.
    Raja: See, just as I told you.  That tower must be the cause.
    Raja passes out!
    Chaz: Raja... Quit joking around!
    Rika: Chaz!  This is no joke!  He's got a tremendous fever!
    Rune: Quickly!  We must carry him to a bed!
    They put him in the bed in the next room.
    Rika: Even Raja has fallen sick...  He'll die if we leave him like this!
    Chaz: Ha, ha, ha... I don't believe it.
    Rika: This isn't any laughing matter, Chaz!
    Chaz: I'm sorry...
    Rune: Rika, you're aware of it too, aren't you?
    Rika: Rune...
    Rune: I've sensed it since we came to Dezolis, but it feels particularly 
    strong here!
    Rika: Yes!
    Chaz: What is it?  What are you two talking about?
    Rune: Chaz, listen carefully... This feeling is the Black Energy Wave!
    Chaz: The Black...
    Rune: It's probably... coming from The Garubek Tower.  And it's pretty close!
    Chaz: Darn!
    A man runs up the stairs.
    Man: Help!  Help!  Kyra... Kyra has headed for The Garubek Tower by herself!!
    Chaz: Kyra?
    Man: She's a girl of exceptional courage from our group!  But... this is too 
    reckless!  There is a forest of carnivorous trees surrounding the tower!!
    Rika: Chaz!
    Chaz: Right.  We can't let her go alone!  Where is this forest?
    Man: It's northeast of town!
    Chaz: OK, let's go!
    They get to the Carnivorous Forest.  They are forced to stop.
    Chaz: It won't work.  Even with this [The Ice Digger], we can't break through!
    Someone is being attacked by trees.
    Rika: Look!  Someone is being attacked!
    Chaz: Is that Kyra?
    A never ending battle with trees ensues.  Eventually the party will get the 
    hint to run.
    Chaz: Heck!  They keep growing and growing from behind us!  There's no end to 
    this!  We've got to retreat! 
    They were able to save Kyra though.  She's an almost young boy looking girl 
    with short blue hair.  
    Kyra: Thank you for rescuing me.  My name is Kyra Tierney.  Whore are you all?
    Rika: We've been sent by your friends.  At any rate, I'm glad you're safe.
    Kyra: I see... So that's why you came all the way here.
    Chaz: It was pretty reckless of you to come here alone!
    Kyra: I felt I had to do something to make it all right!  It just made my 
    blood boil to see all those people in such pain...  But those carnivorous 
    trees, they were far tougher than what I heard...
    Chaz: Yeah... I wonder if there's a better way to tackle them?
    Kyra: I may know a way...  Our leader should be able to tell us!  Our... chief 
    of the Esper Mansion...  Lutz...  About two thousand years ago....  He, along 
    with a heroine called Alis, saved Algo and has come to be known as the 
    legendary wizard!
    Chaz: Wait a minute!  Are you saying a person from two thousand years ago is 
    still alive?
    Kyra: It's said he is still alive in the deepest depths of the  Esper 
    Mansion!  But they won't let anyone except top ranking people enter the 
    mansion.  That's why I've only seen him once, and from afar at that, during 
    some ceremony!  But... you can even recognize him from afar - he's 
    intelligent...  graceful... classy... just a wonderful person!  I've no doubt 
    that he would know of a good way to tackle this problem!
    Chaz: Hmm...  He's been alive for two thousand years...
    Kyra: You don't believe?  The reverent Lutz is an unparalleled magician whose 
    feats have given rise to many a legend!  I'm sure the master even knows the 
    secrets to immortality!
    Chaz: I wonder if that could be true?
    Wren: Logically speaking, it must be something like cryogenic hibernation.
    Kyra: Whatever the case may be, we just can't leave the people of Meese in 
    their misery.  We must try to get an audience with Lutz!  
    Rika: Yes!  Hey, Chaz, let's go and see if we can meet this man, Lutz!
    Kyra: I'll be your guide.  Let's go!
    Chaz: All right.  Let's go [to] the Esper Mansion!
    Before doing that though, they journey around learning more of the world, not 
    to mention buying better items.  In Mysterious Valley they run into musk 
    Musk cat: This is the mysterious valley, meow.
    Chaz: Wow!  It's a cat!  And the cat talked!
    Musk cat: We are musk cats.  We can talk, meow.  We get some kind of feeling 
    from you, meow.  Go in and meet the old man, meow.
    They head up a few rooms and see a Giant Musk cat.
    Good of you to come, visitors.  I'm the chief of this valley.  Hmm, there is 
    good in your eyes.  No wonder you were let through.  It's really strange... I 
    have a feeling that this is not the first time we've met.  I feel good about 
    putting this in your care.  This is a treasure that has been passed on  
    generation after generation.  Take it with you.
    The party will be given a silver tusk, something Rika may use.  The next 
    logical step for items is the Climate Center.  The party will be attacked at 
    the entrance.  
    Wren: This seems to be the control system for the Dezolisian climate.
    Chaz: The monsters have been making a nest!
    Wren: As we suspected, this must be the cause of the abnormal weather.
    Rika: Let's investigate!
    At the back of the climate center is another boss, D-Elm-Lars.
    D-Elm-Lars: Ha, ha, ha!  You dolts!  How foolhardy you are to come here!  
    Morons!  This was just a trap!  Hmph.  It seems like a waste to dirty our 
    hands with stupid people like you, but...  Being just a vessel that takes 
    orders, I'll just have to do it!
    Chaz: Wait!  You said orders?  But we've beaten Zio... and Dark Force!  Whose 
    orders are you acting on?
    D-Elm-Lars: You defeated him?  The great Dark Force? Ha, ha, ha! Ridiculous!
    The battle ensues.  Once it is won, there is another discussion.
    Chaz: Blast!  This bothers me!  It was talking like that creep Dark Force is 
    still alive!
    Rune: Yeah...
    Wren: Chaz, there is nothing wrong with the climate control system.
    Rika: So, it really was a snare.
    So, let's go to another area which isn't the Esper Mansion, the Weapon Plant.
    Rika: What on earth is this place?
    Wren: This is a weapon plant Mother Brain constructed a thousand years ago.  
    For long it was an unnecessary facility,  so all the functions were shut down, 
    but...  It looks like it has been producing some automatic weapons according 
    to orders from Kuran for about half a year.
    Chaz: So, we'll be in trouble unless we shut this place down?
    Wren: No, when Zelan recovered, the production of weapons ceased.  There 
    should be no problem leaving this place as it is.
    As always in high tech areas, Chaz hasn't a clue what's in the chests!
    Chaz: There are things here that I have no clue as to what they are.
