Help with Strength Stat/ Attack Power?

  1. On two different characters, my attack power will not increase, no matter if I level up strength or dexterity. Both of them have had strength at just under 20 when I first noticed it.

    User Info: good_luck

    good_luck - 7 years ago

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  1. Ive noticed that the attack stats will only show the attack power rising on the weapon currently equipped at time of leveling up with maiden. For example if you have a quality uchigatana equipped and its stat bonuses include dex and str then raising either one will raise it 1 to a few points, However heres the kicker if you have a weapon equipped whos stat bonuses are not str and dex, for example the moonlight sword, (i think thats the name) the one that looks like clouds omega sword from ff7 its stat bonuses are based on faith and magic i believe so your attack power will not go up no matter how many times you lev dex and str for that particular weapon. Also if you have a weapon like the makoto which has NO stat bonuses and a flat damage amount you may not see the attack power increase. Try switching weapons and just looking to see if it will increase attack with a str or dex point. Im pretty sure thats the problem. good luck

    User Info: Brutal_Murder

    Brutal_Murder - 7 years ago 1 0

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