What would be the best weapons and armor for Battle Mages?

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  1. Wow, no.

    Light Armors without a styamina regeneration penalty will be the best:
    - Black Leather (Lord Rydell's gear)
    - Ancient King's Set (Old King Doran's gear)
    - Binded Cross (Executioner Miralda's gear, female only)
    - Rogue' s Gear (Mephistopheles' gear, female only)
    - Shaman's Clothes (Lord Satsuki's gear)
    - Wizard's Clothes

    Also, the following will make good melee weapons:
    - Epee Rapier (Mephistopheles drop, found in the bottom of the 3-2 central tower)
    - Phosphorescent Pole (found by defeating BP Lord Rydell)
    - Crescent weapons (these are the best no doubt for melee, pure ores can be found from 4-2/4-3 crystal geckos)
    - Kris Blade (can be found right before 2-1 boss, Armor Spider)

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  1. Sage freaks armor.... kill him to get that ....and i would say the phosphorescent pole-BP Rydell drop 3-1 PBWT

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  2. As the previous person said, you don't want a Stamia penalty, so the armors outlined are the best. If you might be using Magic or Miracles in your fight (which makes sense), have the Silver Cornet on your head for the extra MP at least. Either that or if you earn the Monk's Headwrapping, use that for the MAGIC attack boost.

    As for weapons, all of the said weapons are good for their different reasons.

    Epee Rapier has the almost ALWAYS useful FIRE damage. What is special about it is that with our Colorless Demon Souls it will have an 50/0/80 attack E/C/S stat boosting. This means the FIRE attack is boosted heaily by your MAGIC stat. You can also shield while attacking with it.

    Phosphoresent Pole will have a 60/110/0 attack with C/E/S stat boosting with five Colorless Demon Souls into it. If you can get use to using it, it has very nice range and will have a lot of MAGIC attack power if your stats are high enough. Also, as long as it is equipped, you will get 1 MP regen for every 1 second. Meaning you can use Magic or Miracles very often, which is good for mixing up your game.

    Cresent Weapons give you good stats which include MAGIC damage added to your weapons with respectable MP regen. Also, since Asian Swords are the only ones that can become Cresent, the two best ones have Bleed built into them. The stat boost is A for MAGIC on high level Cresent weapons. Uchigatana is the best one stat wise, but you might not be comfortable with the speed that it moves. It has long range and some nice attacks though. The Kilij is still solid but doesn't have the range that the Uchigatana. The attack speed is much faster though.

    Kris Blade with five Colorless Demon Souls will give you plus 30% MAGIC damage. That is absolutely great if you are good enough at dodging that you don't need a shield or are attacking with ranged attacks. Definitely worth using for the extra MAGIC attack.

    Other things to think about are possibly a Moon Winged Spear +5. It has better MAGIC attack than an Uchigitana with a little less physical attack. The stat scaling is E/E/C, which isn't as nice, however the long range with quick attacks and being able to shield while attacking are both great things.

    Also, if you have enough equip weight to keep you very fast, and a high enough strenght, a Purple Flame Shied +10 is a very solid choice. It has 8 weight, but at +10 it has a 100/30/90 resistance with 82 HitRes, which is only 3 less than a fully upgraded Tower Shield. Basically, no one is going to break through your guard if they are giving you heavy pressure. The Steel Shield +10 is 6 weight, but the FIRE resistance isn't nearly as good.

    Those are just some things to think of. Don't forget, technically FAITH is a MAGIC attack too (as far as what type of damage it does). That opens up a bunch of different weapons you could use.

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