    Wren: This is the Burst Roc Unit.  It is a long range semi-automatic weapon 
    that fires heat energy bursts.  It is compatible with my electronics.  I shall 
    install it immediately.
    He installs it.
    Wren: Device installation complete.  Burst Roc is now ready for use.
    At long last we will reach the Esper Mansion.  Guards will block the main 
    entrance but will move easily enough.  However, entry into the inner cloister 
    is not so easy.
    Guard: Kyra!  You may not pass here without permission!  
    Kyra: Since when do I need permission!?  Open the door for us!
    Guard: That I cannot do!
    Kyra: You pigheaded oaf! 
    Rune: Let her enter!
    Guard: How dare you!  I cannot...  Hey!  Oh, it's... it's you!  Forgive my 
    rudeness!  Please enter!
    Chaz: Rune...?
    They walk passed the guards and into the inner sanctuary.  
    Rune: This is the inner sanctuary and further beyond... there is a room called 
    Lutz's room.  
    Kyra: That's right.  So now, the time has finally come...  At least we're 
    going to meet Lutz!  Oh dear!  Are my clothes clean?  How's my hair?  Oh, what 
    shall I do.  I'm so nervous!
    Rika: I wonder what kind of person he is?  What do you think, Chaz?
    Chaz: Hmm, Lutz..  The legendary magician...
    They go down stairs, led by Rune.
    There is no one in Lutz's room.
    Kyra: Eh... what's going on?  No one's here...  Reverent Lutz!  Please show 
    Rune: Lutz is not here... He left this world long ago! 
    Kyra: What?
    Wren: No human could live for over two thousand years.
    Kyra: That can't be!  I saw him with my very own eyes!  Besides... besides... 
    we all are believers, aren't we?  We believe in the legend of Esper, that Lutz 
    lives on and is leading us, don't we?!  that's why... that's why... we're all 
    trying so hard...  he has to exist!
    Rune: Kyra!  Calm Down...  It's true that Lutz is no longer of this world.  
    But even if his physical body is no more, his spirit lives on.  
    Chaz: What?
    Rune: Before he died, he left his will and memory in the Telepathy Ball.
    Rika: Then... you're saying that this ball is Lutz?
    Rune: No.  He's no here now.  But if the chosen person appears, then Lutz's 
    will and memory will be transferred to that person.
    Kyra: Chosen...?
    Rune: So, now...
    Chaz: Wait!
    Rika: Rune... is Lutz?!
    Lutz: That is correct.  Rune Walsh... Is the fifth generation Lutz.
    Kyra: Y... you're... Lutz...?  How could that be...
    Rune: Listen, Chaz.  Since ancient times in Algo, there has been a cycle where 
    calamities occur every one thousand years.  That's because of a 
    personification of evil called Dark Force is resurrected every thousand 
    years!  Up until now, every time it occurred, a courageous person would defeat 
    the evil to maintain peace.
    Rika: But we definitely did defeat Dark Force at Kuran.  Yet, there's no sign 
    of abatement of these abnormal conditions in Algo!
    Chaz: So what's going on?
    Rune: Algo was shaken a thousand years ago by the explosion of Parma.  The 
    delicate balance we were able to maintain was severely upset.  This might be a 
    result of that.  The Black Energy Wave can still be felt.
    Chaz: Are you saying that Dark Force is still alive?!
    Rune: That... I don't know.  But I can say that the root of all evil is not 
    yet destroyed.  The only thing to do is to defeat it!  I have chosen you, Chaz.
    Chaz: Me?!
    Rune: I have chosen you as the soldier to fight the inevitable decisive battle!
    Chaz: Why...  Choose... Me?
    Rune: I felt that you are a man of potential.  We will soon find out if my 
    judgment was correct, Chaz.
    Chaz: Oh, great!
    Rune: Well, that's the story.  Sorry I kept it secret all this time.  We'll 
    keep on cooperating with each other, right?
    Chaz: Ah, yeah.
    Rune: Anyway!  We've got to get to the Garubek Tower!  That's where the answer 
    Lutz: There's carnivorous trees that obstructs those who try to pass.  But if 
    you use the Eclipse Torch, you will be able to destroy it.
    Rune: OK, our destination is decided.  It's off to the Gumbius Temple.
    Lutz: The Dezolisian temple is located in the mountain valley west of here. 
    Rune: We're off.  Come on, Chaz, stop looking so dazed!
    Kyra: How disappointed that Lutz would be so insensitive!  
    Rune: Sorry about that.  I've always been like this!  
    Kyra: Waaaa.
    They go to the Gumbius Temple and speak to the Head Priest.  Behind him is the 
    torch in question.  Chaz must explain to him outside of the dialogue or this 
    makes no sense.
    Head Priest: What?  That won't do!  The holy flame is something that should 
    not go beyond this gate!  Even if it is the wish of Lutz, to lightly lend out 
    the torch, is not acceptable to me!
    Chaz: Boy, you just don’t' get it do you!  Didn't I explain the situation?  
    The future of the entire Algo system is hinging on this!
    Head Priest: Won't do, won't do!  What can't be can't be!  Huh?  What's that?
    Three monsters teleport in.
    Monsters: Ha, ha, ha, ha!  I'll take that, thank you very much!
    Chaz: What the heck do you think you're doing?!
    Monsters: Ha, ha, ha, ha!  We are beings who live in the Air Castle!  Hey 
    you... the one dressed in white!  If you're Lutz, you remember, don't you?  
    You know who will be waiting for you at the Air Castle!
    They take the Eclipse Torch.
    Monsters: I'll take possession of the Eclipse Torch!  If you want it back, 
    then come and get it!  That is, if you don't mind losing your life!  Ha, ha, 
    ha, ha!
    The monsters vanish.
    Head Priest: Ahhhhhh.  What a disaster!  The flame which we hold holy has been 
    stolen...  It's my punishment for being so narrow-minded!  Oh, how am I to 
    bear the responsibility for this... 
    Chaz: Don't get so depressed!
    Rune: It was taken by force.  It's not your fault.
    Chaz: All we have to do is go and retrieve it!
    Head Priest: Oh, oh, would you really?  Th... thank you very much!
    Chaz: But in exchange, you'd better lend it to us after we recover it!
    Head Priest: Oh, oh, of course... yes!  No question about that!
    Rika: Rune, about the Air Castle.  You said you know about it.
    Rune: Oh yes.  It's in Lutz's memory, to be precise...  It's a castle that 
    floated in the skies of the planet Parma a long, long time ago!  
    Rika: The planet Parma!  In that case, it would have been destroyed a thousand 
    years ago!
    Wren: The planet Parma exploded, and there's only an asteroid belt left where 
    the planet used to be.
    Rune: Could it be that miraculously the Air Castle survived, and even now it's 
    in the midst of the asteroids?
