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"Very high quality production values, but the actual gameplay ranges from solid to torture"


Uncharted 2 is a action/adventure/platform game. You play Nathan Drake a treasure hunter searching for Marco Polo's lost ships, and crew(A real life historical figure, and a real life historical event), and the mythological Cintamani Stone.


+ The best voice acting ever in video game history

+ Some of the best graphics you will ever see

+ Very believable, lifelike characters at least in the cut scenes

Cons- list

- Some of the platform levels are absolute torture, and are so tedious, and boring you have to really just push yourself to even keep playing the game. Way, way, way too much jumping, and climbing in the game

- Most of the action levels are just way too over the top, and so totally unrealistic that they not only are not fun, but also end up destroying the realism, and believability of the characters.

- The game is extremely linear

- No Replay Value(excepting for watching the over hour and half worth of cut-scenes which you can do after you have completed the game)

Pros- In depth

+ The voice acting is simply the most realistic, and highest quality that you will find in a video game.It really is amazing. All the characters have excellent high believable voice acting; especially one old man in the later part of the game that I absolutely loved. The script is excellent, and the delivery of the lines is even better. Really the voice acting is close to be in par with a big budget movie.

+ The graphics are extremely impressive from beginning to end. The cut-scenes are hands down the most graphically impressive cut-scenes in a videogame ever. They are really just amazing and beautiful to watch. Although the cut-scenes maybe are a little too impressive as though the in-game graphics are very beautiful, and impressive I don't think they were as spectacular as they would have been had not been for the absolutely amazing cut-scenes.

+ The characters are all very realistic, and believable especially one old man later in the game who just absolutely amazing on par with somebody you would expect to find a high quality movie. The characters really draw you in at least until you have to play the game. These are the most realistic, and believable characters ever in a videogame. Very sadly though the insanely over the top, and totally unrealistic game play ends up destroying a lot of the realism, and believablity of the characters, and story.

Cons- In-depth

- The platform levels range from bad to torture. Some of these platform levels are so absolutely tedious, and boring that you will really have to motivate yourself to actually finish the game. The amount of climbing and jumping in this game reaches a absolutely insane amount. After you have climbed a thousand ledges or made thousand jumps you will be wondering to yourself why are the developers are trying to sabotage their own game. They cannot possibly think this is fun. If you find yourself stuck during a platform level it is probably because you have missed what seems like one of thousand ledges you have to climb or climb down on. This can get very, very, irritating. Thankfully though most of the puzzles are fairly simple.

- As for the action levels they range from solid to bad. Sadly of the 26 chapters in the game there is not a single chapter I would consider good, and only one I chapter had any desire to replay, and found out that chapter just wasn't fun on a 2nd play-through. Most of the action is so over the top, and completely unrealistic that it is just not fun, and really destroys a lot of the realism, and believability of the characters, and the story. With multiple helicopters, tanks, and what seems like a whole army coming after a treasure hunter, and with said treasure hunter catching, and hanging from high ledges hundreds of different times it just gets to the point of being so totally over the top, and ridiculous that it is just not fun, and destroys most of the realism, and believability of the characters, and story. Though certainly there are a few fun parts spread throughout the game even during these over the top action sequences, but nothing that made me say wow or blew me away.

- The game is also very linear. You are forced along a predetermined path. Usually you have no choice at all of where to go, and sometimes even places where it looks like you can go the game won't let you. The game doesn't give you any freedom. This is simply not acceptable, nor it is fun in late 2009.

- The game has no replay value except for the over a hour and half worth of cut-scenes which you can click on and watch one by one after you have completed the game which is certainly worth doing, but there is so many very tedious, and boring platform levels that I wouldn't even consider replaying the game again and putting myself through that torture. Even the action chapters aren't worth replaying. Of the 26 chapters there was only 1 chapter that I thought I might want to replay, and I did replay that chapter, but found it mediocre at best on a 2nd play-through.


About 16 hours. Though this is artificially inflated because it is so easy to get stuck on a platform level for 10 or 15 minutes or more while missing something as simple as a ledge that you are suppose to climb. Thankfully the game does allow you to drop the difficulty level down(and restart from the last checkpoint) if you get stuck on a action level, but this is no help on platform levels where it is so very easy to miss a ledge you are suppose to climb up or down or something else you are not doing, and having to waste 10 or 15 minutes or more trying to figure out how to progress.

Replay value-

None, except for re-watching the over a hour and half worth of cut-scenes after you finish the game. Which is by the way very much worth re-watching.


This is a game with very high quality production values, and a very pretty face, but falls way, way, way short in the gameplay area, and just has bad game design. The game is just barely decent enough to keep playing and finish. There was just enough there to keep me playing, and actually finish the game, but no way I would even dare consider replaying this game unless somebody payed me $60. The only replay value this game has is the over a hour, and half worth of the cut-scenes you can watch after you finished. Which is well worth doing.

Final Score 5/10- Mediocre

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/20/09

Game Release: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (US, 10/13/09)

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