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"An experience that should not be missed!"

Very rarely do I walk away from a game feeling completely satisfied. At the same time it's very rare to see a company pour their heart and soul into making the perfect game. I know what you're thinking. Did he say perfect? There is no way this game can be perfect. While it isn't perfect in my opinion, the game comes very damn close. Everything about this game is top notch. There really isn't any other game like it that combines so many elements into one to make such an incredible adventure.

Graphics- Simply stunning. These are the best graphics I have ever seen on a console. Add the fact that there is no loading between deaths and visiting new areas and we clearly have a contender for best looking game ever made. Everything about the graphics from the character models, to the facial expressions, to the breath taking environments has to be seen. I can't count how many times I died just observing the scenery. The Environments are varied and you will never grow tired of being in an area for too long. You have jungles, caves, snowy mountains, villages, cities, and so on. Each area has its own distinct look, and you will be blown away by some of the scenes in this game.

Game play- The game play borrows from a lot of other games currently out on the market. It has plat forming/puzzles/ cover shooting. The main focus of the game is the shooting and it feels great. This is a cover shooter at its core. The puzzles/platforming however never feels tacked on, and just compliments the shooting. Some of the puzzles can be a little simple but this isn't really a big issue. The platforming is a lot better than the first because they went with more creative scenarios to place your character in. Environments will crumble as you try to get around them. A pole you're climbing could break and lead you into a whole different situation. The game is always doing something to catch you off guard. It keeps the platforming from getting stale. Now to talk about the set pieces, WOW. That is the one word I would use to describe them. I have been gaming since the age of six and never has a game had my jaw drop on the floor so many times. There are moments of pure brilliance. The best part about these set pieces is they don't hold your hand in any way. You do all the controlling and shooting. It is the most cinematic experience you will ever get to control, and it gives you this feeling that cut scenes simply can't hope to achieve. I don't want to spoil any of the set pieces because they are the best part of the game.

Sound- The voice acting is perfect. Some of the best voice work I heard in a game. The actors' deliver each line so convincingly you can swear the characters living breathing people. You can tell the voice actors were very involved in their roles and it doesn't seem like they just did it for the money. The sound effects of the guns could have been a bit louder but they don't sound incredibly weak either. The music is fantastic setting the mood for each scene and environment you walk into. Everything about the sound is top notch and you won't be disappointed. The best part of the game is that it's decoded in DTS. That means you will hear every small detail from the chirping of birds in the jungles to Drake running in the snow. Don't forget to go in the options menu to enable it if you have a home theater setup.

Story- The story is very well written. The writing is sharp and clever. It has a cast of very likable characters who you will grow very fond of during the adventure. I also have to give Naughty Dog credit for creating an enemy that scares the hell out of the player. I can't remember the last time an enemy actually intimidated me before a fight. The story is a lot darker then the first ones and touches on some very mature themes. The story will keep you playing until the end even if you're not so into the game play. It's a great adventure story that has better writing and pacing then most movies today. You won't be disappointed. All in all it's a story full of humor, drama, irony, and heart.

Conclusion- This game is a must own for any PS3 owner. It really is the reason to buy a PS3. Don't be a fan boy. Save up your money and buy one if you can. I promise you won't be disappointed. It truly is one of the best games made in years and it will be remembered in the years to come. I hope Naughty Dog has made an example to other companies about the way games should be made. They cut no corners and poured their hearts and souls. The result is a masterpiece that should be charted by everyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/20/09

Game Release: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (US, 10/13/09)

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