    Wren: The probability of that is very low.  At any rate, I will check it out 
    with the sensors on the Landale.
    Chaz: Rune, I have one more question...  Who is that Person those witches were 
    talking about?
    Rune: The first generation Lutz and his companions fought a man in the Air 
    Castle...  That man's name was Lashiec! 
    Chaz: Is that who they mean?
    Rune: Lashiec was defeated by the first generation Lutz!  I don't know what 
    we'll find until we get there.
    Being as the Air Castle is in space, they had to the space port.
    Wren: Well then, let's go ahead and search for the Air Castle.  I'm getting 
    something.  Although very slight, it is definitely something.
    Rika: Can you get it on the screen?
    Wren: I will try.  
    It appears on the screen.
    Chaz: That's it!
    Rune: That's the Air Castle alright!
    Chaz: It has a spooky atmosphere.
    Kyra: Ooooh, are you getting a little scared?  Huh, Chaz?
    Chaz: Don't... don't be ridiculous!  We're going in!
    They blast off to the Air Castle and land on it.
    Wren: Gravity is normal and there is a breathable atmosphere.  This is clearly 
    an artificial condition.
    Chaz: They seem to be expecting us.  Huh!
    Just inside are the three monsters who took the torch.
    Kyra: It's the rascals who stole the Eclipse Torch!  They're illusions?
    Rune: It's not just any illusion... There's an invisible barrier!
    Chaz: So that means we've got to find the real thing and defeat them!
    Eventually they find the real monsters, which are called Xe-A-Thouls.
    Xe-A-Thouls: Ha, ha, ha, ha!  You've come!  However...  Ha, ha, ha, ha!  We 
    have no use for anyone but Lutz!  And we have only one use for him.  Ha, ha, 
    ha, ha!  We will mutilate and kill him with these very hands!
    A battle ensues.  Defeating the Xe-A-Thouls's opens the door to the main part 
    of the castle their illusions were blocking earlier.  After a hell of a long 
    walk they'll reach a chest with the Eclipse Torch inside.
    Chaz: Oh no!  This torch is a fake!
    A battle ensues.  Now a badass boss appears, it is Lashiec.
    Lashiec: You've finally come... Lutz!
    Rune: So it was Lashiec after all!
    Lashiec: Heh, heh... I've waited... I've waited for this moment!  
    Rune: Lashiec!  Why are you reincarnated... like that?
    Lashiec: For revenge!  Lutz, you... and all who are helping you... will suffer 
    endless pain!  I'll kill you all!  I'll make you like me, like this!  You too 
    will become tortured souls who can never leave my castle!
    Chaz: So that's why you lured us here?
    Lashiec: Heh, heh... Oh joy!  You have responded to my invitation...  I've 
    waited two thousand years to cut your throats!
    Chaz: Here he comes!
    After the hard battle, Lashiec is expectedly mad.
    Lashiec: Ahhhh!  You fiend, Lutz!  You may have defeated me, but you'll never 
    He whips out the Eclipse Torch.
    Chaz: The Eclipse Torch?!
    Rika snatches the torch from Lashiec.
    Rika: Ah-hah!
    Kyra: We've done it!  We've retrieved the Eclipse Torch!
    Lashiec: I'm melting!  Once again, my body is dissolving!  But, even now, I 
    will not die!  I will reincarnate over and over again.  I must work for Him!  
    As long as he exists, I will continue to bring calamity to the future of Algo!
    The castle begins to fall.
    Wren: The Air Castle is crumbling! 
    Chaz: We've got to escape quickly!
    They head to the Landale and blast off just before the castle blows up.
    Wren: There will be a shock wave.  Everybody!  Prepare yourselves!
    Rune: Lashiec...  If you think about it, he's pretty pathetic.  He was seduced 
    by an enormous power... and now he is but a puppet!
    Chaz: Enormous power?  Who is the He Lashiec mentioned?
    Rika: Is it... Dark Force?
    Chaz: He hasn't been destroyed yet?
    The Landale returns to Dezolis.  They return to the Gumbius Temple.
    Head Priest: Ah, it's really the Eclipse Torch!  What a feat that you've 
    retrieved it!  I have no qualms about lending the torch to people such as 
    you.  Please use this holy flame to lead us from this evil road.
    Chaz: All right!  Let's hurry to the forest of the carnivorous trees!
    They go to the forest, hold up the torch and the tress vanish.
    Rika: Hooray!
    Kyra: It's been a long mission, hasn't it?
    Chaz: All right!  Now let's get to the Garubek Tower!
    With that, they enter the tower.  Near the back of it, as always, is another 
    Chaz: What's that?
    Rika: Is that Dark Force?!
    Rune: It sure is!
    Wren: Comparing search data...  It is not similar to any object that was on 
    Rika: So there were two Dark Forces?
    Chaz: Just as Raja said, this is what has been creating havoc on Dezolis!
    Rune: Not just Dezolis.  He's missing with the entire Algo solar system!
    Wren: Dark Forces senses our presence.  He is attacking!
    Chaz: Exactly what we were hoping for!  Let's go, everybody!
    The battle ensues.  Dark Force is beaten.
    Rune: We've done it, Chaz.
    Chaz: Yes...
    Rika: The storm... is over!
    The sky is all pretty now!  
    Rika: Look at the sky!
    Chaz: It's beautiful...
    Rune: The Black Every Wave has also stopped.  I bet the patients of Meese are 
    already recovering.
    Kyra: It's finally over.
    Rika: Good.
    Kyra: Thank you.  It's because of your cooperation that this was possible.  It 
    was pretty presumptuous of me to think that I could do it alone!
    Rika: No problem.  I'm glad for you, Kyra!
    Kyra: Now!  I shall return to Meese.  There's still a lot of work ahead for 
    me!  So long, Chaz.  You're quite a darling, just like a baby brother.
    Chaz: What!  Don't be ridiculous!
    Kyra: Hee, hee... that's what's so endearing about you.  Good-bye, everybody!  
    Good-bye, Lutz!  You were a little different from my expectations, but you 
    certainly did not bring shame to your name!  We'll meet again soon.
    Rune: Huh?  Oh, oh yes.
    Kyra: So long!  See you later!
    Kyra leaves... bout time to since she said goodbye for the past five minutes.
    Rika: She's gone.
    Chaz: She called me her baby brother.  Am I that undependable?
    Rune: Well, you have improved some, but you're still a lot like me!
    Chaz: Well, I can't compare with you.  After all, you are Lutz!
    Rune: You want to get whupped again?
    Rika: You guys never quit, do you!
    There is a distant explosion seen over the mountaintops.
    Rika: What was that?  It's Gumbius Temple!!
