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"Setting the bar for what a next gen game should be"

The game presentation is amazing from the voice acting to the character emotions to the sounds and most importantly to the graphics. Backgrounds are very well detailed and the textures whether it be a wall, a distant mountain or a jar that you can knock over give the player a true sense of detail within the game. Colors are rich and vibrant, there are times when you just pause and stare at the backgrounds in amazement of how well they look and sound.

Game play is very smooth from shootouts in the 3rd person view to hanging off ledges or taking cover behind a wall or pillar. Though the game is linear, the level of movement and response by the character is done extremely well. There are some quick time events at certain parts of the game but they are appropriately placed so as to keep the excitement and emotion going. There are also a bit of cinematic cut-scenes which may or may not appeal to people. First play through it's probably wise to see them so as to know what is going on, but additional play through you can probably just skip them since you know how the story will play out.

Don't let linearity show as a weak spot, just because you have to say undergo a quick gunfight in one stage, it's how you go about it that gives the game a sense of freedom. You can either take the stealth route and try to take out enemies silently one by one; you can do a classic shoot, cover, reload and repeat; or you can be bold and just run into your enemies unloading rounds as your run. It's fun to experiment with all techniques so as to see which suits you best, though upon playing the game on harder difficulties, it's best to avoid getting shot or hit.

Multiplayer can on its own be a separate experience. Whether it's co-op or team matches, game play is pretty much identical to single player as far as controls and mechanics. Kills or completion of objectives reward teams and individual players with money that can be used to upgrade either weapons or attributes (carrying more ammunition, etc.) while in multiplayer.

There are treasures hidden within the various levels (100 to be precise) and while some are easy to spot and find, there are others that require ingenuity, full exploration of every nook and cranny or simply a good eye.

Overall the game provides a very rewarding experience to those that need a great adventure title in their library. It is indeed a must have for any ps3 owner so that they can see how far games have and can go this generation.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/09/09

Game Release: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (US, 10/13/09)

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