How do I beat the train boss on crushing?

  1. I know there is a similar question but I was hoping for a better answer. No matter how much I try I can't defeat him. I spent so much time throwing grenades and shooting him with the m4, but whenever I'm engaged in melee combat (after I've shot off his helmet) I can't counter any of his moves. I noticed the triangle icon pops up big then shrinks and disappears. Am I supposed to press it down at a certain time? Do I tap it once or repeatedly? Am I supposed to mash it as fast as I can?

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    biffhamly - 7 years ago

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  1. You have to take his helmet off like the other armored guys. Then you can do a Melee cut scene.

    User Info: the_blood_wolf

    the_blood_wolf - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. I had all my greande slots filled and I used them all and they all hit him, he's still alive. I don't aim I just blindfire over my cover. When he's about to die, he melees you and you have press triangle 3 times and then you get the chance to press square 3 times and beat the crap out of him.
    "Just keep shooting."
    -Nathan Drake

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  2. When the time comes to melee and to counter just hit triangle as fast as you can, don't wait for the triangle to appear since it leaves the screen so fast, with timing and speed it shouldn't be a problem

    User Info: lordweber

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  3. it didn't take much sweat for me even on Crushing...
    just have a grenade or two ready.
    When you enter the wagon start shooting (M4 preferred) when he starts shooting back take cover, throw the grenades and take cover further to the back to evade his. When they blow up get back to original cover and you can blind fire him. Aim for the head and hit the melee sequence once he gets close

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  4. This is how you do it.. ok dont go far away from him..since there are many seats in the train take cover behind the closest me this will work he wont come chasing you. then keep firing.doesnt matter at all what gun you have and he should be dead before you know it and.. add me on psn Thundernado

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  5. He;s killer with a gun, but melee is the way to go. It's hard, but usually after 2-3 blows to him he will try to hit you. Counter as soon as the triangle pops up, keep your two fingers on the square and triangle buttons, and finish him.

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  6. Shoot his helmet off then start punching him. then eventually you get it. its hard though.

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  7. When u come in the compartment with the boss - hide. run towards him with blindfire - punch him then click triangle when shown to dodge - drake pushes him back - hide, regain health, then do it again and again then about after 3 or 4 times his hat comes off. go punch him - he starts attackin u first - dodge it when triangle pops up then attack when square pops up.

    Hav Fun!!

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  8. I'm amazed how people haven't figured out, if you press triangle too early or too late, you will die on Crushing. On any other mode, you can just keep pressing triangle but Crushing makes it so you have to have millisecond timing. The way I beat this boss on Crushing is that I take cover outside the train car on the sides of the open door. Use a fully loaded M4 and throw any grenades when you can. Do to your great position, he probably won't hit you with a grenade. 9 out of ten times, you're okay. Keep shooting and he will come charging at you. Leave cover and get ready to melee. This is where it gets hard. Press triangle and square at just the right moments. Then Drake will push him to the edge of the train. Take cover around the seats in the car and shoot him a little more near the head. You have a few seconds before he recovers so go ahead and aim. When you see his helmet come off, you have to do hard melee sequence where you have to press the triangle button 3 times and then finish him off with mashing square. It will take a while with the melee but I did it.

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  9. First buy the infinite ammo and one shot kills tweaks on easy difficulty then when you are in crushing go to options change to easy then turn the twaks on save and quit to main menu go to option s turn to crushing load the game shot him once then mellee him to death

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  10. Use the gernades and the most powerfull guns to make him move back and use melee to make him fall, hope this helps

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  11. If you don't mind losing a little dignity, just use the tweak glitch to get unlimited ammo and throw a bunch of grenades. You can use the tweak glitch again to take off the tweaks after the fight. But because he is a boss, he is not a one shot kill even if you have it on. and you do have to press triangle at the right time, as soon as time slows down for a split second is when you are supposed to parry

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