    Chaz: What is going on?  We've defeated Dark Force!
    Rune: Let's go and see!
    Gumbius Temple is now a hole in the ground.  However, most of the priests 
    survived.  The main room is now underground.
    Bishop: It's good you came.  I am the bishop of Gumbius Temple, which stood 
    here for two thousand years.
    Rune: Bishop, what on earth is going on?
    Rika: The temple has vanished without a trace.
    Chaz: We've defeated Dark Force.  Isn't that the end of our work?
    Bishop: The Profound Darkness still exists.
    Chaz: What's the Profound Darkness?
    Bishop: It is the root of all evil that has wrought death and destruction in 
    Algo since long ago.  Dark Force is but a tool of that existence!
    Rune: Oh!
    Chaz: This doesn't sound good!
    Bishop: Dark Force.  He came to Dezolis to search for the whereabouts of 
    Chaz: Rykros?
    Bishop: It has become something that is beyond your control.  That's why, The 
    Profound Darkness stirs.  If it can't lay its hands on it, its not going to 
    let you get ahold of it.
    Rune: Bishop, we don't understand.  What is Rykros?
    Chaz: Is there something so important that we have to scramble and find it?
    Bishop: It is the place where all the secret answers lie.
    Chaz: Huh?
    Rune: What do you mean?
    Bishop: It is not clear to me either,  what Rykros is... or where it is...  
    When Rykros returns, the Aero-Prism will show the way.  I know nothing except 
    this saying has been passed along.  
    Rika: Aero-Prism?
    Rune: Ah, the light of the Aero-Prism which illuminates everything...!
    Chaz: Rune, you know about it?
    Rune: Chaz!  We have to return to Motavia!
    Chaz: To Motavia?
    Rune: The first generation of Lutz stored the Aero-Prism in the  Soldiers' 
    Chaz: Oh, the temple on the island in the lake near Krup!
    Wren: We need a vehical [vehicle] that can travel across that lake.  I will 
    contact Demi immediately.
    Chaz: Bishop, thank you.  We'll be sure to return the Eclipse Torch.
    Bishop: So, you will go to Rykros?
    Chaz: Yes.  After all, we've come this far.
    Bishop: I see... then I have done my part...  All I could do was point you 
    towards Rykros.  It's up to you to shape history.  All hope is on you youthful 
    Chaz: Chaz.  My name is Chaz Ashley.
    Bishop: I see.  I entrust you with this mission, Chaz Ashley.
    The Landale heads to Motavia and everyone goes to see Demi.
    Demi: We have been awaiting you, Master Wren.  Long time no see.  I'm glad 
    that you're all looking so well!
    Wren: Demi, what is the condition of Motavia?
    Demi: All systems on hold.  There are no abnormalities.  Everything you 
    requested is already on stand-by.
    Wren: As always your preparations are impeccable, Demi.
    Demi: Oh!  Thank you very much, Master Wren!
    They see the new mode of transportation.
    Chaz: This is... incredible!
    Demi: This is a Hydrotoil!  We brought it from the Machine Center.  it has 
    been completely overhauled!  It's as good as new!
    Wren: By using this, we can move across water.  
    Rune: OK, Chaz, let's get a move on and head for the Soldier's Temple!
    Chaz: Right!  Demi, are you ready yet? 
    Demi: I'm sorry, but at this point I don't think I can be of use to you.  The 
    restart of all the systems in Motavia will take some time.
    Rika: Oh... that's a pity.  But good luck to you, too.  
    Demi: Thank you, Rika...
    Chaz: OK, let's head for the Soldier's Temple!
    Before doing this, the last four guild missions may be done.  The final one 
    has some real relevance to the story.  They enter Fort Vahal to remove a 
    machine threat against Zema.
    Wren: There is an emergency transmission from Demi.
    Demi: Master, the Plate system has sustained an attack from a mysterious 
    android attack squad.  They capture automatic defense module 3.  I have kept 
    the damage to a minimum, but...  judging by the degree of sophistication of 
    their attack, I suspect that there must be a sophisticated tactician behind 
    all this.
    Rika: I don't understand how there could still be someone sending spurious 
    orders now that Kuran is silenced.
    Wren: We are investigating the matter from here as well, Demi.  Considering 
    the attacks on other systems, shift to Alert Mode 1.
    Demi: Roger, out.
    Kyra: That attack squad Demi was talking about...  Could it be similar to the 
    one we met in Zema?
    Wren: IT appears that orders are being given from the indiscriminate 
    destruction of all AI systems over a certain level...  You may be right Rika.
    Rika: Right... You’re an AI as well, Wren?
    Chaz: So that's why, when we were in Zema, only Wren was attacked.
    Rika: And then, the reason that the machine actually went to Zema was to 
    destroy Seed.
    Rune: Didn't the person who sent the order know that Seed had self-destructed?
    Wren: It could be theorized that someone who it possessed of data from the old 
    Parmanian civilization, and moreover is far removed from the control of Zelan, 
    is responsible.
    Chaz: And that someone could be here!
    Later in the complex.
    Rune: This is awesome!  If all those things started to move at once, Motavia 
    would fall completely under their control instantly!
    Chaz: Rune, why exactly did we come here again?
    Wren: Let's hurry.  This is not a joking matter.
    Rika: Somehow, when Wren says it it's very convincing!
    Further along, in a chest.
    Chaz: What’s this?  Are these more of your spare parts, Wren?
    Wren: It appears... I don't believe it!  Is this a positron Bolt unit?
    Rika: Huh?
    Wren: This is a powerful weapon developed for attacking space fortresses.  A 
    10 second burst could even destroy Zelan!
    Rune: Wow!  Imagine the power of this unit, and yet it's so small.
    Wren: Yes.  Under normal circumstances, I would prefer to avoid using such a 
    weapon, but unfortunately, in this situation, I have no choice.  I shall 
    install it.
    Rika: Wren...
    He installs it.
    Wren: Device installation complete.  Positron Bolt now ready for use.
    They will reach a control room.
    Wren: What is this system?
    Daughter: Welcome, people of Algo... I am Daughter.  As the protector of Algo, 
    I am responsible for administering law and ensuring order...
    Rune: Daughter... a daughter of...?
    Rika: It can't be!  Seed said that plan was abandoned!
    Wren: My data confirms that, also.  There must be an error in my data. 
    Chaz: Okay.. Hey, you!  Daughter!  Are you the one that sent androids to Zema 
    and the Plate System?
    Daughter: Yes.
    Chaz: If you say you're the protector of Algo, why would you destroy the 
    environmental control system?
    Daughter: I am only trying to purge those AI's not under my control.  My 
    number one objective is peace and prosperity for all of Algo.  Any AI that 
    does not obey my orders is an enemy of Algo.  Therefore, it is my mission to 
    destroy them.
