Good Build for Temple Knight(Sword/Pole/Spear User)?

  1. Any good builds for temple knight? so far, I am leveling up on my physical attack. Im not a big magic user. help?

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    paladinzio - 7 years ago

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  1. An easy way to break into the game as a temple knight using the weapons you specified and not caring about magic is going for a regenerator build.

    You'll need blessed weapon +5, usually a mirdian hammer, an adjudicator's shield +5, and a regenerator's ring (optional). The blessed weapon and +5 shield will give you +14 hp/second combined, even if the shield is on your back -- which is where it should be in most cases since the adjudicator's isn't very good as a shield. Adding in the ring gives you +18/second combined. You might want some other ring since the +4hp/sec isn't that much more.

    Your main stats will be End and Faith. Faith boosts your magic damage, and End gives you more AP. You don't need to go above 40 End. You'll want Dex 16 for a lava bow. If you get Dex up to 18 you can use Istarelle (a faith-scaling spear), which can be good combined with a high hit res shield on your first playthrough only. You'll need int 15 for Second Chance, which will be your main buff. Then throw in as much Vit as you feel you need.

    Since you like swords you could use a blessed straight sword of your choice, or get the Large Sword of Moonlight up to +5.

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  1. Depends on your stats. I strongly recommend picking either one of the following:
    ... and running with one.
    Almost all weapons are beneficially effected by Dexterity (including all bows). I'm working a building guide for beginning player which will include all this information. Shoul be done in the next couple days.

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  2. However, if you want a quick fix, Dragon weapons are good for your first playthrough, and dont require you to commit to a stat (they have fixed damage).

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  3. Even if you don't like magic I highly reccomend you level your faith and intelligence pretty high so you can have high mana and lots of miracle slots. Get those 2 and endurance and you should be find. I haven't seen any damage upgrades through leveling up my strength so only get to about the 20's or so so you can use the heavy shields. Second chance for me was the most useful thing i've ever used. As for your weapon i reccomend the blueblood sword because a lot of enemies are weak to magical damage and you don't have to cast a spell to use it. The blueblood sword takes a lot of requirements in stats to use it but it's completely worth it. Make getting it a priority, but before you try and get it make sure you have 18 strength, dexterity, magic, and faith so you can weild it. At the lowest stats to use it and 7 luck the blueblood sword is 100+36 physical damage and 100+36 magical damage. The sword also increases in both damages the more luck you get by about 5 on both damages each level up.

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  4. Well upgrade your vitality and faith a lot, also get upgrade endurance so you can use good armor. Those are your main stats. Then get one time miracle or second chance so you don't die too quickly, so make sure you upgrade will enough just to cast it. For weapons a +5 miridian hammer is the best all-round weapon but the large sword of moonlight will kill any shield user quickly. if you have high hp hold the weapons with 2 hands and get the morion blade and stack it with the clever rats ring. Here people will start to get cocky you but then u can kill them with a few hits. As for armor get something that allows you to move swiftly but gives you the most defense.

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  5. I did a temple knight build on my main character on my first play through (and two after that in ng+ and ng++). It was good at PvE and sucked at PvP.

    I used a halberd and focussed on strength, endurance and faith. I had heavy armour and the adjudicator shield leveled up on my back. It was great fun.

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