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    Treasure Guide by daemeon67

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    Uncharted 2: Among thives
    Complete 101 Treasures Guide by Tim Schroeder
    [-= Introduction =-]
    Wrote this up because I felt having gotten my hands on the game ahead of time 
    thanks to the Sneak Peek event and having used a guide to find the treasures in
    Drake's Fortune I should give a little back. So enjoy and you're welcome, I 
    tried to put a much detail in as possible without ruining anything but that 
    said don't look ahead or you will get some spoilers. Also if you need to jump
    somewhere quick it's sorted by chapter.
    [-= Legal =-]
    (C) Copyright 2009 Tim Schroeder
    Feel free to display this however you would like as long as I am given my due 
    credit. I put in many an hour to have this ready before even the professional 
    groups have their guides done so please don't steal my work.
    [-= Contact Info =-]
    Sorry not giving out my e-mail but if you need to get ahold of me follow this
    link http://www.gametrailers.com/users/daemeon/gamepad/. For those that ask
    politely I do have a drastically better formatted word doc version of the 
    (The Guide)
    Chapter 1
    1.Wrathful Deity Statue
    Just to the right of where you start the game, after getting off the train I 
    2.Saraswati Statue
    Facing the door you open just after picking up the first gun turn to your right 
    and it's right in front of you.
    3.Tibetan Snuff Bottle
    Just after you pass through the first train car, this is the one right after you
    get the first gun, look up. There is a dead enemy hanging out of the car train 
    above you, shoot it and collect it.
    4.Bhutanese Lime Box
    Shortly after the first fight you will climb up another section of the train. At
    the top of the train section you will jump across to another section of the 
    train, turn around and move straight forward of the train and cargo container. 
    It will be in the snow at your feet.
    5.Ghau Amulet Thogchag
    After you pick yourself up after the video with Chloe and Drake in his room 
    you'll need to jump across to another train car. Once you pull yourself up into 
    that train car turn around, it's at the far end of the cab, careful you don't 
    fall into the opening you just climbed up through.
    Chapter 2
    6.Byzantine Gold Coin
    When you enter the boiler room look for the box in the corner with a shovel and
    pickax on it, it's with them.
    7.Glass Evil Eye
    When Drake says "ok, this is the way to the courtyard" turn around and look for
    a small yellow catwalk with a ladder hanging down. It's on the catwalk.
    8.Ottoman Ring
    Shortly after the scene where you're hiding from the guard you'll hit a section
    filled with museum pieces. The ring is on one of the statues to the right of the
    door which leaves the area. This is just before you find the locked door with
    the alarm.
    9.Silver Amulet Box
    You'll reach a spot where you take the left path while Flynn takes the right. 
    Anyway at after taking out the guard on the walkway continue to the end of the 
    path and drop down. It's on a flower bed just below where you dropped down. This
    is just before you reach the alarmed gate.
    10.Silver Belt Buckle
    It's on one of the leaves of the fountain in the courtyard. Almost impossible to
    11.Ivory Chess Knight
    Once you're in the rafters of the room where you get the tranq gun line yourself
    up with the beam on the right. It's in the second window on the right side of 
    the beam on the far side.
    12.Ottoman Bracelet
    Once you're on the roof tops you'll reach a point where Flynn throws a rope for 
    you to wall run jump across to some grates on the side of the building, drop 
    down from here and shimmy around the back side of the building to the drainage 
    pipe. Drop down on the drainage pipe and hang from the front of it to collect 
    the treasure.
    13.Antique Pocket Watch
    After the spot where you have to shoot a guard with the tranq gun while hanging 
    you'll jump down onto a green roof, follow the roof around the building on your 
    right then look up to your left once you've walked just a bit past where the 
    building stops. It will be there next to the hanging red banner, you'll have to 
    shoot it to collect it.
    14.Antique Pipe
    Just after Flynn leaves your ass to die or get tossed in jail before running for
    your life run towards the three guards behind the closed security gate. Just to
    the left of this is a small alove with a stone lion head coming out of the wall,
    it's right below the lion head.
