Can this game Level up And Change job?

  1. I bought this game but i havent started to play it yet. So i wan to ask if i choose the job thief can i upgrade it to higher job?

    2. And can i level up in this job and add stat?

    User Info: malau123

    malau123 - 8 years ago

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  1. The classes chosen at the beginning of the game are simply starter packages, with different stat and armor variations depending on what suits your play style. You can level your individual stats by upgrading your Soul Level, thus allowing you to create whatever kind of character you want.

    User Info: Snowcon3

    Snowcon3 - 8 years ago 3 1


  1. No, you can't change job. If you start as a thief, you continue as a thief even in new game+. You level up by increasing your stats using soul points via the maiden in black after defeating e 1-1 boss.

    User Info: ant_4everlove

    ant_4everlove - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. The answer to the first question regarding job change is no, you won't be able to do so even after you've cleared the game and continue on to new game+.

    The answer as to whether you can level up is that you may only level up by using souls via the black maiden in Nexus which will only be made available after you've defeated the first demon called Phalanx at the Boletarian Palace a.k.a the boss of 1-1. In order to increase a value of a stat, you'll need a certain amount of souls to do so. The higher your Soul Level, the higher the amount of souls you'll need to improve any of your stats. So to say, the cheapest class at the starting of the game would be the noble which starts with Soul Level of 1 whereas the most costly would be the Barbarian and the Thief class which both starts with Soul Level 9. However, when the Noble class reaches Soul Level 9, the amount of souls needed to level up is the same amount of souls needed by the Barbarian and Thief class when started. In the end, the amount of souls needed to each level are all fixed at a certain increasing amount until Soul Level 712.

    You should also be aware that the job you pick at the beginning of the game matters because that'll be your status for the early parts of the game. Not only that, you should also choose a job based on your way of playing as each class has different ways to fight and you'll be fighting with that style for quite some time before you can get other weapons with other styles. For example, the knight uses a long sword and thus swings at moderate speed whereas the thief class uses a dagger which swings faster than the knight but at a lower damage. The speed the thief dodges is also faster than the knight however the knight's armor has higher defense compared to the thief's armor.

    In short, you should consider which class suits you best so that you'll not have a hard time playing the game.

    Should a character reach the maximum Soul Level i.e. 712, regardless of your job, all of your stats would have been maxed out and thus makes no difference between the jobs anymore. And do not worry about the character's attire as you are able to obtain the whole set of attire of other jobs at some points of the game.

    User Info: StrikeInferno

    StrikeInferno - 8 years ago 1 1

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