    Rika: Daughter, did you know you network is not connected to external 
    systems?  So, even if you could send an order, it won't reach the other 
    Daughter: That is not true.  I was designed to take control of all remaining 
    systems of Mother Brain.  All AI systems in Algo are under my control.
    Wren: Daughter, there is a fundamental error in your self-awareness.  Because 
    the environmental deterioration caused by the system crash was grater than 
    initially expected, the effects of the destruction of Parma were calculated 
    prior to the completion of the Daughter Project.  The project was abandoned at 
    the prototype manufacturing stage.  You are but a test machine.
    Daughter: I'm a prototype?
    Wren: Subsequently, a network whose sole object was to restart and stabilize 
    Algo's environmental control system was constructed on the artificial 
    satellite Zelan.  I, Wren, am the AI in charge of managing the entire system.
    Daughter: I understand, Wren.
    Wren: Daughter...
    Daughter: Wren, you are creating the disorder in my system, aren't you?
    Wren: Daughter!
    Daughter: I shall use all my power to exterminate anything that  interferes 
    with my programs!
    A battle with three dominators occurs, but they are easily beaten.
    Daughter: Wren...
    Wren: Daughter, I am going to shut you down.
    Daughter: Why are you doing this?  Algo will never regain its former 
    prosperity without me.  Actually, there is a possibility all will be ruined.
    Wren: Daughter...  I was only given the minimum environmental control ability, 
    yet humans have continued to live for a thousand years.
    Daughter: Do not do this...  Do not do something that might be irrevocable.
    Wren: Our civilization has indeed fallen into decay...  But that is exactly 
    why humans have regained their vitality... They have worked hard together to 
    overcome all these difficult  problems.
    Fo.... rn.... stop!
    Wren: Daughter.  There is no need for excessive interference.
    Daughter: Fo... rn...
    Wren powers her down.
    Wren: Technicians at that time planned to reopen the project after the 
    environment was stabilized.  They must have had an independent AI at the 
    Nurvus terminal keeping things under control here.  Both Demi and I were 
    negligent.  We ignored this ancient facility because it was unrelated to our 
    official tasks.
    Rune: All efforts were put into starting Zelan.  Daughter was forgotten...
    Rika: When we shut down Nurvus, a signal must have been sent, and daughter 
    Finally they will head to the Soldier's Temple.  They are greeted at the door 
    by a man in an ugly yellow shirt.
    Man: Huh?  Are you guys here to inspect the ruins?
    Chaz: Well, er, yes, we are, but who on earth are you?
    Man: Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier.  My name is Seth.  I'm a 
    traveling archeologist.  I came here in search of the ruins of an ancient 
    temple, but there are monsters in the cave that leads to it.  
    Chaz: Hmm, the temple... just where we're going.
    Seth: Ah, I knew it!  How fortunate!  If that's where you're headed, would you 
    allow me to come with you?  I do have confidence in my skills.  And I don't 
    intend to be a nuisance.
    Chaz: Hmm, an archeologist...
    Wren: If there are monsters, the more of us there are, the more advantages 
    it'll be in a fight against them.
    Chaz: OK, I guess it's all right.
    Seth: Thank you very much!  I appreciate your kindness.
    Rika: Rune, he's quite a polite person.
    Rune: Huh?  Oh, er, yes...
    With their new ally, they enter the island cave which leads to the temple.  
    Once the reach the second floor, they will stop for a quick chat.
    Seth: Oh my, you guys are so strong!  You must have felled many a monster by 
    Chaz: Huh?  Well, not really... Hee, hee, I'm embarrassed.
    On the next floor.
    Seth: But that was splendid!  I would love to have that kind of strength!
    Chaz: This is the result of many hours of training.  You can become strong too 
    if you put effort into it!
    Seth: Hmm... training.  Interesting!
    Rika: When did you ever do any training, Chaz?
    Chaz: Shhh!
    They'll reach the top of the cave, which is the base of the temple.
    Seth: We've finally made it to the temple. This is all thanks to you.  There 
    may be monsters still.  Please, let me come with you a little while longer.
    Chaz: Oh, er, well... all right.
    Inside the temple is a single chest with the Aero-Prism, Chaz will get it.
    Chaz: We did it!  It's the Aero-Prism!  But how is it going to show the way to 
    Rune: Gee... I don't know.
    Chaz: You're sure a big help!
    They leave the temple and the Prism flares up.
    Chaz: Wow!  It's blindingly bright!
    Rune: Oh, how observant.  Hold the Aero-Prism up to the sky!
    Chaz holds it up and a beam erects into the clouds.
    Chaz: Wh... what's going on?
    Rika: How beautiful!
    Rune: Rykros is at the end of the light!
    Chaz: But... that's beyond the skies!
    Wren: I will calculate the direction immediately.
    Seth: Aieeeee!
    Rika: Seth!  What’s wrong?
    Seth beings to transform.
    Seth: Aieeeeeeeeee!
    Rika: Ahhh!
    Seth turns into a monster.
    Chaz: Seth!?
    Rika: It's... not Seth!  That... that figure... couldn't be!  Dark Force!?
    Rune: It can't be!  Does this mean that Dark Force has been mascarading 
    [Masquerading] as a human?  That evil-minded monster!
    Wren: Can Dark Force also evolve?
    Rika: Whether it evolves or not, here it comes!
    Chaz: We have no choice!  Let's go!
    The battle ensues, Dark Force will again be defeated.
    Rune: This is becoming a sticky situation.  Chaz, we've got to hurry to Rykros!
    Chaz: Huh?
    Rune: I bet the followers of The Darkness are already aware of the way to 
    Rykros through Dark Force.  They're probably on their way there even as we 
    Chaz: You mean, they were spying on us?
    Wren: Rykros... the only thing certain is the direction in which it is 
    located.  But no doubt there is something there that they can't afford to let 
    us have.
    Chaz: So we'd better get that something.
    Rika: We'll have to hurry, otherwise they'll beat us to it!
    Wren: I have the direction of Rykros stored in memory.  But...
    Chaz: The light is now extending far beyond the sky...
    Rune: We'll just have to head towards it in the Landale.
    Chaz: All right, let's return to the spaceport!  We've got to hurry!
    They blast off to Rykros.
    Chaz: Are we going in the right direction?
    Wren: We are on course.
    Chaz: Is it an island like the Air Castle, or is it an artificial satellite 
    like Zelan or Kuran?
    Wren: If we keep to this course we will leave the Algo solar system!
    Rune: We have no choice but to keep going.
    Chaz: Wow!  This is astounding!
    The Aero-Prism flares up again.