    15.Jeweled Bracelet
    When you're running from the guards in the sewers you'll enter a room with lots
    of pipes used for covers, before you leave this room turn around. The treasure 
    is next to the pipe on the far side from the exit.
    Chapter 3
    16.Yuan Dynasty Coin
    After you arm the first bomb on the left side of the path there is a log propped
    up against a wall. Walk up the log and shoot the treasure off the top branch of
    the tree on the other side.
    17.Yuan Dynasty Jade Animal
    Turn right after encountering the first guard and head forward to the log 
    proppedup against a wall just like the last one. The treasure is on top of a 
    busted up barrel on the other side of the wall.
    18.Jade Pei Pendant
    Shortly after Chloe informs you you're approaching excavation site 1 you'll
    encounter 2 more guards. After you kill them you have to scale a wall but when 
    you reach the top don't go over, instead shimmy to your right and you'll find 
    a path leading to the top of the water fall. The treasure is at the end of the 
    19.Amber Jade Chimera
    Ok this one takes the most work of any so far. After you lose your guns and 
    do the melee counter tutorial don't follow the hose, at least not yet.
    Instead turn to your right and follow the path back to where you spotted the
    guys working on the generator. About halfway through the path there are some
    stones on the wall you can climb up, this will lead you to two swinging jumps
    which will land you on pair of large logs tied together suspended in the air.
    Climb up on the logs and follow them to land, once you're on land turn left
    and jump across the gap, for those not paying attention the gap is right over
    where you lost your guns. Go up the stone steps to your right and it's in the
    pile of debris.
    Chapter 4
    20.Mongol Paiza Passport
    In the area just outside of Lazarevic's tent is the remains of one of Marco's 
    ships. It's on the side of the tall mast in the middle of the area facing the 
    tent up by the crows next. Shoot it down for victory.
    21.Jade Belt Slide
    In the tomb where you find the remains of Marco's passangers. It's on the wrist
    of one of the statues above the doorway opposite from the one with the bats.
    22.Yuan Dynasty Helmet
    After the video where you find the dagger turn the camera 90 degrees to the left
    and look up. You'll notice it high on the wall to the left, shoot it down and 
    you're done for the chapter.
    Chapter 5
    *Strange Relic*
    Near the start of this chapter, after you go vertical for a bit, will reach a 
    point where a helicopter shows up. After it passes if you descend to street 
    level on the far right side of this area there is a open manhole. Go down it 
    and collect the relic.
    Chapter 6
    23.Brass Bird Lamp
    In the middle of the courtyard where you had to take out the guy with the RPG-7 
    is a lamp post. It's at the top of the lamp post in a small green box.
    24.Silver Dress Clasp
    Same area as #23. Turn around from the pole that #23 is on and look up at the 
    symbol over the door of the small temple in front of you. It's in the center of
    the symbol, just shoot it down and it's yours.
    25.Copper Rice Measure
    In the same area as #23 and #24. Once you get up onto the roof before entering 
    the hotel go around the far side and it will be at the edge of the roof. This is
    just before you encounter the armored shotgun guy coming out of the elevator so 
    if you hit that get back out on that roof and get it before continuing cause 
    once you get into the elevator you've missed it til the next round through.
    26.Yuan Dynasty Urn
    Shortly after you head off the fix the power you'll cross to another building 
    with a stairwell and busted another busted elevator, the treasure it on top of 
    the elevator. To get on top of the elevator just follow the stairs to the top 
    and just across to the shaft then drop in on top of it.
    Special Trophy tip - If you haven't gotten the Triple Dyno-Might! Trophy yet 
    when you cross to this building is a great time to get it, just hang from the 
    window and wait, 3 guys will come stand right in front of it so all you have to
    do is lob a grenade at the ceiling just inside the window and you'll get it. 
    This also go towards your 10 count for the Grenade Hangman trophy so bonus. If 
    you missed doing this just restart from the last checkpoint, you'll start right
    back to just before you crossed to the building with the treasure in it so you 
    got as many chances as you need to do it.
    27.Enameled Snuff Bottle
    After you cross back from the building #25 was in before going up the knocked 
    over support beam jump over the railing to your left and follow the roof around
    the side of the building to find a suitcase with this treasure in it.
