Maneater help?

  1. I need help defeating man eater... hes been too good for too soul level 93 and im playin the asian version... add me, PSN demons_blade00

    User Info: demon_edge

    demon_edge - 7 years ago

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  1. I used the Warding spell (probably Total Protection in your version) and I stayed on the wider middle platform for the most part. He's vulnerable to melee attacks and much easier to kill with some help.

    User Info: Zetona

    Zetona - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Heres what i recomend i did with my lvl 60 royal i used the defence spell u get from the soul of tower knight then just spell the heck outa him i had 1 blue phantom helping my who died half way through 2nd beast remember to heal often

    User Info: Stranger5x5

    Stranger5x5 - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. He's a joke. you can use a bow at the edge of the fog without entering to kill the first one (you need to be at the left side of the fog for this to work). Then just pick up the pieces... the 2nd one is trash by himself. all you have to do is run to the center, use the fire pit as an obstruction, and chip away at him. Easy.

    User Info: EWGF

    EWGF (Expert / FAQ Author) - 7 years ago 1 1
  3. Another good tactic it o take off his tail as soon as possible. The little beserker mode he goes into is because his tail lets him. Lock onto it, take it off and he is MUCH easier.

    User Info: TheEndless1986

    TheEndless1986 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0
  4. I used a Thief's Ring and a Bow, although spells should also work. Start at one end of the bridge and fire at him if you can, otherwise, just get on the other side of the middle platform from him and run to the end of the bridge to lose him. Most strategies make use of staying on the other side of the fire pit in the centre.

    User Info: sols_light

    sols_light - 7 years ago 1 0
  5. Clever rat's ring, Morion blade, God's wrath. On second playthrough I tried to get a faith in the low 40's with hopes of blowing out the first beastie in 3 pops, but accidentally killed it in four. My only complaint for this method is that I myself am not a maneater eater, as I really would have liked to lay out a big steaming pile of maneater poop upon which to climb atop as i bellowed "Come on, you #%@&!" into the cool Latrian night air while waiting and waiting for the second beastie to get around to making an appearanc

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  6. I pop'd the first with the fog door exploit and one shotted the second /w firestorm and magical sharpness ring.

    User Info: xxPyro99

    xxPyro99 - 7 years ago 1 0
  7. I did this by myself when I was level 70-80. Just run to the middle place and stay as close to the fire as you can. Wait for them to come down to you and whack it as much as you can before it flies away. The only problem I really had with it was it knocking me off the edge. Be sure to bring armor that has ok physical and magical defense like the dark silver armor. Sticky white stuff is really useful and will practically double your damage. Also use the blueblood sword if you have it and you have high luck. Never give up on Maneater as he is undoubtebly the hardest boss in the tower of latria, unless you were playing online and the old monk summoned a super nooby player who's going to backstab you as soon as you go in. Good luck and I hope this helped. =)

    User Info: Old_one_slayer

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  8. I honestly had very little problem killing the Maneaters... of course, maybe that's because after the poundings the Flamelurker gave me, I was much more prepared for close-ranged battles with these monsters.

    And for the record, my Wanderer-class character was around lv 50 when I fought him.

    Honestly, I just used Enchant Weapon and went to town on the first one on the first half of the bridge. You need to make sure to dodge around him, since the Maneaters do not stun... pretty much at all. Focus on attacks from behind and he should lose his tail in the battle. If he goes into the air, walk about a bit trying to avoid his magic attacks. Of course, try to stay in the middle of the bridge as much as possible, but he never came very close to knocking me off the bridge...

    I ended up killing the first just after the second's health bar appeared... since you've probably damaged him quickly enough, the first one should go down (especially at your soul level...). All you have to do now is the same kind of thing on the second one.

    If you're ranged, then just keep a decent distance and fire away.

    What, is there really anything else you need to worry about?

    User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

    Ryan_SilverFox - 7 years ago 1 0
  9. High magic with the ring of magical sharpness buff warding and hit them with firestorm need 5 magic spots for this method. Also buff warding use northern regalia or meat clever cut off tail stay in middle of bridge and dodge his slam attack after you hit him. You can also use thiefs ring and buff cloak and poison them while hiding.

    User Info: ddhcts

    ddhcts - 7 years ago 1 0
  10. Alot of the answers given to this question are very helpful.
    One other option you can do, is if you have gotten firestorm before NG+, use it against maneater.
    Should you have the Kris Blade, along with magic ring of sharpness and wooden or Taliman of Beasts on you, use Firestorm. Since the SL is low, it may take two good solid hits to defeat the first one.
    Once he's finished, the next Maneater will appear. Use either Firestorm, God Of Wrath, or a weapons with a magic such as Turpentine or Sticky Stuff that will inflict great damage to it.
    Because you already defeated the first maneater, killing the second without the annoyance of having to fight two, maybe using another method besides just Firestorm as many above have answered will be of help in getting familiar wiith the different methods/weapons you can use in inflicting huge damage to Maneater.

    User Info: dgcastlevaniaaa

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  11. Firestorm can alot but if you dont have that, any fire spell will have a good effect on it and if you stay close to the torch thing in the middle of the bridge, it will help block a few of his attacks

    User Info: Sinner_47

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  12. Summon 2 blue phantoms (a meatbag and a tough guy).

    User Info: darelmnightmare

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  13. Melee works very well.... lvl 50 with dragon bone smasher,
    or shoot arrows from outside the fog door before entering.

    User Info: EFE_LOPES

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  14. The method that I usually use against Maneater is... Well, going up to it and using Firestorm. It's usually a one-hit kill. It's pretty easy to obtain Firestorm; just get Yuria the Witch from world 1-3 and then kill the Dragon God Arch Demon in world 2-3. Then ask Yuria to teach you magic, and she'll allow you to learn Firestorm in exchange for the Dragon Demon's Soul.

    Also, when using this method, be sure to bring along some Old Spices. If you don't have any Old Spices, bring New Spices. That way, you can refill your MP after using Firestorm. So when the second Maneater comes out, use another Firestorm, and, well, you win. Just make sure not to fall off, as that's the biggest danger in this battle when using this method.

    User Info: GROMABgladius

    GROMABgladius (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  15. I'm on first playthrough and managed to beat him "old school" on my second try. There was a bit of luck involved, though, I'm no pro by any stretch. lol

    I had a Dragon Sword +1, Purple Flame Shield and a Regen Ring as my main pieces of equipment. I relied mainly on dodging, blocking and melee. I'm a hunter, so I have no magic.

    I entered the fog and waited for the first one to come at me. I stayed near the fog gate the entire time, and the second Maneater was glitched near the center, so he didn't bother me until I shot him with an arrow after I finished off the first one.

    His attack patterns are easy to figure out. When he's on the ground, he'll either pound the ground (which you just have to back up to dodge) or he'll charge at you. When facing him, line yourself up straight to the left or right, so when you dodge roll sideways to avoid his charge, you don't fall off the edge. Make sure to leave a bit of space between your back and the wall. When he charges and you dodge, he will hit the wall and you'll have a chance to get 3-4 good shots in there. He'll either try to charge again in the other direction, or fly away and cast magic or land and repeat the charging patterns. When he's done, attract the other Maneater, rinse and repeat.

    P.S. His magic attacks are pretty weak too, but easy to doge. The sound ripples, just walk from side to side or back up a bit. When he sends in homing arrows, run in one direction. (I usually walked and it ended up missing me)

    User Info: Lunearetic

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