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"A game that redifines the "Action" game...."

This is a review given in honest opinion and a rebuttal for an unmentioned review that was given by someone who obviously has not played the game. I feel it is important to stress how great a job Naughty Dog did with this game.


The story has been reviewed by others as "a typical action-adventure story but executed with great fashion" to plain "great." I myself put it in between. The story is what its supposed to be. It sets up the premise for a swash buckling action adventure and it executes this story with more Hollywood "flare" than I've ever seen in any game and to some extent, some movies. I don't want to give away too much, but it involves finding out what happened to Marco Polo and his fleet of ships. This leads to a treasure hunt between Drake and an evil Hitler-like Lazeravic. I don't want to say much more than that, but I will add, that it has several characters that are all well defined, portrayed, and acted. The motion capture really stands out in delivering real life performances and give a genuine portrayal with respect to movement and emotion. You will connect with these characters like no other game has been able to do.



Absolutely fun! No other way to put it. I will admit to one flaw that angered me on more than a few occasions, the dodge/cover button (O) can make you cover when you want to roll or roll when you want to cover; in the story it lead to a few deaths but it is more of a problem in multiplayer. Now, with that aside, lets get to the meat of the game. The shooting mechanics are top notch with great A.I. with respect to ducking, covering, and flanking. Platforming is easy but it's meant to be intuitive and not hindering, so it's all good with me. The puzzles again are easy but they too are not there to hinder and bog down the experience, they are more of a break from the action and contribute to the story nicely. Then there are these amazing "Hollywood" set pieces that would be spoiling to reveal. Let's just say there are many epic set pieces that make you say "wow." I'm sure many of you have seen the train sequence trailer, but there are many sequences throughout the course of the game that just put the gamer in shock and awe. It is really like playing an action movie, in fact I often munched on snacks while watching the cut scenes.



Anyone who gives graphics a score under 10 simply has not seen the game, was born blind, or may be heavily medicated or inebriated. I don't need to even talk about this subject as every critic down right states it is one of the best looking games ever to it is the best looking game ever. And these critics play video games for a living, having played 100's of titles throughout their careers! Needless to say, the environments are ridiculously rich in detail and color. The characters are down right life like with respect to animation and movement. Their are some great lookers out their like RE5 and MGS4; UC2 is right up their with them if not exceeding them. And to the Xbots, Gears of War can't touch this with its under impressive brown and gray color palette and lack of fine environment details. And the epic sequences, in which their is a lot of movement with respect to tumbling buildings and moving objects and NPCs, played with no notice in lag or freezing. With that said, go play it and witness if for yourself.



This is hands down one of the best sounding games ever made. If you have a surround sound system hooked up to your PS3, you are in for a real treat. From ambient sounds of animals in the jungles to the tanks and helicopters roaring in your ears, the sound can not be matched. The voice acting sets a new precedent in video games. If you play a game after UC2 and listen to its dialogue you just may laugh at its effort. For example, I played the Brutal Legend demo after playing UC2 and I couldn't help but snicker at the cheezy dialogue and character animation. And Brutal Legend looks like a fun game and will probably get great reviews as it may deserve, but the voice acting and animation is bound and leaps far from UC2. I can not stress enough how these characters will make you care about them and their actions. The end scene before the credits just sums it up when you see it. It made me smile and ask for more...


Replay Value/Multiplayer:

Um can you say infinite replay value? I'm dead serious. Naughty Dog gives you so much incentive to play the game its practically endless. We are talking about 5 difficulty modes, trophies ranging from easy to hard (I'm talking about you Crushing), and it has a store which sells player skins, galleries, videos, cheats, game modes, guns, etc; but cash has to be earned by playing single player or multiplayer and there are so many things to buy that you just may play this game for 100's of hours. This brings us to multiplayer. This is not a cheap tack on. It could be a full fledged $60 release on its own merit. I've played no less than 60 hours of the Beta in Aug and Oct let alone the hours I'll put into it now. I can honestly say that only COD4 hooked me to MP the way this game has. It is absolutely fun in so many ways because you are not limited to just shooting people. You can melee and use stealth kills as well as throw people of ledges! There are so many ways to take down opponents that it just doesn't get old. Throw in a ranking system full with add on perks and you have a game that just keeps on giving. I will also like to mention that Co-op challenges are available in flavors of Arena and Missions. Both modes are extremely challenging but absolutely satisfying upon completing them. Kudos to you ND, you seriously tore it up on your first ever MP effort.



Why are you reading this? Go buy the game and tell your friends to buy the game. Support the developers that have brought us this gaming goodness so that they can keep dishing out these great gaming experiences. It is of my opinion that it is the best game of this Generation on any console and ranks as one of the top 10 games of all time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/09

Game Release: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (US, 10/13/09)

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