    28.Incense Burner
    On the roof where the first guy carrying an M32 - Hammer. Climb up next to the 
    Water Tank on the highest point of the roof, it's right there next to the air 
    conditioning unit. If you're fighting the chopper you've gone it was one roof 
    back and you missed it.
    Chapter 7
    29.Worn Pendant
    Right after the chapter starts there is a wrecked building on your right, it's 
    in the building next to a fire and yellow box.
    30.Nine Jewel Ring
    Same area as #29. Jump in the left side of the water fountain so you are 
    practically lined up with the door to leave the area, now look straight up with
    aim. Shoot it down, collect it and be on your way.
    31.Ankhora Water Vessel
    After you make the makeshift bridge out of cars and climb up the ladder head as 
    far left as you can, past the two weird statues then jump over the stone 
    railing. The treasure should be right at you feet or within a foot or two so 
    just look around your feet if you didn't land on it.
    32.Silver Shiva Amulet
    Shortly after you see a tank mow down resistance fighters while shimmying across
    a gap you'll reach the temple you've been looking for. On your way through this
    courtyard to the temple gates look to the left for a blue trailer with red and 
    green milk crates in front of it, it's on the trailer.
    Chapter 8
    33.Bronze Altar Spoon
    Right after the chapter starts go to your right through a doorway, climb up the 
    wall where the stairs used to be and it's at the top.
    34.Bronze Varaha Statue
    Just after you fall into the trap pit with the ceiling spikes, look around, 
    it's impossible to miss.
    Chapter 9
    35.Copper Lakhe Mask
    In the room with the giant dagger. After you've climbed up the first blade of 
    the dagger and got the scene on the bright red face get over to the walkway on 
    your right, follow it all the way to the end and it will be at your feet. Make 
    sure to get it before dropping the second blade of the giant dagger cause it 
    will block off the previous path you just took.
    36.Carved Jade Figurine
    After dropping the third blade of the giant dagger turn to you left and look up,
    it's another one you have to shoot to get it to drop. Get it before moving back 
    to the start of the room otherwise it's lost til the next run through the game.
    37.Bronze Ganesh Statue
    After going down the big red guys throat turn and move around the room to your 
    left, it will be in the middle of the path. It's a big ring so if you miss it 
    just keep going, you'll find it eventually.
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12
    38.Nepali Bronze Lion
    After your hunt for a gun at the start of this chapter stand in between the two
    tall posts with signs on them, position the broken building behind you. It is 
    down the alleyway in front of you.
    39.Yuan Dynasty Lotus Jar
    Same area as #38. After you get on the fire escape go up the stairs, it's on 
    that platform.
    40.Cham Lion Mask
    Same area as #38 and #39. After your hanging gun fight go back to the door that 
    was barred, it's just to the right of it if you are looking from the side that 
    had the boards on it.
    41.Jeweled Statue Crown
    Just after you drop into the train yard head all the way to the left next to 
    the green train car, it's at your feet.
    42.Three-Stone Coral Ring
    After going inside just after getting #41 there is an air conditioning unit up 
    and to your right, it's on top of it. You get there by shimmying across the wall
    and swing jumping after you get to the second floor of the room.
    Chapter 13
    43.Miniature Bronze Stupa
    It's at the back end of the very first train car, you have to get down off the 
    top first though.
    44.Yama and Buffalo Statue
    It's on top of the second passenger car between the first and second sections 
    relative to the back of the car. This is the car where the guy jumps in through 
    the window at you.
    45.Newari Bronze Figures
    After the passenger car with the machingun emplacement you will reach a coal car
    and then a storage car. You can get into the storage car and it's at the back of
    the car. Just to clarify further it's the car just before flat section with the 
    tank on it.
    Chapter 14
    46.Gilded Bodhisattva Statue
    After the first coal car there is a storage car you can get inside of, it's at 
    the front of the car.
    47.Tibetan Saddle Ring
    Inside the locked passenger car, inside at the front. This is the one you have 
    to climb out the top of.
    Chapter 15
    48.Tibetan Prayer Wheel
    After the big fight in the snow go back to where you started and head all the 
    way to the left hugging the wall. You'll find it right in front of one of the 
    train wheels.