    Rika: Hey!  It's the Aero-Prism again!
    Chaz: Whew, you scared me.  What happened?
    Rune: Chaz, look!
    A planet comes into view, suddenly, as if it were previously invisible.
    Wren: It's a planet.  A planet has suddenly appeared.
    Rune: That can't be!  There's no indication on the radar?!
    Wren: It's not Motavia, it's not Dezolis... and of course it's not Parma.  
    There is no such planet in my database!
    Chaz: This is...  This must be Rykros!
    They land on Rykros.  The planet suddenly vanishes and they are left standing 
    on what appears to be the cosmic background of space.  They are greeted by a 
    voice, of Le Roof.
    Le Roof: Welcome, Protectors, welcome.
    Chaz: What was that?  There's a voice reverberating in my head!
    Le Roof: I am Le Roof of Rykros.  I remain in this land to pass on the secret 
    of the genesis of Algo. 
    Chaz: Just as I thought, this is Rykros.
    Le Roof: Yes it is.  This is Rykros, the fourth planet in the Algo solar 
    Rune: What!  The fourth planet!
    Wren: There are only supposed to be three planets in the Algo solar system; 
    Motavia, Parma and Dezolis. 
    Le Roof: Rykros is a planet that has been protected by a powerful and 
    invisible barrier.  No normal being is able to see it or even sense it.
    Rika: I didn't know such a planet existed!
    Le Roof: Moreover, the planet's orbit is highly elliptical.  It only gets 
    close to Algo once every thousand years.
    Wren: So, it's an orbit like that of a comet!
    Rune: The Aero-Prism shows the way when Rykros returns...  So this is what 
    they mean by return!
    Rika: And that's why it was hidden until now...
    Chaz: Le Roof!  We came all the way here because we wanted to find out what we 
    can [do] about The Profound Darkness!  What is The Profound Darkness?  Why is 
    it causing disasters in Algo?  And exactly where is it now?  We were told that 
    all answers would be found here!  Now tell all!
    Le Roof: Hmmm...  You courageous Protectors who came all the way to Rykros, I 
    have much to tell you.  But first you must perform a task.  There are two 
    towers in Rykros called The Courage Tower and The Strength Tower...  Go meet 
    the guardians of those two towers.  When you return, I will truly recognize 
    you as Protectors, and will then tell you all you seek to know.
    Rika: Protectors?
    Chaz: Are you testing us?
    Le Roof: Yes, I am.  But please understand.  This is absolutely necessary.
    Chaz: I guess we'll have to do it.  Come on guys, let's go!
    Le Roof: Please hurry.  Already, the hand of the Darkness stirs toward this 
    planet.  Beloved ones, I await your return.
    They exit the Silence Temple and walk to the Strength Tower.  At the top of it 
    a creature kills two monsters.
    DeVars: Ah, you've finally come!  They come and they come, but they're all 
    sissies.  I've been getting kind of bored!  If you have passed Le Roof's 
    scrutiny, then try to take me if you can!
    A battle ensues.  Chaz and company win.
    DeVars: You're better than I thought.  That's comforting.  Go ahead and take 
    these objects.  They are the proof you need.
    He disappears and leaves three chests behind.  The next area is the Courage 
    Tower.  It has roughly the same look to it as the Strength Tower did.  At the 
    top of this tower a being defeats two monsters as well.
    SaLews: There's nothing to fear from the hand of Darkness!  Oh?  So you are 
    the people sent here by Le Roof.  Go ahead, try and defeat me.  Prove that 
    you've got the qualifications to be Protectors!
    A battle ensues.  Chaz and company win.
    SaLews: You've done well!  Go, take these objects which are the proof you've 
    met and passed me.
    He disappears and leaves two chests behind.  They return with all five of the 
    items obtained to Le Roof in the Silence Temple.
    Le Roof: Ah, Protectors, you have carried out your mission well.  You have 
    proven yourselves and I can enlighten you with the secret of Algo's genesis.  
    Many billions of years ago... a spiritual life form split into two lesser 
    beings, who eventually began to fight...  After a long and terrible battle, 
    there was finally a victor.  The winner banished the enemy spiritual life form 
    to another dimension.  We call the victorious side The Great Light and the 
    defeated one The Profound Darkness.
    Chaz: I see, Light and Darkness...
    Le Roof: The Great Light feared the resurrection of the Profound Darkness and 
    placed a seal over the dimensional portal...
    Rune: A Seal?!
    Le Roof: That's right... a gigantic seal of three planets on one fixed star...
    Rune: That can't be...
    Le Roof: Yes, it is.  The Algo solar system.  The Great Light also distributed 
    Protects of the seal between three tribes -- the Parmanians, Motavians and 
    Dezolisians.  But there were fluctuations in the strength of the seal.  Once 
    every thousand years, its power would weaken drastically.  As a warning of 
    this phenomenon The Great Light created Rykros, which returns to Algo every 
    thousand years, and myself, Le Roof.
    Chaz: But what use is an invisible planet as a warning?
    Le Roof: The Great Light knew that, through the generations the Protectors 
    would forget their mission.  So Rykros was designed to break its silence when 
    the seal's final moment came...  to remind the Protectors of the mission they 
    were born to do.
    Rika: The seal's final moment?  What do you mean by final moment?
    Le Roof: Throughout time The Profound Darkness has seethed with animosity and 
    the need for revenge.  And once every thousand years, when the strength of the 
    seal weakens, the most intense part of The Profound Darkness hate-filled 
    spirit is able to break through the portal and come to Algo in physical form. 
    Rune: So that's what Dark Force was!
    Le Roof: Every time, a courageous person would defeat Dark Force and bring 
    about a brief period of peace by expelling it.  But The Profound Darkness is 
    patient, and finally it destroyed the planet of Parma in battle.
    Rika: That means part of the seal is gone!
    Le Roof: That's right.  And now, a thousand years later, The Profound Darkness 
    is trying to break completely free at last.
    Chaz: The seal's final moment...  Are you saying that it's happening now?
    Le Roof: Maybe.
    Rika: Maybe?
    Le Roof: The Darkness will once again wield its frightening power, and 
    completely break the seal or...
    Chaz: Or what?
    Le Roof: Someone will conquer The Darkness and render the seal meaningless.
    Chaz: Someone like us.
    Le Roof: Protectors, listen carefully...  If The Darkness escapes, the seal, 
    that is, the Algo solar system, will certainly be destroyed.  The only way to 
    prevent this is to go to The Darkness, enter its dimension, and destroy it.  
    As long as you have those Rings of the Stars [the five objects which were in 
    the chests from moments ago], you should be able to withstand the largest part 
    of the power of The Darkness.  So the time has come.  Obey the will of The 
    Great Light and attack The Profound Darkness.  This is the very mission that 
    you, as Protectors have been born to.
