Where can I find all the special weapons and shields?

  1. I have seen other chars with some of the bosses weapons and armor!, how do I get the lost hero weapon, the one that looks like a jagged cressent moon...is there somewhere I can go to see a complete list of all the weapons armor and shields and where to find them?

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  1. Here Is A Complete List of the Unique Weapons/Shields in Demon's Souls along with locations/requirements need to get them. Baby's Nail: Stage 3-1 on corpse inside the church behind the alter or dropped by Sage Freke if you kill him; Kris Blade: Stage 2-1 Corpse; Rune Sword: Stage 3-2 Corpse or Stage 1-4 Dropped by Black Phantom Ostrava when you defeat him; Penetrating Sword: Stage 1-3 corpse or Stage 1-4 Dropped by Black Phantom Metas when you defeat him; Blueblood Sword: Forged using Pureblood Demon's Soul and A Broken Sword; Large Sword of Moonlight: Stage 5-2 destroy the Giant Slug's Nest to reveal it; Morion Blade: Forged using the Storm King Demon's Soul and a +8 Long Sword, Bastard Sword, Claymore, Great Sword, Knight Sword or Short Sword; Demonbrandt: Stage 1-1 inside the Mausoleum with Old King Doran; Soulbrandt: End Stage Remove it From The Ground; Northern Regalia: Forged Using the False King Demon's Soul and both the Soulbrandt and Demonbrandt; Dragon Bone Smasher: Stage 3-2 Requires Pure White World Tendancy to reach it; Blind: Stage 5-2 Dropped by Black Phantom Selen Vinland when you defeat her; Large Sword of Searching: Forged using the Hero Demon's Soul and a +8 Scimitar, Kilij, Uchigatana, Falchion, War Scythe, Claws, Broadsword, Flamberge or Shotel; Hiltless: Stage 4-1 Defeat Black Phantom Master Satsuki, Stage 4-2 Corpse in Giant Slugs' Cave, or The Tutorial if you defeat the Vanguard; Magic Sword "Makoto":Stage 4-2 Corpse when Saint Urbain is trapped Requires Pure White World Tendancy; Geri's Stiletto: Stage 3-1 Reward for recuing Sage Freke; Epee Rapier: Stage 3-2 Corpse or Dropped be Mephistopheles in the Nexus when you defeat her; Needle of Eternal Agony: Forged using the Mixed Demon's Soul and a +7 Dagger, Mail Breaker, Parrying Dagger, Rapier, Estoc, Spiral Rapier or Secret Dagger; Dozer Axe: Forged using the Grey Demon's Soul and a +6 Battle Axe, Half-Moon Axe, Great Axe, Guillotine Axe, or Halberd; Bramd: Stage 5-3 Dropped by Black Phantom Garl Vinland when you defeat him; Meat Cleaver: Forged using the Swollen Demon's Soul and a Club, Great Club or a +6 Mace, Morning Star, Iron Knuckles, War Pick, Mirdan Hammer, or Pick Axe; Hands of God: Stage 2-2 Corpse or Defeat Either of the Blacksmiths; Istarelle: Stage 5-1 requires Pure White World Tendancy and a ladder will appear near the Second Giant Depraved One that leads to Leechmonger; Scraping Spear: Forged using the Lead Demon's Soul and a +7 Short Spear or Winged Spear; Phosphorescent Pole: Stage 3-1 Dropped when you defeat Black Phantom Rydell; White Bow: Stage 1-4 Dropped by Black Phantom Oolan when you defeat her, Stage 4-1 trade a Pure Moonlightstone with the Double-Winged Hawk Girl, Stage 4-2 on corpse through the secret passage; Lava Bow: Forged using the Hard Demon's Soul and a +7 Short Bow, Long Bow, Compound Short Bow or Compound Long Bow; Insanity Catalyst: Forged using the Yellow Demon's Soul and a Wooden Catalyst or Silver Catalyst: Talisman of the Beast: Stage 2-2 Dropped when you defeat Black Phantom Scirvir, Reward for assassinating Ostrava for Mephistopheles; Rune Shield: Stage 3-2 Corpse or Stage 1-4 When you defeat Black Phantom Ostrava; Dark SIlver Shield: Stage 5-3 Dropped when you defeat Garl Vinland; Adjudicator's Shield: Stage 4-1 Corpse; Large Brushwood Shield: Stage 1-1 in Execution Grounds requires Pure White or Black World Tendancy, Dropped if you defeat Biorr, Purchase from Dredgling Merchant in Stage 1-3; Tower Shield: Stage 1-4 Dropped when you defeat Black Phantom Alfred, Stage 1-3 on corpse where Biorr was imprisoned. There you have. All the "Valuable Weapons and Shields" of the game. Good Luck.

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  1. Clarification on above answer: Hiltless can't found in the tutorial*, Baby's nail needs to be picked up before killing fool's Idol or you can't get to it, Dragon Bone Smasher is in 3-3 go straight and then to the left and you will be able to get it if its white world tendency. And that's all I noticed that was wrong.

    *Yes, I have beaten Vangaurd in the tutorial, it is a misprint in the guide that it is there.

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  2. Actually the Baby's Nail can be picked up after killing the Fool's Idol. You just have to hug the chaple wall until you are behind the corpse holding the Baby's nail or the Gargoyles will pick you up.

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