    49.Tibetan Knife
    From #48 go to the opposite side of the area and follow the cliff, it's at the 
    urthest end from you.
    50.Tibetan Silver Vase
    Go to the train car that's raised off the ground in the middle of the area. Now
    while facing where you started go to the right and look up, it's hanging from 
    the side of the car and you have to shoot it to get it down. For those who need 
    a little more help it's the side of the car that isn't blown open.
    Chapter 16
    51.Ram's Head Thogchag
    From where you start the chapter go around the house to your right, it's behind 
    it. Oh and don't forget to pet the yak.
    52.Bronze Buddha Statue
    After petting the second yak closest to where you start the chapter jump up on 
    the building right next to it. Ignore the trap door leading into someones house
    and instead continue across the roof to a pair of red doors over a stone wall, 
    the treasure is next to the one on the right. Don't forget to pet the yak.
    53.Singing Bowl
    From the fourth and final yak head towards the guy who saved you but go around 
    the left side of the house he stops at, it's on the ground behind the short 
    stone wall. Don't try to cross the steps and landing he is standing on or you 
    will miss your chance.
    Chapter 17
    54.Tibetan Ritual Blade
    After the swing on a 70 yr old rope and climbing down the ladder run forward to
    the pit, it's right at the end on the right.
    55.Clay Diety Head
    When you reach the second rope swing section jump on the rope and look 90 
    degrees to your right. To get there just let the rope stop swinging then swing 
    in the new direction.
    56.Bronze Chenrezig Statue
    When you reach the couple of ropes pinned to a wall that you're supposed to 
    climb pass them up for a second and proceed onto the small ledge a bit past 
    them. It's on the ledge.
    57.Skull Cap Drum
    After the ceiling collapses in the broken ice field, it's the place that looks 
    kinda like Superman's place at the north pole, follow the stream to the top of 
    the water fall then follow the path to the right. It's at the end of the path.
    58.Silver Needle Case
    After getting #57 go back and scale up the wall til you've gone up two levels 
    then jump over the gap which has the small stream running through it. It's right
    next to you on the left, don't drop in the hole yet or you'll miss it.
    59.Bronze Stupa Ornament
    After you pick up the second P08 - 9 mm follow the path to the left. Jump across
    to the platform and it's right at your feet.
    Chapter 18
    60.Mandala Thogchag
    On the third big spinning cylinder ride it around to the side that faces the
    other set of cylinders, it's on one of the 4 posts that hangs down around it.
    61.Dipa Oil Lamp
    In the area with the cogs. To get this you have to be swinging on the rope in
    the middle of the area. It's on the remains of a wall to the right of the
    platform you're supposed to jump to.
    62.Tibetan Flint Lighter
    In the area with the cogs after you swing across the rope and the floor gives 
    way you ride the cog down to a spot where there are two cogs. Ride the top of
    the two cogs all the way around and pick it up before you get to a point where
    you can climb up again. If you miss it just go around again.
    63.Bronze Dorje
    After the big cylinders fall down destroying the stone hands bridge you have to
    do some pulley/cog climbing. Once you across to the section that has 3 cogs ride
    the first cog all the way to the top and climb onto the beams. Head to the right
    on the beam and you'll see it over on the far side in front of you.
    64.Tibetan Ceremonial Axe
    Back at the cogs you just left for #63 there is a swinging jump which will land
    you hanging on a ledge. To your right is a stone face with the treasure in it's
    eye, shoot it out and collect it.
    65.Trigram Thogchag
    After the giant statue turns around to reveal the angry face it's in the center
    of it's forehead on the crown. I would suggest waiting til you've beaten the
    game to try to get this one cause it's insanely easier if you can just queue up
    a Dragon Sniper instead of trying to nail it with the P08.
    Chapter 19
    66.Amber Skull Bead
    After the first set of bad guys go down you'll go through an archway. The
    treasure is on top of the building in front of you and to the right next to all
    the hey. This building had a yak next to it when you were here in chapter 16.
    67.Antique Ghau
    After you go climb up the ladder and go through a red trap door which Tenzin
    closes behind you head to your left while hugging the wall. You should walk
    right over it a little after you pass a stone monument on the right.
