How do i use magic once i have it? i have the soul arrow spell but cannot figure out how to use it

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    pimpinstone - 8 years ago

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  1. Here are the steps you need to do for magic:
    1. buy a spell from a teacher, either the apprentice or sage freke if you have saved him.
    2. Remember the spell, this is important, while you can buy many spells you have a limited number you can have "equipped" at a time. based on intelligence I believe. to remember spells talk to your teacher and go to the remember option (below buy) and select the spell or spells you want to use.
    3. have a catalyst equiped. there are 3. wooden or silver catalysts are the regular ones and there is one unique catalyst, but it has drawbacks.
    If you have the catalyst equiped in your right hand, R1 will cast the currently selected spell (up on the D-pad).

    Miracles work exactly the same as spells, except that they have a different teacher (on the opposite side of the nexus), their capacity (slots) is based on faith, and instead of a catalyst, you need the talisman of god, of which their is no variety.

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  1. well u just need a wand wooden or silver one u can get the wooden one in 1-2 first part after dragon. If you have any more ?'s...add me on psn-josh308381

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  2. You need to have a catalyst (magic wand), use a magic teacher to remember the spell, select it (d-pad up), and "attack" with the wand.

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