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  1. I think it might be a glitch Im not sure. In stonefeng tunnel 2-1 under the platform the fat guy throwing fireballs there is the lever to start the elevator for blacksmith ed. When i go up to it i cant pull it. what is the deal i cant get to the blacksmith or progress in the level. Please help

    User Info: comstockpks

    comstockpks - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Okay I know where you are talking about.... thats not the lever that leads to blacksmith Ed..... if you proceed through the level till you see lava on your right ahead of you will be a tunnel with a bunch of lizardmen guys if you keep proceeding thru that tunnel you come to an opening to outside....turn right head to the wooden platform and the lever that leads to blacksmith ed will be's also a handy shortcut for about half of 2-1 hope that helps.

    User Info: DuDeMcGoO

    DuDeMcGoO - 7 years ago 0 1

Other Answers

  1. I get what you and DuDeMcGoO are talking about, however, here is a better description of what DuDe is talking about.

    From the start you run past the guys throwing the boulders. In this next room, turn left. There are 4 miners, kill them and proceed to next room. Here there are a number of miners as well as vases that will shatter as 2 wolves run in. Through this door (behind vases) there is a room with a fatman ahead of you and a doorway to your left. Through this door way follow the path until you come up a second set of stairs. Go up until you can turn left and cross a makeshift wooden bridge. stay on the far left as it breaks. On the other side is a Fatman. Drop down to the right and there is a lever. Pull it and drop all the way down to the room with the wolves. Run back up to where you can cross bridge. Keep going up instead of going across bridge. Run up the stairs and follow the path. You will come to an area with stairs straight ahead, a path to the right of the stairs you can not cross do to the fire and to the left of that a room with a bunch of lava lizzards. Go straight up the stairs. Kill the three guys with red hot pokers and break through the breakable objects. Make your way through this tunnel. Outside this tunnel is a platform. To your right is a wood walk way leading to a spinable wheel. This wheel starts the elevator which leads you to the area behind the merchant, down to Blacksmith Ed and back up to where you are (makes a short cut if you die between here and the boss.

    Now, the wheel you described that you turned (just after the guys throwing boulders) this starts the elevator outside the doorway next to the wheel. it takes you down as well as up. Up above you can kill the fatman up there as well as the two guys throwing the boulders. There are also items up here. Down from the original starting point, there is a large empty area of a rock. On the one end of this area is a stone of Ephemeral Eyes. If you have Pure Black World Tendency, there will be a Prime Evil Demon. They can not attack you, so they are easy to kill. They drop a Colorless Demon Soul which is highly useful in upgrading certain weapons (Dragon Bone Smasher, Magic Sword "Makoto", Lava Bow, and pretty much any other magical or enchanted weapon that Blacksmith Boldwin can not upgrade, though keep in mind for this you must give Blacksmith Ed the Red Hot Demon soul you get from killing Flamelurker at the end of 2-2).

    Hope this helps.

    User Info: TheEndless1986

    TheEndless1986 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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