    68.Bell Thogchag
    Shortly after #67 you'll reach a spot where there are two blue wood roofs over
    basically nothing. The treasure is under the one with the red wood walls. For a
    bit more clarification this is the area you encountered the guys with the 
    M32 - Hammer.
    Chapter 20
    69.Yak Horn Carving
    After you escape the tank for the first time follow the path until you pass a
    blue door on the left, continue forward to the wall and look down to your right.
    It should be sitting right in front of you. If you jump over the high wall
    you've gone to far, jump back over and look around your feet.
    70.Bronze Tsongkhapa Statue
    After the tank almost runs you over it will blow up the door behind you. Once it
    does you will encounter two guys and a red door on your left. The treasure is on
    the ground to the left a little past this door. This is just before you have to
    run head first at the tank.
    71.Tibetan Trumpet
    Shortly after the tank breaks through over head there will be a small dip in
    your path next to a red door just before a multi-colored flag. Drop down and
    take the treasure.
    72.Gilt Tara Statue
    Ok so time has come to fight the tank and you'll start encountering guys with
    RPG - 7's, the second one should be right by a hole with a blue wood lid leaning
    up against the wall. Well after the second one while moving across the roofs
    you'll encounter 2 more holes, the first will have a blue wood lid like the
    first laying next to it and the second will have a stone wall protecting you
    from the tank, drop down this second one and look around on the platform you're
    standing on cause it's right there.
    Chapter 21
    Chapter 22
    73.Tibetan Silver Earring
    Right after you start take out the group of guys then go back to the giant door
    you just saw in the video, look up dead center above the door. Shoot it down,
    collect it and get moving.
    74.Ritual Crown
    Just after entering the monastery grounds, this is where you fight the second
    group of guys in this chapter, head to your right then to the ledge. Hang down
    and you'll see it on the end of a bit of red wood, you'll have to do some
    climbing to get to it.
    75.Silver Official Seal
    From the machinegun nest while facing it as if you were gonna use it turn to you
    right and run over to short bit of damaged wall. Jump over to hang and climb
    across the wall to the right and you'll find it on a red bit of wood. 
    76.Silver Offering Pot
    After you first time you spot Shafer in the monastery run up the straights and
    jump across to the ledge but don't climb up yet. Instead hang off the right side
    and shimmy to the right to collect this treasure.
    77.Tibetan Turquoise Ring
    Shortly after #77 while you're trying to be subtle to get further into the
    monastery you'll see a small green and gold roof, jump on it then drop down.
    It's attached to one of the beams holding up the roof, shoot it and claim your
    78.Carved Wood Ghurra
    In the building where you are sniper bait on the bottom floor there is a hole
    blown in the wall, hang off the edge on the side facing the bridge you just
    crossed and climb down to collect it from one of the bridge supports.
    79.Bronze Tiger Bell
    Ok so after you've killed all the snipers and guys trying to come kill you and
    before you go across the big bridge go back to the first floor of the sniper
    bait building. On the side facing the big bridge you will find a collapsed
    bridge which looks too far to jump but you're wrong. Basically what you gotta
    do is take a running start and wait til the very last second to jump, for me it
    actually looked like I was two steps past where the bridge ended and was walking
    on air. Anyway after you get across just follow the path to the end and look up,
    shoot it down and be happy. Yes it's gonna take you a few tries to make that
    80.Antique Bronze Lion
    After the battle in the monastery courtyard and the swinging area that follows
    you'll enter a building with a archway and destroyed section to it's right.
    Climb up onto the ledge above the archway on the far side and turn around, it's
    sitting in the window alcove. Shoot it and jump across to grab it.
    Chapter 23
    81.Tibetan Ritual Vase
    After you the cutscene with Shafer instead of leaving the building use the rope
    to swing to the treasure, then swing over to the exit.