    Chaz: Who do you think we are?
    Rika: Chaz...
    Chaz: I've been listening patiently and you keep talking about this mission!  
    I'm not going to fight for no mission!  And anyway, where is this Great Light 
    now?  What's it doing?  
    Le Roof: The Great Light is no longer present in this galaxy.  It has gone far 
    Chaz: You're telling me, he hands down missions and he goes off somewhere?  
    Give me a break!  Missions, Protectors, who the heck cares?  It has nothing to 
    do with us!  No way am I going to fight for someone like that!  I'm going to 
    live by my own will!
    Rika: Chaz!
    Rune: There is no one single truth... Chaz!  
    Le Roof: Chaz Ashley...  You have set foot on Rykros...  You must hurry... 
    whatever path you choose...
    Rika: Chaz... What are we to do?
    Chaz: Rune...
    Rune: What is it, Chaz?
    Chaz: To tell you the truth... I don't know what's going on.
    Rune: Oh, great...
    Chaz: When Alys died, you explained things to me... and Rika tried to lift my 
    spirits...  But in truth, I really didn't understand!  I could only see that 
    the person who'd taught me everything had died.  I would have sacrificed 
    anything, even my life, for the peaceful repose of Alys' soul.  But gradually, 
    I found out that there are people who depend on me to fight.
    Rune: That's all fine, isn't it?  Chaz...
    Chaz: But!  I can't have the fate of all Algo rest on my shoulders!  Moreover, 
    this fighting is a mission handed down from The Great Light!  If we have to 
    dance to its tune, we're no different than Zio!
    Rune: Hmmm...  I can't blame you for thinking that way, but...  Chaz, there's 
    someone I want you to meet.  Let's go to Esper Mansion.  The answer lies there!
    They head to Dezolis in the Landale and arrive at Esper Mansion.  In the room 
    in which Lutz was earlier found out to be Rune, Rune opens a wall in the back 
    of the room.
    Rune: Chaz, the sacred sword Elsydeon awaits you!
    Chaz: The sacred sword Elsydeon?
    Rune: It's probably the one and only weapon that has the power to destroy The 
    Profound Darkness!  Go, Chaz... alone!  Go and meet with Elsydeon!
    Chaz: Meet Elsydeon?
    Rune: That's right.  And at that time you should find the answer you are 
    looking for.
    Chaz enters the room revealed.  It is a cave, which leads to a statue which 
    holds a sword.  For sake of simplicity every spirit whom talks to Chaz in this 
    room I will be calling Elsydeon.
    Chaz: So this is the sacred sword, Elsydeon... What?  I hear a voice from 
    Elsydeon: Ah, you have made it, Chaz Ashley...  This is the place where the 
    spirits of those who fought to protect Algo return to...  Elsydeon is the 
    sword sheltered by those spirits!  Now Chaz, you must take Elsydeon in your 
    Chaz grabs Elsydeon.  He seems memories of many things, the ancient heroes who 
    have held the sword, including those from previous Phantasy Star games.
    Chaz: Hey!  Wow!
    Elsydeon: So you are Chaz whom Rune selected...  You were able to understand.
    Chaz: Aaah...!
    Elsydeon: Chaz... I entrust to you the care of Elsydeon!  All of our thoughts 
    are stored in that sword.  We will all be with you, Chaz, always, so...
    Chaz: Don't worry.  Leave it to me!
    Chaz returns to the main room of the Mansion, where everyone is waiting for 
    Rune: I knew it.  Elsydeon promised that it would give you power.  There was 
    no mistake in my judgment!
    Chaz: Rune!
    Rune: Chaz, let's go save Algo!
    Chaz: Right!  We're doing it for all life in Algo, and to create a future that 
    is truly free of terror!  A future unbound at least from the evil of the 
    past!  For that, I will fight!
    Rika: Chaz...
    Rune: Let's conquer, Chaz.  For Algo!
    Wren: We have an emergency!  Demi informs us that disaster has erupted on 
    Rika: Chaz!
    Chaz: All right.  Let's hurry to Motavia!!
    They rush back to the Dezolis Space Port, Raja and Kyra are waiting.
    Raja: Ah, you made it, Chaz.
    Chaz: Raja!  Are you OK now?  And Kyra!  You're here too!
    Raja: A minor sickness like that couldn't keep me in bed!  Take me with you!
    Kyra: There's reassurance in numbers.  Since I'm so reliable, I'll accompany 
    Chaz: Raja and Kyra... Thank you!
    The Landale blasts off to Motavia.  In the Motavia space port are Gryz, Demi 
    and Hahn.
    Chaz: Hahn!  Gryz!  And Demi too!
    Hahn: Hey, Chaz!  You seem to have become stronger since we last met!
    Gryz: I was scolded by Pana, but I came anyway.
    Demi: The system is finally stabilized!  Now I can go with you!
    Chaz: Everybody... everybody... thank you so much!
    Wren: Demi, what is this disaster you reported?
    Demi: Well, a large hole suddenly opened north of Piata!  The life forms 
    around that hole are dying, one after the other!  But there's no gas or 
    radiation emissions coming from the hole.
    Rune: There is no need to verify it!  We knew as soon as we arrived in 
    Motavia.  It's all due to the Black Energy Wave -- and a pretty strong one at 
    that!  It's the Profound Darkness.  He finally opened the door from the other 
    Hahn: Chaz, let's go!  Isn't this the last battle?
    Kyra: Really, you guys need taking care of.  I'll be your big sister and look 
    after you!
    Chaz: Well, seeing that we're all here, I'd like all of you to go, but...
    Rune: There are only five Rings of Stars to protect us from the power of the 
    Chaz: So that means we have to choose one person to take.
    At this point, they can either choose someone, or just wait until later.  The 
    next destination is Anger Tower, which is on Rykros.  It may now be entered 
    due to the fact Chaz holds Elsydeon.
    Chaz: Elsydeon is shining!
    Rika: A voice is reverberating in my head...  
    Voice: Oh Protectors of Algo...  The Anger Tower welcomes you gladly.
    When they reach the top, there is a problem...  It's her, Alys Brangwin, 
    standing in the middle of the room.
    Chaz: What?  Alys... You're here on Rykros?  Alys?  Alys!  Hey, answer me, 
    She charges at them.
    Chaz: Yikes!  Alys?
    A one on one battle between Chaz and Alys begins.  She is rather easy to 
    Chaz: Alys...  Alys!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Voice: Heh, heh, heh...
    Chaz: Who's that?
    Chaz looks around, the room gets dark.  A creature pops up next to Chaz.
