Where can I find Yuri, the witch?

  1. I found Freke, and I found the Cleric dude, but I can't find Yuri the witch.

    User Info: Puzzleface

    Puzzleface - 7 years ago

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  1. You have to first beat an archdemon, which is a final boss in any other world to unlock the fog at 1-3. Then from there, you have to continue through 1-3 then get to the fat minister and kill him to get the iron keys. Continue through the level till you get to the next fat minister, kill him to get the officials cap. Once you obtain both of those items travel back to the beginning of the Tower Knight archstone where the two blue eye knights will be behind you. Kill them and open the door on your right side thats locked. Go down and rescue Biorr and kill the fat minister there for the Bloody keys. Once you've obtained those go to the Tower Knight archstone again, and continue along the path till you hit the fountain again where the dogs are located at the beginning of 1-3. Go along the right side of the wall and you'll run into a locked gate. Open it using the Bloody Keys and equip the ministers hat. Take the first left path and continue down till you hit the next gate and open it using the bloody keys as well. Continue through and up the stairs and by wearing the officials cap the fat minister will lower the stairs and then kill him and unequip the officials cap and talk to Yuri. Once you've done that return to the nexus and she will be where Sage Freke is but on the other side in the far right corner.

    User Info: ripdarkness

    ripdarkness - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. You can find yuria the witch in a tower in boletarian 1-3 after you get a key from a fat official in the prison where it is locked biorr then there is a door near the square where there are dogs

    User Info: WwwPin

    WwwPin - 7 years ago 0 1

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