How do I attain SAVIOUR TROPHY??

  1. So, i got the "good" ending here, so as labelled by everyone on youtube, i had all the little sisters on the deck with me at the end, and my daughter took my adam so i could be her consiounce.
    I got this by saving every single little sister, aswell as not killing ANY of the 3 characters.
    However, I DID NOT receive the saviour trophy!!! WTF?
    This happened on the day that the old generation of PS's couldnt go online (28th of feb i think) but i highly doubt thats related.
    What have i done wrong?!
    HELP!! Its the only trophy i have left to get and i dont want to do the whole game again!

    User Info: thatguynick

    thatguynick - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I think it was indeed related to that problem. I had Rescued all 12 Little Sisters and spared Grace Holloway, Stanley Poole, and Dr. Gilbert Alexander (also known as "Alex the Great"), which is the stated requirement to unlock the Trophy when you enter Persephone. However, when I finished the game (around the date of the PlayStation Network problem), I found that I had not unlocked either of the ending Trophies, and the next time I tried to play, my entire list of Trophies for BioShock 2 was deleted - the game didn't even know it HAD Trophies!

    Deleting the installed Game Data (but not my saved files or my Pre-Order Downloaded Content - Mille Blanche de Glace and Zigo D'Acosta for Multiplayer) did not restore my list of Trophies, and although I replayed the first level without saving, I did not even receive the "Daddy's Home" Trophy for beating the first level. However, when I was able to sign in to the PlayStation Network a few days later, it restored all the Trophies I had gained before entering Fontaine Futuristics (that was the extent of my progress before I was automatically signed out of the PSN), so I didn't have to replay the entire game - I reloaded a save from directly before boarding the train out of Dionysus Park.

    According to your posted text, your problem sounds similar to my experience. Try signing in to the PSN again and see if your Trophies are restored. If only some of them are restored (as happened to me), you may indeed have to redo some or all of your game, though you might be able to take advantage of multiple saves to load your game right before a Trophy would be unlocked and reduce your workload. As I said, you should get the "Savior" Trophy after you leave Fontaine Futuristics for Persephone if you Rescued every Little Sister and spared Grace, Stanley, and Gil.

    I hope you find this information helpful. Good luck with your progress through the game.

    User Info: Psycho_Breaker

    Psycho_Breaker - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. You will have to play the game again. Why dont you play it through to get all the weapon upgrades and audio diaries while you're at it, to help give the replay meaning?

    User Info: doaoberdmann

    doaoberdmann - 7 years ago 0 0

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