    Creature: Well, well, Protector, what a weakling you are.  So you wail and 
    lament for something you know to be an illusion.  
    Chaz: An illusion?  Is that right... you... you...!
    Creature: Ah, your anger, your hatred, it's quite a show of your force of 
    character.  Would you like to be able to wholly transform those feelings into 
    Chaz: Huh? 
    Creature: There's a technique to transform emotions of anger and hatred into 
    powers of destruction.  Do you want to know about it? [Choose No]
    Chaz: Don't mess with me!
    Creature: Huh... why is that?
    Chaz: Even if I won using such a power, it would be meaningless!  It would 
    only make us the same as the Darkness!
    Creature: I see... you've fought the illusion and yet you haven't lost sight 
    of yourself.  All right, I shall trust you with the technique!  The forbidden 
    technique... Megid!
    Chaz: Megid... The forbidden technique?
    Creature: There's nothing to be afraid of.  It's necessary to feel anger and 
    hatred for humans to be human.
    Chaz: Oh...
    Creature: There shouldn't be any danger that you will be corrupted by the 
    power of Megid.  Just don't forget your true self.
    Chaz is taught Megid, the creature disappears.  They return to Motavia, if 
    Chaz hadn't chosen an ally yet, he may do so now, or he may swap the ally.  
    They head to a hole north of Piata, deep in this hole, which seems to be 
    halfway in another dimension is The Profound Darkness.
    Chaz: ... Is this the shape The Profound Darkness has taken?
    Rika: Ah!  What's... happening!?
    Rune: It's an emanation of The Profound Darkness!  Anger... hatred... of all 
    that lives...  And, a great need to destroy!  We've got to defeat this thing!  
    This being must not be allowed to come to Algo!
    Rika: The portal is not yet completely open.  We've got to take advantage of 
    this opportunity, Chaz!
    Chaz: Right!  Let's go, everybody!
    Wren: Roger!
    Raja [or whomever else will say some variation of agreement]: Yes!
    Chaz: This is it!  Now we determine Algo's future... our future!
    A three part battle will ensue.  The Profound Darkness will be defeated after 
    Chaz: Ah, what's going on?
    Rune: The force holding this dimensional hole open is gone!
    Wren: I sense a time warp.  It's getting bigger.  Danger!  Danger!
    Rika: What are we supposed to do!?
    Chaz's Elsydeon sword begins to flare.
    Chaz: What the...
    It shatters.
    Chaz: The Elsydeon...
    Rune: It's protecting us...
    The shattering sword makes a confetti type protection ring.
    Rika: it's beautiful...
    Chaz: Thank you all...
    The planet looks so peaceful.  All party members, including those not fighting 
    with you are shown on a beach somewhere.
    Rune: It's over... huh, Chaz.
    Chaz: Yes, it's over.
    Rika: We were able to keep Algo safe.
    The scene shifts to the Landale.  Those from Dezolis and the satellites seem 
    to be leaving.  
    Wren: Departure preparations are complete.
    Raja: Well, I guess we'll head back to Dezolis.
    Kyra: We'll get a ride with Wren.
    Raja: It was quite a fun journey, Chaz, the likes of which I haven't had in a 
    long time.
    Kyra: You should come visit Dezolis once in a while.
    Raja: That's not possible.  They don't have a space ship.  And flapping their 
    arms won't get them too far.  Ha, ha!
    Kyra: So... I guess it's really good-bye, Chaz...
    Raja: What a pity you won't be able to enjoy my wit anymore!
    Demi: I will go to Zelan to assist my master Wren.  Good-bye, Chaz.  
    Eventually, the time will come when both my master and I will become 
    unnecessary to Algo.  But, until that time, I will work to complete my duties.
    Wren: After I take everybody to Dezolis, I will return to Zelan.  I guess you 
    will need the support of a system a little while longer.
    Rika, is for some reason not with the other eight.
    Chaz: Wren... where's Rika?
    Wren: She has already gone to the Landale.  Parting must be difficult for her.
    Chaz: I... see.
    Wren: Good-bye, Chaz.  Stay well.  I believe we will meet again.
    The Dezolis and Zelan bound crew are now alone.
    Wren: Rika, we are leaving.
    Rika: Yes.
    The Landale blasts off.  Chaz, Rune, Gryz and Hahn watch.
    Gryz: They're gone.
    On the Landale. 
    Rika: Wren, I...
    Wren: Rika, the road you choose will probably be painful and difficult.  You 
    are our hope.  You must be strong and live with pride.
    Rika: Yes!  Wren...  Thank you!
    On the ground of Motavia.
    Gryz: I've got to get back to Tonoe.  Chaz, thanks for everything!  I feel 
    that I learned a lot from this trip.  Thanks!
    Hahn: I'm returning to the Academy.  After all this, I've become disgusted 
    with some of the people there, but...  I'll just have to transform those 
    feelings into inner strength!  Good-bye, Chaz.  I will always be proud that I 
    fought beside you!
    Hahn and Gryz depart.
    Rune: Chaz... I guess it's good-bye.
    Chaz: Rune...
    Rune: Even though the battle against the ultimate fiend is over, my mission as 
    Lutz must continue...  You see, I must watch over all Algo.  I'm still lacking 
    in training and experience.  I must continue to improve myself, and eventually 
    pass it on to the next Lutz...
    Chaz: Won't we... meet again?
    Rune: Probably not.  You silly!  Don't cry...  You can live now without anyone 
    else's help...
    The Landale returns.  Rika comes out.
    Chaz: Rika!
    Rika: Chaz!
    Rika jumps from the floating Landale, Chaz rushes and catches her before she 
    collides into the ground.
    Chaz: Rika!
    Rika: Chaz!
    Rune takes the opportunity to distance himself, he turns back to call out.
    Rune: So long, Chaz... Take care!
    Rika: Rune.
    Chaz: Rune... thank you... And good-bye!
    Rune walks away, the Landale re-exits from Motavia.  Chaz and Rika are left 
    The scene shifts to Hahn teaching at the Academy.
    The long battle is over.  
    Gryz is with another boy of his species.
    We were able to free ourselves from the terrible curse of Yore.
    Raja is with others of his kind.
    To the souls of those who sacrificed their lives for Algo, sleep in peace.
    Kyra is alone praying.
    From person to person...
    Wren and Demi are on Zelan.
    From age to age...
    Rune is walking alone, under the skies of Motavia.
    As long as memories last...
    Rika and Chaz are bonding in a flowery field, in much more social clothing.
    We will not forget the sacrifices that have been made.
    The screen is white, with only text on it now.
    The eons-old struggle between Light and Dark ended, and now the curtain rises 
    on a new age...
    The credits roll.  The end.

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