How to gain white world tendency (Tower)?

  1. There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what will change your world tendency to white, particularly while online. I'm trying to get the paring dagger and have already cleared the Fool's Idol, but WT is still neutral.

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    ia_mc - 8 years ago

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  1. First, play offline. Then get Latria's world tendency to pure black.

    As a soul, start at the first archstone and kill Black Phantom Rydell, then march onwards to the Fool's Idol church and let the gargoyles take you up. From there, make your way into the swamp and find the Primeval demon perched on a cliff overlooking the swamp. Kill it and then return to the Nexus (do not return to the Nexus until you kill BOTH the black phantom Rydell and the Primeval Demon, otherwise the other will not appear when you return).

    Then defeat a boss (Maneater or Old Monk). This will place you in pure white world tendency. Make sure to be in soul form always or else you risk losing your world tendency when mistakes are made (and they will be made in pure black tendency).

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  1. If you're playing online, logging out of a character/disconnecting from a game will reset your world tendency back to neutral for all levels. The best way to gain white world tendency is to make your WT pure black, kill all of the prime-evil demons and black phantoms in a level (bosses too, if possible), then go back to the nexus. If you've killed enough, you should have pure white WT. This link below provides a list of exactly what will change world tendency towards black and/or white.

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  2. What I do to turn my WT white is help other ppl as a Blue Phantom. Normally they will get invaded (like 50% of the time) and you just need to kill the Black Phantom. Is not that hard because normally you have numerical advantage. I got pure white on 3 succesful runs as a Blue Phantom (not sure if it was the Demon Killing or the Black Phantom slaying).

    Anyway, I suggest killing demons but most of all beoing Blue Phantom

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  3. Your world Tendency will increase if you defeat bosses while in body form. As stated above, you can help other people out as a blue phantom, too.

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  4. I think its easier to get a p.w.w.t playing online with a blue phantom. Just go on a board in body form, invite someone in soul form to play with you then wait for a black phantom to invade your game. Every time you kill a B.P it gives you +1 towards a p.w.w.t. You can always go to this website for answers.

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  5. To get any world to PWWT:
    1. Play offline--very important
    2. Use Stone of Ephemeral Heart to restore your body and commit suicide 5-7 times.
    3. Return to Nexus to update world tendency
    4. If the level you want is in PBWT, go there and kill the <u>named</u> Black Phantom character (unnamed BPs don't change world tendency), the Primeval Demon (very easy), and one boss.
    5. Return to Nexus to update world tendency. The level should now be PWWT.
    6. Commit suicide IN THE NEXUS before returning to the pure white level so you are in soul form.

    Good luck!

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  6. Edit @ above:
    Stone of Ephemeral Eyes rather than Heart. Sorry. :P

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