How do I beat (blue dragon)?

  1. Well i got to the second part of the blue dragon where you have to run up the steps, but i cant kill him before he kills biorr. Biorr just keeps running up and getting knocked back down till he dies. Im using the white bow and mostly heavy and rotten arrows. anyone have any advice?

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  1. Equip Purple Flame Shield ... get the magic spell Water Veil ... after 1st fatty dies ... stand closest where ucant get burned on bridge .... when the dragon breath passes your starting point start sprinting .... to be safe do it with shield up and water veil .... get past the 2nd fatty and be ready for the crystal gecko at the end of the pathway. Once you go thru and reach the steps .... once again put on water veil and put ur shield up ... choose either right of left side and once he starts off by breathing on the side u wanna run on, after you are clear start running. His next breath will be on other side and will travel to your side .... with water veil and shield up even if u get hit by it ... you sohuld survive and be almost at the end .... once at end just lock on and shoot with arrows .... be sure to have close to 400 arrows tho.

    Spells do wonders against him tho ... if you are a mage with high magic and soul ray .... just shoot away for about 400 dmg a hit

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  1. The easiest way to kill the blue dragon is to shoot its head from below. Run up below it and then attack it from there. If you are using a bow, white arrows tend to work best. Spells are more flexable, I personally used firespray because of the DPS/Cost ratio.

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  2. Roll in a zig-zag up the stairs, and don't stop behind pillars thinking you're safe. Once you're directly underneath him, lock-on to it's head, and start firing away. I found that spamming the fire buttin will actually take longer, and waste arrows, since the dragon keeps moving it's head. If you knock an arrow and keep it drawn until it starts to breathe fire, you can get in two shots every time, and you won't waste ammo. Believe me, you're going to need all the ammo you can spare. Biorr stayed outside the dragon's breath range when I did this, so hopefully he'll do the same for you.

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  3. So I was rather upset with the dragon and decided to bring about 485 arrows.
    When you first see him on the bridge, he'll burn the fatman if you walk forward enough to trigger his fire.

    Once you run past the fatman and on the steps, the dragon is just lingering there not doing much.
    So that's when I started shooting my arrows.

    You can aim for his body since it's a bigger target. Once his health is halfway, you'll trigger the part that you were stuck on. I had watched Biorr get knocked down and basically bolted in the way that the dragon's fire started. You'll notice that it starts in one direction before sweeping to the other side. So if you time it right, you can just get by without being hit.(But you gotta run!, haha) Once you're out of the range, you want to R3 target and just use what you got. I ended up using Firespray/ arrows until the dragon finally died.

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  4. The first part is simple, shoot it's head with arrows at it's open mouth until it flies away.

    At the second section hug the right wall and get to where you're about 6 steps down from the top of the first set of stairs. As soon as he blows his fire to the right(which kind of sweeps to the left), Jet up the right side of the stairwell until getting just past the little statue. From there just lock on and fire away.

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  5. If you have a clever rats ring (from 3-1 latria) and/or the morion blade (+8 any large sword and use the storm king soul to make it) you can equip the morion blade int he offhand and your bow in the main hand, then lower your life to 30% or less and you can kill teh blue dragon without 30 arrows. The first area where he's blowing fire at the fattys you can drain him to about 50% life and then he'll automatically fly to the 2nd location and never come back (unless you die) from there if you have biorr, he'll tank some fire for you and you can go ahead and shoot under him until hes dead (takes about 10 arrows if you have the ring and sword equipped)

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  6. What i did i shoot him with arrows when hes standing on the ramparts till he got 1/2 of his life gone after that hes gonna automaticly go over the next big entrance before the big boss just focus on running till you got inside
    once inside go far to the front of the elevator door then coem back to the entrance just stay in the entrance inside and tumstick to target the blue dragon then shoot him till he dies work well for me my arrows wheir hitting for 7-10 dmg so toook a lot like 600

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  7. I dont think biorr dying is a problem mine died too

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  8. The most easy way is in his 2nd position, Just running into the castle...I was low in weight son I just ran aftear his breath... Whe in the Castle, from near the door, lock him and shoot like 200 arrows... you wont get hit from there, he wont even atack

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  9. run past Biorr up to the area where your safe from the dragon. once u get past the flame there is an area on the left where you can stand just before the end of the dragons breath, if you stand there you can aim for the dragons lower wing on the right side. From there you can spam arrows at the tip of its wing. Using the white bow and holy arrows, i easily killed him before Biorr died. but your gunna want to bring about four hundred arrows in total, maybe even more just to be safe.

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  10. i beated him with this itens:
    -ring of magical sharpness
    -wooden catalyst
    -clever rat's ring
    -morion blade
    spell used: Soul Light (Soul Ray)

    well, just get your hp to 30% or less, than you got a really high hit on him...
    the hard part of this, is to pass through the flames, once you got there, its a piece of cake
    when i've done this, with 61 magic power, got 46 dmg/hit while full hp, when 30% or less, got 336dmg per hit :]
    than, i defeated ostrava like this, 3 "Soul Light (Soul Ray)" and he was dead, before getting close ^^

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  11. There is an area on the right side where you can stand, lock on and just hit him with arrows or soul arrows. You have to run in between breath's of fire. It is just next to a pillar, with a Statue in front of you. I suggest bringing second chance as it will allow you to get hit and survive. And experiment until you find the right spot and then you should be able to kill him easily. (I suggest spending your souls first just in case).

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  12. I just used a white bow and the clever rat ring took about 250 heavy arrows. You can kill him from outside his attak range this way.

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