How do you play 2 player mode?

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  1. As a Vagrant, you need to first befriend an Officer. You can do this by completing Mercenary Missions and saving Officers during the mission. IE: There may be an Officer fighting three flame tigers, or he may be against three lieutenants, or against three musou/edit characters. Defeat the enemies (the "Targets") to save them.

    Keep checking your "Events" section and you will eventually be able to become friends with an Officer.

    For Ruler Mode, it is much simpler. If you start out as a ruler, 2P can take over any unit being deployed along with you on the battlefield. However, if you go from Vagrant to Ruler--you will first need to employ some Officers before you can enjoy this feature. You can employ officers from random events or from defection/capturing them on the battlefield. There are also certain cards that seek out Officers.

    If you want to use a specific character for your 2P, I recommend starting on "A Land in Chaos" scenario; start as a Ruler and select your three generals. Be sure to pick whoever you want to play as, as 2P. If you want to be a Ruler, you're set. However, if you want to be an Officer/Vagrant, simply step down and take your three subordinates with you.

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  1. to make his answer short as a vagrant save/befriend an officer its much easier as an officer do same as ruler choose from characters you want in land of chaos or capture officer you want and when your at the deploy screen the second character you choose it will have The second player flash at top right and the second player should press start

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  2. Any screen where you are choosing what generals to bring to the battle the second player needs to press start to join in. They must do this every time you are at the deployment screen.

    If you are at the screen with a 3d map of the place you are fighting at, and have options like "Battlefield" and "orders" and "betray" such, you have gone past the deployment screen and it is too late to activate 2p mode.

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