Easy Money and Easy Respect ???

  1. Money: Which activity gives you the most money, but yet a hard activity to finish easily everytime?

    Respect: How do you earn respect fast enough? upgrading or the strongholds?

    User Info: Liljoethemaster

    Liljoethemaster - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The easiest way I earned easy money is doing the Mayhem activities... But if you really wanna do it the easy way without having to do anything at all, upgrade your income limit, takeover a few more areas, and let your game run without putting it on pause for 30 minutes, by then you should be able to xtract money from ur income, 10 minutes in game is 1 hour to us in real time, so, its not gonna be a long wait...... For respect points, what I do, is just get as many near misses and kill alot of people, the one way that works the fastest for me, go to or find one of the gang stronghold activities, (icon of a fist on map)... you'll wanna use a heli with missle or weapon ability, once you find the location, hover over them and continue to lower until the red health bars appear over their heads, destroy them, now comes the fun part, using missles here is key part,.. gang members cars will still spawn and keep coming to no end, what you wanna do is raise up a little bit, but able to still see them, hopefully ur at the point where you have the Vortex chopper that uses homing missles, easier to lock onto the gang's vehical, u can use machine guns to if you want, but missles I thought were a better choice cause more u blew up, better respect points u get, I did this for bout an hour to 2 hours, I raised my level +25-30 in one shot, it also gives u money doin this..... and if you really wanna raise your lvl, they have an option in the upgrade menu where u can trade cash for respect points, there are only 3 times you can use it, each one costs a little more, 1rst one is 8,000 for 4,000 respect points... 2nd one is 24,000 for 8,000 points..... 3rd is $36,000 for 12,000 points..... and if you wanna, unlock all the hourly city incomes and bonus respect in the Bonuses section in upgrade menu..... Hope this helps you/and anybody wondering how to earn easy cash and respect points....

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Other Answers

  1. Oh, and if you wanna track your progress and upload your characters that you created in the game onto your PC, go here ( www.saintsrow.com ) and create an account, just enter your PSN ID and link your PS3 to the site and it will track everything you do in the game!!!

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