    82.Tibetan Conch Horn
    When you reach the spot with the tree on a tall platform after quietly killing
    the guys make your way up the stairs at the opposite end of the area from the
    tree then double back to your left. When you reach the end and are looking at
    the tree take the diagonal jump to the platform to your left, it's in the 
    83.Bronze Oil Lamp
    This one is in the area with the 2 armored Gau-19 users. Kill off everyone in
    the area then get on then go to the window but don't drop down into the
    building, instead turn around and look. If you're standing in the left alcove on
    the window, this is based on after you've turned around and aim it will be at
    the top of the third pillar back. Shoot it down, collect and get your ass back
    to the window to collect #84.
    84.Ancient Sword Guard
    When you enter through the window leaving the area with the 2 armored Gau-19
    carrying dude look up at the center of the room, dead in the middle of the
    ceiling. Shoot it down to claim it.
    85.Tibetan Coral Earring
    Just after the bit where Drake comments on staying quiet continue on til you 
    reach the stone cover area. Jump over the cover to the next room down and turn
    around then look up.
    86.Tibetan Square Ghau
    Shortly before Drake reaches the tower there will be a sequence of those green
    roofs. On the top one before reaching the tower jump over to the far side, drop
    over the edge and shimmy to the statue to collect the treasure.
    87.Carved Bone Ornament
    Once you've solved the tower puzzle take the zip line and jump across the gap.
    Now go up the stairs to the next gap then turn around and look straight up,
    shoot it down and grab it.
    88.Tibetan Hair Ornament
    Just before you show Elena the secret entrance go stand next to her on her left
    side, now turn left and look up a bit. You'll see a tall statue missing it's
    head with the treasure right above it. Shoot it then climb up the back side of
    the statue, jump over at the top and claim your prize.
    89.Tibetan Mala Beads
    After you've opened the secret entrance to Shambhala you'll take a zip line
    ride. Take the ladder down to the lowest level of this area, turn around and run
    forward til you hit the wall, then follow the wall to the left. You should walk
    right over it in one of the corners.
    Chapter 24
    90.Bronze Garuda
    Right at the start of the chapter look up and to the right, it's in a face's
    mouth. Shoot it down and claim it.
    91.Toad Censar
    While Flynn is riding your ass and before the second jump take a few steps to
    the left, it's right at your feet.
    92.Eight Emblems Pendant
    Once you get to the other side with Flynn still riding your ass you'll see it on
    the platform on the opposite side of the stairs.
    Chapter 25
    93.Phurba Thogchag
    After the first fight with the blue meanies get up onto the second floor where
    the statues with the weird things coming out of their chests at. The treasure is
    in the right eye of one of the things coming out of the statues.
    94.Clay Yamantaka Head
    After shooting the sap to burn up the tree roots you'll go up some stairs. You
    should see it as you go but if not at the top of the stairs turn left and look
    up, another one you have to shoot to get.
    95.Gold-life Statue Head
    After the conversation about what Shambala must have been like back in the day
    head towards the tower with the Cintamani stone in it. When you can see a bridge
    with some waterfalls behind it go to the cliff and turn right, should be right
    in front of you.
    96.Fibula Thogchag
    Once you hit the spot where it started raining and you've killed all the guys
    climb up the wall at the far end. Now turn around and look up and to the right,
    it will be at the top of the wall about halfway back along the path you just
    took. Shoot it down and go claim it. For those who need more help this is the
    area just after the gold door which Drake needed to serve as counter balance to
    get open.
    97.Unusual Bronze Mask
    Just after #96 you'll find another golden door and a cart you have to push. Once
    you've pushed the cart and gotten up onto the second level of this area don't go
    forward through the arch but keep following the path to the right. The treasure
    is on top of the tree roots over where you entered this area.
    98.Mani Jewel Thogchag
    In the room where the fuck all fight happens go to the far side and look back
    and the fire in the middle of the room. The treasure is in one of the right
    hands of the statue facing you. Shoot it out and collect it.
    99.Wooden Vajrapani Mask
    After you room where the fuck all fight is a long hallway. The treasure is in
    the mouth of the first statue holding up the ceiling after going up the first
    flight of stairs in this hallway so look up and bust a cap in it to make it 
    100.Bronze Statue Head
    Ok after #99 go up three flights of stairs then get get ready to go up the 4th
    where Drake says "we're almost there" but turn around and look at the ground
    near the wall. It's right there.
    Chapter 26

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