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"One of the best games of all time."

This is by far my game of year, imo the best PS3 game, and one of the best games of all time. Really any PS3 owner should buy this right away. And anyone who doesn't should by a PS3 for this game alone. But this game is perfect. I have absolutely no problems with this game. Even the weakest parts of the game are amazing. Everything that I had problems with in the first game have been fixed. And everything that I loved was made ten times better.

Really most games for me I could care less how the game looks as long as it plays well. But I can't deny that I love how this game looks. From the amazing detail in a civil war torn city to a mountain village. Getting wet actually has your cloths looking wet instead of just looking darker. Snow sticks to you if you roll around in it. And hell more then a few times during scenes I thought it looked like a real movie. They looked like real people in real locations. The dialogue between characters is amazing, imo since they aren't real there never seems to be chemistry between video characters but here there is so much it oozes out of the PS3. Characters that are coming back form the first are great to have back and even new ones are much more then welcomed. I thought someone like Chloe was just gonna be added to the game to have a main female character. But I love her just as much as Drake, Elena or Sully. You could never tell throughout the whole game on which side she is on. And someone like Flynn who I hate but that shows how could of a character they made him. And all the voice actors did a phenomenal job, best voice acting in any game or animated movie/show.

On the gameplay side of things they just added on what made me love the first and fixed what made me dislike somethings in the first. One of my major gripes with the first was that towards the end of the game they abandoned the platforming and went all out with the guns. This they do a great mix. Maybe for 30 minutes you are traversing rooftops, then the next second on those same rooftops you are taking on multiple enemies and even an attack helicopter. Also puzzles in the last were too few and too easy. But here while not many can make you think. Instead of opening Drake's Journal and going to one page that basically tells you what to do you have to flip through pages and still have to think about what you're gonna have to do. Shooting while not as good as other shooters is still much better then the first and is fun. And on the other side of combat melee is so improved that I used it more then shooting in parts.

And one of my favorite parts of the game isn't even the game. Naughty Dog put so many unlockables that I don't mind going through playing the game over and over again to get money to buy them. But dozens and dozens of skins to use throughout the game to movies and art galleries.

All in all Buy it, Play it, Love it, hell Sleep with it. Just buy this game to experience something that only comes once every few years.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/16/09

Game Release: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (US, 10/13/09)

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