How do i create a fence to block the zombies and they destroy them after a few seconds and (description finishes it)?

  1. When you walk by them they fix themselves and you get points for it(or gates to block them behind a wall)?

    User Info: Tyler9614

    Tyler9614 - 6 years ago


  1. What i would do is have the zombies have a tag on them that activates a key that activates a timer that destroys a board and have another board behind it with the the same system and another board then the opening for them to go through as for rebuilding maybe you could use the same system used for a forced costume (where special player sensors emit a certain amount of sack bots with forced entry into a controllinator attached to hologram bolted onto it) with a death thingy attached to a battery on the bot but run it through a NOT gate so that when the controlled sack bot dies and takes the battery with him you die as well then set up a death thingy on the check point attach that to a player sensor that requires all and also hook the all player sensor to the scoreboard and on the sack bot put a tag that you will have on all the player controlled bots that is different from the one you used to tear down the barrier so that it it will start building' up the boards again but how you do that i dunno.

    User Info: lamb30

    lamb30 - 6 years ago 0 0

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